Monday, December 28, 2009

Crawfish Woman & Some Chaotic Family Christmas Photos.


Video: thanks to my husband, we have the soon to be famous Crawfish Woman song on YouTube now. That is my brother Scott on vocals (who made up the words as he was singing) my nephew Brian, (who cracks me up because he is so serious throughout the song while we're all busting up) and my mom is dancing showing her signature sultry moves (with a full glass of wine that i can't believe she didn't spill) and Ashley stars in it too on the sidelines. I shot this video, believe it or not, with my Nikon D90 camera (on Christmas Eve).

In my glass: nothing, because there is no glass.

What I'm wearing: my new Nike sweatpants.

Reading: Dangerously Funny, the new book about the Smothers Brothers show. I LOVE this book. And i want to marry Tom Smothers he really stood up for what he believed. I had no idea how ahead of their time Tom Smothers was. We lived in Japan for most of their three seasons so I missed much of the show as a kid. I also finished the fourth Louise Penny mystery today.

Presents: I received great presents, one of them is a new Netbook computer from my husband, which i am going to love. I don't have to return anything!

iTunes: i just got another iTunes card in time since i only have five cents left which i was just reminded about when i tried to buy Donovan's Atlantis song. (Do any of y'all remember that song?) i got the idea of wanting it from the Smothers Brothers book i'm reading. My last iTunes purchase was Behind Blue Eyes by The Who, another great old song. (I guess i'm on a retro kick right now. )

Quote: "Reading good books ruin you for enjoying bad books". Isola to Juliet in The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society.

Photos: Until I can come up with another idea for a blog post here are a few photos from Christmas Eve. The real blurry one is my dad which i thought was kind of artsy. Also Ashley (Modern Hippie's sister) appears wearing her Dad's Ugly Christmas sweater that she and Kylee/Hippie made for him.

Also appearing, are my mom, and in these following shots, Scott and Troy (my brothers) and Troy's son, Brian. They are laughing because they were microwaving beer, insisting it tasted pretty good. Yep, some families serve eggnog or mulled wine, but not us.

This photo cracks me up because they stopped posing but i took one more shot as they both looked away from each other.


Brian said...

Too bad the video's too big to put up here of Jo's brother Scott making up the words and singing 'Cajun Lady' while her Mom is 'soul' dancing to it and nephew Brian is playing the guitar. :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Baybee, the song was "Crawfish Woman"! (See? this is why your band doesn't let you sing? You mix up the words! lol.)

Yeah, i wish i could put up that video too, my mom is very yaya in it. And Scott is so funny, making up the lyrics on the spot - with my blues strumming nephew accompanying him so seriously.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, we got it up on YouTube now!!!!

sam said...

It looks like a great time. Although I dearly love my quiet there are moments - like when looking at your pictures - that I long for an extended family with fun genes. Thanks for posting these and sharing yours.

jojo cucina cucina said...

"She lives in the freshwater. NOT the saltwater."

jojo cucina cucina said...

T-sam!!!!! Merry Christmas!

amulbunny said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. We had so much crab left over that it took an hour to clean all the claws after dinner. But crab quesadillas the next day were so yummy!

Happy New Year!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey amulbunny! I envy that your family does crab!

P.S. y'all be sure to click on the YouTube arrow, or you're missing the best part!

Amanda Haines said...

I am now madly in love with your brother and nephew. They are absolutely adorable! The song is brilliant. And, your mom's dancing is perfect. Can I be adopted? I want to spend Christmas with you guys!

louielouie said...

Oh my, Crawfish Woman indeed

My family Christmas pales in comparison. The beverage of choice in my family is beer. My favorite holiday brew this year was BuzzSaw although the Yuletide Ale was popular. We go through plenty, but to my knowledge no one has tried microwaving the beer. We do have Egg Nog on Christmas Eve. My mom whips it up special, both potent and virgin versions. I’ve never been a fan of either, I settled down with a Bushmills. It does make the evening go more smoothly.

Today I took care of the after-Christmas returns. I may even begin de-christmasing the house tomorrow. Once things are all put away I can really relax for the rest of my winter break. I’ve started some sewing projects and am knitting a circular scarf. Other than a couple of work emails to respond to on the 30th I am the master of my own calendar.

Well, the Saint Vincent De Paul pick up and the Home Depot delivery schedules and me. Oh yeah, and the MOUNTAIN of laundry building in my laundry room is waiting in eager anticipation for the new washer and dryer. Now that there are 5 beds to change, Nick is home and Em has brought laundry with her, we are all eager for the new appliances.

Got to love the life of a domestic goddess

Modern Hippie said...

I'm trying to convince dad that he's gonna be famous but he doesnt believe it. So i showed him the "Bo-Yo" video (if you havent heard of it look it up, its this guy that made a stupid song and put it on youtube so his brother at college could see it ALL these people started watching it and now he's famous he was leno and lettermen and he made a CD and is on itunes, obviously as comedic-relief but still.

we need to make it happen! so pass it along to eveyrone you know! hahaha it has already been posted on facebook about 4 times. I posted it, I posted it on our fan page, Brian (jojo's hubby) posted it, and our cousin in California took it and posted it lol

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. i think its awesome that brian is just smoking his ciggerette the whole time, its kind of perfect lol

equeyaya said...

LOVE this! I watched the video and checked out the pix on Kylee's facebook, laughing out loud then, and now watching it again. LOVE it. When I looked at Kylee's pix, I wondered where you were, Jo. Duh, behind the camera.

Is Scott the one who married you and Brian?

In my glass: had some beringer cabernet earlier.

What I'm wearing: I <3 NY nightshirt and bleach stained sweatpants.

Reading: The latest Dan Brown, guilty pleasure

Presents: My daughter telling me how much she appreciates all that I've done for her. And my friend Amy telling me, "You are the only person I know who just keeps getting better."

itunes: I got $20 in itunes cards for Christmas, and look forward to spending them. I think I'll start with Monsters of Folk.

Quote: "she shake that booty just right on down the line," lol, dee!

equeyaya said...

just bought Monsters of Folk and am listening to it!

Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, M Ward, and Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket.

IslandPearl said...

Looks like a whole lotta Louvrak Louve goin on there! Your momma's awesome...and v. classy!

I couldn't respond to your previous post last week because it wouldn't let me access the comment block from my blackberry.

I got a kindle for Christmas, and 6 (all hardback! LOL) books, so my recreational reading is laid out for me for some time to come (The Case for God, The Lost Symbol, My Life in France, American on Purpose, and Excelsior You Fathead!).

I got 2 copies of the Ferguson book, so I'm (re)turning it into a cover for my kindle. I've already loaded two books on the kindle as well: Middlesex and Lamb (which I already read but it still makes me laugh every time.) I love it!!

Was great spending time with family -- got to spend a day at the Kennedy Space Center with my brother the rocket scientist. Didn't have my fancy camera with me, but got some nice shots with the little pocket one. May get them up on my blog this weekend.

Mom's doing well physically, but losing her car keys is really doing a number on her head. Not sure where we're headed with that...don't like leaving loose ends, but it is what it is.

Hoping for good things for all in 2010.

Modern Hippie said...

equeyaya, Scott is my dad (the one singing) my Uncle troy is the one who married Jo and Brian

pearl, do you like the kindle? you may not know yet. I feel like I maybe wouldnt like it? lets us know the ups and downs on it! can you change the font size?

thats a bummer about your mom, Pearl. alzhemiers? or just confused? I find my sister's keys all over the place. one time I found a spoon in the freezer for some reason, could have just as easily been her keys lol

you could get her that key sensor thing. like when you loose your cordless phone and press the button to beep so you can follow the sound, haha.

equeyaya said...

I know he's your dad, just wasn't sure which brother was the one that married them. That video is so damn funny, I laugh more everytime I watch it, and your grandma/jo's mom is SOOO yaya! (did you ever read those books, kylee?) Ashley seems really fun, too. Whatever happened with the boyfriend and the gift?

I'd be interested to know your experience with the kindle, too, pearl. I love the concept - just like storing your whole music collection on an ipod - just not sure about doing all my reading from a screen. I find myself printing things at work to read because it's harder for me to focus on the screen.

PS, pearl - remember you recommended The Historian to me? Turns out it's been on Melanie's bookshelf all along. She still hasn't gotten around to reading it, so now it's queued up on my stack after The Lost Symbol. Glad you're back!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey all. I laugh every time i look at that video too. My mom is very yaya. And even though she says she will never die (and sometimes when i think of how many times she has cheated death) i believe her. I mean how many people survive a car accident through the windshield and then ovarian cancer on top of that? Anyway, she is pretty funny.

Brian smoking all the way through it is very blues-dude-y too. It's too bad he started smoking again last summer after being so good about quitting, but he says he is quitting. Right Brian, if you are reading? New Years Resolution right?

pearl, welcome home! I already know i won't want a kindle because books, are like my kids, hence, the threatening messages when i loan them out for "babysitting". I love the physicality of books. Also, i hope that your mom is okay. but we do all lost our keys at times so maybe it's just that.

eque. i've been thinking about you and your Christmas. You did ravioli right? I'll email you soon.

Amanda Haines! i love when you post here! I think from what i read on your pine needles in underpants blog that you would so totally fit in with the family. Like i said, my Brian tells me that we have many similarities, so maybe we could be twins, 20 years apart.

I am posting from my new Gateway Netbook computer that Brian got me for Christmas and i'm not great with scrolling without a mouse so i'm probably missing something to respond to. So i'll be back.

equeyaya said...

yes we had ravioli, and i made your meatballs and they were a big hit. i've made them 4 times now and they get better everytime.

i did filet mignon for my mom's dinner, with roasted brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, chinese slaw and banana cake.

IslandPearl said...

Thanks for the welcomes...

To clarify -- Mom didn't physically lose her keys. She just cannot USE them any more. Her doctors have forbidden her to drive until they can get to the bottom of her blackouts. And I'm sadly certain that isn't going to happen. So her driving days are over.

I love love love the kindle. It is very easy to read -- not at all like reading on a computer screen. And the typeface is adjustable. YAY!! I'm just thrilled to be able to take as many books as I like on trips without all the weight.

AND I can email myself pdf files of work stuff to read on the plane too, so I don't have to print it off and drag it around.

jo, I understand what you mean and I don't think you'd enjoy kindle much at all. But I'm pretty sure barbara would.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, oooh. not driving. that has to be hard. I remember how Dorothy felt when her kids told her she couldn't drive and i know she must have known it was coming because just a month before she went out and brought a small Toyota SUV without telling them.

I have not seen a kindle yet but i am glad to know it's easier to read than a computer screen. Or at least different. I am on a computer so much at work (just like the phone) that i don't want anything to seem like my job when i am doing something as wonderful as reading.

Do any of y'all ever wonder about folks who NEVER read? I cannot imagine never reading a novel. What do they do with their time? I see folks while getting my allergy shots (where you have to wait for 30 minutes) and some people just sit there and are doing nothing. I don't think i could just sit with my thoughts for too long and not be reading at least a magazine.

If i traveled like you pearl, i would definitely have a kindle. You know i was thinking that these Louise Penny books i am reading (and my husband is now reading) might be your cup of tea. They are nothing like the Harlan Cobel books but there is a similarity in that like the Myron Bolataire and Win series the characters are wonderful and appear in every book. The murders are very unusual. And there is lots of wisdom and humor and human nature in all of them. The first one is "Still life". Also the author writes so well about all the fabulous food and drink at the bistro that it makes you want to salivate. And the little Canadaian village is so cozy and idyllic (except for the murder in the book) that you want to move there. Or at least find that kind of place to retire.

I took down all my Christmas stuff yesterday which is kind of early for me. I got the idea from louielouie because i like the idea of the last few days of work off without having to do this. It took HOURS to tear it all down.

I like Christmas and i love decorating. But i also love equally taking it all down and having it over. I rearranged the living room and it feels so good to me to always sit here when it feels like a new room.

P.S. Kylee, eque is right. You should read the yaya books! They are written about louisiana you know. And the author is living in Washington state. They also play bouree' in the book often, just like we still do!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah, Kylee came over last night and we watched Julie and Julia. LOVED this movie so much. I adored their marriages, both Julia Child's and the Julie character. Kylee i want you to marry men just like their two husbands! It's a wonderful movie and as always, Meryl Streep just blows you away. I'm sure she will get another Oscar for this role. I didn't follow Julia child, (though i do have one of her last cookbooks) but she is so incredibly likeable and full of joy that i wish i could watch her show again.

pearl, i think you said you saw it too and felt the same way. Did anyone else see it? If not, see it! You can't help but love it.

louielouie said...

I am soooo far behind. What is looming in my head:

I did NOT de-Christmas my house, so Jo you beat me.

I’m having company tonight and have done nothing to prepare. No cooking, no shopping. Not even any ideas about what to do/make.

I need to balance my checkbook, but my desk is just a pile of bills and Christmas cards; I haven’t even been opening the mail.

I lost Em’s registration for winter quarter.

The washer and dryer came today. I have piles of laundry; no one has any clean socks

I had just a few work things to do over break and have not done them. Have opened the emails a couple of times and then just closed them up and marked them as unread.

Have started thinking about these thing all night.

What I have done:

Read 6 novels, loved the Book Of Joe.

Stayed up late and watched bad TV with the kids

Played Cranium with my two kids and husband.

Made a skirt for Em

Read the results from The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational new word/definition contest. My favorite: Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it. 

Posted here.

So, my break was not wasted, but I can't believe how fast it went and how little I accomplished. This is the longest I have been off work or out of school in 20 years I thought I might be bored. The time just flew by.

louielouie said...

still not addressing the items on my "must do" list, but did make an appointment to get my roots dyed.

Modern Hippie said...

I never did read the yaya books, i didnt even know about them! I know about the movie but I've yet to watch it. I need too because I know it would remind me of aunt connie, judy and grandma dee lol

OH THE BOYFRIEND PRESENT! well, she ended up writing him a really funny poem and promised to do a dinner at sushi (since she has yet to try it) but he got her the massage, a wine opener and wine stoppers. (my sister gave up on wine openers after breaking a few and now she just knifes the bottle, shes pretty good at it actually lol

haha Brian and Troy are both quitting! lets keep nagging them about it lol

I am a little like Jo with books, although I have no where near enough books as Jo but I think of Books as pieces of art, pieces of furniture.

but thats cool you can email yourself files on it! does it have internet access in general? how do you get the PDF on the kindle?

Oh, Pearl. oops for my misunderstanding lol thats not fun though the non-driving and the blackouts, do they not know why she is blacking out?

Well Jo, I kind of strattle the line of "not reading" I have to be in such a mood and setting that reading isnt that easy for me. Mom and Dad will read while sitting in front of the TV! i can't do that I need pretty much silence (unless i've already started reading and im really into it and then noise happens) and a lot of times I dont walk around with a book so sometimes I'm stuck in the situation of waiting for something without a book. but i do enjoy reading if its a good book.

Jo! I don't know why I didnt think about this when I was sitting at your house yesterday but why didnt you call me for our undecorating tradition!? i didnt get to help decoarte or undecorate this year. no chinese and movies. :(

Louie, I envy you. although I havent been doing anything but I havent had anything to do to push aside either.

p.s. i was saying something to my mom the other day, some story about you on the blog I think I can't remember but I said "Yeah, LouieLouie..." instead of just saying Sarah which my mom knows you as. haha. i thought it was funny, maybe it would have been funnier if Jo was there lol

oh p.s. everyone, I saw Invictus I'm gonna do a review on my movie blog soon (i've recently posted alot) its really good but do keep in mind that the whole movie is about rugby lol

~grits~ said...

omg jo, you have the best family fun I have seen in a long time!!!!!

IslandPearl said...

Loved Julie and Julia. Would've loved it more if there had been sinificantly more Julia, but that's part Meryl's awesomeness, part my distaste for Julie (a self-absorbed whiner IMHO)

Saw Invictus last night and firmly believe that Eastwood may well be the director for the ages. With no special effects and no gigando budget, he tells a simple straightforward story exquisitely. A true master.

And we saw Blindside tonight (part of our NYE tradition is a movie and dinner then champagne with a neighbor before turning in. Great movie.

Could be a rough NYE for me though- I have the beginnings of a cold and it already sounds/looks/smells like a bad night in Fallujah outside. Hundreds of (VERY) illegal aerial fireworks and hundreds of thousands of firecrackers will explode in our little corner of the island before the sun rises tomorrow. The law says legal between 9PM 12/31 and 1 AM 1/1. They've been blowing shit up for 2 weeks, but the grand finale is tonight. Wheeze.

I've already turned on the A/C in the bedroom to create my safe haven. Wish me luck!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, how did you fare last night??? we didn't hear any fireworks where we were. (never my favorite thing anyway.)

Oh, i loved the Julie character in the movie. she was so cute. She reminded me of Meg Ryan, back in the day when i used to like Meg Ryan.

IslandPearl said...

Not great. Fortunately with the A/C on in the bedroom I was able to sleep, but this has bloomed into a full on head cold (or the worst sinus infection EVER.) No plans for the weekend, so I can hopefully sleep it off.

I think that if you read the book (J&J), you wouldn't like her. Totally self-absorbed whiner.

jojo cucina cucina said...

if i hadn't heard that others weren't liking the book so much i would have wanted to read it after watching the movie. Amy Adams is so damn cute in the movie.

Are you on antibiotics???? Sinus infections are so terrible - i haven't had one in awhile but they wipe me out when i do.