Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things We Want to Do When We Retire

Let's just get to this. I don't want to talk about another mall shooting (this one in Portland). I don't want to talk about politics. I don't want to talk about Christmas (for now). But i do have a goal to hit 52 blog posts before January 1st and i will not miss that goal. so here go.

Things I want to do when i retire:

1. Stress no more about not sleeping!  I can adjust my sleeping schedule to my body clock and not my work clock. I don't mind my internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 3:00 am and again at 6:00 am (which is approximately 30 minutes after i feel asleep finally after 3:00 am)....i will get up both times and do stuff i like to do. I might read a book, watch TV, do some online shopping. But then i can go back to bed and get up when i want.

2. Tutor again. I haven't done this for a couple of years. It got too hard when our office moved. I have a couple of librarians who i really like (Joan B. is one of them louie!) and i want to help out in the library with kids. My career in education/unions started in the school libraries when i was 19 years old. I love the idea of going back to it.

3. Take some cooking classes. Or do the restaurant cooking classes (the kind where you get to drink wine!).

4. If louielouie retires this year with me, i think we might even think of doing something together like taking yoga! hahahaha. i hate yoga.... but maybe when i am retired my personality will be more in tune to that sort of thing.

5. Read more books. AND start posting on book blogs. I read more than almost anyone i know, yet i am not inclined to join a book club, mainly because i know that someone is going to pick a really stupid book by Nicholas Sparks, or even worse, something really pretentious with a lot of history or some damn intelligent shit that will force me to take notes on the characters so i can keep them straight. I hated when my English classes made me read A Separate Peace, My Antonia, Cry the Beloved Country. I don't like being told what to read. But i like sharing opinions on characters of books i do love.

I need to organize a Jo the Despot Bookclub....where I get to choose ALL of the books that we read. Who's in?

(On a sidenote, since we are talking about books. I am reading, quite possibly, the best Self-Help book ever. what i mean by that is if you know me well you know i HATE self-help books. But Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors) wrote one that blows the doors off self help books in a way that i would want to. It's called This is How.)

6. Write my own Self-Help Book. hahahaha.

7. Run more and run earlier.

8. And if that doesn't work, maybe i will join the YMCA again for the camaradarie. (How is that spelled anyway?).... anyway NOT that i have that at work right now, cause i don't. But i would love to get some of that in my retirement years.

9. Hang around more people i really like and who like me  - it will be key to my retirement success and my physical and mental health.

Notes to Self:
All time blog posts: 37,127.
Blog posts this month: 1234.... (cool number!)
Sunset: 4:20 pm.
Highest temperature today: 47 degrees


jojo cucina cucina said...

BTW ...the WE in the subject means us! The ones posting here... it doesn't mean my husband ....he needs to keep working so i can quit...so come tell us what you would like to do even if you are years and years from retiring!

louielouie said...

My retirement Plans

1. Get my memory back. I’m hoping when I’m not trying to remember and think about so much work stuff I’ll be able to remember other stuff.

2. Read. I am embarrassed to say I read probably four books a year. Three of those in July/August when I take my vacation week. If vacation involves a long flight I may read more than four.

When I was in grade school we didn’t have a library but the Book Mobile came twice a month. I loved it. I always rode my bike with the big basket on those days. They would let you get five books at a time. Not really enough for two weeks for me then.

3. Send greeting cars. I used to do this all the time and be really good at it. Once the Hallmark by me closed, and I lost my memory, I haven’t kept up. Would like to start again because I love to send and receive cards.

4. Take a yoga class with Jo. And maybe those shooting lessons too.

5. Walk every day rain or shine. I don’t think I can run again, but I would like to get more regular with walking. I have a great neighborhood for it; a choice between hilly and flat routes and with nice sidewalks and streetlights.

ps I bag my own groceries in my recycled bags which probably makes the checkers crazy in a different way. They're used to me though at my Top Foods

louielouie said...

of course it is greeting cards not cars I will send. I will also underline the most heart-felt sections of the Helen Stiener Rice message in the cards

jojo cucina cucina said...

I was going to say that you NEVER SENT ME A CAR.....! hahahaha. Especially the part about underlining the Helen Steiner Rice messages. My mom always buys me these mushy mother/daughter cards and underlines parts of the very long message - cause those kind of cards have lots of words in them.

I'm actually kind of serious about the shooting lessons. I also want to do the archery thing (i have an unredeemed coupon for that, i just have to find it) ... i forgot to mention that.

You know what? i LOVE this time of Christmas. Today i finally got my shopping done. Including Brian's stocking stuffers. I won't be sending out Christmas cards cause it's not my thing anymore. Actually, if you think about it, Facebook killed the Christmas card exchanging too.

I even have everything wrapped except one present cause i have to add one more thing.

I have only three more days of work and i'm off until Jan. 2nd. Tomorrow is a work gathering, Saturday is a Christmas party, Sunday is rest day.

louielouie said...


Decorated my tree

Wrapped most of my presents, the rest can wait until Em's home

Did my Jillian

Watched Next Top Chef while I ironed

Picked up my car from an oil change once Ron got home form the motorcycle show

Made French dip sandwiches for dinner; can't believe the french really dip their roast beef and bread in broth

Picked up See's candy for my mom; too bad CPEA doesn't sell it any more

Took a shower

I'm pretty proud of all I accomplished, but now I'm beat. Maybe if I were on Facebook I would post these inane comments there instead of here.

Trying to think if any of this would be different if I were retired. Probably not

jojo cucina cucina said...

I barely did anything today except watch The Thorn Birds a good part of the day but i did go out for a run i the deluge outside this afternoon. I was solidly wet to the bone. Hahsha about the Facebook reference!

Amanda said...

I want to hear more about the Augusten Burroughs book.

Also, if you need a third for archery class, let me know! I totally want to try it, but it's an expensive hobby to go into halfway. I'm only thinking ahead to the zombie apocalypse. I want to be as ready as possible.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda... i will loan you this book after i am done. I want to mark stuff that resonates and write some stuff down. Oh archery! That would be great to do it together. The place is in puyallup too...one of the reasons i haven't taken my lessons.