Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's on my list of stuff to do: Change my blog. So here i go.

Menu of the Day:

iTunes: "The Freshman" by Verve Pipe

I feel good about: cleaning out my frig. (It took over two hours! ) It was also on my list of stuff to do.

Still Reading: "The Reader". (Still like it.)

Looking forward to: next weekend is out with my galpals, Julie and Sarah. Food, wine, talk, puzzles, walks, DVDs.

Best DVD i've seen lately: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". It's a GOOD Woody Allen film.

Mood: Healthy, happy & relaxed.

1. Probably my favorite Woody Allen film of all is Annie Hall. I remember i wanted a white Volkswagen convertible beetle after seeing that film.

2. I also liked Hannah and Her Sisters. I seem to remember a funny scene when Michael Caine is holding a vinyl record album and he is having a passionate conversation with Barbara Hershey (who i think was his lover) and while making a gesture with his hands, the vinyl record album flies out of the sleeve across the room. But i'm not sure if i remember that correctly or not. I think I also remember the vinyl record he was holding was some really cool classical piece.

3. I used to so want to be Barbara Hershey. She's so beautiful. Of course, equeyaya relates, because Barbara Hershey is Sayid's girlfriend in real life.

4. One song i never ever get tired of: Celtic New Year by Van Morrison. We put this song on my parent's 50th wedding anniversary video that Brian and i made. But even though we had to listen to it over and over as we made that video i still love that song. It came on today when i was cleaning out my refrigerator and i could still imagine the photo images from that video as the song went on.

5. Where is Kylee? And where is ummagumma?

6. Here is a photo i took of my husband today. Instead of going to his regular $8 barber, I made him an appointment with my own stylist because i knew he would like her (and he did). He was doing that Rudy Guiliani thing and not liking it and it took someone new to get him to take the plunge for a near-buzz cut. I like it so much better and does he.

7. It cost him $32 more than his usual haircut cost, but he didn't mind. He told me there was a lot of hair on the floor but i am not exactly sure how. (Even so, i didn't laugh when he said it, but i kind of wanted to.)

8. As we get older i appreciate that there is a balance between the genders: Men have to worry about their hair loss and women worry about their wrinkles.

I may come back and add a #10 through #15. But right now i'm tired and i just wanted to be able to cross this off my list of stuff to do. I think the only thing i have left on it is to clean out my linen closet and write a letter to my aunt.

OK, please write and tell us what is on YOUR LIST of stuff to do?


equeyaya said...

re #3, ANNNND... didn't you once say that I REMIND you of Barbara Hershey??? *blinks innocently* :-)

6, Brian looks very cool in his new haircut and leather jacket. Quite the Band Boy Drummer!

oh, and I love your mirror!

My To Do List (I've been thinking about this lately)
1. Box up the girls' old toys to give to charity
2. Clean out old files in my office at work
3. Polish my riding boots
4. Finish writing my journal of Melanie's life to give to her for her 18th birthday (April 22!!!)
5. File all the stuff piled on my desk at home.

I'm sure there's more. Will be back...

sam said...

testing, testing...

okay, it gave me a word for verification. maybe THIS time I'll get actual thoughts on paper.

Except that I don't actually have any thoughts.

1. My to-do list includes things like make those damn quilt blocks for my sponsored daughter in Ethiopia. She's 17 - there's not much I can send so I decided a quilt would be a good way to connect. I can legally mail one pieced and two plain squares per letter (about every 6 weeks) but I haven't done it. I've written the letters but haven't made the squares.... One more thing I can add to the list: bad sponsor.

2. I want to go see Duplicity at the movies. I don't know if I'll get anyone to watch the kids so I can even go to the movies but it's one I want to see.

3. I'm taking the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D after the Denver Public Schools get through their spring break this upcoming week. I like having the theater pretty much to ourselves when we go during the school-day. It's another perk of homeschooling.

4. My favorite movie is still Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. I never liked Brando in those tough-guy films but I loved him in this one as the therapist.

5. The only other movie I remember from my young - truly childhood days - is one I don't know the title of. We were traveling across country, my grandmother was with us, and my sister and I shared a room with her in the hotel. She allowed us to watch whatever we wanted and we watched a movie that scared the pee out of us. It involved a mad scientist, a bunch of mad-science experiments, a volcano, and an old woman who ripped the bandages off her eyes and had no eye-sockets or skin or lids - only bare eyeballs!

6. I was only about 8 years old so I may be misremembering it but I totally remember how difficult it was for me to get out of bed and turn off the tv.

7. Your husband is a handsome man. I wish my husband would visit an actual stylist and not just get his hair cut by whoever will take his $10.

8. I really wish I could see him after this past 8 weeks without a haircut. I don't think there's anyone down there who's cutting hair so he's having to wear it way longer than he likes.

9. I should re-write my to-do list. I have so many things that should go on it and, yet, no inclination to actually do any of it.

susieatl said...

I'm glad you like the Reader. My boss is from Germany and she went to see the movie and totally blown away by it. I tried to get her to read it but it was too emotional for her. Her father fought for the Nazis. It's funny our fathers lived parallel lives. Both fought in WWII (opposite sides of course) and both had PSTD (undiagnosed of course). Both medicated with otc stuff and alcohol. Both were violent but we loved them.

My to-do list is headed with me getting dressed and taking Lucy to the dog park. I've been a neglectful mom lately.

After most of it has to do with work. We have numerous contracts, meetings, upgrades, etc and I'm the grunt that does the groundwork. My job is never dull.

I loved VCB...It was a delightful movie. I saw it the weekend before the Oscars and was thrilled with the Supporting Actress award.

And I hadn't thought of Don Juan in years..I need to put that on my Netflix list. Netflix is a wonderful thing.

I'm slugging through a book about Marie Antoinette written by the author of Ahab's Wife. AW was a really good book...this one not so much..

I love your pic in the mirror..

And your husband does look nice with that haircut. We've had several men at work switch from the Rudy thing to a more modern cut and all were talked into it by their wives.

I have no husband to refer to but Satan has that round bald spot in the back that he does the comb over...I think it's a hoot.

troutbirder said...

First time visitor. Enjoyed looking at a vew of your posts. Relate to the values part and flyfishing. My list is short today. Combine taking the GSD for a hike, bring binocs for a visit to some ponds for waterfalls birding and check out a few of my favoties troutstreams. The season opens in a week.. Yea!!!!!

IslandPearl said...

Love B's new look. Wish I could get my B to do the same. He pays less for his cuts than I tip. And it shows.

No music at the moment - he's watching basketball. But I've been hummin "Some People" from Gypsy all morning. Saw it at DHT last night after an unremarkable Italian dinner at Verbano (redeemed by a bottle of Ecco Domani. Sadly (or not) I've gotten to where my veal marsala has surpassed restaurant quality so there's just no point in ordering it out any more.

I don't have favorite movies -- there are too many I love...many that I'll watch to the end if I stumble on them while channel surfing (like Love Actually and 4 Weddings and a Funeral). I like Woody's older films but have trouble getting my husband to go to any because he can't stand him.

I've never seen Don Juan DeMarco, but love the song that came out of it (To Really Love a Woman)...always reminds me of our wedding because it was in one of the top 5 play cycles on the radio station we listen to in the morning.

My favorite babysitter took me and a friend to see Cinderella or some other Disney cartoon at the movies when I was about 4 or 5. The previews included a film called "The Monster that Challenged the World". That 30-second preview gave me nightmares for weeks. Nowadays they're more sophisticated in matching the previews to the demographic of the feature.

On my to-do list today:
Get car washed
Get new rugs for my bathroom
Clean out my bathroom closet
Clean up the 'mess room' (the guest room is so seldom used for guests that it has become my staging area for laundry, packing and general drygoods mayhem)

All of these require that I extricate myself from this keyboard, so tah for now.

KatKit13 said...

Love the mirror.
B is a handsome man! Love the haircut.

Favorite movie? Way too many to mention but I do love Hope Floats. I like a movie that reminds me that although life can go to hell in a New York minute, there is hope, there is love, there can be romance.

My to do list for the week:

*Work on my kitchen design. (it's coming along)

*Make a kajillion phone calls this week- to the floor guy, the kitchen guy, the granite guy and the fence guys so the little beastie doesn't escape anymore.

*Go shopping at some Pet Mart of some sort - and price a large dog crate (getting a puppy in July! YAY!)

*call the mortgage company and get them to refi. (on our terms)

And that's just the short list. I'm exhausted already!

Lynnie said...

That is a beautiful mirror, Jojo, and a stunning picture of you. I love your haircut.

1. My favorite Woody Allen film is "Radio Days" (he's not in it.) But I also love "Broadway Danny Rose" and "Zelig." Without looking it up, I'm thinking that they are all from the mid-'80s, and I especially love them because Steve and I saw them in the theater when we were dating. Mia was in the latter 2, so I guess they were made before Woody's Big Scandal.

2. Right now I am sort of watching "Dangerous Liaisons" because I watched "Valmont" the other night and now need to compare. I definitely prefer the music from "Valmont" and Colin Firth's portrayal to John Malkovich's. I think that I like Annette Bening's Countess (more playful and psychotic) to Glenn Close's (so cool and controlled.) All in all, I prefer most of the actors in "Valmont" except for Meg Tilly; I prefer Michelle Pfeiffer's Madame de Tourvel in "D.L."

"It's beyond my control." That's a great line in "D.L." John M. is very wicked indeed!

3. I didn't know that Barbara Hershey is Sayid's girlfriend in real life. They are both gorgeous!

4. Our waitress asked us about a song that was playing at the restaurant this afternoon. Here are some of the lyrics:

"All my sorrows
Sad tomorrows
Take me back to my own home

All my cryings
Feel I'm dying, dying
Take me back to my own home

I'm changing, arranging
I'm changing, I'm changing everything
Oh, everything around me . . ."

All of us knew the song; none of us knew the name of it or who performed it. Steve was sure that it was The Hollies, but no . . .

So now I've posted a little song quiz for you!

6. Your husband is a very good-looking man, Jo, and I love his haircut.

My list for tomorrow:
A. Deposit checks at the bank; get some cash
B. Get chicken breasts and pork chops for Steve (I'm eating Seattle Sutton during the week in an effort to lose a few . . .)
C. Get cat food at the vets
D. Pick up yard-waste bags at the Village Hall
E. Go see Mary at the Insurance Office: pay bill, sign papers
F. Bring mail to the P.O. that has our address but someone else's name on it (actually, 2 different someones)
G. Get organic milk and lavender deodorant at the Co-op
H. Return something to Carson's that I bought last week and really don't want or need
I. Practice the soprano part for Schubert's Mass in G (I always sang alto on it before)

WHEW . . . I'm exhausted just writing out this list.

And finally, Glenn Close just really, really lost her cool in "D.L." . . . LOL

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. eque, I do remember that i said it and you DO remind me of Barbara Hershey (without the Last Temptation of Christ lips of course). LOL.

2. Yeah, SAM! you made it back. Hopefully the blogger issues are over. I love your quilt idea for your sponsored girl but i don't get the legality of mailing only a few squares. ???

3. susieatl, i finished "The Reader". I had a feeling about the ending before i got there. I really want to see the movie now. I bet in some ways the movie is even better. I LOVED the Don Juan movie and thought Marlon Brando was so terrific. pearl, i think you would love it too. Great movie about marriage.

4. Welcome troutbirder. It's too early for me to flyfish even though our Yakima is open all year long. I like it to be a bit warmer and not so swift.

5. pearl i feel the same way about ordering food in the restaurant if i make it better so i never order stuff i make. I was out to dinner last night for a birthday party and i ordered pulled pork, because i would never attempt to make that.

That's funny that you still remember being 5 years old and scared of the preview. I guess i never thought about the previews matching the genre of the film being shown.

6. Kat, you're getting granite countertops? I would love to do that. but i'm afraid of the domino effect of remodeling. Then i would need to redo my kitchen cabinets (again)because i think they look pretty good now but maybe not with new countertops.

7. Lynnie, I didn't like "Dangerous Liasons". John Malkevoich is really too creepy and i can never accept him playing a nice guy role. BTW, you sing classical??? did i know this? Again, i am not able to guess the lyrics. You'll have to be sure to come back and let us know.

8. I started this book today called "Still Alice". It's a novel about early onset Alzheimbers for this woman who is only 50 years old and it's written in first person form a way that you struggle with the main character and unless you are paying close attention you might miss where she is 'misremembering' (my word, not hers). It's heartbreaking but real and i will finish it by this evening. I couldn't put it down. Have y'all heard of this? I totally recommend it. But it is not an easy book to read.

10. I love that mosaic mirror too. I bought it at an art fair. I was trying for even less of my face in the mirror to go along with my theme of my photos. but it was this or one with only alittle of the top of my head showing. It was too hard to get it centered shooting autofocus and not having the camera in the shot.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I was going to say the song lyrics sound like Bob Dylan, Lynnie. But i can't imagine getting the Hollies confused with Bob Dylan. So i guess that's our hint!

equeyaya said...

Lynnie, I feel very cruel posting lyrics on my blog for people to guess because I am so bad at it myself. But the first two that I did were guessed, so I think everyone is not as bad at it as me! They sound vaguely familiar, but I can't place them.

My favorite Woody Allen movie is The Goodbye Girl (that was Woody Allen, wasn't it?)

I watched the Twilight movie on DVD Saturday night and enjoyed it very much. I'm going to listen to the soundtrack today, because I think I'll enjoy it more seeing how the songs were used in the film.

More "to do"

research refinancing (Kat, i was coming back here to post this even before I saw you post it! I'm pretty sure our current rate is 6.25. We're hoping to reduce the term from 20 years remaining to 15, without increasing the monthly payment too much.)

make doc appts - obgyn for me and mel (her first), and eye for me and the two girls. i dropped my glasses in the driveway a couple months ago and they are scratched badly enough that it seriously impairs my vision.

wash my car (pearl, i remembered that one before i saw you post it. i bet mine is 10 times dirtier than yours, and that you actually got to it yesterday! i was immersed in being a horse show mom for seven hours yesterday and was up for nothing more than a nap when i got home)

go to the safety deposit box to put grace's birth certificate back in (removed for passport application) and our newly prepared wills.

equeyaya said...

oh, and take Mel's outgrown show clothes to the consignment store! that's been on my list forever.

maybe now that i've written them down, i won't keep forgetting!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I bet your car is ten times dirtier and my reasoning for this is because it always cracks me up on The Office (Scranton, PA) how dirty everyone's car is in the parking lot.

I don't think Goodbye Girl was Woody Allen. I remember thinking Marsha Mason looked like an elf.

More on my list:

1. Make a new list.

Lynnie said...

"The Goodbye Girl" was one of Neil Simon's comedies. I'm not sure who directed the movie, though. OK, it was Herbert Ross. (Just looked it up.)

If you've never seen "Radio Days," it is just charming. It's Woody's tribute to the radio shows that he remembers his family listening to back in the 1940s. In a way, it reminds me of "A Christmas Story" ~~~ another look at family life before people had televisions. Woody isn't in the movie, but a kid who is supposed to be "Boy Woody" is very good at portraying him as a child. The movie is really a series of small vignettes about members of his family and gossip about radio stars.

For me, the best part of "Radio Days" is Mia Farrow as Sally, a cigarette girl in a nightclub who wants to be a radio star, but she has a terrible voice. She witnesses a murder and is kidnapped by the gangster killer, who brings her to his house after they discover that they grew up in the same neighborhood. The scene where his mother is feeding her while they talk about where to dump her body is hilariously Woody-esque.

I agree that John M. is terribly creepy in "Dangerous Liaisons" ~~~ he is like a snake (and that type could never seduce me. On the other hand, I'd have a hard time saying "No" to Colin Firth. . .) But John is fabulous in "Being John Malkovich," another of my all-time favorite movies.

If nobody guesses my song, I'll post a link to the YouTube performance tomorrow. When you hear the song, you'll know that you've heard it and probably thought that it was performed by some famous group . . .

I used to think that I was good at guessing lyrics of songs, but once we get past the 1960s, I'm usually at a loss . . .

Add to my list:
Get rubber cement

Word verification: boptic ~~~ if that's not a real word, it should be!

Lynnie said...

Oh, one more thought about "Radio Days" ~~~ Wallace Shawn (that nebbishy little guy from "The Princess Bride" who looks like Truman Capote) plays a radio hero called "The Masked Avenger." He goes around IRL saying "Beware, evildoers, wherever you are!"

If you've never seen that movie and you like "A Christmas Story," you should give it a look-see . . .

IslandPearl said...

I'm thinking BeeGees, Lynnie.

Car looks great, but nothing else got done because I stumbled across another darling romcom (The Holiday -- with a COMPLETELY different Kate Winslet, and a positively huggable Jack Black)

While I love the intricately crafted story of the occasional indie, and the well articulated special effects of a box office bonanza, there is nothing like a little romantic comedy on a Sunday afternoon.

But I should have spent more time outside, though. It was a spectacular day.

sam said...

jojo, I'm limited by mail-to-third-world-countries in the quilt squares. I don't want to call attention to "what's in the envelope" and maybe mess up the mail for everyone's sponsored kids in Ethiopia. I could mail a new envelope every day but then I'd have to actually get it together, so to speak, and I'm having enough trouble making TWO blocks...

We're on our way to the Sprint Store so Eli can choose a new phone under our plan. He's been very responsible with the pay-as-you-go plan and phone he's had for 3 months so now I'll add him to my plan.

Who da thought an 11-year-old would have his own phone in this day and age? Certainly not I when I was raising the grown kids...

Modern Hippie said...

AW i feel honoroed that i made your list of where am i, well it was cause my computer crashed and sadly enough i forgot about the blogs! i really like brians new hair!! 32 is good for a salon style hair cut, there is a place in seattle called seven its designer but its really good, i love my girl i got a free haircut cause i was VIP at the fashion show but they are like average salon prices for women.

equeyaya said...

OK, then, I'm going to say that I prefer Neil Simon to Woody Allen. I'm sure that I've seen Woody Allen movies, but none of them stand out.

I did love "Being John Malkovich."

I think I'll take a photo of my filthy truck and post it on my blog to shame myself into washing it. Part of the problem is it's so damn big, cleaning it turns into an exhausting, all day affair. Maybe next weekend if the weather's nice.

I did get to the safety deposit box yesterday.

And while I was cleaning the kitchen, I knocked over the olive oil dispensing bottle and it broke and spilled the really good EVOO all over. So after the bank, I went to "The Butler's Pantry" in the little shopping village near where I work and got a new bottle and new olive oil. That's why the "to do" never gets done, because there's always the inevitable olive oil emergency getting in the way.

Cat said...

Like Eque, I LOVE that mirror! You look fantastic, too, I might add!!! Your hubby is a looker, too! I love his haircut; it suits him!

I have many, many things to do. Plan the garden, get weed killer on it, fertilize...and get the weather to cooperate.

I'd like to figure out blogging so I could post pictures.

I need to kick up the exercise routine and quit thinking every time I get cramps it's an excuse to buy chocolate (I know a little doesn't hurt, but you don't understand, I feel the need for comfort before AND during my time. I realize this is probably TMI). Anyway, I need to get the chocolate out of the house and get back on the treadmill.

I need to decide if the workout room is ever going to be used for working out or if I should make it into a massage room and paint it.

Find and marry a rich man.

Alternately find rich and rewarding career.

Is it alternately or alternatively? I really should know that. It really bothers me that I don't know that.

Where was I.....stay in better touch with my friends.

Organize my armoire, which I actually am in the process of doing, which means all my clothes are on the floor, which means deciding whether to throw out the smaller sizes and accept my weight for what it is. Or sort according to size and box up small stuff.

Get doc to up ADD meds so I can concentrate on one thing at a time.

*I used to love Woody Allen movies but he ruined it for me after he married his stepdaughter. My favorite was Zelig.

Lynnie said...

BeeGees was a good guess, Pearl. They do have a "BeeGees sound, now that I think about it.

OK, here's the song:

Reflections Of My Life
by The Marmalade (who?)

Since I heard it on Sunday, it is going through my head a lot . . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. i will confess that i no longer want to change my blog until it has at least 25 posts.

2. I dont' care if 15 of them are mine. lol.

3. i love some of your lists. One of my favorites: Lynnie's "rubber cement".

4. Sam, i had no idea about the third world country mail. And again, now i am the ONLY person in the world for anyone under the age of 10 who does not have a cell phone. I used to think it was for under the age of 14.

5. I'm a weirdo.

6. Kylee/Modern Hippie. It hurts my feeling when i don't see you here. LOL.....good to have you back. I'll go post my Bucket List on your blog later tonight.

7. eque, you SHOULD post your filthy truck photo! i'm gonna go look for it after this. When i saw The Office i wanted to ask, don't they have Brown Bear carwashes in Pennsylvania? It's funny that their cars are SO incredibly dirty but it's not mentioned in the episodes. At least i've not heard it.

8. i HATED "Being John Malcovich". I did not even get enjoyment out of Cameron Diaz looking so terrible.

9. I don't think i liked "Radio Days" either. And i kind of remember seeing it. I have not liked Woody Allen movies for a long time. And it has nothing to do with him marrying the adopted daughter (even though i agree, it's creepy).

10. CAT! here's how to take a good photo of yourself. Point your camera and focus ONLY on the mirror and the image in the mirror is soft and blurry. Even Micky Rourke or Courtney Love would be beautiful.

11. Lynnie, i looked at your YouTube. I semi-remember this song. But i gotta tell you, you're asking a lot. And eque's right. He sort of looks creepy like a cat.

10. I am not changing this blog until i get 25 hits.

11. pearl, i loved "The Holiday". If i were single i would marry the Jack Black character in a heartbeat. He was so great. I resisted that movie for so long because i thought it was a "chick flick" and it is, but not in the way that i hate.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am trying to get ummagumma to return and post about my terrible numbering. (Also trying to hit 25 posts with this one.)

sam said...

I'll help you get to 25....

I went to a Krav Maga class tonight. OMG, I had the best time even if I was the fattest, oldest person in the room. It was definitely out of my comfort range but I'm going to officially sign up and go at least 3 times a week. It'll do several things for me - 1. I'll get fit and lose weight; 2. It's an excellent way to get out any aggression I may be holding; and 3 it's an adult class which means I'll get to be in the company of adults. The most impressive thing was that I was able to do this for 45 minutes before I got too winded (read 'thought I was gonna die').

I'm not going to tell my husband that I'm doing this. I may have to take a lot of pictures of me over the next couple of weeks so that when he askes for a new one I can send one without him actually seeing how I'm doing weight-wise. Oh, to meet him at the airport in October and be a half-person smaller....

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I can actually see myself in a healthy place.

Lynnie said...

In the effort to get 25 posts: I like cats!!
So I don't mind that the Marmalade dude looks like one. *grin*

I still haven't gotten the rubber cement. I need it to glue a new sign onto an old poster board.

At noon today I get to meet with my financial adviser to find out if a Roth IRA is a good idea right now . . . We won't get much refund money back, but I'm still thinking that it might be a wise investment.

IslandPearl said...

#25...just for you, JO!!

Went to DHT's annual 'sneak a peak' event announcing the new season. They are opening with Drowsy Chaperone -- I adored that show when we were in NYC in 2007. They're also trotting out some standards -- "Sound of Music for Christmas, Guys and Dolls, Beauty and the Beast. Should be fun.

Off to read your bucket list.

equeyaya said...

crossed off my list:

safety deposit box
home office filing
doctor appointments

i did a little research on refinancing, but can't cross if off the list.

and i took a picture of my dirty truck today. hopefully i'll have time to post it in the AM.

Twango said...

My list as it is:

1. Yeah, JoJo has a blog.
2. Yeah, I've totally neglected mine, I just don't have the time anymore.
3. It's all Candy's fault.
4. I'm glad you have a blog so I can 'visit' you.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, not only 25 (thanks y'all!) but now i come here and not only see 17 posts but also that Twango has arrived. (I still was checking in on yours to see if you ever changed it. Girl, you are blog-challenged!)

And also 2 new followers, besides twango, is a welcome to Tarri, a fellow Washingtonian (and i see you have are on Furline's blog too!) AND JWA put up a photo! How cool to come and see all this activity overnight.

So i hope. like twango, JWA and Tarri, and anyone else lurking around but not posting, check in too and post your list of Stuff You Need to Do. (everybody has a list like that!)

Sam, what is Krav Maga? Is it like a dance? The big craze over here is Zumba. (Which is like salsa dancing/exercise. I love to dance, but i'm not good at Zumba.)

pearl, we should all do a Bucket List. Maybe i'll figure something out something for my list if you post yours on your blog.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oops, i made a typo. i meant '27' not '25'.
I also may not get this changed for a few days cause i'm going out of town for a long weekend. (it's not cause i was trying to secretly get it bumped to 35) but i don't have any real ideas tonight so i'll have to wait until i do.

Now i'm going to off to find eque's dirty truck.

jojo cucina cucina said...

And that goes for my two best friends who might check in and see if i am talking about them but don't ever post: Sarah and Julie. Where are YOU?

OK, that's cool now cause this makes it 30 comments. And any day now someone is going to be contacting me about advertising on the jojo Opinionator blog.

Ummagumma said...

1)I am here. I dont have a single blessed thing to say. thats it.

IslandPearl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IslandPearl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IslandPearl said...

Why can't I edit??? Deleting looks so lame. False starts happen to anybody!!

Two probs with posting a bucket list on my blog...
1. I've always kept my blog for just writing. I would put it on my facebook page though, for sure.
2. When I sit down to do it, I realize how much I've already done and feel really great-- I've done so much more than I ever dreamed I would do in this life. But coming up with new stuff is hard.

Jennifer said...

"Bandala" from Gumbo here! I just started following! I didn't know you had a blog until today on Facebook (spying a post between Eque and Twango). I've got to pare down my "to do" list, and I'll be back to read more and maybe add some thoughts - or put them on MY blog.

sam said...

Krav Maga is a form of martial arts but without the "zen" of it all. It's an Israeli Defense form and looks like common street fighting. Can you just see this fat 53-year-old grandmother street fighting? I can.... I'm signing a contract today and going to my second class tonight.

I have Zumba for here at home. I love it but I'm not good at it. I took a few classes at the YMCA last fall and never could master the moves - this white woman has no rhythm - which is why I bought the dvds for home use.

grits said...

Jo, I think you win the prize for the mostest comments - lol!!!

Dixie said...

Hey Jojo! It's good to see you with a blog! It's nice to see familiar faces here as well. :)

There's only one more thing on today's to-do list - write my own blog entry. Time for the Friday Shuffle!


jojo cucina cucina said...

i'm headed for a trip with the girlfriends but wanted to check in and say hey Dixie and Bandala/Jennifer!
And also ask who is the follower in green with the funny long name that's just characters and numbers? lol.

Good to see you umma too.
I'll change my blog when i get back. I already have an idea! And it's not a Bucket List.

Krava Maja sounds great cause it's the zen stuff that makes me not want to do things like yoga. I am not a zen kind of person. But it would be great to learn how to actually kick some ass and get in shape at the same time.

Zumba is hysterical to watch! I love to dance and i think i have rhythm but i cannot master Zumba. But at least i don't look like some folks. It's a great workout though even if you are always shimmying in the wrong direction.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Jaxie Fantastic said...

Hey jojo! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm so glad someone posted it. I've missed reading what you had to say. :)

Lynnie said...

"And also ask who is the follower in green with the funny long name that's just characters and numbers? lol."

I know who that is ~~~ I recognize her avatar as being something that I made for her ~~~ except the whole av doesn't show up.

But it's "Swiss Charrd" ~~~ aka Charrdonay (sp?) from Gumbo Ya-Ya days.

Cat said...

Who's doing the LOST post for this week? :)

Cat said...

Jo said, "CAT! here's how to take a good photo of yourself. Point your camera and focus ONLY on the mirror and the image in the mirror is soft and blurry. Even Micky Rourke or Courtney Love would be beautiful."

Does this mean point the camera at the mirror and snap? Won't that make a flash and won't it be weird with me holding a camera up? Or does it mean set camera on tripod to snap WHILE looking at the mirror, but in that case I would be on my bathtub? I'm going to do a facemask later and test your theory. We can't post pics in comments though, can we? (I still haven't sat down to figure out Blogger. It's all I can do to remember my password to get on)!

It's good to see everyone! Time is zipping by so fast!

Cat said...

P.S. I think Terri is GabbyGuppy!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG....YOU ARE RIGHT. Gabby Guppy lives in Mt. Vernon. Gabby, come back!

OK, Cat, OK, first of all don't shoot with a flash. I never do cause i hate how it washes out people. But i also have a camera that can be set to a 3200 ISO which means it will shoot in low light. Bathroom light is pretty bright though so i think it could work. I held the camera off to the side but i autofocused on the mosaic mirror edge to get that part sharp so my face was fuzzy.

I think i am going to post 5 more times just so my blog hits 50 posts. THEN i'm putting up a new post.

jojo cucina cucina said...

And Swiss Chard with all the funny numbers is Charrdonnay! Lynnie.... i thought that green avatar was some sort of Christmas jello! lol.....

Come back Charrdonnay!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I don't think i know what Swiss Chard looks like.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, you gotta come back too. And Dixie. And JWA. And Jennifer/Bandala. I'm making a new post and i want to hear your stories.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK. two more.

jojo cucina cucina said...

jojo's blog hits 50 posts! Any day now eBay, comcast, McDonalds and Apple will be contacting me to advertise on my blog.

grits said...


Lynnie said...

Can I post pictures on a comment here? I've never tried, but if I can, I could show you Swiss Charrd's whole av that I made for her. I really is a photo of Swiss Chard with her name added to it. It doesn't look like Christmas jello at all ~~~ LOL!

Lynnie said...

"I really is a photo. . ." should read "It really is a photo . . ."

If I keep making typos, I can have your post count up to 60 in no time!

Lynnie said...


Lynnie said...

OK, I tried to post the image, but couldn't. But if you want to see Swiss Charrd's whole av, you can go here: