Sunday, July 11, 2010

How I am spending my summer vacation.... Thoughts on "Lost" & an added YouTube on my patio!

I just added this YouTube that Brian made when he and Troy rebuilt our patio. It's in fast motion and pretty funny. We laughed at how it looks like when Brian is measuring he is doing so in real time because it takes him longer than Troy, who does this stuff for a living! Obviously you won't want to check out the whole building of it, but near the end at about 6:07 i appear and you can see how it all turned out.

Menu of the Day:

on the iPod: Neil Young's Last Time I Saw Elvis.

Reading: the third book in the trilogy of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think it's the Hornet's Nest one. (Has anyone been reading these books?)

The best thing that happened this week: Went to a very fun wedding last night of our artist friend Duncan, who at the age of 56, got married for the first time. (We like his wife too!) Great people to meet and dancing to a live band, wine and a beautiful day for their outside wedding.

What i keep procrastinating about: Nothing much really. Because i'm on vacation and i have lots of time to do things.

What i've been doing: I'm nearly done with watching Season 2 of Kylee's Lost DVDs. My plan is to rewatch all of them. I am also watching Glee and loving it! I had no idea how good this show was. My other niece loaned me her DVD set. I just love that chick who plays the cheerleader coach. I forget her name but she was great in Best in Show and the 40 Year Old Virgin.

What i'm also doing: Reading alot, washing windows, putting the patio together after they just rebuilt it (photos above), running, napping, watering plants, checking my mail, reading the newspaper. I think i've taken a nap at least every other day! I have been at the pool for a bit too.

What i haven't been doing: keeping up on the political world or the newest stuff about the Gulf Gush. For some reason i can't get CNN on my new tv to quit pixelating Anderson Cooper. the other channels are bad too but watchable except for CNN. (I think it's a right wing plot against me because Fox News comes in just great!)

Also i have not been blogging because i have been Losting instead.

Here are random observations about Lost.


1. I think Lost is better the second time around when you watch it. I remember so many things that didn't seem right about it when i watched it once a week with the break in between seasons. This will be boring for those of you who don't watch but not too many folks are reading anyway.

2. It makes better sense about Sayid loving Shannon than it did before. I felt like they didn't have enough connection before, but in watching many episodes in a row, i see that it works. I didn't buy it the first time because i thought he should be with Danielle, the French Chick. But when you think about the opposites and the yin and yang and the whole island black and white, good and bad story, it makes perfect sense to me now. Everyone who hooked up was an opposite of each other almost. Just as Jack vs. Sawyer was a yin and yang.

3. Jack is so obviously the whole reason for Lost and i didn't see him as the main character. I like him a lot better rewatching it. He used to bug me so much because of his control issues and intenseness and propensity for crying and pouting. I used to watch Party of Five and in some ways he plays a similar character. Also he is way cuter to me this go round too. Not sure why.

4. i like Kate somewhat better too.

5. I had forgotten what a cool character Mr. Eko was. I love his tattered shirt which showed his fab strong chest muscles and i loved his Jesus stick too. I would feel very safe with Mr. Eko.

6. Still love Sayid and Sawyer as always.

7. I love how throughout the first two seasons the minor characters Scott and Steve names are constantly mixed up. One of them died and they still played up the mix up in Season 2. The actors playing them maybe had one line at the most, which made the ongoing joke about their names even more funny.

8. Everyone has such incredibly buff arms (except of course for Hurley and Charley)! I think Kate has been my inspiration for trying to keep up with my free weights. She has the best arms of any woman i've seen!

9. Sawyer is the only guy who can be so incredibly dirty but is still so sexy.

10. I recently saw a YouTube of Josh Holloway on an interview ( think it was with Jimmy Kimmel) and I thought he was kind of goofy and not maybe all that smart, though he may have just been nervous. I like him better as Sawyer and don't think i would want to date him in real life. Good acting!

11. The story of Sun and Jin is much better the second time around too. I don't even know why. But i love their characters. Also Rose and Bernard.

12. I still don't love Michael all that much, just as i never did. Though i felt sorry for him in his backstory.

13. I keep wondering how they get all those great clothes on the island. And i wonder still, as i did before, what do the women do when the tampons and Kotex run out.

14. And every time someone kisses i wonder about their breath.

15. I think i would liked to be kissed by Sawyer. He looks like a good kisser.

16. Boone was also a character i liked so much better this time around. I think i wrote him off the first season because he was too good looking. In a scoobier way than Sawyer was. Boone was actually more beautiful than a woman.

17. Sawyer smoked when they first crashed and obviously would have finally run out of cigarettes. (It's so cliche, isn't it?.... that the way to establish your bad person up front is to have them smoke!) Yet they never wrote anything about his withdrawals in the show when he ran out, and that could have been a pretty funny episode too, like his eyeglasses.

18. I loved the music in the Hatch. But they should have at least had some Bob Dylan you would think. Or Jackson Browne or Jimi Hendrix. Desmond seems like that's more the music he would listen to than the Mamas and the Papas. (Maybe they couldn't get the music rites, though if that's the reason i think Dylan and Browne are stupid for not doing that.)

I'll think of some more. But if any of you Lost fans are reading you might add your own. Just don't do spoilers for the last season since it's not yet out on DVD and Kylee/Ms Hippie hasn't seen it.


equeyaya said...

I have the first five seasons on DVD, and didn't quite get through all of four and five before six started.

I do want to rewatch all of them again when six comes out. But I will have to get a DVD player first.

We have been in this house 11 days and still don't have cable. Comcast's customer service has been horrible and I have to fight with them to get them to come out without charging me.

I also hate that every time I call and talk to someone different they tell me it's a different problem. Obviously they have no clue what the problem is. It's basic cable, how hard can it be?

Your patio looks beautiful, jo! What a great view! I can't wait to see it.

Back to LOST. I'm really looking forward to watching it again knowing how it all ends and getting a new appreciation for all the subtleties.

Modern Hippie said...

i've been absent from the blogosphere for so long but now this 8am class im in is SO horrible and boring I will use the time to blog.

p.s. loving the patio! looks great!

1. it definitley is better all together i dont know how you did it watching with commercials and weeks and months in between

3. you definitley love him more when you watch it all together, hes definitley the main character and you get that sense because hes the one in charge who makes most of the decisions and the one everyone goes to. plus he is way hott, i love matthew fox, he was in party of five?!

4. i could understand why you didnt like kate but i never agreed, i always liked her. i begin to stop liking her later in the seasons but early on shes great

11. the sun and jin story is such a good story its so real and well played out through the episodes and they tell their story very well

13. well they did have all their suitcases and they did have razors but im totally with you on the tampon thing

haha thank you for adding that disclosure about the last season!! i preordered it on amazon it comes out in august i kept trying to watch on but it will only show the last 5 episodes (and all the other seasons) i watched episode 1 & 2 and then couldnt watch anymore. very upsetting.

Modern Hippie said...

im so pissed. i hate this teacher i have always refused to take classes from him and we even all started a petition to get him fired because he's so horrible, and we were going over the schedule and he gave us our vocabulary for week one and next week we have a quiz on week 1 and week 2 but he wont give us week 2 until next week, so we are supposed to study while he's lecturing? i told him that didnt make any sense and he ignored me and kept talking. he doesnt like me, and he knows i dont like him and that i complain to our director all the time. luckily that never affects my grades but im sorry this is a private art school and we pay over $1500 a CLASS, I can demand a real education.

equeyaya said...

matthew fox is pretty damn hot in that photo you posted. sawyer goes without saying. sayid is still hottest for me. but daniel dae kim has really grown on me, too.

Modern Hippie said...

i think sayid is hott because hes really intellectual, hes not cocky or overbearing (the way jack can be) and hes really not an asshole (the way sawyer can be)

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think Matthew Fox is super hot. I used to like him on Party of Five but he's so much cuter as an older man.

Kylee, did you watch the video of Troy and Brian? It's in fast motion and it's pretty funny. I'm in it about 6:07 though i didn't know i was in it or that he even recorded the day. They did a great job!

louielouie said...

I LOVED the video

I watched the whole thing!!

You are sooo right about the measuring; what a crack up.

I can’t believe those panels fit.

My favorite part is Brian nailing from the outside when all you can see is his fast hammer.

It looks great!!

Modern Hippie said...

i did watch the video! i was surprised brian didnt add music lol it is pretty funny but i skipped though parts and then didnt finish it, 6 minutes is a little too much of that haha

i did like the part when brian was on the outside of the patio, i remmeber seeing his head float by and i couldnt figure out what it was lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yeah, the hammer part is hysterical. Like a woodpecker. Louie, i can't believe you watched the whole thing! That was three hours of work they did condensed into 3 minutes. I also liked the part where they needed more wood so Brian drove off in the truck.

and if you look closely the people walking in the background are funny too!

equeyaya said...

I watched the whole thing, too, hahaha! I was most excited at the part where you came in, jo! You really fixed it up nice, too. I can't wait to see it in person.

louielouie said...

I liked the video way better than watching Lost – I’ve never seen Lost but I know I like Brian’s video better.

I’m pretty sure my arms are just like Kate’s, although I’ve never seen her arms. I have been trying for Michelle O Bama arms but am not there yet.

I am not able to exercise tonight because my shoulders and neck are tooooo sore. Lucky for you that means I have time to write this. I did go down 2 bra sizes from all this working out though. So far my results are smaller boobs and more defined calves. Neither of those was my primary goal.

I had a bizarre dream about Julie and me on some sort of a conference trip. It’s too long to explain here, I’m saving the story for when we’re together and there are beverages.

I made two raspberry pies last night. I love this recipe - you make a glaze with I cup off berries, put a little cream cheese on the crust, then heap in fresh berries (about 4 containers), pour over the glaze just to stick them together some. After it’s chilled you serve with whipped cream. It's fantastic. I can’t figure out why I’m having so much trouble with my piecrusts. The last 6 or so pies I have made I have struggled with the crust. They just won't roll out right. And crust is my best skill, my 8th graders used to make good (well not awful) crust but now I’m losing my skill

Em sent me an email with kitties and Marines in Afghanistan , I liked it, even showed it to other people - I think my mind/memory is going fast

~grits~ said...

very cute & funny! love the last part where they clink beers!!