Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Since i don't like lying.

My old New Bohemian jean jacket - resurrected after it fell apart in the wash. 

yeah, my peace sign is crooked. 

I'm changing the blog even though i have no ideas for a topic. Here is what i did today so i can be true to what i said yesterday that i was going to do today :

1. Didn't sleep much at all last night. Finished reading a book call The Mothers... so-so.

2. Took a bath, but didn't wash my hair because i didn't have the energy.

3. Ate leftover cold quinoa out of the pan that Brian made for breakfast. (It was not exciting.)

4. Met with my friend Dick and his elderly parents who are looking at the condo across from me. I hope to have them as new neighbors so i talked up the place. (I should really look into selling real estate!)....though i can't say for sure they are moving in, so maybe not.

5. Checked Facebook about 84,000 times. Posted only a couple of times i think, about Susan T's online dating story.

6. Read California at the pool today when the sun came out. Was there nearly two hours all by myself. It was great!

7. Got too hot so came to my patio and embroidered some more on my jean jacket (as seen above) and my very old Old Navy pants.

8. Made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.

9. Helped neighbor Bob close up the pool for the evening.

10. Watched Jimmy Fallon on DVR - the one with Adam Levine.

11. Changed my blog.

What have y'all been doing?

Notes to Self:                                                                             
Sunrise: 6:32 am
Sunset: 7:46 pm
High/low temp: 69/52
Book Count: Since May i have read 28 books (I've been keeping a list). Recently The Mothers and Looking for Alaska, and Reconstructing Amelia.
Longest Run: 41 minutes
What I'm looking forward to: Flyfishing the Metoulis next week!
Word Count: 248


jojo cucina cucina said...

I need to start doing some Sodoku and crosswords so my brain doesn't turn into something like what I ate for breakfast.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added the jean jacket photos. I have probably had that jacket for over 15 years and the embroidery thread is probably what is holding it together. I will have to hand wash it now. It is going to be my jacket i take to our flyfishing vacations.

I love our flyfishing vacations because i don't have to get dressed up or wash and fix my hair.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Wow in just a week we have lost 27 minutes of daylight!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oops... I mean 26 minutes

equeyaya said...


equeyaya said...

Tested because the last time I tried to post here it just got blown away. I'm trying to read the Goldfinch but I just get in a few pages a night before I crash. It is a library book and people are giving me crap about keeping it so long. My water heater broke so now i am looking at redoing my whole basement. Fun fun! Looking forward to fall even though it has been a great summer.

equeyaya said...

Great summer for hiking and cooler weather, not the water heater.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have missed you here equeyaya! Goldfinch is not exactly the kind of book i like to read during the summer because it takes some concentration. I liked that book but it does get a little bit dragged down near the end.

Tonight i had a great time watching our fabulous Seahawks beat Green Bay in a great opener. We are going to win the Super Bowl again this year if we keep this up. This is only my second year being invested in our team. I love so man of the players, like a good book, i need to be invested in the characters and we certainly have them with Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearsy, of course Russell Wilson and my very favorite, Richard Sherman.

Amanda said...

Your jacket is so cute!

pearl said...

Love the jacket - reminds me of my hippie past (the good parts.) For Christmas one year I embroidered the bib on a pair of bib overalls for my sister that Deb wore damn near every day of her senior year...and kept til the day she died. I still have them.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Amanda and pearl. I love sewing by hand and was sorry when i quit making quilted pillows (which is about as large a size i wanted to quilt) because i didn't want that country look anymore. I find it very relaxing. The peace sign got brooked because i sewed that when i was drinking wine! hahahaha....

pearl, i so remember embroidered overalls and in 1975 i embroidered all over mine.

jojo cucina cucina said...

crooked, not brooked.

jojo cucina cucina said...

New post tomorrow.

jojo cucina cucina said...

It will have to wait ... Brian is doing work stuff on our desk top and it is not easy putting up a blog post on the iPad.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Read my 29th book The Weight of Blood. Really liked it. Now I am enjoying Astonish Me about ballet dancer friends.