Thursday, December 9, 2010

Potpourri Blogging

Menu of the Day:

On the iPod: eque yaya's mix (eque there is a song on there is could have sworn was Conor Oberst but it turns out to be some guy named Aaron.???)

In my glass: A mouvedre red blend. By Olsen Hills. Very nice.

What I'm procrastinating about: I was supposed to wrap presents today but i realize i don't know where the To/From cards are so i need to buy more.

What's bugging me: The vote on extending the Bush tax cuts. And the Don't Ask/Don't Tell.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas! And the time off! And Kylee's graduation. She is the first person in our family to graduate with a bachelor's degree! Yay Kylee. And when she's done she will come back to this blog. And i look forward to that too.

Why i deserve a gold star: i went running on my lunch hour today and the rain could not have come down any harder even as i headed out to do this. I looked like i had fallen in a lake when i was done. It's a good thing i don't have to run again until Sunday, it will take that long for my shoes to dry!

Another reason i deserve a gold star: I think i am done with Christmas shopping!

Photos: My niece Ashley wanted the series of photos i took of her and Brian and Josh Christmas 2008. (This was Josh's last Christmas). She had only seen a couple i had posted on Facebook before. So i put them all up today because i finally found the folder. And then I decided to add a few of them here too.

The Christmas trees are Tree 2009 and Tree 2010. They look the same! What a crack-up. (Next year i think we'll mix it up.) The darker photo is from last year. I came across this photo of my husband in a vest! And that made me laugh too. This is from his post college years i think. He's the one on the far right (wearing the vest!). The foot ornament is Kylee's favorite. Brian actually carved this years ago and we had a running joke. I used to hide it at the back of the tree and he would always move it. Now Kylee makes sure it has a special place in the front.

Current news that's sorta interesting to me : (I'm embarrassed to admit!) I saw the headline on Comcast that Kate (+8 mom) and Sarah Palin didn't get along on their camping trip. I'm waiting for Furline to weigh in on this. And the Zuckerman Facebook dude. He's interesting.

What's not: Prince Charles' car being attacked.

My tentative plans for 2011: I'm going to join the Thursday night Running Club. I'll start bowling in February. (LOVE bowling!), I won't watch American Idol this year so that frees me up alot. I wonder what i'll do. Oh....probably Facebook instead. That's about it. I'm not much of an overachiever.


jojo cucina cucina said...

You know the rules! Come and post your Menu!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added my favorite new commercial. Funny how my favorite commercials involve babies! (The eTrade Baby) and this one!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i would like to point out that i just noticed in the year 2010 i have 50 different Blog Posts. And the year is not over. That is average: one a week. That is what i also plant for 2011. One blog a week average.

louielouie said...

In my cup: hot water

What I’m procrastinating about: Sewing those Christmas pajama pants for my nephews

What’s bugging me: EVERYTHING; I need an attitude adjustment

What I’m looking forward to: My son is coming home Saturday morning

Why I deserve a gold star: My tree is up and decorated

Another reason I deserve a gold star: Today I apologized to a colleague at work for my reaction to her instructions/orders on Tuesday

Photos: too bad I can’t post a photo of me in my big chair, my laptop and my foot peas

Current news that’s sort of interesting to me but I’m embarrassed to admit it: Prince William’s engagement

What’s not: Pretty much any news, I’m not sure why we get the paper

My tentative plans for 2011: Get back to my Jillian Michael’s video work out; I can feel my six-pack abs deflating

I love that baby ad too, even though those baby-walkers are considered unstable and unsafe

louielouie said...

what really bugs me: When I try to explain to someone a terrible situation and how I was misused, misunderstood and abused, but it sounds really lame and pitiful and then I'm embarrassed.

louielouie said...

Also, I love the man from the Dos Equis' ads

jojo cucina cucina said...

Girl, find it on YouTube and i'll put it up. I'm thinking i might know what you're talking about. it's the most amazing guy in the world and he rock climbs etc.?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, it's the most INTERESTING guy in the world, not 'amazing', but i know what you are talking about.

I just looked and there are many versions, like the Old Spice guy on YouTube. I think i'll save this one for my next blog post. It is indeed a good one! And the old dude is cute too!

equeyaya said...
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equeyaya said...

I find it interesting that it is nearly 12:30am here and I am still awake. If I were watching TV, I would have been out hours ago.

equeyaya said...

Sorry. Bad Typo.

On the iPod: Bear Creek Blues by John Prine - Jo, re Aaron Thompson and Conor Oberst - YES! That is exactly what I thought when I heard it and why I looked it up and downloaded it.

In my glass: Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon - just ok

What I'm procrastinating about: raking leaves... still!

What's bugging me: me stressing about things instead of letting go

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas! Mel coming home. 2011

Why i deserve a gold star: I walked 4.5 miles this morning and did an hour on the elliptical before I left work today.

Another reason i deserve a gold star: I put up my Christmas tree all by myself and it is bee-u-tee-fulll.

Photos: Love the Ashley/Josh photos and how you keep his memory alive. I've been going through old Christmas photos.

The Christmas trees are Tree 2009 and Tree 2010. Mine are quite different. I like this year's more.

My tentative plans for 2011: Photography class. Starting my life over. Riding. Traveling.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I love that you are taking a photography class. I wish we could take one together with our matching D90 Nikons. Kylee could come with us with her new fancy Nikon too!

Brian was out shopping so i got a bunch of presents wrapped and cleaned up the house and lit the candles and so the house is all Christmas-y.

I thought i would watch Kylee's DVD "Roman Holiday" in the living room with all the decorations (instead of in the bedroom where i usually hunker down) but we have four remotes and i couldn't figure out of the nearly four hundred buttons combined which one made it work so i gave up and went and poured myself a glass of viognier and came in here.

I want a remote that does it all. That's what i want for Christmas.

equeyaya said...

oh, that could be a whole new blog post - all the things one can do with a remote that does it all! lol! i want to try it out on sarah palin, first!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yes! that is exactly what i mean by a remote for Christmas, eque. One that can do all the things i want it to do:

1. like take out Sarah Palin. and while we're at it, let's take out John Mccain too because i hate him more than her since it is all HIS FAULT that we have to deal with her in the first place.

2. A remote that turns water into fine wine.

3. A remote that makes your hair perfect even on the rainiest Pacific NW day.

4. A remote that gives Democrats a spine.

5. a remote that automatically knows when it is time to do laundry and it folds it afterwards.

Brian came home shortly after my post above and showed me how i was pushing the wrong button on the right remote. (At least i had the right remote. You know how i knew i had the right remote???....easy, it was the one with what looked like dried ketchup or BBQ sauce on the ON button.LOLOL.)

Anyway, the movie Roman Holiday was so awesome! It is my FIRST CHRISTMAS MOMENT this year, watching Roman Holiday with Brian. So it worked out that i couldn't get the remote to work.

I loved that movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. It was both of our first time ever seeing it. And Brian loved it too. Thank you Kylee!

equeyaya said...

You know how i knew i had the right remote???....easy, it was the one with what looked like dried ketchup or BBQ sauce on the ON button.LOLOL - that made me literally laugh out loud, too! hahaha!

I made my Christmas Past collage, ordered an 8x10 of me and the girls from our summer vacation, and made a kodak photo album of all 176 of my favorite pix from 2010. I am ready to push away from this computer, pour another glass of bordeaux cabernet-merlot blend, and vegetate for a while.

I'll come back to the everything-remote question another day!

PS - I added my "final" Christmas tree pix on facebook.

Donna said...

In my cup: room temperature water because I had some kind of stomach upset yesterday and I need the hydration

What I’m procrastinating about: Sewing a rag doll w/ sleeping case for my 2-yr old granddaughter. I have everything I need except the morivation.

What’s bugging me: Not a lot at the moment unless you count the fact that as much as I wanted my husband home from Antarctica, I already miss MY routine around here. I'll keep my mouth shut (as long as I can).

What I’m looking forward to: The short trip to South Dakota later this week to see my grandbabies (and my daughter and her husband)

Why I deserve a gold star: I'm baking the cookies for tonght's cookie fellowship after the Christmas production. I hate going to these things but because Emily might actually sing with the rest of the children, we're going. Oh, and I'm not eating cookies as they come out of the oven!

Another reason I deserve a gold star: I gave Eli one of my beaded ornaments to give to his youth pastor who is going to be a stay-at-home mom beginning week after next. It means I'll have to make another one, pronto, since all I had were already spoken for.

Photos: I haven't taken any lately of any note except for the elk hanging out on the playground in Loveland. One can always see elk in the town up there.

Current news that’s sort of interesting to me (but I’m embarrassed to admit it): I'll have to go with the Royal Engagement. We need a good party.

What’s not: Anything that has to do with the spoiled rich American (mostly) young and not-so-young actors and their terrible woes. Oh, boo hoo.

My tentative plans for 2011: Finish the weightloss I began in October. Run, for real, with Emily. Find pleasure again in crafting beauty out of beads and/or fabric. Find the real me I guess.

louielouie said...

What’s good news: Nick is home and it is great, he is great. Em will be home too by Thursday so everything will be even greater.

What I’m impressed by: Baking those cookies Donna. The Christmas program at my church is Wednesday and I am not going to the potluck or the program itself. May go to a school board meeting though so have a valid excuse. I do sort of miss the days when my kids sang in those programs.

What I’m not looking forward to: The District leadership team holiday social; there is a ton of derision within the administrative team and I want nothing to do with pretending we all get along and want to socialize.

What I am looking forward to: Nearly two weeks of break; cooking with my brother on Christmas Eve.

What I don’t understand: The proposed cut in social security tax/contribution. I thought we were worried about the system staying solvent and now we’re going to put less into it?

What I do understand: I understand, and am trying to remember that everyone is living with a lot of stress and uncertainty right now. We all need to afford each other a little grace.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I don't think i need a disclaimer about WHO dirties up the remote. it was not MY BBQ sauce on the remote. LOL.

Donna!!!! does it take a long time to make those beaded ornaments? You do deserve a gold star and for the cookies too. I NEVER do Christmas baking. Too much work. And i would probably mostly eat the raw dough anyway. Cause it's the dough i loved most about cookies.

Louie, i don't get anything that is going on with the economy anymore. I need someone to explain it all to me in terms in can understand. So glad Nick is home!

and yes, we all need to afford each other a little grace.

I am thankful that i am working in a good job (even if i don't love everything it stands for), And i am thankful for my cozy abode (even if it is tiny and without storage and quite possibly may have mold). I am thankful for my good man of a husband. I am thankful that this week my brother found a cabin to rent on the lake near our house and my other brother's house (even if he is losing his house) and I am thankful for my ability for health that allows me to run (even if i don't want to).

Speaking of running, I do deserve a another gold star for running in this rain today. We are experiencing a pineapple express and it was so warm i ran in a tank top, it was 56 degrees! I was even more soaked than last Thursday. My baseball cap soaked through so much it was like i had not worn a hat at all i was so wet. It's weird that its 40 degrees warmer than it was a couple of weeks ago.

I want it to snow again.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey, speaking of commercials, there is a show on TBS this Thursday - i think at 8 pm. Maybe 9 pm. And the Old Spice commercial guy is hosting it. It's about the best commercials of 2010. I am going to have Brian DVR it for me because i want to see how many of my favorite picks made it.

Did y'all watch the YouTube link i put up? I love the song "Brand New Key" which was a real hit by Melanie when i was in 6th grade.

My day started out by watching a Johnny Depp Biography. Then i checked my mailbox from yesterday and Johnny Depp is on the cover of Vanity Fair. With an awesome breathtaking photo of Johnny inside taken by Annie Liebowitz. I'll see if i can post it here. but if not, try and check it out.

equeyaya said...

Hey, Johnny Depp is here now! <3 I don't have that issue of VF yet.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added him and then it scrambled ALL of my photos which pissed me off so much i nearly gave up.

The article is really good and the Annie Liebowitz photos are amazing. I wish there were more. He's wearing eyeliner in the photos but somehow he makes it so much cooler looking than Richard from Lost.

louielouie gets Vanity Fair too and i just told her today when we were talking to be sure to read the Randy Quaid story too. It's weirdly hysterical and sort of sad that he got dragged down by his wacko wife. They are from another planet. The writing captures it well.

I think Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, ironically and oddly, might be the nicest guys in Hollywood. And i say that because they are the most handsome of them all. Becuase i believe their sweetness and earnestness and humbleness when i read about them.

But i have some trepidation about them....because at the same time i remember what good actors they are and wouldn't that be cool?... to really be a super asshole, but act well enough to pull off being the nicest person in the world?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda? Where have you been?

Amanda said...

I've been here, albeit silently :)

I love Donna. Her answers are always so good.

I tried to post some comments a few days ago, but I sounded cranky and figured I'd try again on a day when I have gummi watermelons in my desk drawer.

I love your tree. And, I think Brian needs to wear that outfit to work. Vests are back. I'm sure of it. Haha!

jojo cucina cucina said...

There you are! Yay! I wanted to be sure that you saw Brian in his vest from his college years!

Now i'm wondering were EoDE and Jaxie are! Shout Out!