Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Draft #3... My Self Imposed Facebook Exile; Giving Thanks; etc.

Photo of bumper sticker that i have on my refrigerator 
I have started three drafts now in as many days and decided i cannot do this without a glass of wine. I have a harder time thinking about what to write with coffee than i do wine.

This draft might make it. Let me put some music on too.......Ok, that's better i'm streaming David Grohl's You Tube acoustic playing. Right now it's Learning to Fly. (David Grohl has to be the coolest guy on the planet. Seriously, can you think of a cooler guy?)

Let me just go ahead and number this and let her rip:

1. It has been two weeks today since The Last Election Before the Apocalypse. I deactivated my Facebook account over a week ago with the idea i would return after a week, but i am actually not missing it too much just yet. I may wait another week.

2. Because i have friended lots of union folks from my old job and many educators,  therefore my newsfeed pretty much exploded with the election. It's nice to have like-minded friends but they kept feeding Facebook with stories that were getting me all upset again (when he started picking his team)....JUST as i was calming down. (The shared stories were also getting redundant.) So i figured a break would be a good thing. But i'll be back. I miss too many people who don't email or blog anymore. (Plus I don't forget that FB has served me well by giving me a home base where my friends are able to educate me about many things, such as my trip to Italy.)

3. But yeah, i do sort of want to blame FB for paving the way for the fake news shit that was bandied about. People are getting worse and worse about not caring about facts and don't read beyond the headline. We have become a culture of getting our news from memes and tweets.  (pearl if you are reading i loved that article you put up that made that point ... it had a headline (paraphrasing) Bernie Sanders Can Be President Through a Little Known Loophole.

What's been making me feel a little better these days? I am wearing my Obama t-shirts since i can't wear my Hillary one that i just bought, (though i still have her bumper sticker on my front door).

4. One meme i did like was the one that said (and again I am paraphrasing) ...  "Forget about putting the Christ back in Christmas. Let's put Christ back in CHRISTIAN! "  A lot of folks who call themselves Christian supported Trump for reasons other than just normally voting a Republican ticket - i am talking about he ones that came out of their scurvy hidey hole to vote because they ARE racist. Jesus would NEVER EVER have voted for Trump. (Not saying he would vote for Hillary either, but i know He wouldn't vote for Trump and i'm not all that Christian but that is a faith i do have.)

What i can't wrap my head around is that more white WOMEN voted for Trump than Hillary. What the fucking fuck? 

5. The BEST meme about the election, in my opinion is,  (again I am paraphrasing since i can't check on FB to see).... "Not all Trump supporters are racist and misogynists, but what you are saying when you vote for him is that it's not a deal breaker."

6. This got me thinking about deal breakers if i were dating again. (This could be a whole blog separate blog post!) I am going to say my deal breakers are:

  • doing drugs (not including pot, but they can't smoke it often if they do)
  • smoking
  • being right wing or voting for Trump
  • being a born again Christian type who is always preaching about Jesus 
  • not having a source of income or a retirement future
  • not appreciating good music or books

7. Thankfully my husband fits this ticket!

My nephew took this photo of Brady last week. I love it so much! I had to Photoshop out my niece Kendall  because her face was hidden. But it makes a better photo. with just Brady. 

8. Now for my Thanksgiving Stuff:  

I've said it before: I am thankful for all of my nieces and nephews in my life and THEIR kids who have made it so easy for me to be childless and not regretful of my choice. (Brady's 4 month old sister Lauren is such a happy laughing baby like Brady was, she's cute with red hair too but when she gets a wee bit cuter i will put up a photo. ) I thought it would be so difficult babysitting two at a time, but so far the last three times have been great! 

9. I am thankful that we live in a country where we can protest the outcome of an election. I just wish those fucking anarchists would go back to their hovel. No one who didn't vote should be allowed to protest. I would make that rule ... hahaha.

10. I am thankful that we live in the Pacific Northwest! Where the weather is fairly mild and my politics match. I even like the rain. It goes along with my homebody personality.

11. I am thankful that we get to rent our friend Rita Cressman's new place on Vashon for four days starting Christmas day. It has a full 180 degree view of the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and the ferry going back and forth 12 times a day. What a great way to top off the holiday! 

12. I am thankful once again for a year where everyone i love and care about, family and friends, are alive and doing well, with the exception of Brian's mom who i am worried about. We just moved her in assisted living and right now she is in a nursing home in rehab because she fell only after being there for three days. It's been hard on the family watching her go downhill. She's a sweet amazing lady and i will miss her more than my own mom when she is not around. 

I could go on, but i gotta go pack for our trip over the mountain pass to Brian's sister's house for Thanksgiving tomorrow morning. It's a five hour drive which i ALWAYS hate. I might bring my leftover Xanax! hahaha. 

13. I am thankful for Xanax!  I wish it was a vitamin! I only take it when i'm traveling on an airplane. It almost makes me want to take MORE trips!...just for the Xanax Experience.

Happy Thanksgiving all!  Thanks for reading. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Did you know Stitch on the yaya board? She passed away quite suddenly from pancreatic cancer and Bardi from Canada died of a stroke.
I played on facebook during the leadup to the election, how could I not? I posted a meme about the serial adulterers and divorces and a friend from grammar school said What About Bill? Well Bill has nothing to do with the election of the twat waddle, he wasn't running for offce, and it's time to let Bill go back to doing what Bill does best. She's a minister and works with at risk kids. But she is so ingrained patriarchal Presbyterian I can't get past it.
Have a great thanksgiving. Ours will be small. Christmas will be better because the social butterfly will be home from Chicago.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi amulbunny. So nice to see you here! I saw from Cat I think about Stitch. I did like her on Gumbo YaYa. She was young too! I do not know Bardi from Canada though. I remember Crystalbeach and her sister but i forget her sister's name. Was Bardi the Gumbo name? I was always so terrible with keeping some folks straight unless they were kind of drama folks. I posted all over FB on Election night! It was like i was on Twitter! Only i typed more words and many of them the F word!!!

Who is the 'social butterfly"? Your daughter????


We just got back from over the mountains with muy husband's family. It was a really nice Thanksgiving in spite of my mother in law still being in a rehab nursing home. We are hoping she gets better soon but i am worried about this new paranoia she has because she has always been the sweetest lady ever and now she's been really cranky and suspicious of really nice people and seems to ONLY want to be around just her kids and nobody else and of course that is not possible - her two sons live on one side of the state and her daughter lives on the other right by her and i worry now about her daughter taking on way too much. But otherwise T-Day was really nice! Tomorrow we are getting our Christmas tree. This is the earliest time ever! But i'm ready.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I went back on Facebook today. I think i was gone 12 days. It was a nice break. I went in and unfriended anyone who doesn't normally interact with me ; who doesn't use FB and rarely ever posts; anyone i don't REALLY know. i had 221 friends when i started and i think i got it down to 174. I unfollowed a few folks who ONLY post political memes stories and not much else, even if they do post on my stuff. And i got rid of that old musician boyfriend with the horrible grammar and spelling who kept posting on my stuff. ( He was practically incoherent. )

Cat said...

Yes, VERY thankful for Xanax!!! Your Facebook and political commentary is spot-on how I'm feeling, too. You just word it much better than I ever could!!! I can't unfriend some people and FB makes it so hard to post your real feelings and know 100% that only the people you want to see the content sees it. I wrote them a bitchy letter about it, but I seriously doubt they care. Love you and love your blog - I keep forgetting to check blogs now because my time is so limited, but I hope you never stop doing this one! Prayers for Brian's mother - hope she is doing better.

I've still not recovered from the election. Okay, if I did this right, my name will show up, but if not....this is Cat! Love and hugs!

Cat said...

Yay! It worked!!! Coming back later to catch up on earlier entries!!! :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

CAT!!!!!!!! It works! Even if you have to post as Anonymous. Do it. I just realized i can't change my own blog on my new iPad because i no longer remember my log in! Hahahaha. I usually post from the desktop and never log in cause it's saved. But because Brian set this up for me as a Christmas present in 2009 (i think) i can no longer remember the log in.

pearl said...

The fake news makes me crazy - but I'm more upset at the general dumbing of America. I chalk it up to lazy parenting. My folks taught me to question and challenge - and certainly not to but every headline you see. I know I piss some folks off, but I'll call 'em out every chance I get. I'm the new Facebook Veritas Vigilante.

But I would be crushed if Facebook just went dark. I've found a lot of people that time and distance had removed, and love it. I've deepened connections with others, through a medium that promotes sharing. For instance, you mentioned in a subsequent entry that I hadn't commented here even though you called out. You can't call out from a blog - it's a passive communication tool. Unless I make the effort to pass by on occasion and check every post, I'd miss it.With Facebook, you can call me and I'll get a notification. Or you can IM me. I love that accessibility. I'd hate to see that just vanish.

Like on Gumbo - even easier since I can un-follow or even block if I choose -- I don't find it that hard to blow off the stuff on Facebook that pisses me off. Unless someone's promoting fake shit - and I'll call that out. But even at that, if I know I'm just whistling in the wind I'll walk away. Because I'm clinging even harder to my middle ground, I end up exposed to flaming fiction from both sides of the political spectrum - and I must say they are equally hateful. I choose my battles and am not ashamed to post silly photos, or clever memes, or even the odd recipe to make myself happy.

I really enjoyed Cat's 'senior year' meme. It was a lovely diversion.

And I've not blocked anyone over politics so far. Just a couple who were always trying to sell something and a few Gumbo bitches that I just could no longer stomach (princess culture vulture / aka beth courageous holding the dubious honor of first to get the boot. :-)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Even if people get mad, keep doing it pearl, with the correction news. I think it's the responsible thing to do. I know it won't matter to some folks who want to keep believing the fake news but when it's being shared on Facebook i think it needs to be corrected by anyone who has the facts so that others see it.

I know you can't call out on a blog but what i like about the blog is you can check in here and there and when you want. I sometimes feel so compelled to respond to the FB shout outs and not let too much time go by before doing so. I have often read a notification on my phone and think i will remember to respond when i am on my ipad where i mostly like to respond since i have a keyboard but then i forget and sometimes think oh shit, i hope people don't think i'm ignoring or dissing them. It moves fast. It helps that i lightened my friend list though. Some of the FB news does get me riled up. Even if you don't want to read it, it's hard to ignore. So there is that. But i do know there are so many things i would miss so i can't totally stay away since it's for many friends and family the only way to connect.

I liked Cat's senior year meme too.

I do remember pcv and some of the tangles.