Thursday, January 28, 2016

Facebitch, Cam Newton, and other stuff i sorta hate and sorta like

I've said it before and I'm saying it again. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  In the past year i feel like it's been sliding deep into a shallow pool of banality, stupidity and polarity and some other 'ity' words that i could probably come up with if i had a better vocabulary.

I blame it on memes.

I am sick of these types of memes: People keep falling for this shit and don't realize it's click baiting, click jacking or whatever the hell you want to call it. Don't do it people! Just don't! It's a scam!

Here are some memes I like: 

What i like about Facebook: .. real photos, especially photos people post that are old and back in the day when they were taken with Kodak Instamatic cameras and the month and year were stamped in the border; i don't mind baby photos (unless you post them all the time); YouTube videos of Jimmy Fallon playing as Neil Young, Springsteen, etc. and other good music i like;  recipes ( actually cook often from stuff i see on Facebook!) and funny stories that happened to people.

What i don't like: People posting about their dying family member, (though having said that i understand the obituary posts, but that might be because i have a fascination with a well written obituary and collect them for my scrapbook); the type of memes i posted above, especially those gushy ones about how much you love your family. You know what i think? If you are posting memes about how much you love your husband, daughter, son, probably means you are feeling like they don't love you back. It feel so manipulative!

I have a couple of friends who post about breast feeding rights which makes me a little crazy because they are fairly militant about it. I don't like anything extreme on Facebook. Our race issues/gun/abortion/Muslim vs God/ debates will never be solved on Facebook and i wonder why people even try and wish they would stop.

Now... about Cam Newton.... 
My brothers Scott and Troy taught me a lot about football and i was quite a fan of football back in the 1970's. They never stopped watching the NFL since they were kids and were totally invested in the Seahawks from the beginning.  I only watched when i liked the players which was when Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson came on board. (Like a novel i need to find a character i like in the book before i can continue reading it.) 

After we lost our chances for the SuperBowl I mentioned how much i don't like Cam Newton for all the reasons you've heard, (one of them being he ripped a 12th Man flag from the game we lost and threw it on the ground). Scott said he didn't mind him at all and felt Cam was misunderstood because if you watch him, his antics are mostly exuberance because he loves the game so much, he's always smiling and giving the balls away to the kids....and he added wouldn't we sort of like to see Russell Wilson break out of his controlled personality and let loose a little? I had to admit he had a point. Not only that, i realize my favorite Richard Sherman is also vilified for doing what Cam does. And i can see where other teams might not appreciate the 12th fan so much. (I get fairly irritated by the WSU Coug spirit where we live.) So yeah, Cam, maybe you're not so bad, but i'm still going for Denver and Peyton Manning. (LOVE those ridiculous insurance commercials he does.) But i have to say, that Cam Newton is a fucking amazing quarterback and i think they are going to cream Denver. (If i were that good i too would probably be doing the Superman antics and more.) 

Going Back to Work: 
I have been working part-time again at Washington Education Association, my old job since last September and will be working until April. First i was at headquarters for a few months and this month i started at my old office because my replacement (who is also a Jo) is doing organizing work in the field. I work two days a week for 9 1/2 hours a day. I like the paycheck - (they pay me my regular wage that i had before i retired) and i like that it I have to be somewhere a couple of days a week. 

What it reminds me of though is how burned out I was on organizing work and politics. And how it sucked the soul out of me for that kind of work which i used to think i was good at. They have hired me to only do the financial duties and membership database work, work that can't be done by the others in the office. As things swirls around me i feel how i am no longer invested in the importance of that work. And it makes me kind of sad. 

When i was working i did so much more than i am doing now. I haven't volunteered politically or working with kids or anything now that i have the time. I am not bored being retired, but i wonder what happened to my mojo for those things. 

That cliche is true : If you want something done, find a busy person. 

P.S. Re: the word meme: Who else saw the word "NO" first? 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My poor husband was so upset when the Panthers beat the Seahawks. The day before I felt the same way about the Cards beating the Packers. I like Peyton ( chicken parm, you are so good) and have since his Indy days. I hate Tom Brady so Denver winning was frosting on the cake.

The DOL has decided that I am work worthy and so at the end of Feb, I am going to be enrolled in a tech college learning all of MS Office and Windows. Being a Mac person, I am pretty good with Word and Powerpoint, but Excel was never my thing. It also teaches you Quicken so I suppose it will be ok.

First I have to get the angiogram over and done with.

B said...

So with you about the memes about loving your family members, husband, etc. and the "get a million shares" posts. I rarely post memes, so I'm not feeling persecuted. ;) And about 10 other different types of aggravating posts that I will try not to think about or it will make me more irritated than I already am.

Working a couple days a week seems perfect. The field work is difficult. So glad to be behind a computer...most days. I find NOT being behind a computer draining.

Loved your yoga watching FB post.

I finally bought a splash skirt! Full price - crazy, but I'm ready for summer. This torrential rain is irritating.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny and B, thanks for being here! And amulbunny thank your husband for always supporting the Seahawks. I love Excel and keeping spreadsheets. I used to keep my running training on Excel and would do all these formulas that showed my averages for the week and then the month and would compare them to the past training years. Quicken is pretty easy.

B where did you get your splash skirt? What is a splash skirt? The field work is difficult. It can be chaotic and full of drama and bad decisions and people not following through and negativity, all stuff that makes me crazy. So yeah working with the bill paying and invoicing and financial reports and membership data is right up my alley right now and i'm amazed at how fast a 9 1/2 hour day goes by when i'm mostly sitting in front of a computer. I also love that i am not having to answer phones! That's the best part.

B said...

Kuhl splash skirt, the khaki one. Not quite a cheerleader skirt.

Amanda said...

The skirt is cute! I didn't know what a splash skirt was either. I need someone to shop for me. I'm a wreck.

I think retirement sounds ideal. Work is frustrating and hard. People are mostly annoying and increasingly rude.

I blame Donald Trump for most things.

I probably post too many baby pictures. All I post are baby pictures. I don't have much to talk about.

Are you watching the new X Files? Did you watch the old ones? I always wanted to get into the show, but I was in college and had no TV. I'm watching the new and I'm kinda meh for a lot of reasons, mostly superficial.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OOOOh, of course. The Kuhl skirt! The link above is the Kuhl splash skirt, like the one I bought last summer! I didn't know it was called a 'splash' skirt. I love that skirt and wore it so much in the summer. Everybody should get one!

Amanda, I hear you on shopping. I buy most stuff online cause I hate shopping for almost everything except for stuff for my house. My sister in law just told me about what she and her daughter are doing which is called Stitch Fix. You answer a bunch of questions about what style you like better and put in all kinds of other information. The idea is that a personal shopper will work with you. For $20 each time you put in an order you will receive items handpicked for you by a stylist who goes off your profile in regards to color, etc. If you don't like anything you send it all back and you're out $20. However, there is usually something in there that you will most likely want to keep and the $20 will go towards that purchase. I've only gotten as far as answering all their questions but I haven't pulled the trigger on placing an order. You can order as infrequently as you like and cancel at any time too. I've looked online at reviews and Pinterest. The clothes look like nice quality but I know how hard a time I've had lately finding anything I like at Nordstrom's, no matter what the cost. The styles just seem so. Loose and flows and I always look sort of pregnant and short in those styles so I'm hesitant.

I have never watched X Files though I like David Duchovny. SO no, I'm not watching. I did recently binge watch Newsroom since I never had HBO before and loved it.

Amanda, I never get tired of looking at Baby Harry photos.