Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Gnarly Head, a Crazy Heart, & Wiggly Fingers (& my lifelong dream of being Judge of the World)


Playing on iTunes: The Weary Kind from the movie Crazy Heart. It's by Ryan Bingham. (eque, you once sent me his song, Southside of Heaven) Both are beautiful songs.

The movie: i HIGHLY recommend this movie Crazy Heart, which stars Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhall and Colin Farrell. Bridges won a Golden Globe for this performance. Robert Duvall also stars . (And Colin and Jeff sing many of their own songs and they are good!)

What i'm reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Finally it's picking up, but it took 150 pages. Normally i would have tossed this book out the window for taking so long to get interested but ms. hippie's mom told me it was good.

In my glass: Gnarly Head pinot grigio.

The next song on iTunes: Patti Griffith's Wiggly Fingers.

What is disconcerting: In this movie Jeff Bridges reminded me a lot of how my ex-husband (the second one) looks, (only Jeff has better hair). But they have the same beard and heaviness in their walk and build, a similar sad charm, and the drinking.

What i keep forgetting: To take that second calcium chewable tablet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
On with the random thoughts:

1. I wish i could sing like Patti Griffith.

2. The Supreme Court did something bad about overturning McCain/Feingold campaign laws and i am not well versed about it just yet, but i just know it's bad and when i pull my head out of the sand, i'll find out more. But get ready for ads we have hated in the past getting that much worse. It's sickening how much money is spent on this shit, especially during times like these. And i am sure unions will be right there with them. Fuck this Supreme Court for doing this.

3. I think that is the first time i have used the f-word on my blog. (It won't be the last, so cover your eyes if you are sensitive!)

4. But right now i want to leave politics alone. I almost don't want to read the paper anymore.

5. Apathy is better than Ambien.

6. So different subject: I'm thinking about starting a separate American Idol blog, i might call it Meaner than Simon.

7. But so far i haven't seen an audition yet that inspires me. (We'll see when it comes to Hollywood time. )

8. My brother's Crawfish Woman was a far better funny song than that stupid Idol's now famous Pants on the Ground. Yet 62 year old General Larry's Pants has millions of hits. And Scott only has 265 last i checked.

9. Which is most likely our family checking it out over and over. (Or maybe it's YOU, Amanda. LOL!)

10. In regards to 'working in groups' topic from the end of my last blog post and the discussion between louie, pearl and ms hippie: i have to admit i do not play well with others. I have a very hard time being inspired in a group. I work more creatively alone. My hobbies and even the sports I am active in are geared more for loners. (I think it comes from my military bratdom lifestyle.)

11. It could also be that i am not what you call ' a people person'.

12. Unless i get to choose the people.

13. That's why i want to be an American Idol judge.

14. Or just Judge of the World. Yeah, that's the career i want.

15. And the very first judging i want to do is this one: I get to choose the people who get to become parents. And i get to choose who CANNOT.

16. (And yes, i would put my very own self on the list of CANNOTs. )

17. Speaking of politics and babies: I was NOT surprised at all by John Edwards final admission of his baby. I have never ever liked John Edwards. Don Imus used to refer to him as an 'empty suit" and say what you will about Imus, but sometimes he got it right because he spoke uncarefully. (i love that in people. )

18. I am pretty sure that 'uncarefully' is not a word, but i like it, so i'm going to keep using it. (However ms. hippie, this does not mean you can use the word 'boughten'.)

19. Here is what i want in health care reform. and i don't care about anything else at this point if they can just do these few things:

a) no one with a pre-existing condition can be turned down for health care.
b) no one who gets sick can be dropped by any insurance company.
c) Children should be fully insured until the age of 26.
d) Offer reductions for plans where people take the incentive and do something about their health, i.e. quit smoking, manage their weight and exercise. etc. We have to do something about getting our country in better shape. We are such an unhealthy bunch of folks.
e) if you have always been employed but have a legitimate health condition that now precludes you from working, then Medicare should kick in early.

20. And regarding who gets to make the decision about who is healthy enough to have an insurance reduction, or who decides what IS a legitimate health condition, well then.....refer to #14.

21. The problem with Democrats is they try to do ALL things ALL at once. I like the Increment Plan best. As Judge of the World, that is what i would call all of my plans and it would be how i would get them passed in Congress.

22. Also Democrats (and union leaders) believe EVERYONE has to be heard. And i don't subscribe to that at all. (I think they should just listen to me!) As Judge of the World, i now get to decide who can speak and who needs to shut up. Or maybe as Judge of the World, I am the only one who gets to speak. (Yeah, i like that one a lot.)

23. As Judge of the World, though i need to make sure i get summers off. I hope that is possible.

24. And the Republicans make me crazy with their faux rage and their pretense of taking care of the people and the wackos like Beck and Coulter and Limbaugh who inflame for the sake of a paycheck ....but.....

25. ....i forgot. i wasn't talking about politics.

26. Here's another Internet photo. Colin Farrell has a small role in Crazy Heart but he has a fabulous pulled back ponytail that i always swoon for when i see a man sporting such hair. (Think Johnny Depp in Chocolat.) I could not find Colin's Crazy Heart photo, maybe because his role was uncredited in the movie. But this one will do. He is Crazy Cute!

OK, y'all know the rules, what are your random thoughts today????


jojo cucina cucina said...

I had NO idea that Ryan Bingham was so crazy cute himself! Above is a very good YouTube (meaning it is a very clear photo and great sound) of Bingham singing The Weary Kind. He is very hot.

equeyaya said...

VERY cute. I just added that song to my itunes wish list. I want to run my fingers through Ryan Bingham's hair!

and i'm very much looking forward to colin farrell's pony tail when I see that movie!

This post is classic jojo! love your random thoughts and i am feeling the same way about politics right now and echo your fucking of the supreme court.

But I'm too tired to add any more tonight. I had one glass of Glass Mountain chardonnay, read some of my book, and I think I'm ready to turn in for the night. It's been a day.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque. Ryan Bingham is actually in the movie too. Look for him in a small part as a band member for Bad Blake (Jeff Bridge's character's name) when Blake is first performing at a bowling alley (shades of Big Lebowski!).

Ryan is the band member who has to take up the song as Blake has to leave mid-song from the stage to go outside and throw up. I just recognized him after looking at the YouTube. (I expected a much older guy after having hear the song!)

equeyaya said...

just got that song on itunes and a few others.

equeyaya said...

Marc Broussard is another one that is much younger than he sounds.

equeyaya said...

okay, i'm feeling a little lonely here, but wanted to post that i started itunes genius on the Ryan Bingham Weary Kind song, and got this great playlist!

The Weary Kind - Ryan Bingham
Ghost Repeater - Jeffrey Foucault
Buckets of Rain - Beth Orton
The Times They Are a Changin - Mason Jennings
Coal War - Joshua James
Hallelujah - Ryan Adams
40 Dogs - Bob Schneider
The Sandman, The Brakeman and Me - Monsters of Folk
Mesa, Arizona - Jeffrey Foucault
Southside of Heaven - Ryan Bingham
Clay Pigeons - John Prine
Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife - Drive By Truckers
Chin Up, Cheer Up - Ryan Adams
The One I Love - Greg Laswell
Headed for a Fall - M Ward
Kathleen - David Gray
Atlantic City - The Hold Steady
Low Rising - The Swell Season
Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.) - Monsters of Folk
Nothing Happening - Ben Kweller
Long Monday - John Prine
Quiet - This Will Destroy You
Oh My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams
One Part Love - Jeffrey Foucault
Listen to the Darkside - Charlie Mars

Amanda Haines said...

Ryan Bingham is fantastic, though I wish his hair had a bit less styling product. I'm all for shaggy hair if it's "just rolled out of bed" hair and not "I spent 40 minutes sculpting and spaying this to look like I just rolled out of bed" hair. Even so, his voice is perfect.

Just like Collin Farrell, who has dirty as hell hair in all the best ways.

Did you hear that there's a sex tape of John Edwards and the woman he impregnated (she's pregnant in the tape...yikes!)? I do wonder if all the hair on his body is as stiff as that on his head, but I can think of few things more nauseating than this tape. Ew. At least his wife left him finally. I hope she takes him for all he's worth! That tape should help.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey all. Modern Hippie (my niece Kylee as most of y'all know) has been in the hospital with lupus complications. She has been very sick all week and had a CAT scan Wed. that came back clear. But she was in the ER yesterday and a second CAT scan came back different so they admitted her.

It was scary last night when the ER doctor told us that lupus seemed to be attacking her brain.

This afternoon the neurologist (who is pretty renowned in these areas) assured us this afternoon her spinal tap, MRI and everything shows that all is well with her brain. The CAT Scan was a mistake because her head was tilted he said. (Kylee said, "We shouldn't have to pay for THAT CAT scan".) He told us it appears to be that lupus is attacking her red cells, making her so severely anemic that she can't function. When i left this evening they are still waiting for the rheumatologist to see her.

We think she is going to be fine once we know the blood transfusions take and the lupus doesn't attack the replenished cells. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow, but she might have to pull out of school for the quarter like last time if she is not better soon because she is missing too many classes.

Remember that movie a long time ago, "Powder"? That's what she looked like this morning. But this afternoon she looked a little bit better than when i first saw her this morning.

So that's where we have been. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please. I'm sure she'll be back to the blogosphere soon.

equeyaya said...

i was worried with both of you MIA.

pretty pink and blue thoughts for kylee.

EoDE said...

Adding Kylee to my prayers and hoping she gets to go home soon. Hugs to you both (and Oliver, who's probably homesick to see her!).

IslandPearl said...

So sorry to read this when I got home today. Hope she's feeling much better soon.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey again! Kylee/Modern Hippie is still in the hospital and will likely be there Monday night too they tell us. They need to get her red blood counts up and she is still far from the right numbers in spite of the blood transfusions.

But thought she looks bad, she's been a trooper and is in great spirits when i saw her tonight. She was very happy because the nurse Katie had the great idea to give her a little morphine to see if that would help her get up and about without pain in her head. And it worked! So while i was there i got to help her finally take a shower and wash her hair and walk the halls when her parents and sister had gone to dinner, so they were pleased to see her doing better when they returned. (Thought the morphine wore off about an hour later.)

She is also her normal chatty self and has no trouble with her appetite. (She loved the pasta dinner they brought back from the dinner.)

EoDE, funny you mention Oliver her dog. Her dog has been a nightmare for Kylee's parents. LOL. She is looking everywhere for Kylee these past days and was going nuts - (for one thing because she is in a different house without her mom, since Kylee actually lives in Seattle with her sister.)

After chewing up Kylee's parents' carpet they put her outside yesterday while at the hospital but Oliver managed to dig a hole under their fence to go to the front yard, only to find that Kylee was not in the front yard either. But she never left the yard. Kylee's mom said she was totally black from the dirt! LOL.

Hopefully Kylee will be home Tuesday. And Oliver will quit with the doggie anxiety. And we will be back to our normal blogging routine.

(I may delete these posts after a bit of time passes, so don't be surprised if you see them missing later.)

louielouie said...

thanks for the update jo.

Be sure to tell Modern Hippie things just aren't the same on the blog without her.

jojo cucina cucina said...

No lie, the blog misses her, and you louie, were AWOL, and pearl was traveling....and i was gone "hospitaling", and so equeyaya (especially eque!) and Amanda and EoDe had to hold the fort by themselves.

(By the way eque, your Ryan Bingham song list is so great!) i have nearly ALL those songs anyway and you gave me the idea to play Bingham radio on too, so i've been doing that i discovered another guy (not on your list) Hayes Carll and bought his song "Long Way Home".)

OK, two funny Kylee hospital stories:

#1 Kylee's mom Marie, (who is one of my favorite people in the world) brought over a bunch of stuff that Kylee needed for her stay. And one of those things was a hairbrush. And so Marie was brushing Kylee's hair until finally Kylee took notice of the hairbrush that her mom was using and exclaimed, "MOM!!!! that's Oliver's brush!" Marie had been brushing Kylee's hair with the dog brush! And what's funny is the handle on the dog brush is all chewed up by Oliver. Kylee's dad Scott (my brother), who hadn't been paying attention, started laughing and said, "Even I knew that was Oliver's brush."

(What also is funny to me is to even picture Kylee letting her mom brush her hair!)

Story #2. I walk in the hospital room last night and what I am confronted with as i walk in the door is this huge black fuzzy blanket with Tupac's face (you know the rap artist who was killed in 1995?) staring at me.

Kylee's cousin Brian (The son of my brother Troy) had visited her earlier yesterday. He went to the flower shop on Pacific Avenue to buy Kylee flowers. But right next door to the flower shop was this Smoke Shop. (And you know how vendors sell those icky blankets on the side of the road of the flying eagles, or Elvis, or in this case, Tupac?), well this Smoke Shop sold those kind of blankets and so he decided against the flowers and opted for the Tupac blanket. And Kylee's Dad hung it in the hospital room. It's hysterical.

(Two years ago when she was in the hospital first diagnosed he brought her helium balloons that said "It's a Boy!".)

Anyway, Kylee is getting better. She is now receiving a special IV treatment now from the hematologist for her blood and that appears to be working and i think she might get to come home on Wednesday because she has two days of that IV.

She looked better today in her coloring when i saw her this morning. And she sounded EXACTLY like herself when i spoke with her on the phone and was finally able to sit up without her head pounding. And she's had lots of family visiting her and she likes that. The grandparents are always good for some fun.

And Oliver seems to be adapting to being outside in the daytime and sleeping in his cage now so that he doesn't chew up the rest of Marie's carpet.

I do want to keep y'all in the loop since i feel like we are a community of friends, but I still will likely delete all these posts later in case a potential employer down the line is able to track her name on the Internet and might not hire her because of an illness like lupus. I am probably being overcautious. But that's my way.

IslandPearl said...

You are an awesome auntie!

equeyaya said...

That is sad to think an employer would do that (totally illegal), but I'm sure it happens.

Marie and Brian are too funny!! I had the same chuckle over Kylee letting her Mom brush her hair - oliver's brush just made it all the funnier.

EoDE said...

Love your stories, especially the one about Marie using Oliver's brush to do Kylee's hair (the toothmarks on the handle crack me up). I'm so glad K's doing better.

Modern Hippie said...

i have wi-fi in my hospital room!! ive been checking up but tonight (laying down flat in my bed a little uncomfortable so i dont stay on long) but tonight i feel pretty good ive been on for a little while - i saw most of you on facebook thanks for the support!

i was giggling out loud when i was reading through the post on her and my RN was in the room and he said "whats so funny!" so i was telling him the story and he started laughing too.

its kinda cool at this hospital because its smaller so by now i know all the nurses and CNA's now its like anytime a nurse walks by they wave at me "are you going home yet!" haha

i'm betting on thursday or friday i highly doubt wednesday but we'll see what happens i just dont get excited because they ALWAYS say "maybe tomorrow or the next day"

they did give me ocycodine this morning and i FREAKED out i dont know HOW people get addicted to (ahem rush limbaugh) it was HORRIBLE i was definitley high but in a really bad way not in a fun loopy way in a really scary "what the fuck is happening" way lol

i should write a book about all the hsopital stays i have - the food is horrible at this hospital its bad and its really processed so it makes me feel all sick so ive been opting for cereal breakfast and having people bring me food

i talked to the school and i shouldnt have to pull out of the quarter, bascially if i do have to pull out way later i wont have to worry about loosing my money when i retake the class i just wont have to pay for it but my teachers have been emailing me and they said they want to work it out with me and hopefully i can catch up and theyve been sending me all the documents i need so when im ready to start working i can catch up

so hopefully ill be back home by this weekend! my hospital room is getting a little too personalized lol

and jojo IS an awesome auntie! even helped me showered and she was getting all wet by the shower lol and helped me walk the slow exciting walk of the hallways lol

Modern Hippie said...

did i mention thanks for the support? :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ms. hippie, I almost totally missed this post because i forget to go back to old ones. I must be awesome and you must be special because you know i am not by nature a nurturer!

jojo cucina cucina said...

P.S. Aren't you even going to comment on Colin Farrell's hot looks????

Anybody reading who doesn't have Facebook, Kylee came home today. YAYAYAY! You know your Dad is sighing with relief because of the SuperBowl!!!!

Modern Hippie said...

i just showed dad that last clip about the superbowl and he laughed and said "thats true"

what are you doing for superbowl jo? is there some kind of anti-superbowl party going on? cause you know i dont even want to try and particpate


i'll post some pictures of oliver soon cause he got a very big haircut :) lol