Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jon Stewart parodies Glenn Beck...BEST Daily show ever. Plus jojo's Census & live blogging about the historic health care vote!


Video: this was Jon Stewart's show I think on March 18. This is the best thing he's done since he took on Crossfire years ago. He is making a terrific dead-on point by doing ridiculous EXACTLY the way Glenn Beck does it. I always love Jon Stewart's impersonations because they are usually so bad they are good, but this one takes the cake. The original episode took more than half the show and you can probably view on the Daily Show website, but i could only find this one on YouTube. (This is a classic and i'll probably keep it on my DVR for a long time without erasing it. )

The Best Thing Today:
it was sunny and nearly 70 degrees! I was at my brother's house where they were having a garage sale today. What a great day to be outside. Easily the nicest day all year.

on iTunes right now: Brett Dennen with Missy Higgins singing Tom Petty's "Breakdown".

Books: I just bought Olive Kitteridge which won the Pulitzer Prize. So far i think i will love it so i am saving it for my trip.

Speaking of: i have to take my "practice" Xanax pill tomorrow to be sure it doesn't make me crazy. I have 5 pills from my doctor for the flight. Two down, two back, and one to practice. I plan on posting tomorrow under the Xanax influence. I was going to do it tonight but thought i should wait until Brian gets back from Eastern Washington in case something happens. (I don't do medication very well.)

What i keep forgetting: To check my Hertz rental car!

What i DID remember: to return my Census.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. I think i might be an elitist. Lakewood, where i live, is somewhat of what i call a 'lunchbox town" and it pretty much caters to military personnel. It has mostly franchise eateries, TONS of teriyaki places, sports bars, at least four bikini barista coffee huts, but NOT ONE wine bar. And even though it has many mini malls and one Towne Center (which has many vacant buildings), there is no place to buy a pair of decent nylons.

They also have a tavern here called The Schooner that's been here since the 1970's. And as i was driving buy it today it had two contests on their reader board:

Hot Legs Contest
Air Guitar Contest

and i thought to myself. I need to move.

2. I was trying to post a photo of our new Seattle Seahawk's back up quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst. OMG. he is so freaking cute. Like a more handsome version of Serpico. But i couldn't find a good one.

3. I used to LOVE Joe Namath back in the 70's which is when i loved to watch the NFL. I also thought Jim McMahon was a hoot in the 80's. And i think i've already mentioned here how i swooned over Roman Gabriel.

4. I once dated a quarterback when i lived in Zama Japan. His name was John Dumont. And he was so popular (and i was not), but his friend told me he liked me, so just like that, we were going steady. I was a freshman, and though he was a sophomore, he was the Varsity starting quarterback, which was super cool. I think we lasted about three weeks. (And for three weeks i got to be popular by association.) We hardly ever talked. We just walked to class together and he carried my books. He dumped me later for a vivacious cheerleader.

5. The reasons i can't join Facebook is because i think i would spend way way way too much time on it. Ironically, at work, we are moving towards that with our communications and i was the one leading the charge to move in that direction (after attending a social networking workshop). So i will have to probably join. But i might do it with a pseudonym. If i do, i'll let y'all know so we can all be friends!

6. Though i am not naturally a nostalgic person and i have no desire to look up high school friends, since i didn't have that many anyway (having gone to three high schools during my military bratdom) i could still see myself Facebooking for hours. And i don't want to do that. Blogging is hard enough.

7. I loved this last week's episode of Lost because it was about Sawyer. There has been no hotter cop since Michael Douglas in The Streets of San Francisco. How cool of the writers to make him a cop in Sideways Lost. I still don't know WTF is going on though really. I was not happy to see Bad Sayid sit like a Buddha while Kate nearly got killed by Claire, though i was secretly hoping Kate would be killed. But still, Sayid did not come to the rescue. That's not the Sayid we know and love and i'm sorry he is gone.

7. I turned in my Census today. It was no big deal. I thought they asked more stuff. But they really only want to know how many people live in your house. Anyway it got me thinking about my own Census and what i would ask.

So here are some questions for y'all for the jojo Census:

a) How many iPods do you own?
b) How many computers?
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen?
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now?
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is?
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it?
g) If you do, do you have a maid?
h) Do you floss every day?
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity)
j) How many books do you own?
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose?


amulbunny said...

a) How many iPods do you own? 1 pink one circa 2004
b) How many computers? 8
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? no
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? 2
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is? 125/78
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? no
g) If you do, do you have a maid? i wish
h) Do you floss every day? ::no:::
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity) hugh laurie
j) How many books do you own? too many to count
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose? The X-files

IslandPearl said...

2 Xanax to get from Seattle to Sedona? Geez loueez --how long a flight is that anyway?

I'll be honest with you -- I would not be able to fly knocked out like that. I'm too much of a control freak. I'd opt for hypnotherapy or something.

I find Facebook easy to enjoy without being a time vacumn...I just don't play the stupid games and I keep the number of friends I actually keep in touch with at a manageable level (you can block the feed from anyone quite easily).

I've got to get ready for the theater in a sec so here's the rest
a) How many iPods do you own? 4
b) How many computers? 1 (plus I have the company laptop)
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? yes
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? 2 in the kitchen frig; bunches in the bar one
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is? yep - dependably within 5 points of 110/70...every.single.time.
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? yes
g) If you do, do you have a maid? no
h) Do you floss every day? yes...with my waterpic. (using dental floss with braces is impossibly complicated.)
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity) no one
j) How many books do you own? too many to count...really. we have bookcases lining the walls in the family room plus others in the study and more in each bedroom.
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose? I'll have to get back to you on this one. I think I've been more personally invested in Lost than any other show.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny!!!!!! i love when i am still editing my blog and someone is already here.... You have EIGHT computers?

Here are my answers:

a) How many iPods do you own?
i own three. But if you count my husband's iPods, we have 6 in our household.

b) How many computers? I have two laptops and one desktop. And Brian has two laptops. (But his are work laptops).

c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? No. But i wish i did sometimes.

d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? ALWAYS.

e) Do you know what your blood pressure is?
Yes, and i am not happy about it.

f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? Nope. We each have 500 sq. feet if you divide it up. But Brian takes up more space, so i think he has about 700 and i have 300. (I'm so ripped off.)Though i get to put my car in the garage. He would be able to also, but his two drumsets take up the other half.

g) If you do, do you have a maid? Nope. But i am actually weird in that i like cleaning.

h) Do you floss every day? I never miss flossing.

i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity)
Jon Stewart, of course!

j) How many books do you own?
Oh, really i would love to know. They take up so much room that they have to be stacked vertically because i could never have enough bookcases in our little place.

k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose?

That's easy for me: West Wing.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OOOOH, pearl, you and i are posting at the same time. I only need ONE Xanax and would NEVER take two, but i plan ahead. Because of course anything can happen. I might take a Xanas 45 minutes before we leave and then find myself on a delayed or cancelled flight. (I think of everything when it comes to stuff i am uncomfortable about.)I am quite sure i will come home with two left over.

I am jealous of your blood pressure.

louielouie said...

a) How many iPods do you own?
One and it’s a little shuffle my daughter won in a raffle

b) How many computers?
I have one i-mac, mr. louielouie has a laptop and a desktop. I just got a work PC laptop so I can work at home better. I’m thinking of taking a keyboarding class at a local technical college. It was in the 50+ section of the spring catalog. What few skills I once had are gone.

c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen?
no, but I would kind of like to

d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now?
2 unopened whites; neither mine

e) Do you know what your blood pressure is?
Not exactly

f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it?
If you count my daughter, no

g) If you do, do you have a maid?
I do have a cleaning service that comes in every other week

h) Do you floss every day?
At least once, usually twice

i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity)
Jon Stewart of course, and he is more my type that jo’s cause he’s nerdy

j) How many books do you own?
What kind of questions is this? Who counts their books?

k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose?
Mmm maybe Hogan’s Heros

equeyaya said...

That Daily Show clip was posted on facebook(!) I started watching it but didn't have time for the whole thing. I'll go back to it. I've never really watched Glen Beck, so I didn't get it totally.

a) How many iPods do you own? 2 if you count the iphone
b) How many computers? I have a desktop and Mel's old laptop. The girls each have a laptop. I think chris has two work laptops in his room.
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? no
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? there are two, a crappy bottle someone gave us that will never be used, and one of chris'
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is? roughly the same as annie's
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? not when Melanie is home.
g) If you do, do you have a maid? no
h) Do you floss every day? yes
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity) Naveen Andrews (aka Sayid, even if he has been reduced to a glazed donut)
j) How many books do you own? you are seriously asking this? I packed up my bookcases to make more space in my room. They took up four boxes, and there are some other books scattered throughout the house.
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose? LOST

IslandPearl said...

To clarify -- I have a TV in my kitchen. It's a little 15" that sits on a little turntable on the bar, so that we can see it from the kitchen OR the lanai OR the dinner table.

Guilty pleasure: watching TV during dinner. It's just the 2 of us and we agree to indulge a childhood desire...

Modern Hippie said...

and that is the reason I would marry Jon Stewart. Age ain't nothign but a number! hahahaha Glenn Beck is ridiculous - do you think anyone out there really respects and admires him??

The schooner had a "hot legs" contest??? haha I could see the 'Air Guitar' contest but hot legs really?

you would love facebook - its such a great way to keep in touch with people I talk to Todd (our cousin) all the time, but i never would chat with him through email or on the phone i find the picture sharing is the best.

i was bummed about the census too, i love filling out surveys and i thought it was going to be sometthing exciting but it wasnt. it was no big deal. i loved that they did so many commercials on filling it out though - did you see steven colbert fill his out on the show? it was pretty funny (it was him proving how short of time it really takes you to fill it out)

a) How many iPods do you own? just one.
b) How many computers? my sisters, and mine. =2
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? no.
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? not in the fridge but we have some red wine in our wine rack i think
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is? when you last took it at the house. haha.
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? well our apartment is 1000SF and theres 2 of us in it.
g) If you do, do you have a maid? haha i wish.
h) Do you floss every day? i do!! mom got me so much floss that i have it EVERYWHERE and when im bored, i floss.
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity) Jon Stewart. haha.
j) How many books do you own? less than you. if i'm estimating its probably around 90-100 though maybe 80.
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose? friends. hands down.

YOU OWN THREE IPODS?!!?! AND BRIAN DOES TOO? WHYYYYY. you truly only need one. what is the story with that??

now you have your laptop, your netbook, and desktop - right? so the netbook almost doesnt count as a laptop. and brians laptops one is mac and one is PC? -- i'll let all those slide.

so your condo is 1000SF??

i dont think i would want a maid just for the fact of having some random person going through my stuff or putting things away that i dont know where she put them. i am messy but i dont think i would want a maid.

haha i love that we both said jon stewart!

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey y'all. I guess some of us will have to fight over Jon Stewart. as usual.

Kylee, the one iPod i loaned to Troy when he didn't have any music. He still has it. So i really only have the shuffle and my new one at home. but i do have 3.

I just now took my practice Xanax about 5 minutes ago at 1:40. So far, so good. but when i start feeling the affects, i think i'll come back here and do some writing. It's only .5 mg, same as i had last time about 7 years ago. I don't know how many mg people would normally take with Xanax. I want to see how long it takes to wear off. The flight is only three hours i think and we're hooking up for dinner with friends and i don't want to still be high.

oooh, actually i think i can already feel it. That seems sort of quick to me. Like a drank a shot of tequila on an empty stomach. That's sort of how it feels.

OK, that's all. I'll be back

louielouie said...

BP 103/65
Took it at my mom’s after church today. I am on Lisinopril, which is a blood pressure medicine, but am taking it as a prophylactic measure to prevent migraines so I don’t think it counts. I heard that if you don’t have high bold pressure, bp medications don’t lower it. Sort of like if you don’t need it just skips that effect and moves on. I have always had low bp, in fact have trouble getting the blood around my body and into my extremities. I get dizzy when I stand up too fast or have been on the floor like bending over to get the cheaper store brand from the bottom shelf at the grocery store; all the well advertised stuff is at eye level. Hey, maybe Mr. Safeway would reach those TownHouse canned tomatoes for me. . .

I also take a medication to try to get the blood to my fingers and toes. I’m not sure it does any good because they still get all white and waxy when it’s cold or the temperature changes quickly. Spring is the worst; my nose is my only long appendage that gets blood and it is always red.

Actually, I’m not sure any of my medications work and I may quit the finger one. I’m afraid to stop the anti-migraine Lisonpril though because last time I did I got headaches back.

I love using the word prophylactic in conversation because most folks think of condom when they hear it and that brings out the junior high in me. I also like using the word catholic with the small c. I also like to use the word whore as a verb, or I guess a gerund, in “Jo is whoring for posts”

Pearl I loved my time in public junior high!! I was there for 25+ years. It was hard work but never a dull moment. I know I’m too tired to go back, but sometimes the whole office job midlevel manager thing gets to me, so I fantasize about teaching or being a vice principal again. I don’t think I would want to go back to principal though, because as my brother espouses, it’s nice to say, “The buck stops next door” rather than here.

Well, signing off to do my schoolwork. I have some meeting minutes to finish up and get sent out before morning an I key sooooo sloooow.

amulbunny said...

JoJo, when I count the kids computers we have a whole lot. Josh built his own tower so the old one went to his dad. My desktop is going into the shop soon. I miss the big screen.

2 Xanax? Man I'd be out of it bigtime. I'm flying to Vegas the 16th of April, it's one hour. I have to save my Xanax for dealing with relatives. LOL.

And I take Lisinopril as well as Hydrochlorathiazide for my BP. It seems to stay fairly normal these days.

IslandPearl said...

My time teaching jr hi was a nightmare. Three years teaching math in an inner city school. Mostly spent preventing fights and trying to bust up the ones that happened anyway without getting cut. Not fun. I was teaching off a student loan.

My 4th and last year was teaching math in a K-12 country school -- much better, except the farm community I was working in was way to small and the parents felt license to be involved in my personal life too much (meaning at all.)

I love teaching, but only if the students exhibit at least a passing interest in learning. are so cracking me up with your 'practice Xanax'. I will admit to starting my anti-malarial meds before we left for Vietnam, but only because I wanted to get an early handle on any potential side effects that could prove problematic on the road.

I won't even take Ambien on a flight though. My SD does the long flights (8hrs plus) as often as I do, and she swears by it. Gets off the plane rested and ready to go. (Note, she's 20+ years my junior too!)

My problem is that I tend to be hypersensitive to anything that makes you drowsy, and a pill that promises a 6-hour knockout would have me on my ass for at least 8. I don't want to risk that.

I can just see my flight getting nice tail winds and landing an hour early and me being too loopy to find the connecting flight.

On my 4 iPods -- 1 is a 1-gig shuffle that I set up for my husband. It lives in his car.

1 is a 32 gig that has a fried docking port so it can no longer be updated, but it plays just fine. It lives in my office at work.

1 is the big mamoo with my TV shows and movies and music that travels with me, and has a permanent home in my travel kit.

The last is a little 8 gig stick that is in my purse to get me through random waits for appointments and other occasions when I just need a little spontaneous musical uplift.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, so far it's been two hours with my practice Xanax and so far, twice i have tried to type in Xanax with a Z, but that is just my typing skills and probably not all due to XANAX. OOOPS MAYBE SOcause i hit the Caps lock my mistake. and typed Z again. But i used to always type Iraq war as IraW instead even without any influence of wine or Zanax. oooh, i'm just going to let that one go unedited.

AND by the way, why the hell is it NOT spelled with a freaking Z?

I had a glass of red wine just now because i wanted to be sure what i could handle and actually i feel really relaxed but not high or out of control feeling. I sort of feel like the one Friday afternoon when i got a massage and it was an hour and half massage. And as i was driving home from there i looked down at my speedomoter and realized i was driving like 20 miles an hour (where the speed limit was 30 or 35) but it didn't feel slow,.

I am watching CNN following this health care debate and vote and i think being high on Xanax and red wine might be just the ticket one needs to do this. I watched Meet the Press this morning when i was up at 6:30 and found it quite fascinating. I wish i remembered to watch it more often.

I emailed my Congressman Adam Smith today because i had heard he was supporting the reform bill but might be wavering.

Yesterday i took my blood pressure medicine to Troy's garage sale and i took all of their blood pressure. And everyone there had above the 120/80 bp. I had the worst but my nephew's girlfriend (who is a nurse) had the worst. My two goodlooking young 26 year old nephews both had something like 150/90 which i told them was ridiculous for their age and that they needed to make changes. But they are Louvraks and do not take care of their health, eating habits, or drinking of the Coors Light.

Kylee, if the health care reform passes you can remain on your parent's insurance until you are 26 years old. I should have sent a link to you so you could email too.

As i am watching i am trying to figure out what the abortion deal was with this reform. I think i need to quit blogging and pay attention. It's much harder to multi-task while taking Xanax.

louielouie, have you been to see SafewayMan?

Oh, while i am rambling i forgot to write abotu american idol this week. They did rolling stones week and i was pretty excited but they pretty much all sucked at it. You realize just how easy Mick Jagger makes doing what he does look so easy. These idols are just not charasmatic enough to pull of Jagger.

I still liked Crystal and Casey James, but they didn't have a huge memorable song even so.

OK, jojo....out.

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way when i emailed congressman Adam Smith i was only 10 minutes into my Xanax, so i am pretty sure my message was more coherent and typed better than what i have just done here. I also tried to call his number but the message box was full. I took that as a good sign.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just wHe'ohhh. shoot i just accidentally deleted what i wrote by hitting i swear only one little key when i was trying to type in a 1. how did that happen.

What i said earlier is that Dr. Sanjay was speaking to Wolf Blitzer's roundtable and i wanted to say how much i think Sanjay is kind of hot to me, but not in the same way that Anderson Cooper is. I should include anderson Cooper as a crush too along with Jon Stewart.

Another favorite is Chuck Todd. he was on Meet the Press this morning. I always like hearing what he is going to say.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok in researching the health care piece on abortion i see it'ab about the no federal funding - i actually found the Executive order link online but i couldnt' get through the whole thing because it's the official language and pretty dry but i think i got this part out. so no public option or federal funding for abortion. and what else? all i remember is the no mandates, that small businesses will get tax breaks to cover employees and no preexisting conditions and covering your child until age 26. i forget what else. sure there is some stuff in there to make all ofus craxy but in the end this will be historic.

And kylee, all i have to say is we'll have to work super extra hard to get out the vote in 2012.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok. so i'm really signing off now. cause i keep typing the x for a z and vice versa. my little pinky finger is weaker under the influence than my other fingers.


Oh yeah. i watched the Jon Stewart WHOLE DVR again when Brian came home and it was better the second time. i love the part when he says in glenn Beck character:

"I am sorry, i promised myself i WOULD cry."

Modern Hippie said...

oh i just listened to your voicemail jojo i was on the phone with kinkos about my prints for my finals - going to cost a fortune i wish my professor wouldnt require us to print things!

anyways, i put it on CNN now i love wolf blitzer mainly just for the fact that his name is Wolf Blitzer haha - but i've been getting text messages from Obama like every 5 minutes so i've been kept up to date on all the healthcare stuff.

i dont know that i can sit and watch this whole thing though i'm kind of tired

im feeling alot better today though i havent taken my nyquil cough stuff today and i've felt pretty decent but my head still feels stuffy.

i cant believe you emailed adam smith under the influence of your xanax lol!! i like adam smith, i remember meeting him before the big obama campaigning, it was at that one rally that you bought tickets for me and my friend tyler in seattle

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh good you got my email. just keep it on in the background until they get past the debate so you can say you watched when it happened.

i'm thinking my Xanax (though i am drinking Fresca and cranberry juice now and no wine) must be chilling me out because some of what i hear on the debate floor would normally get me yelling obscenities at my tv.

i donot know my history, but imagine when Medicare got passed the same kind of thing must have happened.

This debate is going on too long though so i had to get back online and do something else while watching.

Wolf keeps lying to us that they are getting to wrap this up. I don't much care to hear Nancy Pelosi speak because she is not my favorite, but i might have to begrudgingly give her credit for getting it done.

i am hearing discrepancies now about the small business impact so i don't know what to believe at this point. but i will choose to believe the dems.

Sanjay is now answering the fear that Medicare is going to be lost in some way for seniors. Sanjay says it depends on who you ask. There is a concern that benefits will go away because of the way physicians are reimbursed. But for providers salaries they want to tie it to salaries which is tied to the economy. The Senate bill cuts physicians salaries and a lot of doctors may drop out which makes legitimate political policy debate. And some state differ in how it works because of their demographic.

These are notes from what Blitzer's roundtable is talking about, because i have to admit that my naivete stops me debating too much which what the pundits are talking about. I do Love Donna Brazile.

Now Cantor the Minority Whip is speaking so i think we're getting close now. He says the overhaul will impact us all including unborn generations. They will be paying for the rest of their lives. The Dems have refused to listen to the American people. I have a message. We hear you. We hear you loud and clear. (minor applause) We believe this government must stop spending money that it doesn't have.

We have to stop piling debt on our grandchildren. (Did they tell Bush this during his term?) in america our government must not force to those objecting to abortion to pay for it.

(My message to that is my taxes pay for the Iraq war and i objectived strongly to paying for that too. What about what i object to?)

this trillion dollar overhaul (still quoting Cantor) has caused a lot of fear. (YEAH because y'all told americans Obama wnated to kill your Grandma!)

We want to remain the most prosperous free country in the world. (boos)

(hmmmm. free and prospoerous for the Haves, not the Have Nots.)

oh damn more revise and extensions. i gotta give it a break.

Modern Hippie said...

yeah im watching it some of the people are pissing me off. and surprsingly (no offense to anyone) everytime i hate someone i look up and see that they are republican

"this isnt the right time" -- when IS the right time?!

"if you dont have the time to do it right when do you have the time do it over?" that was a quote that someone graffiti-'d on a wall downtown one time and i always loved it. i loved it more that it was written in spraypaint though lol

this guy right now that is yelling is cracking me up.

the speaker cracks me up too cause hes so calm and when that guy was trying to ask all those questions and he was like "im not answering hypothetical questions" "you should know the answer" haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

Boehner is yelling now so we're really close. he is telling us too that this is not what Americans need or what they want. (Which americans is he talking about?)

He is talking about fear too because Americans don't know what comes next. And Americans are angry. (He must have been at a tea party recently.)

He is telling us Shame on us.

Now he is telling us we are disgracing Thomas jefferson values. if we pass this bill this will be the last straw. If we defile the will we will be held in account. (I'm still quoting Boehner.)

Join me in voting against this bill so we can come together.

(Excuse me, but when did the Republicans ever do anything about health care reform?)

lots of boos and applause. Can't tell which is getting the most attention. I think it's because Pelosi is coming to the mic.

We're almost done. Damn, i hope she doesn't use unlimited amount of time as they say she has.

Here she is:

I'm starting a new comment for her so these are not so long.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Pelosi is comparing this historic vote to Medicare. This is an American proposal that honors the tradition of our country.

We would not be here without Obama's vision. (boos and applause.) She thanks him for his unwavering commitment in the past year.

(I am underwhelmed by her speech and want to get to the vote now.)

(oooh, i think i am realizing that my Xanax has worn off. It's been nearly 5 hours so that makes sense.)

Pelosi: Imagine an economy where a person can change jobs without losing health care. Imagine that they don't have to worry about their children with preconditions not be able to provide for those children if they were job locked. Our system does not work for enough people. The best action we can take for american families is to pass this reform. The best action to strengthen Medicare is to pass this reform. This will strengthen our economy.

She is repeating herself and i think may have included the best way we can make sure the right American Idol wins is to pass health care reform.

Speaking of idol, like i used to ignore whatever Paula said on there, i think i'll refrain from taking any more notes.

Get to the VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Here comes the electronic vote. If 216 votes pass this it is done once Obama signs it. The countdown is at 13 min right now before it's done.

32 million americans better get their asses out and vote (the ones of age) if this goes through as we expect.

Republicans wanted to voice roll call because they wanted to be able to use it later says John King. That's why we're having the electronic vote.

it is 180 yes to 154 no right now.

David Gergen is saying in honor of Pelosi. "If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman."

184 yes, 157 no.
184 yes, 163 no
we are at 9 minutes now.

sanjay is saying that people who have insurance that there is good news out there for people who have been denied procedures.

191 yes, 172 no.
Remember we need 216.

Donna Brazile is explaining how these congressman who are casting these votes have the best health care in the country. She says this is a victory for parents.

201 yes, 180 now.

Blizter is asking why they wait to the last minute - we are at 5 minutes now.

Blitzer says not one Republican will be voting for this.

it is 208 yes, 183 no.

They are talking about them holding back because one of them gets to be the magic number of 216 so that is why they hold back their vote.

209 yes, 192 no.

This is pretty exciting actually!

3 minutes left.

210 yes, to 200 no.

214 yes, 201 no. !!!!!!!!!

2 minutes left!

I am seeing before Blitzer sees it.

216 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

216 yes, 204 no.
clock still going.
217 yes, 204 no.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i have no idea what is happening now. something about a motion and reconciliation and lots of yelling and gavel thumping.

It has to do with abortion and protecting the unborn. The Republicans want to kill the bill by sending it back to committee they are saying. Oh, i don't think i can watch anymore unless i go take another practice Xanax. So good night! i'll check up tomorrow.

I think some of their speeches have been pitchy. And if i am being honest, did not have enough personality so that i can understand what kind of politician they really want to be. Some of them look great and i love their hair. But some of them hit some good high notes. But i think the Republicans might be in trouble with the voters. Where is Ryan Sechrist when you need him?


IslandPearl said...

I wonder if, among the many earmarks they used to grease this through, Pelosi got a provision in the bill to cover her facelifts and botox.

And I wonder where these people think that the money to pay for this will all come from...and it will likely well exceed the current CBO estimates. They obviously are not familiar with Aesop's fable about the goose and the golden eggs.

But they look pretty on TV and they tell their people what their people want to hear.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, i'll LOL about Pelosi's botox. But right now, i'm not letting anything get in the way of bursting my bubble because i think this is pretty historical and exciting day and i want to savor it. I was watching Meet the Press this morning. Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt have been trying to get something done and Obama did it.

I just called my work buddy Toni to cheer together because i just knew she was watching too

speaking of Fables. I'm thinking of the Fox and the Grapes one when i listen to the Republicans.

I'm still wanting to know who shout out Baby Killer on the floor. That was pretty uncool. They said it was presumably a Republican, but there were Democrats who did not vote for this reform.I think 38 didn't vote yes. Anyway, they'll find out.

Kylee, just think! you won't have to worry about your lupus as a pre-existing condition!

IslandPearl said...

We both agree that it is a historic event. Just not on the kind. Time will tell.

I don't believe that most conservatives are opposed to the concept of widening the safety net for health care. It's more the way it's being done -- with absolutely no safeguards against the kind of waste, fraud and abuse that already plague medicare and medicaid. That and the way it's being paid for -- of course robbing Peter to pay Paul always makes Paul a happy fellow.

As for the abortion issue -- Let's take it out of the moral imperative, because I already know we'll never reach a meeting of the minds there.

I simply don't think that ANY elective procedures should ever be covered by health insurance. And that covers the range of things from Pelousy's face lifts to elective abortion. Health insurance should be limited to medical necessities...and abortion (or botox) rarely qualifies as a medical necessity.

equeyaya said...

OMG, I can't get through all these comments, I have to take Grace to school.

Have to say, jo, when I read this, it totally echoed what I was thinking the other day when my conservative friend was ranting about not wanting to pay for people's abortions:

Jo said: "We have to stop piling debt on our grandchildren. (Did they tell Bush this during his term?) in america our government must not force to those objecting to abortion to pay for it.

(My message to that is my taxes pay for the Iraq war and i objectived strongly to paying for that too. What about what i object to)"

hear hear!

Modern Hippie said...

i didnt read through all the comments either, i skimmed because most of them were written while watching what was happening.

it was very exciting to watch the numbers go up i got a little nervous when it was 206 vs 200 i thought they might catch up but i loved that wolf kept interuprting to say "hey were at 206!" "hey were at 210!"

i posted something on facebook about "yay we did it" and the only responses i got (other than "likes") were negative and it pissed me off.

the only argument i will accept is people being upset about the abortion language, and i agree pearl, i think its just something we shouldnt discuss because its not something we will change our opinions about it - but i respect people being upset about it or not agreeing with it

but people just dont understand what it means for prexisiting conditions and for me personally this is like historic.

before the HCR (health care reform) I was going to graduate at 21 years old and be taken off my parents insurance (since im no longer in college) and then have to try and find insurance with a pre-existing condition.

now i can be on my parents insurance until i'm 26 years old and not have to worry about my pre-exisiting condition.

that is what health care reform is about.

~grits~ said...

I'm not on FB much - mostly to play Bejeweled Blitz, which only goes for one minute (course those minutes can add up lol)

Health care and insurance is on my mind constantly. We still dont know if we will have coverage after this month. It's very worrisome.
I think I'd love some Xanax!

Your census is too far back to do the the questions now -lol.

I do love how you said your last comments Pearl.

So many good points to ponder here all-around!

Modern Hippie said...

oh i skimmed too much and missed what you said Pearl about abortion and botox and I TOTALLY agree.

but its what makes me so mad and its what one of the people sitting with Wolf last night was mentioning - most of the people against this reform are people that have some of the best health insurance - and its health insurance thats paying for their plastic surgery and elective procedures.

i ran into an old friend from High school at a party and learned she got a boob job. but i was pissed when i found out that the military paid for her boob job. (her dad is in the military so shes on his insurance) and she claimed she was depressed because of her low self esteem and couldnt have a good sex life - so they paid for the WHOLE thing. she didnt even have small boobs! she had C cups!! (Jo your going to die when you find out which old friend this was - can you guess??)

~grits~ said...

ohhhhhhhhhh now that pisses me off -
making C cup boobs even bigger and not having to pay for it yourself.

I wrote alot more but deleted it. This really makes me sad.

Modern Hippie said...

yeah!! it was ridiculous!! I'm never for fake boobs anyways because I think they actually cause problems (the two people i know who got breast implants ended up getting breast cancer there has to be a correlation)

but seriously! C cups are big enough! I think I could at least understand if she had small little A cups or something.

and the thing that pisses me off even more, knowing her and knowing her politics she is definitley AGAINST things like health reform and she i'm sure claims that everyone should have to pay for everything themselves.... even though she actually doesnt. and she gets military health coverage and i think i would feel differently if SHE was the solider, if SHE was the one fighting and risking her life. but shes not. its her stepdad that is!

susieatl said...

I'm actually more excited about this bill than I thought I would be. The CEO of our local trauma hospital says they will actually be able to run in the black. We have so many uninsured in this state that we have to pay for anyway, I'm not how having them insured will cost anymore.

I know that in 2013 medical device companies will have to start paying a 2.3% tax. We are not sure how that will roll. I'm sure J & J or Olympus will find a way to pass that on to the hospital...we are not that I'm not sure how it will affect us.

Sales are stronger than ever..and the stocks for medical companies were strong today.

Overall, I'm hopeful.

IslandPearl said...

I have "military insurance" because my husband is retired USAF, and breast augmentation is specifically not covered. Only post-mastectomy reconstruction. I'm pretty much an expert on this.

Even if there was a claim of medical necessity, it would take about 2 years with a psych referral -- and still would provide only limited coverage, IF it was ever approved.

But if your friend did indeed successfully scam the program, I would only point to her as inkling of what is to come under the new law.

Modern Hippie said...

well i dont think she lied about it because there is no way she could have afforded it otherwise. (and i KNOW her parents wouldnt have paid for it.) do you think its different for different states? somehow?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Are you talking about Ainsley,Kylee?
Are you sure she is telling the truth about that? That doesn't sound right at all. The military here wont' cover dental, why would they cover breast augmentation?

Good lord, she's only 20 years old ! It is her, isn't it? (She's the first one of your friends i thought would do that.)

I'm not sure of the abortion debate with this bill since i believed that Obama gave in to the anti-abortionist in order to get it passed. He is going to sign an executive order that would keep the limit on allowing abortions with federal funds.

From what i can understand as i keep researching is that some provisions will happen immediately. (I got this from Politico and CNN)

For example pre-existing conditions, children up to the age of 26, a $250 prescription-drug rebate for the critical voting bloc of seniors whose drug costs aren’t fully covered by Medicare, a tax credit for small businesses that provide their employees with health insurance and a requirement that on insurance companies cover children with pre-existing conditions.

As Donna Brazile said yesterday, parents will be happy.

Those parents better get their asses out and vote in 2012.

The issue about the government takeover in our lives makes me laugh. Opponents of this bill would have been against social security and Medicare and the Food and Drug Administration too.

And as for spending money we don't have. Well why don't we keep asking that questions about W's Wrong War?

And BEFORE Neugebauer (sp?), the Texas Republican (never heard of him, but i bet a lot of American people will now hear about him) who yelled out "Baby Killer" outed himself i had read on a political blog where the writer (i forget his name now) believed that by the end of the day that the representative who shouted it would step forward for this reason: Because he would be a hero to the Tea Party and would probably bring in lots of donations as a result.

I found myself agreeing and was not surprised when a few hours later the guy told on himself. That *#&$^& Tea Party scares me. And it scares me more when our congressfolks start behaving like them. It's one thing for Rush Limbaugh. It's another thing when our Congressfolks do it.

You know what i want to know? are there ANY opponents out there WITHOUT health care or who have loved ones WITHOUT health care who think this is a terrible bill?

IslandPearl said...

TriCare's a federal program. No individual state differences.

I don't expect you to believe me over your friend, but you can check here:

I'm sure that there are people who successfully rip off the system and your friend may be one of them. Woe to her if that is the case...Karma may be slow, but it is inevitable.

And jo -- I wouldn't be surprised to find people who don't have health care that believe this is a catastrophically bad bill. Because it will - presumably - force them to carry it. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who don't like the government telling them what to do.

I believe in the availability of affordable health care. And I believe that this bill will not achieve that for the vast majority of Americans. Most of the 80+% of us who are covered already will end up paying more than we are now, for the same or possibly less coverage.

There is absolutely nothing in this legislation that even attempts to reduce medical costs. Assessments on drug companies? That'll just get passed through to the consumer (that's us.) Broadened insurance coverage requirements (no caps/no bans) will lead to increased costs of coverage. That'll just get passed through to the consumer (that's us.) No controls on fraud, waste and abuse? Guess who pays? (Hint: Us.)

It's a mammoth piece of feel good rhetoric that was loaded up with tons of back room earmarks in order to ram it through in the most egregious example of the very worst of "politics as usual" I've ever seen.

And THAT is why people are angry.

The only reason that I voted for Obama was that he offered the promise of "no more DC politics as usual". That's the exact opposite of what he's accomplished thus far.

He may have been a tyro inside the Beltway, but his pit bull Emmanuel and Pelousy and her flunkies are schooling him well.

jojo cucina cucina said...

we're paying for people already. There is a woman in my office who has a daughter who worked at Jack in the Box 10 hours a week. This daughter is 27 years old and last September was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

She had no health care of course but she still she got EVERY bit of care she needed. Nothing was spared.

We require people by law to drive with at least some kind of car insurance. Something i like alot.

You might be able to tell me I Told You So someday, but for now, i'm going to hang with Obama on this one.

I choose to believe that Obama is serving the people and the 'have-nots', not the 'haves' that Bush joked ab0ut years ago. And i don't view that as DC politics as usual. But I can understand that you feel differently because we are opposite in our views.

I felt as vehemently opposed to Bush years as you do with the one Obama year. I am sorry that you feel sorry for your vote. Because that must feel terrible when you feel that you voted against your values.

I never had to feel that way because i never in a million years would have voted for Bush. I did vote for Reagan in 1980 and was sorry, but not as sorry as you seem to be about Obama.

I wish you liked him more. That's all. Maybe you really do know more than i do and i will have to eat crow. And for you, i will.

But for now I just want to feel good about this vote.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, here is Bill Maher's quote about Pelosi that i thought was pretty funny: (This was BEFORE the vote yesterday).

"People on the inside, you know with the inside information, say it does look good for the Democrats. Because, you know, they have this little inside stuff. They found out Nancy Pelosi called her plastic surgeon to ask if her smile would be ready for Sunday."

- Bill Maher, in his opening monologue, regarding the healthcare vote

Modern Hippie said...

well I believe you Pearl, shes actually not my friend at all anymore we had a huge falling out about a year ago and I just happened to run into her at this party. but the only thing that baffles me now is that I know there is no way she could have funded it otherwise. hmm

and yup! jo it is her!!

I am with you Jo, I'm sick of people trying to bring me down on what is such great news for people like me. I mean litterally just yesterday my mom and i were talking and worrying about what would happen come decemeber when i graduate and I get yanked off my dad's insurance and we have to start paying for my own health insurance out of pocket and have to worry about my pre-exisiting condition

what i always think about, is people who are sick but cant afford to go to the doctor and end up getting deathly ill and actually die

Jo, you know our cousin Bruce that lived in Eastern Washington that died, papa was telling me that was because he thought he just had a bad back and kept ignoring it and never got it checked out and it turned out it was a tumour.

people should be able to go to the doctor regardless of money and make sure they are healthy.

what cracks me up is that the majorty of people complaining about higher taxes and more moeny - are people that actually have money. ironic, no?

I am riding high on this one and i wont let anyone bring me down! :)

IslandPearl said...

I'm happy for you, Kylee. I know that relieves your worries.

(I want to explain how the financial consequences will reach well beyond the 'people with money', but it doesn't really matter until it happens, does it?)

equeyaya said...

i saw today that starting next year, i will be taxed on the portion of my health insurance that my employer pays, which sucks. but i guess there are parts of this bill that suck for people and parts that are great for others. it's not personal.

that bowersox chick rocked on idol tonight. i want to like casey james more than i do. he just doesn't seem to really have his heart in his performance.

haven't watched LOST yet, don't spoil it for me! will watch online tomorrow...

IslandPearl said...

I didn't think that the 'cadillac plan' tax took effect until much later. Is it a state thing (tell me they are not considering the employer contribution as ordinary - taxable - income now. ARRRGGH)

I'm totally not getting anything out of it but bigger bills. Hard not to take that a little bit personal.

my capture: sucois (French for sucks? Sums it up for me)

equeyaya said...

Not the Cadillac thing. Regular employer contributions. And I wonder if that means my contributions won't be pre-tax anymore.

Pearl, I'll forward you the email I got from our insurance broker about it.

Amanda Haines said...

I'd love for all the rigid pro-lifers who are so worried about any federal money going to abortions to know that prenatal care in this country is unattainable for low-income women and those with no health insurance. A quarter of pregnant women get no prenatal care. Every day two to three women die from childhood or pregnancy-related complications and the rate has risen 25 percent since 1988. It's tragic what the current healthcare system has done to women's and infant's health in this country, and to squabble about babies not yet born to the detriment of babies struggling to be born is disgusting to me. If they're so pro-life, why don't they focus on life and making sure low- and middle-income women are able to have healthy babies in the first place.

Furthermore, it makes me so angry that the people most opposed to healthcare reform are the ones who so regularly claim to be such good Christians. Well, I suspect Jesus himself would be all for healthcare reform and for ensuring the poor aren't dying in the streets (which is happening, by the way). We are at the mercy of insurance companies in this country. If you don't have insurance, you're screwed. And, if you do, you're screwed. They'll happily collect your premiums every month, then promptly cut you off from benefits if you get sick. Or, they'll decide what treatment you get based upon what's cheapest for them to cover. It's a shame that these alleged "good Christians" are more worried about insurance lobbyists and the Fox news rabble (who get all their info from fear-mongers) than about real people facing real crises. Sixty percent of foreclosures in this country are due to medical debt. If healthcare isn't directly tied to the health of our entire economy, I don't know what is.

On a personal level (and Brian can give you more details, Jo), my dad is exactly what is wrong with this entire debate. A rabid conservative, born again Christian, he is a victim of the very healthcare system he's fighting to protect. He's absolutely against reform, but he had to go to Germany to have back surgery because his insurance company wouldn't cover the surgery he needed and, to have it done in this country, the out of pocket cost was three times the cost of what it was in Germany. Plus, he couldn't even find a doctor in the US to do the surgery because it's considered too risky and the malpractice insurance won't cover it. He went to a country with universal, socialized healthcare because they had a better system, but he's fighting any reform in this country! It's madness!

I honestly don't know if this bill will negatively affect me since I do have good healthcare through my job. But, frankly, I don't care. I can't stand by and let good people go bankrupt or die, or worry that if I get sick, I'll be out on my ass, too. I'll happily trade some of my money for the increased security and to know that more people will get the care (including preventative care) that they need. We're already paying for it anyway.

Sorry I wrote so much! I got worked up!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda!!!! Brian is definitely going to have to get us together! i think i love you and i know Kylee will love you! I wish you could marry my nephew so you can be in our family. (He's VERY cute, but not Safewayman scary cute.)

What fun we would have at Thanksgiving!

I don't think any of us KNOW totally how this is all going to affect us and maybe we can agree on that. There will be good and bad with any kind of reform - be it education, health care, or American Idol voting rules.

However, i still believe it's a start in the right direction.

And I refuse to believe that Armaggedeon is going to happen because health care reform got passed.

It's about fucking time. and it's about fucking time that we had a leader with the courage and balls to get it done. (And yes, i thank Rahm Emanuel for his part.) Maybe i will be sorry about what it all means in some respects later, we shall see. But for now i am celebrating.

And if i have to pay taxes on my wonderful health care, i am willing to do that for the greater good.

I am so grateful that Kylee and my brother and his wife find some relief. I honestly didn't this would happen for her until it was already too late.

IslandPearl said...

Amanda, the point about having to leave the country to get procedures that docs won't do here out of malpractice concerns is not going to change with this bill. There are no provisions in this bill that will address the issue of outrageous malpractice claims.

And that is a very real driver of escalating medical costs that conservatives have tried more than once to get under control, with legislation to limit such suits to free doctors up to practice medicine. And to feel safe in high risk practices like obstetrics and neonatal care. But that'll never get passed.

The other thing that the fear of malpractice does to drive up medical costs, and will continue, is defensive medicine. Doctors feel like they have to cover their backsides by ordering tests that they know probably aren't needed.

I read an interesting article in JAMA recently that said that over 50% of doctors questioned in a Pew Research survey said that they feel it necessary to order more tests than are medically indicated for that very reason.

I have nothing at all against providing health care to all. I honestly don't believe that is the issue at all. It's the way it's being done.

It's like saying everyone deserves a car of their own.

"But...all we have on the lot right now are Hummers."

"Okay -- we'll just give them all a Hummer."

"But how will they be able to afford the gas to drive a Hummer?"

"Not my problem. I gave them a car, just like I promised."

Modern Hippie said...

so Pearl are you saying that everyone doesnt deserve GOOD healthcare? (i assume your are using Hummer to represent the cadillac most exspensive elegant choice.)

would you prefer that everyone got the -- what was that car back in the 80's that they had to recall because it was blowing up?

would you prefer that everyone got really shitty healthy insurance completely defeating the purpose?

and Jo i am totally with you - I am just glad we have a president that has the balls to do what is right whether or not it makes him popular right now or not.

AND I TOTALLY LOVE YOU AMANDA!! hahah please do marry into our family! haha

IslandPearl said...

No -- and I'm insulted that you think that.

I used Hummer as an example of the clunkiest, most inefficient and expensive to operate vehicle that is out there.

Because that is what our current healthcare system is. Inefficient and excessively expensive.

But nobody seems to care about that part.

So now we will have a way to include more people in a system that is STILL BROKEN.

Wouldn't the SMART thing be to FIX the broken system?

This is my last comment on the subject.

I can't seem to keep my mouth shut if I keep reading this blog, and it's a colossal waste of my time to continue being the only person on this side of the issue.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, i thought there might be a way to debate this but apparently not if we're only going to feel like we are insulting each other. I am pretty sure Kylee didn't ask that question about the Hummer as an insult.

And pearl I know you might think we need enlightening on this health care reform subject and i am certain you know more about this than we do and so that is where you are coming from.

But i did say that i might be wrong about it but that for now i wanted to enjoy and celebrate this moment. And somehow you just keep seeming to want to pop that balloon. And i don't know exactly why you keep pounding it.

I remember once on Gumbo you took on liberal yayas who made fun of Ameretto getting excited about seeing Bush and you took them to task about because Ameretto was excited and why couldn't yayas allow her that, no matter what their opinion was of Bush. It was a good argument and it shut some people up that needed shutting up. Because Ameretto was excited and it kind of but a dent in the pleasure of it when those guys made fun.

I'm just saying - yeah, i get that I might eat crow and i might be totally stupid in believing this will work. But right now i want to feel good about it. Because for my family. It's personal.

So this will be the last thing i say on the subject in THIS post too. (thought i'm not saying i won't bring it up again in another post as things progress.)

I'll try to change this blog soon so we can move on, but i've got lots of stuff going on at home that may make it impossible before i leave.

so in the meantime:

So let's go back to my original post:

So here are some questions for y'all for the jojo Census:

a) How many iPods do you own?
b) How many computers?
c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen?
d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now?
e) Do you know what your blood pressure is?
f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it?
g) If you do, do you have a maid?
h) Do you floss every day?
i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity)
j) How many books do you own?
k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose?

Modern Hippie said...

Jos right Pearl, I wasnt trying to insult you but in the end, no matter what this is a GOOD thing and nobody can change my mind about that because this makes huge changes for tons of people, not just me. there is give and take with every situation and it may cost more money in taxes but its going to keep more people insured and i think thats the ultimate goal.

to look out for everybody. its a selfless system.

and i agree, and i mean this in the nicest way possible pearl, i and i totally respect you and i think this might possibly be something rude i'm going to say to you. but you know that this is a personal victory for Jo and I and you know (because we both stated on the blog) that we were flying high on this victory and we were really excited about it. and although you have every right to come and express your opinion, you came back and seemed relentless to burst our bubble victory - and i think that is really unfair.

I think i'm done commenting as well. this IS a good victory and I love Obama for making it happen and if people have to pay more taxes for the better equality of everyone then so fucking be it.

Amanda Haines said...

Jjojo Census:

a) How many iPods do you own? Zero! I hope this is like golf and the low score wins.

b) How many computers? One

c) Do you have a TV in your kitchen? No

d) Do you have a bottle of wine in your refrigerator right now? No

e) Do you know what your blood pressure is? It tends to hover around 120/80

f) Do you live in a house that has more than 1000 sq feet per person living in it? Yes

g) If you do, do you have a maid? No. I could never have someone touching all my things. Creepy!

h) Do you floss every day? I aim for 5 days a week.

i) Who do you have a crush on right now? (can be a celebrity) I try to maintain a number of crushes, but it's getting harder and harder to find good subjects the older I get. My top crush right now is John Hamm from Mad Men. He has an off-season beard right now and I'm madly, madly in love. I can't wait for Mad Men to start up again. In my real life, I have a big crush on a guy who works at Green River CC. He was wearing outdoorsy clothing to a workshop and I was smitten. I think he fishes. Well, I imagine he fishes and goes elk hunting, but still reads.

j) How many books do you own? A couple boxes

k) If you had to choose one all-time favorite television show of your lifetime so far, what would you choose? Twin Peaks! I'm an addict. I'm going to the Twin Peaks Festival in August. And, I may dress up.