Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Random Musings The Same Week of The Last Straw For Me for T%&#p

The officer stands calmly as a group of white supremacists act out behind him. One man’s outstretched right arm signals a Nazi salute. Another wears a red hood. A third rests a Confederate flag on his shoulder.
1. This photo was taken August 12, 2017. The caption is copied from an article that posted how this went viral. A black police officer there to defend the very people who hate him.

2. Last week Trump made us scared for America with his crossed arms and "Fire and Fury" statement about North Korea ....AND NOW this week we should be very sad and angry for America for what he says about what happened in Charlottesville, blaming both sides, and getting high fives from David Duke for saying it. I keep thinking Trump can't get worse. And yet he does. A hundred times worse than i thought the day we found out he was our new President.

3. Make America Great Again? Scared. Sad. Angry. That's making America Great? Forget just missing Obama. i fucking miss George W.

4. The image of those white guys marching with torches in Charlottesville is not easy to get out of your head. I feel badly for the folks who live there who are not racist Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists who may be identified that way when they say where they are from.

5. .But i will say this about how i feel about what's happening: I do not totally agree with tearing down the statues of civil war leaders like Robert E. Lee...for the simple reason is that it's not erasing history or making it better to pretend it never happened.

6. I think these symbols should be used as teachable moments to new generation about what our country used to be and how we should never get back to that.  tearing them down is getting us right back there. Maybe there is a compromise we can make here? If there is, i have no faith in our president in making it.

7. For me the Confederate flag is different because it is carried around and used as a symbol. At the same time maybe we don't stop that either. I kind of like knowing who the people are that i should avoid. For example if i were looking to buy a house and the neighbor next door was sporting a Confederate flag bumper sticker on his pickup (ha, stereotype, it's always a pick-up right?) i would not buy that house.

8. We can try to erase the symbols of racism all we want but it doesn't get rid of the racism. I think i might rather know where it's coming from so i can side-step it. It's horrible though, knowing it's out there more than we knew. I knew it was there. But i think i totally underestimated.

9.  Luckily any Facebook friends of mine who might be defending this latest shit storm in Charlottesville are keeping silent. I hope they keep it that way.

10. I keep saying it and saying it. I am not as pissed off at Trump as i am at the Republican leaders in Congress (Paul Ryan i'm looking at you!) who have done nothing but stood by and watched it happen and sometimes say a few words that make them sound like they have character and conscience after all, but yet nothing happens. WORDS are not enough anymore. Do something more than just stupid talk! It's your fucking job to represent all Americans.


jojo cucina cucina said...

And i'm still scared about North Korea too. But my head is spinning i don't even know where to look first about what i should pay attention to.

jojo cucina cucina said...

This is an interesting article about how Robert E. Lee himself felt about Confederate monuments. From the article:

*. *. *. *. *

However, "it's often forgotten that Lee himself, after the Civil War, opposed monuments, specifically Confederate war monuments," Jonathan Horn, a Lee biographer, told PBS.

"Lee did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave," Horn wrote. "At his funeral in 1870, flags were notably absent from the procession. Former Confederate soldiers marching did not don their old military uniforms, and neither did the body they buried.

According to Horn, Lee's daughter wrote, "His Confederate uniform would have been 'treason' perhaps!"

"Lee believed countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker," Horn told PBS. "He was worried that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive."

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I miss GWB too. I thought the joint statement from both the shrub and his dad spoke volumes. Didn't have to say names, but the words were strong.

North Korea? I'm scared too. We're in range. Hopefully, China will pull on his economic leash and choke him into submission for at least a little while. Too bad the aides in the White House are scared shitless of his shadow.

I posted my opinion of POTUS on my FB page and it ended up with adults shouting at each other, calling each other names, and I eventually deleted it. I left for 4 hours yesterday and it went crazy. I don't need that on my page.

I don't think it's the monuments, it's the idea that they are glorifying people who committed treason against the USA, by their acceptance of secession and their fight against the legal lawful government, to continue their abhorrent possession of slaves.

Ok I'm done.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I thought so too amulbunny about the message from George W and his dad. I hope Republicans take back their party soon. How far are they willing to go? Steve Bannon just got fired yesterday. Never should have been there in the first place. I think Trump will eventually resign his presidency before his term is up. He will whine a lot about it and then probably have another reality show about how he made the Presidency a reality show. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix apparently went off the rails and it turned out to be part of a performance art directed by Casey Affleck? I think that's what Trump is doing.

I don't have the same kind of friends on FB who lambast each other or me when i post something political. I try to focus on posting political news through comedy. I don't always do that but mostly that is what i strive to do so it doesn't cause an upset. I have cousins and family in Louisiana where i was born and i don't see them post too much political stuff but i don't think we're on the same page. They just don't get think about politics that much until it's time to vote. I don't want to upset them or get in a debate with them. But i'm never ever going to censor myself.