Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Even when i've got nothing to say, i've got something. But it's kind of nothing. So i added photos.

Menu of the Day

On iTunes: Stephen Kellogg "Big Easy" (I cannot get enough of this guy!)

In my glass: Fresca with a little bit of cranberry juice.

On my bedstand: "The Cruelest Month" mystery by Louise Penny.

What's good: It was a good family day. (Happy phone calls with my brother and nephew - one day at a time.) I had a good run this evening. And Brian's band played at The Swiss last Sunday and our friends came. It was fun and the best they've sounded. Here are photos of the night. (The top one is my self-portrait in the bathroom.)

What's not good: I feel bored at work. No challenge lately. I also have no ideas about Christmas presents. And i feel like i should be doing something but i don't feel like it.

Last iTunes purchase: Steven Carlson's version of "She's Not There".

OK, on with the random thoughts. (I really don't know what i have to say.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. These photos are the lights outside The Swiss. The photo below with the foosball players i liked because it has an Edward Hopper-y feel to it.

2. I was a terrible foosball player back in the days of 1970's high school when foosball was so popular.

3. I actually never did like soccer, still don't.

4. In fact i think it's one of the reasons i didn't have kids. I could never see myself as being a soccer mom and i would hate to give up my Saturdays to watch my kid (who i'm sure would have been a lousy soccer player) play soccer in the rain and cold.

5. Someone needs to tell me what's going on the news. I've not been watching or reading. And all Comcast tells me is that Oprah made Kate Hudson squirm and Nicole Ritchie is in the hospital. (Neither headline riveted me enough to open it. )

6. Formatting this blog is freaking frustrating because i never know how it's going to space - you put a double space in but it won't show up. And you never know where the photos will end up. So you have to keep going back to edit. Do any of y'all who blog have this same problem? It's not consistent.

7. I am a huge fan of consistency. For example, if you are a bitchy type of person, then please always just be a bitch. Don't mess me up by being nice all of a sudden. I can totally accept that far better than someone who is hot and cold or passive aggressive.

8. I also realize people can't always be in a good mood (Lord knows I am not) but i have a difficult time being around someone is very often moody or sullen as a personality trait.

9. I was telling equeyaya on her blog that Brian and i just watched "The Wizard of Oz" too the other night. Then we got into this discussion about being scared as a child of the flying monkeys. Brian has a much better imagination than i do and gets more startled in scary movies than i do so of course he admitted he was scared of the monkeys. I was not. I don't remember ever being scared. But that night I was the one who had a scary dream about those damn monkeys.

10. Baby Boomers, remember when you used to wait all year long to watch "The Wizard of Oz"? And then if you were like us, you had to watch it on the damn black and white TV for years until the parents finally bought a color TV.

11. I also had a dream about John Mellencamp. And last week I had one about being Brad Pitt's girlfriend. (Angelina's name never even came up, he was so over her.)

12. People shouldn't talk about their dreams, huh? Cause when you do, there is really no good response for it is there? "Oh, that's cool you dreamt you saved a little boy's life from the clutches of a mountain lion and got on the cover of "Outside"magazine. Oh too bad it was a dream . But good for you being so brave in your dream!"

13. I tell you it's hard to be inspired while drinking Fresca. I'm much more clever writing after wine. (At least I think so.) But in real life i am so much LESS clever after drinking wine.

14. Actually i can say some real stupid things without thinking after three glasses of wine. It's like I channel Elodie, my mother.
15. Back to Kate Hudson for a second. I can't believe she dumped Chris Robinson (from The Black Crowes) for that Alex Rodriguez. He's cute, but he's a chump. I never did like him when he played for the Mariners. (So i hoped Oprah jumped her ass for something to do with Alex.)

OK, so that's all i got. Come and add your own random thoughts. I'll end it with a photo of my nephew Brian from last Sunday. He's cute.


equeyaya said...

Oh, Brian is very handsome!

I was always afraid of the flying monkeys and often stop watching before it gets to that part. But I love when the witch melts and says "what a world what a world."

love all your pics, Jo! Will write more later.

PS-I have the same frustrations with blogger. I think it would be easier if I understood the coding .

IslandPearl said...

Brian is a cutie.

I've resorted to editing my posts in html. I'm a geek. But it works

The flying monkeys never bothered me, but the munchkins kinda wigged me out.

Saw Men Who Stare at Goats last night. Interestingly funny, quirky movie. There's one scene in it that I know is making them squirm now, though. Pre-Ft Hood it was probably hilarious, but now not so much. You'll know it when you see it...if you see it.

Will see Pirate Radio and a yet-to-be named draft pick in exchange for dragging Bud to New Moon. Want to let the squealing die down first anyway.

Sooooo looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. Feel I've earned it. Plus, I've already shipped all the Scotland bound Christmas gifts. Half have already arrived...Yay! Shipping cost us a fortune again this year. Next will go back to the blah gift cards. If I'm going to spend the money, I'd rather that it go to the recipient, not UPS.

AND I've written the Christmas letter (don't judge me).

So it promises to be a v relaxing weekend.

susieatl said...

I'm in that mood too, JoJo..kind of unsettled in a way. Work is quiet..I don't feel challenged. But I guess I have a job and I need to be grateful.

As for the flying monkeys..when I dated the idiot who taught at West Point he pointed out that Frank Baum went there. The flying monkeys were patterned after the cadets down to the uniforms. There is a creepy castle on a hill across from WP and that was the witch's castle. Baum was miserable at West Point btw.

I wish I could come up with something but I leave the house when its dark and I come and its dark. I think I need some sun. Not going to get it this weekend.

equeyaya said...

On iTunes: Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body

In my glass: H20.

On my bedstand: Just 50 pages or so left of Prince of Tides before I move on to the new Russo book - finally!

What's good: The weather, feeling more in control, looking forward to Mel coming home from college on Tuesday.

What's not good: my home situation, but looking to the light at the end of the tunnel

Last iTunes purchase: have to go back a couple months for that when i bought the new David Gray album. I picked up the new Brandi Carlile in Borders last month.

1. i have the day off for the plumber to run a gas line for our new dryer. it turns out that little project costs as much as the new dryer. i wonder how long it will take to realize that much savings on our electric bill.

2. but it's nice to have the day off. my plans: hang out with the plumber, walk the dog (i already walked 4 miles at 7am this morning), do some holiday decorating, clean, run some errands, acupuncture, and dinner with the cowgirls.

3. i probably shouldn't be spending time on the computer with that agenda ahead of me!

4. we have a foosball table in our basement that we never use.

5. i agree about consistency. wild mood swings in people just throw me for a loop.

6. that's right about the wizard of oz and how ironic it was watching it on black and white when it was one of the first color movies!

7. we didn't have a color tv in our house until 1981. it was my graduation present, and my parents bought themselves one at the same time.

8. your mother's name is elodie?

9. i pay no attention to celebrity "news," or any news lately for that matter. it's hard enough keeping track of my own life.

10. i had to upgrade itunes for grace's new ipod and now it gives you a bunch of genius playlists which are kind of cool. right now i'm listening to an alternative mix featuring death cab for cutie, regina spektor, alexi murdoch and others. wilco's "jesus, etc." is playing right now.

Amanda Haines said...

First off, your nephew is adorable and I love your photos. They're interesting and different, and I always look forward to seeing them in your blog.

I love the Wizard of Oz, though I wasn't afraid of the monkeys until I got older and realized how horribly weird they are. As a kid, with an admittedly offbeat imagination, flying monkeys seemed perfectly reasonable. Only now do they freak me out.

Also, the night Wizard of Oz aired was literally the one night each year we could stay up till 9 or so. My parents made us go to bed before 8, even in the summer, until I was in 8th grade. Brutal. Wizard of Oz still gives me that excitement whenever I see it, though I do wish it was still just one night a year. It would be more special.

Modern Hippie said...

on itunes: Citzien Cope - Left for dead, i love this song but i hate how short it is its only 2:03 which is really short for a song. but its really soulful, check it out.

in my glass: air, because i have no glass currently.

on my bedstand: a coffee cup full of pens, book on howard hughes and design magazines.

its funny you were bad at foosball especially since you HAD a foosball all through my childhood i think you only got rid of it when i was in high school! maybe middle school?

i'm not a soccer fan, i like golf better, okay only golf in the last 10 minutes in a big game lol

i like consistency, ash and i keep talkign about how i'm messy and organized and shes clean and un-organized. and i totally like things specially in the right spot, when she first moved in i secretly would cringe when she would put the wooden spoons with the plastic spoons LOL

but i also agree with the two-faced attitudes, it throws me for a loop with those people i usually to just associate them with being an asshole and dont have a problem lol

i am the same as brian, i have too big of an imagination and i get scared so easily. and its only movies that i think i'm safe, like zombie or monster movies dont scare me, anything with rape TERRIFIES me. you are stone cold watching movies hahaha

i hate when you tell someone a dream and they try to decifer it or ask me "what do you think it means" my response is "i think you were bored when you were sleeping so your mind was entertaining you" LOL

haha i like how the last thing you said on the blog is "he's cute" haha

Brian said...

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who keep saying I'm cute! Wait, what? Oh, you're talking about my nephew Brian? Never mind! :)

What I like is when Kylee mentions how similar we are. Because I think we are and I find it flattering because I think she's very smart and a very creative soul.

I also know my wife is very smart and creative AND a very good photographer. She has a good eye and a great way of making people comfortable while taking their picture so they relax and be themselves. If they don't, she quickly deletes the picture. I say, WAIT, don't delet......too late, she already did.

I love monkeys! I have no idea why. Amanda knows this, because at work I have a flying monkey that I use to drive her visiting dogs nuts. I give little plastic monkeys when the staff does something really special, and I have a 'Bigfoot' in my office.

Swinging Monkeys, I must like monkeys! :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Please welcome Amanda, y'all. I hope you keep coming back. I love your new blog look. You write so many things that make me feel like you and Modern Hippie and I are related!

My parents also made us go to bed early. We had to be in bed by 8:30. As the oldest (of four children) i was so pissed off when i finally got to stay up later but then the rest of them also got to. When i finally got to quit catechism (so?) they also all got to quit at the same time.

You know we should start a conversation about being the oldest vs. being the youngest. Both have their advantages.

Ms Hippie, i never thought of our dreams as keeping us entertained while sleeping. I figured they were more like truths or sometimes even premonitions.

Thanks, Brian/Baybee for liking me and liking my photography since you are a teacher of it.

eque, my mother's name is indeed Elodie. It's French - she was born and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana. (She goes by 'Dee' but I call her Two Drink Minimum - though not to her face.)By the way, don't you love that new Brandi Carlile?

pearl, i have to laugh at you dragging Bud to see the new Twilight movie! Let me know how you like Pirate Radio. Right now that is the only movie i would consider seeing in a theatre.

susieat, that's so interesting about Frank Baum. I love when you find out something new about something so old.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Where is louielouie? I am certain she would want to weigh in on the monkeys.

IslandPearl said...

Well, now that the reviews are out, Bud will be accompanying me as far as the theater lobby but will then part company to watch the corn pop over seeing New Moon. I know that the acting will suck (pun partly intended) and it's all poorly thrown together, and the books were pretty schlocky in the grand scheme of great fiction, but for reasons inexplicable I still loved them and want to see the movies.

The exact opposite of Harry Potter -- the writing was brilliant (I eagerly awaited and promptly devoured every new installment) and the movies were genius casting and excellent direction and production values throughout. No need to explain myself with that series!

Latest iTunes purchase -- more (!?!) Christmas music. I lean toward the somewhat esoteric and found a group call Rockafellas. Love their take on traditional tunes. I now have enough for over 9 hours without repetition.

Brian is right -- you have a very good eye. And he should know! (...and how sweet to be so supportive in such a public way! He really is a keeper.)

In my cup -- Kona Sunrise. It's a gorgeous day -- blue sky with light trades. I've already gotten my major holiday prep out of the way -- Scotland prezzies already delivered, basket goodies purchased and read to ship out, shopping done for the LA contingent.

Will make my Thanksgiving holiday all the more restful. Sweet!

I'm the oldest, by 5 years. If you just read the yearbook descriptions of each of us you'd not be able to tell we were even remotely related. A math geek, a cheerleader, and a science nerd.

Bud's the oldest too, as was my first husband. My second was an only child and I honestly should have seen that trainwreck acomin'.

louielouie said...

In my cup: Orange Pekoe tea

In My ear: "This American Life" got to have my Saturday morning NPR

Just finished my sister’s pj’s except for the buttonholes; I know that’s a big except. They were hard. The whole collar, facing thing was tough for me to engineer

Never liked the Wizard of Oz. At all. Ever. Didn’t see it when I was young. We really didn’t do movies much when I was a kid, too many of us I guess. Dorothy sort of made me sick a little, and I thought the story was dumb. Actually, I don’t know if I have ever seen the movie all the way through. Sorry no monkey opinion

We didn’t do much TV either. We got one when we moved to Washington when I was 7. I do remember going to friends on Sunday nights to watch Bonanza “in living color” - way cool how that map burned up at the beginning of the show. But that was later.

Never could play Foosball or Pong

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving too. Have a ton of sewing to get done, I may be leaving town just before Christmas so the pressure is on. We may have to move out (hope we have to move out) of our other house that weekend too. Trouble is the appraisal came in $10,000 under the offer so to sell it we have to lower the price. again.

Plus now I am remembering last year’s pre Christmas, gosh we forgot to tell Sarah she was in charge of Christmas Eve dinner. This year my mom said, "oh it worked real well last year when everyone just brought an appetizer" so she didn't remember Doug and I also made dinner?

Maybe we can repeat the Christmas fiasco between my brother and sister. Harsh words, tears and walking out. Wonder if my mom remembers that?

I am consistent. It’s because I am NOT the first or last child, but the “you can count on me to get it done and make the peace” middle kid

ps Brian you ARE cute

equeyaya said...

Agreed. ALL of jojo's Brians are adorable!

IslandPearl said...

I get the count on me part -- I'm the oldest and it's always been 'call C -- she'll know what to do'. Plus I'm a take charge kind of first ask questions later. B. says that I must have at least traces of a y chromosome somewhere because I think like a man. I have chosen to take that as a compliment.

Like today -- I called my mom, a little earlier than I usually do, and it took her a while to answer the phone. When she did, she was obviously not thinking clearly. Turned out that she had fallen asleep on the couch and that was the last thing she remembered until she heard the phone ring and found herself lying on the floor by the hearth. Cracked her head open. I called my brother first, then the police.

So, from 4500 miles away, I'm trying to fix it.

EMTs got her to the hospital, brother met up with them there and she's being held overnight for observation. 6 stitches and a subdural hematoma, and no idea what made her pass out.

And I'm 4500 miles away, and I can't fix it.

louielouie said...

Oh my Pearl,

best of luck with your mom.

I worry about that sort of thing with my 83 year old mother. How would I know if she fell?

Glad you called her when you did.

IslandPearl said...

Thanks. God certainly works in mysterious ways -- We don't always get what we want, but somehow we get what we need. (props to Mick Jagger on that one.)

Mom's 86 and DOES have a FirstAlert necklace that she was inexplicably NOT wearing.

...shakes head in wonder and dismay...