Monday, November 9, 2009

Half Full or Half Empty? Come Here & Take a Test!

Menu of the Day:

on iTunes: Chris Robinson (from the Black Crowes) doing "If You See California". I just bought it, so this answers the second part.

Last iTunes purchase: See above.

What I'm reading: Recommended by Sarah/Cowboy a mystery by Louise Penny called "Still Life". I like it!

Looking forward to: This Wednesday because I get Veteran's Day off!

New iTunes Discovery: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. they are awesome! I bought songs from Glassjaw Boxer.

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My brother and his oldest son are still having some struggles that i worry very much about. But i'm learning to not keep the worry to myself or to act as if i am the only one who can help. And in doing so, some good things have come about and i am having some real hope for them both and for us all. My brother sent me an email this weekend that i saved and printed out because it made me realize how much I can learn from him.

I don't know of a single soul right now who has more reason to feel that his glass is totally empty than he does. But he doesn't. First, he lost his marriage. Before that, he found out he lost his good credit through no fault of his own. (Part of the reason for #1) Then he lost much of his belongings because he didn't change the locks soon enough. Last spring he got notice that his house that he loves and bought 15 years ago will likely foreclose. Last summer his dog died. And a few weeks later he had to sell his horse because he could no longer afford him. And just when it seemed like he could lose nothing else, he lost his son. And all of this happened only since last January.

But he wrote me after a particularly difficult day last week about how he feels lucky in spite of all that has happened to him. And he really does see the glass as half full, in spite of all that has happened. He is working hard at putting that one foot in front of the other every day and helping his son do the same. I don't often think this way, but i can't help but feel that God is walking with him. (Remember that old one set of footsteps parable?)

Anyway, it got me thinking of how often i see the negative before the positive. And i want to work on that more. I have so many ways in which I am blessed and very little bad has happened to me personally and i need to be reminded of that.

Anyway, in thinking about all of this and needing to change my blog i found this online test from and the link is below. I thought it would be interesting for us to take it. You don't have to tell us the results if you don't want to, but maybe you can share any examples of how you look at life as the glass half full.

My results (and i was really trying to be very honest): You are a pretty happy person. Your glass is half full. Great!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Here is one of the questions:

Question: What is your "Fear Factor" ?

1. I take a deep breath and fiercely face my fears.

2. I figure fear is just a part of life, I move myself through it as best I can.

3. Fear paralyses me.

4. I tend to shy away from situations that make me fearful.

(I chose #4)

IslandPearl said...

Latest iTunes purchase: The Final Countdown by Europe (heard it recently on a random YouTube clip and had to have it. I tak my inspiration from odd places...)

Not reading anything right now. Finished with biz travel for the year, and do most of my reading on flights. Making jewelry (v. excited about my new designs!!)and just finished a mammoth Christmas project for the kids. About 100 hours worth of work (at least -- hope they appreciate it!)

Looking forward to Thanksgiving holiday.

My result on the quiz: You are a happy person. Your glass is half full sometimes, other times your glass is overflowing with optimism.

Not surprising. I had an extraordinary day today, and have been feeling quite remarkable lately. I'm over a very stressful work-bubble and the outcomes were quite good.

I cheated a little bit on this question:
Question: Do You Take Care Of Your Health?

I answered (d)
My health is very important to me. I exercise, I eat right, I get regular checkups.

It was the closest to me, except for the exercise part. I'm working on that...

Your family is in my prayers, jo. I can't even come close to understanding how your brother must feel, and I'm happy to hear that he is perservering. He's lucky to have you there as a touchstone. And he needs that.

I'm trying my best to focus on the positive. There's so much more of the positive positive in life to enjoy if we open our heart to it.

And so many people are interested in urging us to focus on the negative ( focus on the Palin baby-daddy and that Jon/Kate hot mess)

I've always been one to buck the trend, and this negative crap is one trend that needs bucking.

Life is a gift. A treasure. And one to be enjoyed and celebrated.

great post, jo.

equeyaya said...

Troy is very inspiring. It helps me to know he is finding his way.

My result is the same as pearl's, which surprises me. I've had a tough year that looks to be getting tougher. I think the support of friends, sometimes when they don't even realize they are doing it, makes a huge impact.

I picked #2 on the fear question and the same as pearl on the health, even though it reminded me I'm overdue for a checkup.

jojo cucina cucina said...

DISCLAIMER: I hope people don't think i am trying to manipulate anyone into being happy because my brother has more reason than probably any of us not to be.

I just re-read what i wrote and thought it might sound like i'm trying to tell people that they have nothing to be cry about if they haven't liked the Book of Job that Troy has. That was not an intentional thing.

Because the truth is i know that from Day One my brother was made from different stuff than i was and than what many people are. And in a way it's also not been a good thing to made of that stuff because it makes one too trusting. So there is a good and a bad with that.

And while i do get inspired by Troy to look at the glass half full i still give myself permission to bitch and moan when i am suffering fools in my job.

But i hope to keep it more in perspective and just make it more fun to bitch and moan than taking it too heart and losing sleep over it. That's what i learn from my brother. To not let it rule me. or my life. To push through what pisses me off.

IslandPearl said...

I understand where you are coming from. But I didn't get that at all from your post. I was just happy to see a positive take on things.

I complain as much as the next guy, and Lord knows I'm way too judgemental, but I'm learning that (for me anyway) bitching and moaning just make me feel worse.

Focusing on the negative gives it far too much power in my life.

That's why you didn't see me on your 'irresponsible' post a couple back. It just wasn't a comfortable place for me in the moment.

I'm really working at this "keep the negative at bay as much as possible" thing.

IslandPearl said...

Back to add -- that's what wore me down so much on Gumbo. I always felt guilty about rejoicing in the good in my life because it felt like people thought I was just bragging. But complaining about this or that was easily understood by everyone.

That created an awful imbalance, where the focus was always on what I was pissed off about at the time.

The reality is that I'm really a pretty happy person who appreciates how fortunate I am, and also takes credit for the fact that a lot of what I have is purely due to my own hard work.

In other words, I deserve to be happy.

No more so than anyone else, neccesarily, but certainly no less.

Now it's off to torture my husband with turkey casserole (after the heavenly veal oscar I fed him last night, he really can't complain...)

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl i get where you're coming from on not posting on the 'let's be irresponsible' post. After a few posts i made my very ownself cringe, knowing i could never be a happy person letting myself go that way.

Why are you making your husband a turkey casserole BEFORE Thanksgiving anyway?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think my next blog post is going to be:

"10 Ways I am NOT perfect and 10 ways I think i AM perfect" - then we all add our own.

Whaddya think?
tongue in cheek..... ;)

louielouie said...

OMG I am overflowing with happiness!!

My only negative response was that I have no friends. I may have lied about the health one because I do not exercise regularly, but the others seemed so much less healthy than I am.

I basically think it the results are pretty much right on but I don’t think I portray it well.

I have a positive outlook but I don’t think others think I do. I think it’s because I process out loud so when I fall down–I say out loud “ Oh my, I’ve fallen down, whatever will I do, perhaps I will not be able to get up” then I get right up and do what I need to do. Trouble is folks have already heard me say I don’t think I can do something. I need to sing High Hopes instead; “Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant…”

Actually my main problem is I think so highly of myself and have so much to offer I feel the need to offer everyone my most excellent opinions and advice.

What I’m listening to: Sorry to say, The History Channel

I should be reading: HOW THE WAY WE TALK CAN CHANGE THE WAY WE WORK my colleague and I bought this a few years back to do a book study but I never read the book and all our meetings were in bars so…..

What I am doing instead: Sewing more pj pants; a groovy new apron is next

In my glass: Jameson’s

Looking Forward to: The Weekend, will be working tomorrow

jojo cucina cucina said...

louielouie, are some of those pjs for ME? (a girl can never have too many pairs of louiepjs. Do i have to keep getting sick to get them?)

and first of all, quit lying. You have friends. You have as many friends as i do. (And truth is, it's only as many friends as we can maintain in our daily real life.)

And while you've not had Troy's life's challenges, you've had some pretty big ones too and it's sort of the reason i posted the disclaimer in the first place. You've also persevered. And you've also remained positive.

It's one of the reasons for me that we've been friends for 30 years.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Why are YOU working tomorrow. The schools are closed.

louielouie said...

Friends for 30 years?!?!

No Way. I didn't even live in Washington when I was 5

Modern Hippie said...

I started to read everyones comments but I feel too guilty posting right now because I have so much to do and I was just taking a quick break that has turned into half-hour, dont you love that? haha

anyways. I just wanted to say I feel the same about Troy! I dont know how he does it, and when I read the email about him feeling lucky for having what he DOES have, i totally started crying.

although i didnt see your post as "you cant cry because my brother doesnt cry" I do sometimes look at Troy and Josh and kinda slap myself in the face and tell myself "stop it" lol

haha jo!!! that god footprints thing is on the wall in your parents bathroom! that just cracks me up lol

have not taken the test, i'll get back to you!

jojo cucina cucina said...

louielouie, you were such a mature 5 year old too! . . . working as a home ec teacher, married a few years even to the First (&Only) Ex, Mr. Handyman.

Kylee/hippie, that God's footsteps print in Mom and Dad's bathroom has been there since i was in high school! it totally cracks me up too.

By the way, did yo notice you called Brian L. "Josh"? I keep finding myself doing that too, sometimes to Brian's face and then i have to apologize.

I had a great day off! It was sunny after i went running i then walked to the grocery store. I am making this fancy meatloaf (don't laugh, but my husband LOVES my meatloaf). This one has veal/pork/beef and fresh chopped spinach and pistachio nuts. You mix up a dijon mustard egg sauce in it and then throw stips of bacon on top of the loaf and bake it.

I am LOVING this book by Louise Penny called Still Life. (Thank you cowboy, if you are reading here!) and can't wait to buy all of her books. It's so great when you discover a new author but one who had been around to write a few books already by the time you find them.

I bought 3 iTunes cds today. I bought ALL of the Stephen Kellog and the Sixers cd "Glassjaw Boxer".

Check out the song "4th of July" (AWESOME) - really cool lyrics....and then i bought just Stephen Kellog (without the Sixers)called "Lucky Seven". *If you like Brett Dennen or some slow Ryan Adams, this is good stuff.) I also bought Jesse Malin's cd "Glitter in the Gutter" - I already had "Aftermath" and "Broken Radio" but these songs are all really good. Springsteen plays and sings on "Broken Radio".

One of the lyrics in Stephen Kellogg's "4th of July":

"Did you ever think if maybe you weren't happy it was because of you?"

(I thought that was fitting given the post here.) I have a feeling this "Glassjaw Boxer" cd is going to be one i wear out.

IslandPearl said...

I've got the Footprints thing on the wall in my bedroom. My brother made it for me (needlework!) at a particularly low point in my life. It's carried me through many since then, but I've never found it funny.

jojo cucina cucina said...

you would have to see my parent's house and especially their bathroom for it to be funny.

IslandPearl said...

Yeah, okay.

I've never understood putting inspirational stuff in a bathroom anyway. I don't go in there for inspiration.

Although I have occasionally experienced spontaneous enlightenment whilst shampooing...

Modern Hippie said...

haha i meant to say Josh, (I look at what he was going through)

okay i didnt have time to read everyones, im a bad blogger lately (see my new post)

louielouie said...

I am inspired by Fabric

Just finished my pj-project. Matching green and brown flannel argyle beauties for my brother and his sons; sorry Jo none for you.

Too bad you didn’t invite me for Thanksgiving because I’ve moved on to a hostess gift - new apron pattern, little less fancy, little more useful than yours Jo - still cute.

Next are some men’s Pajamas for my sister. We’ll see if I can remember how to make a collar, facing and buttonholes. I’m sure it’s been more than 20 years

On thing great about my new sewing surge (get it sewing serge, ha ha) is I can better justify my new machine and serger and cabinet although they will NEVER pay for themselves like the saleslady claimed. Well not in garment production, but maybe in sanity.

When I’m sewing, I’m not doing schoolwork in the evening so that’s worth a lot.

And it makes me happy

EoDE said...

What's in my glass (which is half-full today ;)): Dr Pepper
What I'm listening to: Whatever college football game is on (I think it's Florida vs S Carolina)
What I'm thinking: How I view "my" glass may vary, depending on any given day. It's something I'm working on, and people like your brother, Jo, inspire me. My mother was an optimist; my dad, bless his Irish heart, was more cautious in his outlook, which may explain how I come by mine.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louielouie, RE: the new apron pattern, how could it be more useful - i mean you made MINE with an iPod pocket. Who else can say their apron has a pocket for their music while cooking. This comes in quite handy when Brian is watching the Seahawks and i am in the kitchen cooking Sunday supper.

hugs to you, EoDe....

andrew said...

That's depends on persons mind that half full of half empty say any one but the mining is same.Some told that it's half full or some told that it's half empty.

cartucho r4i

Cat said...

" Your happiness teeters between Half Full and Half Empty. Seldom is your glass overflowing with estatic emotions, but your glass is never empty either." I've been on a Half Empty funk lately, so actually I was surprised at the results! I am glad you shared about your brother....I can't imagine dealing with so many setbacks and still feeling positive, but it shows he is a special person to be able to do so. My big thing is that I go nuts when I can't control the downward spiral of a family member. Advice, suggestions, support, all of that sort of falls on deaf ears, especially with an addict and it's depressing to watch the rest of the family try to help the member who doesn't want help. When I can focus on just me, I usually do okay but dealing with all the stuff beyond my control is overwhelming...and I guess I just never give up on finding the right "solution" so the wheels keep spinning.

I'm not sure that made sense.

Pearl, I snorted at the "inspiration while shampooing" comment!

Eque, I think your comment about friends being important even when they don't realize it was right on the true!

Music....Tori Amos, "Abnormally Attracted to Sin." Some good songs, but overall not her best.

Book: I spent 8½ hours Sunday finishing The Lost Symbol (I keep thinking it shouldn't take THAT LONG to read a book but I had to keep stopping to absorb it). I felt guilty at first about doing no chores, no exercise, no OT, nothing productive but just curling up with a good book....and then felt kind of decadent about it. It also comes right after seeing Men who Stare at Goats, and both reference Remote Viewing. I can think of nothing more fun than trying to convince the government to employ me in that capacity. I'm extremely psychic. I knew without being told that a pregnant friend was using Classic Pooh as her theme and if that doesn't prove it, I don't know what does.

I did sign up to volunteer for Feline Rescue after losing my oldest kitty three weeks ago (renal failure) and although I swear I'm not going to adopt again so soon, I am probably setting myself up to be a Crazy Cat Lady and come home with twenty...but for now it involves cage cleaning, disinfecting and loving on them, and I have asked if I could do video and a youtube channel to try and get them more exposure, so I think it will be a good project.

equeyaya said...

Hi Cat! I love that you are channeling your grief over your kitty into volunteering at a rescue!

~grits~ said...

I am too pooped to comment but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of yours.

((((((Cat))))))))so sorry to hear about your kitty.