Saturday, May 27, 2017

She Died Doing Something She Hated..... (explained in # 3)

Let's just start the list.

 I couldn't run one more step once i crossed that finish line. They caught me smiling but only because I am looking at Brian.

1. I turned 60 earlier this month. In January I decided to train for another half marathon AND I set a dream goal to place first in my age division. The race was last Sunday.

I gave it my all - to the point that i started to feel sick at mile 9 hill, so i slowed down.  It was a warm day, it was a hilly course, (which i  had totally forgotten from the time i ran it four years before). Crossing the finish line i still felt a bit ill, but at least not in danger of throwing up.

It was disappointing not to break two hours because i had been on track to do that before that 9 mile hill.  (My time was 2:03, five minutes slower 2013; average mile split time= 9:26).  When got home i received an email that evening congratulating me - my time was good enough to place first! AND when considering the younger division ahead of mine  - 85 runners both divisions, i placed 3rd. (Overall, including men, out of 1000+ runners, i was in the top third crossing the finish line, not too shabby for someone 60 years old. )

Running for me is mental as well as physical.  I kept a spreadsheet and compared it to my past training spreadsheets (no surprise for those who know me.) It's about time, not miles- i never have an idea of how fast i am running. I just record minutes.  This year i made sure i logged in more training time than i did four years ago because i knew i would need that mental advantage.

I cannot pretend to not be proud of what i accomplished.  I'm basically a lazy person (except for how cleaning and organizing stuff in my home) and I'm really not much of an overachiever or a competitor. Turning 60 this year was my motivation.

2. So i'm 60. And now i can retired from racing. I will NEVER run another one again. I have nothing more to prove to myself. It was too f*cking boring training that last couple of months during the long runs.

3. Here's the thing. I don't love running. I am not just saying that. Each morning i get up, put on my running clothes and then procrastinate for about three or four or five hours before i get out there. I've even been known to start dusting the whole house, under the beds, on top of the refrigerator and door jams - that kind of dusting, just to put it off.

I told Brian if i ever drop dead on a run ( like the famous Jim Fixx runner who wrote books) he should put in my obituary" "She died doing something she hated."

4. I do hope to be able to run just or exercise at least a couple of more years. I also am going to start yoga again, because it does make me feel better in the morning, even if it does stress me out with the folks who show up late and make noise at the Y. I might get some good blogging stories from yoga.

5 . Enough of running. Talking about running is as boring to people who don't run as it it would be to me if a Born Again Christian wanted to talk to me about Jesus.(Not that i don't love Jesus, i just don't like talking about Him as if He was my best friend.)  Truthfully, Jesus could very well be a best friend, considering that He can change water into wine. (Jesus are you reading my blog? )

6. Today Gregg Allman died. Chris Cornell last week. All so young. Makes me glad i am not so talented or married to someone who is super talented (though he is pretty talented). Too many demons, too short a life.

7. Today was about 84 degees outside. After THE WORST winter and spring on record. Not my opinion, it's a fact. Rained more these past seasons than 1895 or something like that. This week is the first time they have forecasted more than 5 days of sunshine with no rain since last September.

8. I love the sun, but i can't deny that i also love the rain. When you like to read a lot and binge watch Netflix and On Demand DVRs of ER (remember that show?)... you need a little rain and cloudy days so you don't feel guilty. (Last time i checked my DVR of ER there were 49 episodes saved! hahahahaha... See what i mean by lazy?)

9. The Best Thing that Happened: As mentioned, it was my birthday recently. My husband and i kind of go all out on each other's birthdays and Christmas, i think because we don't have kids.We have LOTS of gifts for each other, but some are funny, like for example - he knows i love Haribo gummie bears and so he always buys them and wraps them up. But the best thing he gave me this year is not a present at all. It's what he said.

We don't celebrate our anniversary with presents or cards or going out to dinner. I got this idea from the Yaya board years ago (I wish i knew whose idea it was.) I bought us each a very nice journal. Each year we write in it about our year, around our anniversary and capture what happened in the writing. We don't always exchange the journals and in fact haven't read them in i think two or three years, but we keep writing in them. What i like about this is that one day one of us will be dead and the other will have these journals to read for comfort. AND it also is a timeline and diary of what happened because we don't write flowery, poetic goofy shit, a lot of it is what we did in the way of remodeling - sometimes as silly as talking about bowling or watching American Idol, Brian's bands, etc.

This year he wrapped up the journal and said to me, "you don't have to read it yet but i wrote in there 60 things about you that i really like because you turned 60". And then he added this...and this WAS the present..... He said: "It was so easy to write 60 things."

I need to leave on that note. Baybee....I know you don't read this blog anymore but maybe if i die before you and you are reading this years from now, just know that THAT was the best gift ever. That you thought it was easy. Because i don't think many people, even my immediate family and friends think that.

More race photos:

Made it! 
First hill, around mile 2. Still with it. 


jojo cucina cucina said...

I am not sure i can come up with 20 things i like about myself. I still haven't read them yet because we are waiting for Brian's birthday on June 26th to exchange them. (or maybe next anniversary). Here is what i do know. The fact that i know i married a guy who thinks it easy to come up with 60 things makes me think i can probably come up with at least 20.

pearl said...

Congrats on your run. My SIL (58 y/o) does marathons and that's alllllll she does/talks about/facebooks about/etc. ARGH...

I love the title of this entry. And I do drop in from time to time, because I love to read you.

Bran's 60 things is especially meaningful because we all know how much you love lists!

Did I miss your birthday? I'm sorry if I did. I'm awful about that stuff. Facebook usually saves my bacon.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh lord, your SIL. I try not to talk TOO much about running (though i DO post my training on FB but that was more to shame me into not backing out and to have a record of doing something that was not easy for me. I tend to stay away from things that are hard to do).

it's nice when people are interested in how I did with a race, but i understand that mostly other runners are going to be interested in that. I don't talk fly fishing in depth to anyone unless it's other people who fish. i get irritated with people who CONSTANTLY post photos of their grandkids on Facebook or talk about their kids so i get it.

Yes, i do love my lists. I still haven't read Brian's yet! I like knowing that i can read them anytime. We don't fight very often at all about things though we do have our little irritations with each other. I figured i will read them the next time i find myself not happy when he's once ignored all the lights on the dishwasher that says they are done! Hahaha......

Do not worry about missing my birthday. I keep it off Facebook on purpose. And i'm terrible too. I don't know when YOURS is ! I'm just glad you're here. Knowing you are still checking in from time to time will make me more motivated. Sometimes i think of stuff to write about but figure oh well, unless i need it for historical purposes (like my race) why bother... ;)

pearl said...

My thoughts on blogging:
Just do it for yourself, and if others enjoy it, that's a bonus.

That's why I stopped - I didn't enjoy it all that munch.

Cat said...

I LOVE what Brian said to you about the journal, and I think it would be VERY easy to list 60 great things about you, my friend!! It's also touching how you keep the journals for each other and don't get lost in commercialism crap. I think that's one of the most touching traditions I've ever heard of!

Also, you look AMAZING in your race photos! You look like a model in that shot! You are the picture of health and beauty! I can't believe it's REALLY your last race, but *cough* if you say so! (loved the "she died doing what she hated).

I am glad you are doing your blog again. I'm going to have to start checking in more regularly, because it always lifts my spirits and amazes me to see what you're up to and to hear your thoughts!

Happy 60th, and congrats on the marathon! You are my She-ro!

Amanda said...

I love that you hate running so much. It cracks me up. You're a trooper, Jo.

I can't believe you're 60! You look AMAZING. I'm turning 40 in April, and you look way better than I do. I'm turning into Benjamin Franklin. It's depressing.

She died doing what she hated!! I'm laughing so hard right now!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Amanda! Almost didn't see your post because i rarely go back!