Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random Christmas Musings....with photos.

My great niece Kendall and nephew Brady who are 16 and 14 months old are getting little jean jackets for Xmas embroidered by me. Last name on the back and initial on the front. 
I embellished a trim on Brady's jacket and finished Kendall's while watching bad TV today. Funny the Louvrak one, made while drinking wine is more centered and better than the Bearden one drinking cranberry juice!

Sarah/(louie louie here) got this race car set for me for Brady for when he comes over. It's so cute and a learning toy too! Thank you Sarah! Can't wait until he gets to play with it. 

I made photo garlands for all of my nieces and nephews and will add to the garland each year about 10 photos that i take in the next years for the babies. This one happens to be Kylee's (formerly known as Modern Hippie who is now 25 years old.) 

1. Drink and Sew: Today Sarah/louie and i sewed at her house for hours (while drinking some good Ghost Pines red blend wine.) I embroidered and she made pajamas for her sister in law. We used to do this back in the 1980's when we made our own clothes. Great Christmas kind of day!

2. Christmas Tree RoadKill: On the way over to Sarah's house i saw a small Christmas tree kind of smushed on the side of the freeway and it even had the stand attached! And i thought WTF? Did it just fall out of the back of someone's trunk or off their car roof? How funny if they didn't notice. But not so funny if you were the car behind them!

3. Open 24 Hours?  And on my way home i noticed the Bikini Barista on South Tacoma Way (certainly not the best part of town) advertised that they were open 24 hours a day. Hmmmm.... who needs espresso all hours of the day? Can you imagine having your daughter come home telling you she got a job there?

4. Husband in the Doghouse: My husband bought a weird contraption so he can water the tree from above but i always thought it was stupid because you still have to bend down to make sure you didn't overflow the tree stand. (AT least you should do that, right?) So it never made sense to me. And guess what? It overflowed. I was looking for a box under the tree yesterday and noticed it was all wet when i pulled it out.

So we have this corner of our maple hardwoods that are all lifted and damaged from the water and discolored. Needless to say i was not happy.

5. Bad Omen? My Nephew Brian came over to help me lift the tree so I  could mop up the water underneath and move it to another spot and we broke my glass ornament that my friend Jackie gave me when we got married, a vintage car with 'Just Married' on the back. (When Nephew Brian asked me if it was special I lied and said no. ) And though i was not mad anymore by the time Husband Brian came home feeling very guilty,  when i told him about the ornament "Ohhhh, that probably means we'll get a divorce now." lol.

6. The Upside: However, i do think our insurance may pay for redoing the finish, and since that is a huge undertaking we may as well go ahead and re-tile the kitchen. So it might end up being a good thing.

7. A Special Priest: My friend (fellow Gumbo YaYa) Catherine (Cat) P. from Facebook, who bombs my wall with cat photos mailed  me a book of her recently deceased very special progressive priest's homilies (His name was Father Skeehan). I wish i had known such a priest in my growing up Catholic years. I just started it but I can see why he was important to her and why she organized help for him on Facebook as he was dying. Appropriately, it starts with The Christmas Season. Too bad he never got to meet Pope Francis.

What do y'all have going for the season so far?

Brady's mom Adrienne sends out a photo about every two weeks of her son to a few family members. Here is the one from this week. He is sitting in his "man chair". He's the happiest baby i've ever known. 

Notes to Self: 
Book: The Paying Guests (LOVE it!)
Sunrise/Sunset: 7:52 am ; 4:22 pm
Temp hi/low: 46/35
Longest Run: 43 minutes (Foot MUCH better!)
In the News: :(   .... all of those children killed by the Taliban at the Pakistani school. 132 children.
:) news = Hawks beat Niners.
Word Count: 555. (not counting notes and before editing).
Number of Stupid Facebook Tests I Took This Week: 3:
Are you OCD? ;  What Should Your Favorite Color Be? What is Your Dream House? (I'm in the low end of the top tier for OCD; blue; Exotic cottage.)

Clearly i have too much time on my hands!


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If you are getting the 'prove you're not a robot box', go ahead and ignore it and see if it works - i DO have it turned off!.... And let me know if you can. Post Anonymously if you have to and add your name at the bottom if you have trouble. I changed up the comments section, hoping it works better. We'll see.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thanks equeyaya for letting me know on the previous post. It shows up every time for me but i bypass it and it works fine for me.

jojo cucina cucina said...

testing one two three. On my desktop i was unable to get into my blog because the URL from GoDaddy expired. I forgot that Brian actually paid for this URL...LetMeTellYouWhatIThink .... But when i log into the iPad it is good. I have no idea what this costs to keep it up so i might just let it go. So this is a warning that if you try and find it sometime down the road it might be gone. And i doubt i can transfer all of these years to anything. Bummer. I'll see what it costs. It's been waning for a while - maybe it's time.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok never mind on the GoDaddy URL business. www.letmetellyouwhatithink.com is the URL Brian bought when i first started a blog, not knowing what blog template i would use.

But in blogger it changes it and my URL anyway and in blogger it's always been http://www.jo-letmetellyouwhatithink.blogspot.com
I have no idea why i was typing it in this morning instead of using the regular bookmark.
Weird that i've never come across it before.

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Also I do see there is a comment from someone in my spam folder that tells me there is a problem posting for Internet Explorer (which i forgot about that has been a problem.) Safari and Mozilla (as long as you are logged in to your Google account probably work better. Don't know about Chrome, but almost anything is better than Microsoft shit IMO....

Amanda said...

Brady is always smiling and the jackets are adorable!

jojo cucina cucina said...

His dad said even when he was sick with a cold he was happy! Amanda, i would love to put your last name and Harry's initial on his little jacket too so if you can get it to Linda that would be great! I'll get it back to her OR i can mail it! I have so much embroidery thread now and no more projects!

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way, Brian went ahead and renewed the GoDaddy URL of just plain old www.letmetellyouwhatithink.com yesterday. Not sure it was necessary really but it did make me wonder when it expired as it probably did awhile ago if people who used to post here (some of the YaYas) might think i just deleted it. That's probably flattering myself actually cause they probably just quit reading it.

It only cost $15 to renew.

equeyaya said...

Merry Christmas, Jo!