Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've got nothing to say.

.....i told you!

But i just poured some J. Lohr chardonnay. So i might be back!


jojo cucina cucina said...

i still got nothing. So i'm back, but nothing to add and no ideas and no new opinions, which is so unlike me. But i hope to be back with some soon. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for checking in

equeyaya said...


Sarah said...

Jo, it's not all about you.

Oh wait, my mistake; yes it is.

Below are card giving occasions I have missed since Christmas - when I didn't send cards either.

Birthdays (in no particular order):

1. you
2. my niece (did send a gift to my one niece though so missing this one makes it worse)
3. my nephew
4. both of my sisters in law
5. the guy who introduced me to my husband - best man at our wedding
6. my current boss
7. my next year's boss
8. my only son
9. my mother

can't believe I couldn't come up with 10.....

Other lost opportunities

1. secretaries' day
2. teacher/school counselor day
3. bosses' day
4. mothers' day
5. congratulations for getting the job to my next year's boss

I have so lost my Hallmark standing as a Greeting Card Goddess.

Maybe it all went bad when they quit sending me my Gold Crown points.

In my defense, I have sent a number of bereavement cards and two get well soon cards.

Please help me remember my wedding anniversary that is either June 23, 25 or 27. Oh, and em turns 21 on July 6; that day I usually remember because she shares the day with my brother, George W Bush and the Dali Lama. She still hasn’t forgiven me for making her go new car shopping for a Toyota van on her 13th b-day so I have to be sure to send her one of my famous 21st birthday piƱatas.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh please forgive yourself for forgetting my birthday. I hate to think you are wreaking with guilt and self loathing.

See?.... That's just the kind of friend i am. I am more worried about you feeling terrible than you are feeling terrible about forgetting my birthday!

I can't believe Emma is turning 21. But i gotta stop saying that kind of stuff about kids getting older because it's such a thing that old people do all the time.

I'm glad i got to be #1 on your list.

jojo cucina cucina said...

is 'wreaking' even a word?

jojo cucina cucina said...

wreaking. as in wreaking havoc, right? it is a word. i think i used it in the wrong context now that i look at it.

for a WordWoman, my vocabulary stinks.

louielouie said...

I’m pretty sure I’m wracked with guilt and self-loathing, but only because you have wreaked havoc on my self esteem

~grits~ said...

sometimes that is exactly what I feel like saying just to change the front blog page-
"I got nuttin to say"

sam said...

Well, I have nothing but complaints. Y'all can read them, okay?

1. I've had pneumonia for more than a week. I think I'm on the mend but who can tell because of the extreme exhaustion upon any kind of exertion.

2. My grown kids have known I've been ill but they're pretty useless.

3. See above re: fixing my fence. The little dogs were getting out. I needed someone to actually come over and FIX THE DAMN FENCE! Finally, oldest son stopped by after church and, with my help (which exhausted me) the fence is fixed.

4. It shouldn't have taken all week to get that little chore done.

5. I won't even elaborate on the long grass and fast-growing weeds or that I took the bar cart down to the basement with the help of an 11-year-old.

6. I took the little kids to breakfast this morning and then decided to do the grocery shopping. Exhaustion but the pantry is full again.

7. I wanted to be a doctor. Good thing I'm not as I've little compassion for the sick. Including myself. Especially myself.

8. Getting older sucks eggs. Getting pneumonia when one is past 50 is not a good thing.

9. Oh, and in all of this I still haven't gotten my mother her Mother's Day gift. I have to mail it but first I need to finish it. And I can't blame the pneumonia - I didn't get sick until a full week past Mother's Day.

10. And to think her birthday will be here in another 2 weeks and I haven't a clue what to get her.

11. Move over, Sarah, I've lost my status as the Hallmark Greeting Card Goddess too....

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey y'all, who'd thunk 9 comments would come out of this?

Sarah, LOVE your new moniker of LouieLouie.

Sam meet Sarah Slash Louie Louie...And if y'all are backsliding on the greeting cards, then I'm selling my Hallmark stock now, cause both of you were so good at it.

for the record: Sam is my friend from the Gumbo yaya board (Who was one of the very first cyber friends to send me an actual greeting card in the mail - Crystalbeach was the first. I think you were the second, Sam.) Sarah/Louie Louie has been my longest best friend in my life here in Washington - since 1980. She was always the Hallmark Queen buying the best and most unusual cards - some that i also still have.

Sam, i hope you feel better soon. It'll take awhile to bounce back. Last year Sarah/Louie Louie brought be Guinness Stout when i had pneumonia when my husband was gone for a week. I never forget that kind of stuff. I hope you have a friend that brings you Guinness.