Saturday, May 27, 2017

She Died Doing Something She Hated..... (explained in # 3)

Let's just start the list.

 I couldn't run one more step once i crossed that finish line. They caught me smiling but only because I am looking at Brian.

1. I turned 60 earlier this month. In January I decided to train for another half marathon AND I set a dream goal to place first in my age division. The race was last Sunday.

I gave it my all - to the point that i started to feel sick at mile 9 hill, so i slowed down.  It was a warm day, it was a hilly course, (which i  had totally forgotten from the time i ran it four years before). Crossing the finish line i still felt a bit ill, but at least not in danger of throwing up.

It was disappointing not to break two hours because i had been on track to do that before that 9 mile hill.  (My time was 2:03, five minutes slower 2013; average mile split time= 9:26).  When got home i received an email that evening congratulating me - my time was good enough to place first! AND when considering the younger division ahead of mine  - 85 runners both divisions, i placed 3rd. (Overall, including men, out of 1000+ runners, i was in the top third crossing the finish line, not too shabby for someone 60 years old. )

Running for me is mental as well as physical.  I kept a spreadsheet and compared it to my past training spreadsheets (no surprise for those who know me.) It's about time, not miles- i never have an idea of how fast i am running. I just record minutes.  This year i made sure i logged in more training time than i did four years ago because i knew i would need that mental advantage.

I cannot pretend to not be proud of what i accomplished.  I'm basically a lazy person (except for how cleaning and organizing stuff in my home) and I'm really not much of an overachiever or a competitor. Turning 60 this year was my motivation.

2. So i'm 60. And now i can retired from racing. I will NEVER run another one again. I have nothing more to prove to myself. It was too f*cking boring training that last couple of months during the long runs.

3. Here's the thing. I don't love running. I am not just saying that. Each morning i get up, put on my running clothes and then procrastinate for about three or four or five hours before i get out there. I've even been known to start dusting the whole house, under the beds, on top of the refrigerator and door jams - that kind of dusting, just to put it off.

I told Brian if i ever drop dead on a run ( like the famous Jim Fixx runner who wrote books) he should put in my obituary" "She died doing something she hated."

4. I do hope to be able to run just or exercise at least a couple of more years. I also am going to start yoga again, because it does make me feel better in the morning, even if it does stress me out with the folks who show up late and make noise at the Y. I might get some good blogging stories from yoga.

5 . Enough of running. Talking about running is as boring to people who don't run as it it would be to me if a Born Again Christian wanted to talk to me about Jesus.(Not that i don't love Jesus, i just don't like talking about Him as if He was my best friend.)  Truthfully, Jesus could very well be a best friend, considering that He can change water into wine. (Jesus are you reading my blog? )

6. Today Gregg Allman died. Chris Cornell last week. All so young. Makes me glad i am not so talented or married to someone who is super talented (though he is pretty talented). Too many demons, too short a life.

7. Today was about 84 degees outside. After THE WORST winter and spring on record. Not my opinion, it's a fact. Rained more these past seasons than 1895 or something like that. This week is the first time they have forecasted more than 5 days of sunshine with no rain since last September.

8. I love the sun, but i can't deny that i also love the rain. When you like to read a lot and binge watch Netflix and On Demand DVRs of ER (remember that show?)... you need a little rain and cloudy days so you don't feel guilty. (Last time i checked my DVR of ER there were 49 episodes saved! hahahahaha... See what i mean by lazy?)

9. The Best Thing that Happened: As mentioned, it was my birthday recently. My husband and i kind of go all out on each other's birthdays and Christmas, i think because we don't have kids.We have LOTS of gifts for each other, but some are funny, like for example - he knows i love Haribo gummie bears and so he always buys them and wraps them up. But the best thing he gave me this year is not a present at all. It's what he said.

We don't celebrate our anniversary with presents or cards or going out to dinner. I got this idea from the Yaya board years ago (I wish i knew whose idea it was.) I bought us each a very nice journal. Each year we write in it about our year, around our anniversary and capture what happened in the writing. We don't always exchange the journals and in fact haven't read them in i think two or three years, but we keep writing in them. What i like about this is that one day one of us will be dead and the other will have these journals to read for comfort. AND it also is a timeline and diary of what happened because we don't write flowery, poetic goofy shit, a lot of it is what we did in the way of remodeling - sometimes as silly as talking about bowling or watching American Idol, Brian's bands, etc.

This year he wrapped up the journal and said to me, "you don't have to read it yet but i wrote in there 60 things about you that i really like because you turned 60". And then he added this...and this WAS the present..... He said: "It was so easy to write 60 things."

I need to leave on that note. Baybee....I know you don't read this blog anymore but maybe if i die before you and you are reading this years from now, just know that THAT was the best gift ever. That you thought it was easy. Because i don't think many people, even my immediate family and friends think that.

More race photos:

Made it! 
First hill, around mile 2. Still with it. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Testing 1-2-3. I am going to start blogging again.

Even if no one is here, and why would they be since i have not been here since Dec. 3, 2016. But i think i want to start blogging more and doing Facebook less. I've been using FB as a blog anyway but i don't want some of the other stuff of FB so maybe if i blog i will check FB maybe less. I'll be back.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just the Regular Random Stuff. Probably Draft #135.....

Like books, i start many blogs and then just end up quitting them. I should go back and count the drafts in my blogger history. Maybe even try and resurrect one. As usual i have no idea what i am going to write, but here is the mood. I am listening to Joan Baez Pandora and for some inexplicable reason, the Beach Boys showed up playing "Good Vibrations". I am drinking a really really good Italian wine i bought from Trader Joe's and the Christmas lights are making everything cozy, especially my cheesy Smart TV YouTube 4K HD streaming fireplace that sounds like such a real fireplace i keep having this expectant feeling that i need to stoke the fire!

Anyway, here we go.

1. I have never liked the Beach Boys. (I did like the movie about Brian Wilson though). I saw them in concert once because my ex wanted to go. And i thought Mike Love was a douchebag.  Rolling Stone recently had an article that affirmed that.

2. James Taylor just came on and that's more like it for Joan Baez but sometimes i don't like his voice. It's too whiney. I really don't care for his Christmas album that i bought a few years back.

3. My favorite Christmas song is The River by Joni Mitchell, which is not really a Christmas song.

4. I also like O come O come Emmanuel.

5. it is supposed to snow here Monday, but i will believe it when i see it. I am like an 8 year old hoping for a snow day when there is a forecast of snow! To me there is nothing more exciting with our weather than snow! I even get up in the middle of the night to see if it started. I do it every single time there is a threat of snow in the weather forecast.

6. Course i don't have to drive in it. and i never really did since i lived only two miles from home.

7. Jack Johnson is on now. I don't know what it is about that guy, but he doesn't move me with his music. And it's not bad, but i always feel like i want to fast forward. I( feel the same way about Dave Matthews.)

8. It took me over 5 hours to decorate my tree. My niece Kylee (who used to be a fabulous contributor to this blog) for years used to help me (since the age of 10, she is 25 or 26 now).  We  used to watch a movie afterwards. I made her watch Love Story with me once. when she was 15 cause it was MY favorite movie at that age.  We also watched Audrey Hepburn movies (because she loved them) and i think the last time we did this the movie was Annie Hall. We have not done this for two years now, because she lives further away and is married and busy working.  And now I understand how parents must feel when their kids grow up and move apart from the family. I miss this tradition with her. (Maybe Brady when he is older will want to help me. Or Lauren.)

9. For ummagumma, wherever she may be.

9. Something i hate: People who end comments or emails with "just sayin'". it is such a f*cking passive aggressive statement, as if they are being helpful. I also can't stand the dismissive "Whatever". And most times "just kidding" at the end of a sentence means just the opposite.

10. Dammit, just because i said that about Jack Johnson in #7 another stupid song of his comes on. I am playing Joan Baez radio and think i have only heard two songs by her in the last two hours.

11. Oh dear, i have a feeling that this is going to be Draft #136 because The Wedding Song just came on and this reminds me of my first wedding in 1978. I also had that horrible Debbie Boone song You Light Up My Life too. (Such a big hit that year. Such a sucky song. Such a lie.)

12. Obviously I have to change this Pandora channel,  but i'm waiting until i need to refill my wine glass.

13. Who is still reading here? pearl didn't stop by last post even with my shout out. amulbunny i always like seeing you here and thank you. My BFF louielouie quit coming. Equeyaya too. Bethany hasn't changed her own blog since June. And Amanda is pretty busy with her fabulous little boy. I really do sometimes wish Facebook was never invented.

14. The #1 reason i wish FB wasn't invented is all the sharing of the fucking fake news during this election. What an avenue for that shit! Facebook: The Highway to Sharing Shit Because Facts No Longer Matter. I really do kind of want to quit Facebook just over this. It was not hard for me to be gone. But i miss people on there. And since folks no longer email and call or blog anymore there is no way to keep in touch with folks i want to keep in touch with without it. So i just wish it went dark (like Gumbo YaYa, a message board i posted on for 10 years about the Rebecca Wells books) then we would have to find a different way to connect. Maybe blogging again!

I am just gonna hit Publish and be done with it! Besides i have to go stoke the fire.

Oh yeah, that's right. It's fake.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Draft #3... My Self Imposed Facebook Exile; Giving Thanks; etc.

Photo of bumper sticker that i have on my refrigerator 
I have started three drafts now in as many days and decided i cannot do this without a glass of wine. I have a harder time thinking about what to write with coffee than i do wine.

This draft might make it. Let me put some music on too.......Ok, that's better i'm streaming David Grohl's You Tube acoustic playing. Right now it's Learning to Fly. (David Grohl has to be the coolest guy on the planet. Seriously, can you think of a cooler guy?)

Let me just go ahead and number this and let her rip:

1. It has been two weeks today since The Last Election Before the Apocalypse. I deactivated my Facebook account over a week ago with the idea i would return after a week, but i am actually not missing it too much just yet. I may wait another week.

2. Because i have friended lots of union folks from my old job and many educators,  therefore my newsfeed pretty much exploded with the election. It's nice to have like-minded friends but they kept feeding Facebook with stories that were getting me all upset again (when he started picking his team)....JUST as i was calming down. (The shared stories were also getting redundant.) So i figured a break would be a good thing. But i'll be back. I miss too many people who don't email or blog anymore. (Plus I don't forget that FB has served me well by giving me a home base where my friends are able to educate me about many things, such as my trip to Italy.)

3. But yeah, i do sort of want to blame FB for paving the way for the fake news shit that was bandied about. People are getting worse and worse about not caring about facts and don't read beyond the headline. We have become a culture of getting our news from memes and tweets.  (pearl if you are reading i loved that article you put up that made that point ... it had a headline (paraphrasing) Bernie Sanders Can Be President Through a Little Known Loophole.

What's been making me feel a little better these days? I am wearing my Obama t-shirts since i can't wear my Hillary one that i just bought, (though i still have her bumper sticker on my front door).

4. One meme i did like was the one that said (and again I am paraphrasing) ...  "Forget about putting the Christ back in Christmas. Let's put Christ back in CHRISTIAN! "  A lot of folks who call themselves Christian supported Trump for reasons other than just normally voting a Republican ticket - i am talking about he ones that came out of their scurvy hidey hole to vote because they ARE racist. Jesus would NEVER EVER have voted for Trump. (Not saying he would vote for Hillary either, but i know He wouldn't vote for Trump and i'm not all that Christian but that is a faith i do have.)

What i can't wrap my head around is that more white WOMEN voted for Trump than Hillary. What the fucking fuck? 

5. The BEST meme about the election, in my opinion is,  (again I am paraphrasing since i can't check on FB to see).... "Not all Trump supporters are racist and misogynists, but what you are saying when you vote for him is that it's not a deal breaker."

6. This got me thinking about deal breakers if i were dating again. (This could be a whole blog separate blog post!) I am going to say my deal breakers are:

  • doing drugs (not including pot, but they can't smoke it often if they do)
  • smoking
  • being right wing or voting for Trump
  • being a born again Christian type who is always preaching about Jesus 
  • not having a source of income or a retirement future
  • not appreciating good music or books

7. Thankfully my husband fits this ticket!

My nephew took this photo of Brady last week. I love it so much! I had to Photoshop out my niece Kendall  because her face was hidden. But it makes a better photo. with just Brady. 

8. Now for my Thanksgiving Stuff:  

I've said it before: I am thankful for all of my nieces and nephews in my life and THEIR kids who have made it so easy for me to be childless and not regretful of my choice. (Brady's 4 month old sister Lauren is such a happy laughing baby like Brady was, she's cute with red hair too but when she gets a wee bit cuter i will put up a photo. ) I thought it would be so difficult babysitting two at a time, but so far the last three times have been great! 

9. I am thankful that we live in a country where we can protest the outcome of an election. I just wish those fucking anarchists would go back to their hovel. No one who didn't vote should be allowed to protest. I would make that rule ... hahaha.

10. I am thankful that we live in the Pacific Northwest! Where the weather is fairly mild and my politics match. I even like the rain. It goes along with my homebody personality.

11. I am thankful that we get to rent our friend Rita Cressman's new place on Vashon for four days starting Christmas day. It has a full 180 degree view of the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and the ferry going back and forth 12 times a day. What a great way to top off the holiday! 

12. I am thankful once again for a year where everyone i love and care about, family and friends, are alive and doing well, with the exception of Brian's mom who i am worried about. We just moved her in assisted living and right now she is in a nursing home in rehab because she fell only after being there for three days. It's been hard on the family watching her go downhill. She's a sweet amazing lady and i will miss her more than my own mom when she is not around. 

I could go on, but i gotta go pack for our trip over the mountain pass to Brian's sister's house for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning. It's a five hour drive which i ALWAYS hate. I might bring my leftover Xanax! hahaha. 

13. I am thankful for Xanax!  I wish it was a vitamin! I only take it when i'm traveling on an airplane. It almost makes me want to take MORE trips!...just for the Xanax Experience.

Happy Thanksgiving all!  Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Walking Numb & No GPS Coordinate for the High Road

It is still hard for me to believe that our country elected Donald Trump. How did we elect a candidate that the KKK endorsed? And you don't need me to list all the rest of the deplorable things he has done because we know them too well and are not likely to forget even if you are reading this blog 4 years from now. (OH! I do like that word 'deplorable').

I have read many articles linked on Facebook that try to give reasons for this and i do believe there is blame to go around everywhere, including with the Democrats. But most of all is the astonishing fact that so many people did not vote.

I am not subscribing to the 'love trumps hate' and l'et's all try to get along and be nice'. Now we are asked to support our President (SHIT, their side in the Senate and House never tried to do that why are we supposed to?) He's bringing in some horrible people, starting with those sons of his who look like serial killers who be starring in American Psycho instead of Christian Bale. Nice doesn't ever seem to get us anywhere. Trump tapped into the anger in this country, and to a different degree, so did Bernie Sanders. Hillary was always so careful and measured. But as a woman she wouldn't be able to get away with it in the same way. Look what happens when Elizabeth Warren gets fierce. I feel like we need to get tougher.  Fierce. Feisty. Taking no shit. Standing up for what is right and not trying to have it all ways to seemingly please everyone. I did not support Bernie Sanders as the nominee though i did like him. (I had trouble with his pie in the sky ideas, especially about free college tuition for all.) But i had wished Bernie Sanders was chosen as her running mate instead of Tim Kaine.

I do sort of get why people get pissed off at liberals and the elite label that comes with being liberal. Too often we are so busy trying to be the smartest person in the room. Correcting people, going off on extreme environmental issues, making fun of Walmart and its shoppers, etc. etc. I am guilty too. (Though i have NEVER been the smartest person in the room unless I am babysitting.)

Political correctness does go too far. I think i wrote here somewhere about the Pacific Lutheran University billboards "Words Can Hurt". from a few years ago  I liked them at first: 'ghetto', 'homo', 'illegal'. But then came 'exotic' and 'what are you?' and that gave me pause. Maybe i need to ask my niece Jessica who is part black and how this makes her feel.  Is it really so bad to want to know the heritage of someone you know or just met? Jessica could pass for Native American and Hispanic. And she does look 'exotic'. (Which i always thought was a nice word. ) People get jumped on often for the slightest words, when they mean no malice. And then what was okay before is no longer okay today.  So yeah, maybe the folks who can't stand this about we liberals are fed up and want us to shut up. And they shut us up didn't they? By voting.

I also believe Van Jones was correct about the 'white-lash'....that the vote for Trump is a backlash for Black Lives Matter movement and the misunderstanding of what that was. And of course, it's about the Supreme Court.

And certainly that FBI fucker didn't help. And Hillary made the mistake Kerry did when he was Swiftboated. She should have come out swinging. While i admire her ability to keep it together there is a part of me that wanted to see a glimpse of the real Hillary behind the scenes.

Facebook hurt too. Folks are so quick to vote by headlines and memes and believe the outright lies that are a part of them. (I think it was Bill Maher that said Americans will spend more time researching on Yelp on where to find the perfect taco than they do voting their ballot. )

I am sad. I am as sad as anyone. But i have to say this too: I am tired already of the handwringing, obsession and crying (sobbing even!) about the outcome. Right now i don't even want to read more horrible news about what Trump is going to do or not do. (I don't need one more reason to be afraid or sad! )

I was very lazy with this election, (the laziest since before Al Gore). But we live in a blue state and i our state did indeed vote that way without my help as i expected they would. And i am so burned out on local politics because it was a huge part of my job and when i retired i wanted to be retired from some of that stuff i used to have to do.

But there are many folks who spend hours and hours who have been pissed off all year long, posting about how horrible Trump is. And many live in states that are not blue, where maybe they could have made a difference if they got off their ass off Facebook and showed up to Hillary headquarters. I don't know what to do except right now write a check to NARAL and Planned Parenthood, which i did this morning.

I have no answers or ideas on how to bridge the divide between us. I am afraid of what a Trump presidency is going to do because Making America Great Again is a scary mission statement. Keeping America Great i can subscribe to. But that word 'Again" i fear is about taking us back in time where it sucked for so many, except for white men. In the past years we have made such great strides in being more inclusive of more Americans who were so discriminated against. What happens now?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is not going to be a political post.

OK, i lied. Just like a politician does. But not too many are reading here anyway so i can lie all i want on my own blog! Right? 

I bought this abstract Hillary Clinton shirt, so i don't get in any fights
I have to write something about this unprecedented, crazy, voodoo, zombie, Presidential election. I am almost 60 years old and have been voting faithfully in every election since Jimmy Carter (even in the primaries!)  but there will never be an election like this one. It is one for the history books. I envision someone writing a Broadway musical about this election. (The idea for song titles can be a whole different post though some of it might have to be rated R! )

I have always loved Presidential politics more than local politics - mainly because i was directed by work on what had to be done locally. But this election is getting too much...even for me.

Of course, i am voting for Hillary. I don't love Hillary like i did Obama. When Obama first ran i bought an Obama t-shirt at Cafe Press BEFORE he even announced he was running.  I once added up that i spent nearly $1000 contributing to his first campaign (aside from donations, including giving money for Kylee's admission to see him in person, t-shirts etc.)

With Hillary i only donated $50 and bought a $50 t-shirt with a Diane Von Furstenburg design that is so abstract you have to look really close to even notice it's a Hillary t-shirt. (I do not wish to get into it with anti-Hillary folks. ) This 2016 election might be the cheapest election for me since before Al Gore. I am also the laziest since then. I haven't done one thing to volunteer, even as i have lots more time than i used to (though i am working at my old job again until the election is over.)

People can say what they want about her but that woman is f*&king tougher than any man who ever ran for President in my lifetime. She's been attacked since 1992 and she is still standing. i like that quality in a President.  She deflects nasty ass shit pretty well.... instead of Tr#@mp who can't even stand one little criticism without needing vindication. Good Lord, can you imagine if Obama had done even one-tenth of the crap he has done? For starters ...the juvenile tweeting.

Any one of us under the same kind of scrutiny that Hillary has been under for 30 years would have cracked i believe.Which brings me to part of the reason i don't love about her. I am tired of the Clintons. I wish we had somebody new (like we did when Obama ran) though I don't know who that is. And i have to wonder what kind of person wants to be President soooo badly that they are willing to have themselves beat up every day for so long.

Having said that, I think she IS going to be a good president. I really do. What I am not ready for is the backlash when she wins. And i have no doubt that she is going to win and win YUUUUGE! And I am also not ready for her first four years in office with more Congress gridlock, probably worse than Obama years. I might be posting A LOT of music videos on Facebook to keep sane (which i have been doing in lieu of wanting to rant about the election, which is fruitless at this point.) 

We will be watching election night in the safety of our home. Yes i said 'safety'. Honestly the way things are going and what i read from Tr#%mp supporters on social media makes me more afraid of them (when he loses) than any terrorist.

11 Ways: 
 I Am More Afraid of  Tr*#p supporters Than i Am Of...

 1. Seeing a bear while fly fishing.
 2. Cougars too.
 3. Logging on to my bank account and finding someone cleaned it out.
 4. My mom coming to live with me.
 5. Hearing a knock on my door at 1:00 a.m.
 6. Having the phone ring at 3:00 a.m.
 7. Clowns coming out of the woods while I am out running alone.
 8. Losing my eyesight.
 9. Driving I-5 North.
10. My iPod breaking.
11. Having absolutely nothing to read.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Happy Hour Posting!

My great nephew Brady and great niece Kendall 

I just poured a glass of Bogel Essential Red and i'm listening to the new Van Morrison cd, "Keep Me Singing".  Don't really have any ideas about what to write and this may end up in my Draft file along with many others but i'll see what happens. "Going Down to Bangor" is my favorite song on it so far!

1. What's going on: I'm back working at my old job for the past few weeks because of the election. This is my 5th working gig since i retired 2-1/2 years ago. I will probably be done Nov. 8. It's been fun being there. I am working part-time. Because i always tell myself i won't put the money in savings i am going to buy a new iPad Pro the small one like my Air. AND i am designing more furniture to be custom made - this time an end table for my living room and maybe a coffee table.

2. I bought a Hillary t-shirt and i donated $50 to her campaign after watching her at the debate. Didn't expect i would want to do that, but this is history and i have t-shirts from other presidential elections and don't want to miss out. I think she did a great job against the other guy. I just wish people gave her a break. For me she's one tough cookie. I don't need to love her or want to meet her for chardonnay or have her join my book club, but i can trust her to lead our country. And i do admire her ability to stand strong in the face of so much shit thrown at her. I feel sometimes people just hate her because the media sort of drives that message. Kind of like how they painted Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush as weak. I don't love her. But i've had bosses in my life i haven't loved either but who did a good job and i can respect that.

3. I also bought my little baby niece (Brady's red-headed sister) Lauren a long sleeve Hillary onesie. (Her parents were in full approval of me doing this.) I check these days because i bought cute little t-shirt that said Baby's First President  with Obama's sun logo for a baby nephew on Brian's side of the family years ago and the mom (who is a public school teacher and who i assumed, incorrectly, was a Democrat)  didn't like it and gave it back.

4. Here is photo of my  little niece Kendall and little nephew Brady who are best friends (partly because my nephews - their dads are). Disclaimer: she already ate her popsicle - that scowl -  is because we told her not to pick the geraniums. (We did it nicely but apparently she doesn't like being told what not to do! It's a Louvrak  thing- Louvrak is my maiden name!)

Kendall is my sister's granddaughter. Brady is my brother Troy's grandson. Look how different they look! I believe this generation of kids is going to be the generation who will make better strides with eradicating racism (and also with gay and transgender people) because of the blended ethnicities in families and as more younger people are out about their sexual orientation. This is such a good thing
I have high hopes for this generation. America is already great. (Fuck you T****!)

5. YES! I make the Republican Candidate (who shall go unnamed here) as the cuss word that needs the asterisks and the fuck word gets spelled out!

6. This Bogel Essential Red is really good! I can't remember what i paid for it but it can't be more than $12. I am making note of it by highlighting it a different color!

7. I like Rachel Maddow but her staccato way of talking kind of makes me crazy.

8. If i am being honest, i get most of my news from Facebook these days (though i still have the paper delivered and read that too) but i don't get it from the cable network 24 hour news channels.  However, if something really bad happens, (for example the New Jersey train crash) CNN is where i will look first on TV, even as i don't like CNN and always loved when Jon Stewart skewered them.

9. I do like Anderson Cooper still though.

10. I watched the Netflix documentary about Amanda Knox. I didn't feel strongly about her one way or another. I didn't like her but i didn't dislike her either. She was young and kind of a punk, but the older Amanda who served four years in prison might be someone i could like better. Either way it was interesting and in the end i think she was innocent. I also believe the Italian prosecutor was an an asshat who loved the media attention.

11. I also watched the JonBenet Ramsey two part series. I believed during the time it happened and said that i thought the brother did it. And this series implies it too. The mom and dad always seemed guilty of something and i believe they were covering for their son and reputation in the community. The interview they show in the documentary with the brother shortly after the murder is really chilling. I did really liked that bald retired FBI guy. But like my nephew Brian says, if that brother didn't do it, what a horrible thing for him that this documentary came out. I agree, but in truth, i think he did it.

12. Back to the debate for a second:  i thought Lester Holt was a namby pamby with the debate. Who was that one woman, the one with the long blonde hair who moderated the VP debates between Biden and Ryan? She was good. Get her! Or Jon Stewart! Or like the meme on FB says, Samuel L. Jackson.

Oops, just noticed how long this has gotten, so i'm signing off.

Notes to Self: 
Sunset: 6:50 pm
Best thing that happened this week: Oddly enough, going to work at my old job!
Latest book: "Home" by Harlan Coben, but it's a weak book, that dude has lost it , in the same way that John Grisham, Jodi Picoult and that James Patterson guy.... and i don't think i will finish.
Stupid thing that bugs me: This is really stupid when you think about what people are dealing with: My hair. I quit cutting it. I saw Grace and Frankie and decided i'm going to go Lily Tomlin with my hair because i can't stand how it looks short. At least long i can pull it back. But it's a lot of hair and hard to manage no matter what.
What I'm looking forward to: My husband has to go to Walla Walla (WINE COUNTRY) for work and i'm going with him to hang out while he goes to do whatever work thing he has to do. Guess where i will be?
Word Count: I don't give a shit. I WAS trying to keep it under 500 words cause people don't like reading too much, but that was when more people were here. So if you are reading this far! Thank you! ;)