Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Open for business.

Only because i know i am still behind on my goal of 52 posts for the year 2011.......................................

Sometimes when i am bored i liked to go back and re-read this blog. Every time i look at the stats the Bad Boyfriend one pops up as being viewed on a regular basis. It has something to do with Google searches. Apparently lots of folks are looking for Bad Boyfriend websites. I re-read that one this morning and i liked it. A couple of Anonymous folks posted on there since i last read it.

The other one that pops up as being viewed is the old High School Favorites where i posted about Ali MacGraw and Cat Stevens and Roman Gabriel. The reason that one pops up is because there are many searches on Roman Gabriel. (I would have expected my Charlie Whitehurst Seahawks QB would have gotten more attention.)

The internet is weird. (How did i live without it?)

1. I watched two hours of Tabatha's Salon Takeover today. I swear this woman makes me want to be a better office manager/secretary when i get back to work. I wish she would come into our office and kick some ass. Today she had this woman Candolyn (i think i got her name right) who was the owner of the salon going under and it's easy to see why. All Candolyn did was cry. I HATE crybabies. Crying solves NOTHING. Apparently so does Tabatha, which is why i love her so much.

2. Sarah/louie and i sewed yesterday. I made those pillows for my brother and nephew and i liked how they came out. I'll post a photo later of them. I am not sure what louie got accomplished but she did iron some of my fabric. Mostly it seemed like she was ironing. I was sewing and drinking wine.

3. Ok, so the freaking NFL can make a deal work but our cocksucking Congress can't come together on an agreement on the Debt Ceiling negotiations. Unless i have missed some breaking news in the past few hours. I am so angry about this. Where are our priorities in this country?

4. Cause i am certain that more Americans were more concerned and are now more excited about the NFL decision than if the Debt Ceiling talks get done by their deadline. You just know it!

5. I miss my iTunes. I miss posting photos. I know that this is not likely a hard thing to learn whatsoever but i want my husband to figure this out for me and then show me. I don't want to be watching any tutorials. I hate instructions. Don't most people?

6. Where i live in Lakewood a woman pumping her own gas had her foot cut off by some nitwit in his car talking on a cell phone who got distracted and jumped the curb, thereby running over her as she was putting gas in her tank. The article she says she lost her foot though Harborview Medical Center was going to try and reattach it. It happened right next door to my old office. I am going to cut this article out and show my husband because I think this means that my husband should always put the gas in my car. There are few things i hate more than pumping my own gas.

7. Ok, washing my car and washing my hair rank right up there with hating things to do. But i still think pumping gas is the worst especially since they closed down my favorite station.

8. You have to wonder what is up with Norway's police force when it took them 90 minutes to get to the site of the camp where all those kids were killed. We may be idiots in Congress and America does have it's problems, but i guarantee you that it would not take our police forces that long to get out there. What is up with Norway anyway?

9. I also heard that their maximum sentence for any crime is 21 years. Can this be true? This was on the news. They said this guy could get out when he is only 53 years old. That cannot be true. And why couldn't they charge him for 76 murders times 21 years?

10. let's see....what else is on my mind? OH, i am truly loving Denis Leary's Rescue Me. Does anyone else watch this? It's nasty! And he's sooooo bad, but you can't help but like him anyway. It's the show about the post 9-11 firefighters in New York. Most all of them come across as sexist/homophobic assholes which is a little bit disheartening because i always think of the firefighters as straight up dudes.  NOt that i have a lot of experience with firefighters. Maybe again, this is just the New York firefighters. It's a whole different culture out there.

11. Why is Denis Leary sexy to me? does he do it for any of y'all? He's not even what you call handsome. (But he was so funny on Jon Stewart!)...maybe that's why. 

Ok, i think that's enough for now.


jojo cucina cucina said...

i just checked last year's post and i was not THAT unhappy about going back to work, i mentioned getting antsy and ready.( I think this means i am ready to retire soon.) And i posted this last year that when Brian came home and said 'how was your day?' i would laugh and say 'i was very busy'.... which is exactly what i'm doing now. He just took off for band practice and when he asked me about my day, i replied "It was exhausting, i washed the sheets and remade the bed and then i checked the mail ".

But what's funny is i was doing almost exactly the same thing....Only Tabatha is my new obsession and Say Yes to the Dress, not so much.

Amanda said...

Denis Leary was really unattractive when he was young. Now, he's really sexy. I wish that happened to women. It's not fair.

I remember the Candolyn episode!

Do you watch Millionaire Matchmaker? It's not too bad. The lady millionaires are always psycho.

I'm not talking about the debt ceiling. I'm about to have an aneurysm. I think about it while I'm walking my dogs at 5 a.m. and it makes me walk faster. Plus, I saw that "Obama's blank check" commercial this morning and screamed at the TV with both fingers blazing. Bastards. Damn it, I'm talking about it!

I read an article about Norwegian prisons being really cushy with rock climbing walls and wifi. Maybe the real punishment is they make you leave. Haha!

Amanda said...

Just a quick funny thing. The word I had to type to post my comment was "shiven," which sounds like something that would never happen in a Norwegian prison. "Where's Sven? Oh, he was shiven yesterday and is down in the infirmary."

equeyaya said...

hahahahaha!!!! Amanda!

Melanie and I are watching Supernatural on DVD. We just finished Season 1 and are waiting for Season 2 to be delivered. Those boys are hot!

I'm behind on my Jimmy Fallon DVR, and not watching much else.

Too busy living life! It's a beautiful thing!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda you are SO funny!

i am going to google Denis Leary. I still don't think he's that handsome, but he has that thing going for him that Gary Sinese and Willem Defoe have, you know?

I don't watch Millionaire Matchmaker. God i can't get hooked on anything else or i will really really need to retire. As it is i am going to DVR Tabatha's Salon Takeover when i am back to work (in one more week. ... :(

Damn y'all for having lives which take you away from the blogs, eque! LOLOLOL.....

I finally had to take Jimmy Fallon off the DVR because i can't keep up. I like DVRing shows that are once a week otherwise it gets difficult. It was too hard to keep with Chelsea, Jimmy and Jon since they are on so often.

jojo cucina cucina said...

It's Yahtzee night tonight for Date Night Friday. I've been beating Brian lately.

equeyaya said...

I love yahtzee!

Anonymous said...

I thought google may finally let me post but no....damn I better think of what I tried to say 84,000 times