Monday, October 21, 2013

Ten Randoms

This is not Baby Brady. This is my friend Renee and her little boy Santino. I needed a photo for this post and this one i took yesterday makes me smile every time i look at it so here it is.
1. I joined the YMCA again. My foot is better, but has that kind of ache that doesn't keep you from working out, but is hard to completely ignore. I hope this doesn't mean my running game is over, i really wanted to reach my goal of running until i was 60 years old.

2. The worst thing about joining the Y is that i have to shave my legs more often now.

3. I love having Mondays off. Today the most ambitious thing i've done all day was reduce the percentage of my DVR from 65% full to 40% full by watching those last episodes of the final season of The Office.

4. They made me cry.

5. Is there no more perfect man than Jim on The Office? Or perfect woman than Pam? And how about the perfect prototype of marriage and family?  (You know what? I think i hate them.)

6. The grocery clerks in our county, and surrounding counties, are possibly going on strike today. I hope for their sake it doesn't last 81 days like the last time (in 1989) if they do. I will not be crossing picket lines. At the same time i have no plans to do big grocery shopping today either. But H&L Produce is close by. And the wine shop is next door to H&L. AND there is always going out to dinner!

7. My nephew Brian (who has always been special to me) and his wife Adrienne just had a baby boy named Brady. After a week of being in the hospital they think they come home today if Adrienne's BP comes down. They are exhausted but doing well. It's funny to see him become so smitten. Brian's a big reader and he told me he wants his kid to be one too and that he already bought books for the baby, including the one his Dad read him: Where the Red Fern Grows.

8. One thing you should never do a week before Halloween: open up that big bag of candy that you bought at Costco.

9. My vegan mac N "cheese" turned out surprisingly really good on Friday for my company. One friend is on Weight Watchers and the other a vegan. It was probably one of the cheapest meals i have ever prepared for company, because they didn't want dessert either.

10. Who here watches Orange is the New Black ? I haven't yet but i just found that i can stream it on Netflix on my computer. Also when everyone here watching Project Runway is done with their DVR viewings i would like to talk about the finale.  (No spoilers until we know that louie is done, because i'm pretty sure she isn't.)

Notes to Myself: 
Book: Prep 
Sunrise: 7:36 am
Sunset: 6:13 pm
Temp: 51/45
Shout Out: susieatl
Word Count: 458 (Not counting the captions and these notes) From now on i'm going to try and keep these blog posts under 500 words.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Grocerers' Strike averted!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Also my first YMCA circuit training class was a killer. I am taking some ibuprofen tonight. Running is so much easier for me. I am going to feel battered tomorrow!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah and my nephew's family came home from the hospital after one whole week. Good day! I give it a 9!!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i miss watching my DVRs of Project Runway on my day off....louie you finish watching yet?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Time to change the blog. I still have a goal to reach but i think i am going to change the format with the new year. Go back to my idea of kicking Dear Abby's ass for her stupid selection on readers needing advice and on the lame-o advice she doles out.

Anonymous said...

1. Congratulations to Brian and Adrienne! So glad Brady will be raised to be a reader!

2. My only TV right now is Supernatural. I have four episodes to catch up on after my vacation.

3. Did I tell you Mel and Grace are vegan now? They just buy the Amy's meals, I don't cook for them.

4. But the mac and cheese sounds good. Fried macaroni and cheese was one of my staples on the trek. But it wasn't vegan cheese. I think it was Nak cheese.

5. I lost 10 pounds in 12 days on the trek. Absence of wing probably had something to do with that.

6. I had a new-agey friend tell me years ago that when you travel a long way, it takes your soul 3 days to catch up to your body when you go home. I had that happen Tuesday night. I woke up freezing and thought I was back in Nepal in a tea house. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings, but I have been sleeping normally ever since.

7. Next week I will get back to my workout routine at the fitness center.

8. I still need to buy new music. Have you heard that Lord song, Royals? She is only 16 and I really like it.

9. Gracie is throwing a Halloween party on Friday night and we are invited. I love that her friends actually seem to like me. When I got back from my trip she sent a snapchat shot of her and me to all of them and they all replied very excited that I was home. LOL!

10. I can't believe it will be thanksgiving in a few weeks!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey Barbara!!!! I didn't know if you were back yet. What an adventure! It's going to be hard topping Base Camp at Everest. Did you keep a journal each day? Those sherpas don't keep any wine at base camp????

I did not know about your vegan daughters! Did you get that recipe for Mac N Cheese that i made? It really is good and i'll probably make it again. Just a quarter cup of cashews in it pureed with the potatoes, but it makes it very velvelty and tasty.

Is you body just beat? Though i can't imagine too much since you've hiked so much these past couple of years. How was the altitude? It's pretty high at base camp still. Hell i had problems when i went to Sante Fe the first couple of days and i think it's only about 5,000 feet.

Anonymous said...

I did keep a journal and will get to making it into a blog post. I'll let you know when it's up. There was alcohol available but we didn't drink because it can throw your adjustment to the altitude out of whack. I haven't even had any wine since we got back, but that will change this weekend. I'm afraid the weight will creep back on when I start drinking again.

Did you post the mac and cheese recipe somewhere? I'd like to try it. I'm wondering what to do about Thanksgiving. I think they both will be home for it this year. Grace and her boyfriend broke up again, and I think it might be for good this time. She spent the last two Thanksgivings with his family.

My body feels good, except my pants want to fall off, lol! I came back with a cold and still have a lingering cough. My main worries were altitude and stomach issues, and that was no problem except for a few headaches. The jetlag was pretty brutal until Wednesday, when I seemed to snap out of it. Jeff on the other hand has a nasty respiratory thing that finally knocked him down for the count yesterday. We were hoping to hike this weekend, but will probably spend it at home finishing our unpacking.

Sounds like you had a good Halloween! We spent ours hiding inside with the lights off, hahaha!

jojo cucina cucina said...

that totally makes sense about altitude and wine. I remember i felt one glass of wine my first day at Sante Fe.

Isn't it amazing how you can drop weight if you just cut out drinking wine? That's how i keep myself under the magic weight.

I am trying to find that mac n cheese recipe and will put it back up here. It was on my Facebook page from my friend Jessica, the vegan. So i might have to go look on her page. Stay tuned.