Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions I am NOT going to make....and more Chaotic Family Photos...

Happy New Year!

Playing on iTunes: needtobreathe's Washed by the Water (an equeyaya contribution. I LOVE this song so much.

Photos: New Year's Eve. That is my great-niece Mari in the New Year's tiara. She is so sweet! And that's her mom, (my sister's daughter, who i always call Jessie-belle) in the glasses in the photo of me with my nice nieces. And me posing in the Famous Coor Beer hat. and then my nephew in silhouette in the same hat. And Troy playing around with the instruments! LOL.

In the jam session photo that is again my nephew, our musical friend Shane, and my husband (Bongo Boo) entertaining us a good part of the night. But none of us knew the lyrics to anything, (except Mari knew the American Pie chorus. I might try and put it up from YouTube.) So no Crawfish Woman genius-ity or YaYa dancing.

In my Glass: J Lohr chardonnay. (first glass).
Announcement: I am going to toot my own New Year's horn and say today marks the 30th anniversary of the ONLY New Year's resolution i ever kept: I have been committed to running (though i should now call it 'jogging') since 1980!
What i hate about New Year's Eve the most: Hands down, that stupid Times Square countdown....or any countdown for that matter. I also HATEHATEHATE "The Wave" at sporting events too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Year's Resolutions I will NOT be making:
1. reading the classics.
2.cutting back on my iTune purchases.
3. waking up at 6:00 am 5 times a week so i can run before work.
4. cutting back on carbohydrates.
5. eating only whole grains.
6. turning vegan.
7. trying to not say the f-word so often. (I love the f-word!)
8. trying a bunch of new things. (My husband when i turned 50 years old gave me a journal where i was supposed to write 50 new things i was going to do that year. I gave him one of those looks that i probably give to people who tell me they were once abducted by aliens. Since then, he and i laugh about it. )
9. making a bunch of new friends. I can barely keep up and be a good friend to the ones i have right now!
10. i am NOT joining the YMCA. In fact the best thing about not belonging anymore was how bad it got this time of year with all the new people who signed up to work out for their new year's resolution. (I used to call them 'resolooters' because of how they looted all the parking spots. ) Usually by Valentine's Day it was all back to normal and you could find a spot.
11. I always thought it was funny anyway that we would bitch about how we couldn't get a parking space close to the door we were entering to go work out.
I'll think of some more, but i am only on one glass of wine and not yet totally feeling the inspiration. But come add yours!
(By the way, the last time i looked Crawfish Woman had 136 hits on YouTube, though i think it's do mainly to my husband, Kylee and my Louisiana born cousin Todd who put it up on Facebook. )


Brian said...

You can see Mariana sing by going to and scroll in about 1:16 minutes. :)

louielouie said...

Never seen brushes on the Bongos before. But then I don't get out much

louielouie said...

Happy New Year One and All

New Years Eve went well at louie's

We had hot and sour prawn soup (Jo knows this one) and then after a few hours of playing Syzygy, ate build-it-yourself quesadillas, my new favorite pre-prep but then take-it-easy meal. The oven bbq-ed pork (sweet) and chicken (spicy) turned out well. So much left over I will serve it again today. Only thing missing for today is our customary pickled herring; would need to go to my brothers to get that….

About the game, Syzygy. You should all check it out. It is Scrabble-like but so less competitive. We played for hours and even my husband with his macho need to win didn't get out of line. I never had to threaten to take him out once. Because you can use two-letter words like “an” and “of” it’s a perfect word game for me. I’m planning on talking jo into playing.

Today I tackle the tree, help Em finish a Christmas gift apron and finish some throw pillows for Nick then finally get to those work emails. I think I can manage that during the Rose Bowl. My checkbook balanced piece-o-cake yesterday and I paid the early January bills. I want NO work on my horizon for Saturday. Nothing I have to get to but that hair appointment.

Am going to Avatar (against my better judgment) at an I-Max theater on Sunday with the hubby, Em, Nick and Nick’s new gal. I can’t believe I agreed to a 3HOUR movie in giant 3-D, but didn’t see how I could miss this all-family outing to Olympia. I may bring earplugs and a novel.

Resolutions to come.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, you put up a new photo!

Hey, i am ready to play Szzzguyzzz game or whatever it's called. I am an excellent speller but only because i have a terrible vocabulary. I am all over the two and three letter Scrabble words.

Oh, you could never get me to Avatar. Remember to bring a booklight with your novel. Those theaters are kinda dark.

I have done nothing all day. Here is what i did:
1. got up at 9 am.
2. Brushed teeth.(but did not wash my face and still haven't.)
3. Read the newspaper
4. Took a nap.
5. Brian working on the YouTube woke me up (he condensed about a half hour or 45 min. of video into 2.5 minutes and it took awhile) so i read some of that Up in the Air novel.
6. Checked email.
7. Changed blog.
8. didn't know what to do about dinner, but lo and behold i had enough stuff to make crab and procuitto angel hair pasta so i did.
9. Brian and i went for a mile walk - three times around the condo circle after dinner (it's not my usual workout day so a mile is not long, but overtime for me.)
10. Checked email.
11. Checked blog.
12. and that is the start of the new year!

equeyaya said...

today i walked, twice, took the girls shopping, and that's basically it.

my only new year's resolution is to file divorce papers. that will be happening before the end of january. yay, me.

IslandPearl said...

What's wrong with Avatar? You two SciFi snobs?


equeyaya said...

video is great!

i never knew your sister had a daughter! they are so sweet!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i am total anti-sci-fi. If they served wine, i might go.

Oh eque... yay you, is right. Hugs.

I forgot to add to my list between 4 & 5 that i ate gummibears for lunch.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i forgot to say that y'all should add your own Non-resolutions!

IslandPearl said...

Oh dear. And me being happy for a social obligation involving 2 bowl games to relieve me of having to decide between an all day Dr Who-a-thon on BBCA and the Buffy-pa-looza on LOGO. Could we BE any more different??

I got up around 8AM and made my favorite spinach dip with extra spinach to salve my conscience about the mayo and sour cream -- full fat because the lite stuff tastes like shite (bought sesame crisps to go with) and made pigs-in-a-blanket (with crescent rolls instead of biscuits) to take to the Ellises for Bowl day. Comfort food for this displaced southern girl.

Cooked B's poached eggs and made myself an orange/blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Showered and dressed around 10:30.

Spent the rest of the day watching football -- good day for my Florida teams.

Now I'm waiting on my hoppin john to heat up, and my collard greens. B's taking a pass in favor of potato salad to go with the ham.

Nothing in the way of personal enrichment launching my new year.

I'm not setting myself up to fail by committing to a weight loss plan.

Would love to purge and relieve my home and life of clutter, but truth is I find comfort and peace amidst a certain level of chaos.

Don't have enough energy to think right now -- maybe it's the combo of cold meds and prosecco.

louielouie said...

no new photo jo; see #4

Louielouie’s Realistic Quasi-Resolutions

1. I will not resolve to take on any new healthy eating regimes. I will MAKE AN EFFORT to not roll my eyes when you tell me about your great successes with your new food plan.

2. I will not go through the 5 years of snap shots I have crammed into desk drawers and organize them into albums. I MIGHT move them into year-labeled boxes so I can move the desk into another room.

3. I will not get my finances in order and 8-months of living expenses in savings. I PLAN TO tally up my monthly expenses though and figure out a new savings plan. I read about this in the Oprah magazine while getting my roots done earlier today, sounded like a good plan.

4. I will not learn how to take and post digital photos. I will continue to not own a camera, never have my own pictures of anything and TRY to be polite when I ask others for copies. (same goes for burning CDs)

5. I will not resolve to stop worrying about things I can’t control. I will AIM to become more creative in my worry-subject-matter.

6. I will not join the YMCA or Curves. I MIGHT start walking again when the days become lighter longer.

7. I will not limit my spending to necessities. I DO resolve to NOT buy a new car in 2010 (unless my husband wears me down. Again)

8. I will not resolve to stop talking bad about people. I will ATTEMPT to limit the diatribes, make my complaints entertaining and tell them only to Jo.

9. I will not resolve to become a gracious hostess. I will, however, THINK ABOUT not apologizing for the food before, during or after the meal.

10. I will not strive for inner peace. I will WORK ON building up my alcohol tolerance so I can better deal with the lack of inner peace.

oh yeah, 11. I resolve to continue to post here when I have a million other things I need to do

jojo cucina cucina said...

louielouie, i swear more of your face is showing in your avatar. Maybe it's because i'm looking at in on my netbook. I've noticed the blog sets up a little differently depending on the settings.

I look forward to your #8 and am grateful for your #11.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i have been a slug all day. Though i at least took a bath today. And i've been in louielouie's famous pajama pants all day long. The tired feeling likely has something to do with the terrible vacation home eating. I had gummy bears and caramel popcorn for lunch and the combination is so sickenly sweet i feel like i'm growing a cavity right now. And I don't even like sweet stuff.

So to counter the sugar low, my husband just poured me a snowcap beer from the growler that was a present from our neighbor for Chrismas. It's a very rich dark beer. I'm letting it warm up to improve the flavor.

I am reading the last of the Louise Penny mysteries and this one is very good too. I think i want to move near Quebec.

pearl you made hoppin' john? I always want to do that but i just don't love black eyed peas all that much. But i like the tradition very much of eating them for good luck. Brian heated up a can just for himself yesterday.

Speaking of digital the iPod and Google and now this netbook too, i don't know how i lived so long without the digital camera. love my D90 so much but the downside of digital photography is what i feared before, how to keep the photos organized. It's been one year today that i bought this camera and i probably have a few thousand photos to organize.

I have them in folders, but what to do with them? I am going to try and create a DVD each year (with music) of just the best stuff each year. Normally i love to organize stuff, but this seems to be such a daunting taks. I probably should attempt such a project each season instead of once a year. When i shot with film i probably took maybe three rolls of film at the most at a time and then had them printed and didn't do so again for another three months.

Anyway, i might work on that tomorrow. I need some kind of project if i am going to hang around the house instead of eating gummi bears all day.

equeyaya said...

re digital... periodically, i upload my favorites to kodakgallery, order prints and put them in an album the old fashioned way. it's the only thing that really works for me. digitization just seems so transient, i fear that i will one day lose everything.

IslandPearl said...

Eque's absolutely right. I use Shutterfly myself, but it's the same principle: off site storage.

I only move the best of the best into the online albums, so it forces me to cull (I know -- 200+ photos of China seems hardly like I did any pruning, unless you know that I actually shot over 1200.

I now have 3 digital cameras, and I'm rarely without one or the other of them in my purse or briefcase. I'd have more - there's always some new buzzy feature or whatnot -- but it gets silly after a point.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I do have two Passport external hard drives which have all my photos. One i keep at work, (in case the house burns down). But i think making DVDs is the way i want to go because i HATED so much organizing photo albums and with my tiny 1000 sq foot condo i have no more room for massive volumes of photo albums. So i am going to work towards that. But i do like the idea of maybe sending some of the photos to print and just throwing them in a hat box. I worry about the loss of actual photographs because of this technology craze.

in the next decade i will likely be unable to view them because there will be some new medium instead of DVDs. As it is my wedding is on a video which we can no longer view (unless i get it converted) and that's only been 7 1/2 years and my photographer at the time shot film, which wasn't weird back then. Less than 8 years!

I guess i am sort of ready to go back to work since i've been doing nothing for the past three days except for reading. And laying around only makes me more tired.

I'm also tired of New Year's so i'm going to change this blog soon.

IslandPearl said...

Another advantage of sites like Shutterfly and Kdak is that the prints are way cheaper and considerably better quality than you can do at home. I buy bulk lots from Shutterfly (mostly to do my photojournals) of 200 at a time, which gets the cost under a dime a print. You can't do that with a home printer. And the quality is like prints from film.

Modern Hippie said...

oh i never saw even saw this post!! i never got mad about the YMCA reslooters taking up parking spots i got mad about them taking all the machines, it was always so damn crowded, i didnt ever really work out with my mom but if we did, we could never get a machine together so it was pointless anyways.

i will not make a resolution to work out or do a specific diet, i have decided for me, these are "phases" for me i work out for a couple months, it dies off. i have always been against diets, i love food too much. but what i do vow to do is just live a better lifestyle. living downtown i walk ALL the time, even if im just walking the dogs outside, its still something. and my mom was going off about my bad eating habits but actually at home, i eat alot better because i dont do full meals.

~grits~ said...

Hello all!

Im finding myself more of a reader than a poster-blogger (ha - better word for me than writer). I really really enjoy reading these good posts and comments but then I go foggy-brained when its time to post my own!

And the pics make me sooooooo envious of your fun family and friends times, but in a good way as they always make me smile and sometimes LOL for real and it makes me feel glad you share these things so we can sort of "be there".

((((((((Barbara)))))))))) Im missing something and need to go catch up on your blog to see if I can find it.

Pearl, I love what you said about purging the home yet liking the comfort you get amidst the chaos. I'm gonna put that in my new quote journal.