Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuff I Distrust.... (politics aside)

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: Little Penguin (Australian chardonnay, cheap, but good!)

Music: silence.

Getting ready to do: Watch my DVR of Lost and American Idol.

What I keep forgetting: To reserve my rental car for Sedona.

What i am procrastinating about: doing my taxes.

Last iTunes purchase: Hayes Carll's Long Way Home.


I may come back here and add a photo later, but right now i'm typing on my netbook, and it's not easy to update a blog on this thing. Plus it's not the keyboard i would ever want to use if i was taking a typing test for a job!

On with the Stuff I Distrust:

1. Any anti-aging product. The more expensive, the less i trust the product.

2. People who feel the need to make the claim that they are not racist, sexist, etc.

3. Anyone who tells you that they have never broken the law.

4. Oh yeah, here's one: ANY person who ever says that they give 110% or 120% or any impossible math equation to exaggerate their work ethic. You know these folks have a very low bar set when it comes to employment.

5. Most hair products that tell you that they take care of frizziness. It might take care of the frizzy hair, but then you're left with hair that hangs like overcooked linguini.

6. Any company that claims you have won something only you cannot remember ever having entered a drawing.

7. Online reservations. Even though i just made them.

8. The Oscars.

9. The Grammys too. (these rarely go to the folks i believe deserve them!)

10. Most education reform.

11. "I only had two drinks!"

12. "I am not the father of that baby!" (sort of politics, i guess.)

13. "Someone else must have loaded that porn on my computer at work!"

14. "I'll call you tomorrow. " (obviously this speaks mostly to the dating crowd.)

15. That saying, "What goes around, comes around." (It doesn't. many bad people get away with it!)

16. People who seem to be ALWAYS in a good mood. (serial killers at heart, because they are the best actors!)

17. People who tell you they NEVER watch TV.

18. I added the photo of green jello. (I do not trust any food that wiggles!)

What do YOU distrust? I'll come back and add more and fix this with a photo later. Right now i gotta go watch Lost.


louielouie said...

1. Internet applications- did they really get what I sent? I do believe in online reservations, but I always save and bring the printed copies.

2. escrow companies - I don't get what they do

3. margarine

4. visualization/relaxation type pain control like Lamaze- I tried to do it but it still hurt; never could isolate and relax my muscles or whatever

5. those silicone baking pans - how can something that's so much like plastic be put in the oven?

6. claims of low-cal or anything labeled "lite"

7. aluminum siding

8. dryer sheets

9. MPG stickers on new car windows

10. lists that end at ten

sam said...

1. I distrust any child's claim that they've cleaned their room. Yeah, right. Let me look under that bed.

2. Airline schedules that hinge on weather. The hero is supposed to leave Antarctica on the 14th but if it snows or blows or is too cold or too foggy or too whatever that plane won't even leave New Zealand.

3. Products that claim to get out even dried in stains including ink. Well, guess what? Nothing gets ink out of builder's beige carpet.

4. My 30-year-old son who says "I'll pay you back immediately, mom".

5. Maybe any kid who borrows money should be suspect.

equeyaya said...

these are great.

i got nothing... still high on LOST.

Modern Hippie said...

I'M BACK! :)

did you make that jello jo? i cant imagine you making jello but it does look like there is fruit in it which does seem more like you

in my glass: ice water in my fancy pierce college waterbottle that my uncle (aka jojos hubby) got me :)

music: american idol

getting ready to do: continue watching idol

happiest about: being home from the hospital!

what im most bummed about: being back on a high dose of prednisone - I AM SO HUNGRY! lol i'm trying not to eat though because i dont want to gain all that weight again, it took me forever to get it off

stuff i distrust:

1. when doctors tell you you're going home "tomorrow or the next day...maybe"

2. "i tried to come but i had no gas" that is never an excuse with me, never, never. especially when its for something important like visiting me in the hospital! haha

i'm running out of things so i'm just commenting on your guys now

i agree i think anyone who needs to emphasis anything of what they are or are not "i dont see a color, i just see a person" well thats stupid because i can sure tell the difference between a black guy and a white guy lol

i only trust online reservations and applications if i get the email confirmation and then i save it in a special locked folder just in case

silicone baking does freak me out i have a silicone BBQ brush and its SO weird but it says on it that its good up to 450 degrees farenheit - but if its on a BBQ how hot is that??

dryer sheets?! how do you not believe in dryer sheets? i can totally tell a difference when i dont have dryer sheets, not always i think it depends on the material in the dryer but i deff. get shocked and static when i dont use it

i dont believe in store bought tooth whitening, mainly because my mom is a dental assistant and i've used them and its crap - it can work a LITTLE if you're teeth arent that bad but its not gonna do anything that great - go to your dentist and get the real stuff.

can i make a statement that no one says anything about LOST that might give it away? :) i'm repeating season 4 getting ready for season 5 but i dont want to watch it on TV anyways, im accoustomed to watching several episodes at once (not waiting a week for the next episode) and skipping commercials :)

but you can definitley talk in some what code - i dont like censorship, but i just dont want it ruined for me! please :) lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just finished watching Lost but i wouldn't even know where to start. So no spoilers from me, MH.

DEFINITELY whitening toothpaste. All that crap does is put bleach spots on your favorite blouse but it does nothing to whiten teeth. Only Crest Strips work for that. But i hate those things, it's like having snot in your mouth.

OOOh, i suspect by your comment about gas that your cousin Sean never came to see you!???? That's so not cool after how your parents go to every single one of his football games to show support. even in the freezing cold. You should find a nice way to tell him that you were hurt by that because seems like once in 5 days he could have managed it. And he might need to be taught something.

I did NOT make that jello. I would never make jello, being as don't trust it. And it's green. Ugly.

Modern Hippie said...

he did NOT come visit jo, i was talking to him last night though and i said "if you dont come visit me i'm gonna be mad at you" and then i got discharged today, so i MIGHT let him slide a little since i got discharged early because he did have a basketball game last night and puyallup to tacoma is a drive. but i'll give him crap for it!

i cant see you making jell-o its too... country bumpkin stepford haha

oh i also i dont trust cereals and food that say they are giving you all the vitamins you need. and i dont believe that cheerio will reduce your cholesterol - especially for the people who need to reduce their cholesterol i think its just that it doesnt jack up your cholesterol so if you stop eating sausage and bacon for breakfast
and you eat cheerios, it went down! haha

i also dont trust people who say "i AM the next american idol" those are all the sucky people the really good ones may respond "yes i am" or "i hope so!" or something like that (you're not gonna say no) but the people who say it without being asked those are the crappy ones.

IslandPearl said...

I don't trust

-- nutrition labels on anything. Look at the serving size, people. Who gets 2 servings out of a 12 ounce bottle of juice?

-- people who say they "don't have time" to help with whatever the project at hand happens to be. You don't GET time...you have to MAKE time.

-- people who say "I never watch commercial television". It's a sign of closemindedness.

-- "It'll just take a minute." Never does. Never.

-- The size the label says it is. Especially shoes and pants.

-- Politicians. Especially the ones who make it all about "the people". Trust me -- the only "people" they care about is the person moving their mouth when they say it.

That jello looks awful, jo. And I actually LIKE jello in general. I'm making a list of food not to make if you and MH ever make it over the big water...starting with cake-from-a-box-mix and jello anything. Country bumpkin I may well be -- Stepford? Never! Just ask my husband.

Glad to see Miss Hippie with us again. I've missed her sprightly youthful perspective. And since so many people are determined to rain on my LOST parade, I'm taking all my discussion material to an email group started by the lovely Acinom.

I did post non-spoiler photos from the Lost on the Beach premiere event we went to down Waikiki.

IslandPearl said...

on my Facebook page.

Modern Hippie said...

oh you are all free to talk about LOST i'm definitley a junkie but im not on the new season so talk in code - i think equeyaya isnt on season 5 either so maybe she will also apperciate :)

is it weird that we have all found each other amongst the cyberspace and all like LOST?1 regardless of what season we are on haha

i do agree on nutrition labels - ramen always has 2 serving sizes - who splits the noodles?! its a scam lol

i do like that now soda bottles say "8oz" (cause its what you should drink) and "per bottle" so you dont have to try and do math or something

equeyaya said...

country bumpkin stepford - lolz!

I have seen all of lost including tuesday night's extravaganza. i just didn't get through rewatching everything. I skipped seasons 3 and 4 - which i've already watched 2x anyway, and disk 4 of season 5, which was 4 episodes. I watched the season 5 finale on monday night, and i watched the season 6 opener twice.

i have opinions galore, which i spelled out in a longass email to monica's list, and it promptly went poof before i sent it. i don't know if i can compose my thoughts around that again.

the key word for me is CONVERGENCE.

and i don't trust much, except myself.

louielouie said...

11. Control top panty hose; I believe in them actually, I just hate them.

12. Youth who come door to door for contributions to help them get on the right track and make a better life for themselves. They’re always from out of state and have no real concrete message. Well, maybe they do, I just don’t wait and listen to it.

You can come to my house and sell World Famous Chocolate Bars if you give me a spiel about your school, but not if you’re an adult, talking about anything (gutter cleaning, a chance to save my soul….) or an out-of-towner.

13. Political opinion polls. Sometimes you can hear the bias in the questions, sometimes you can’t, but you know the results will be spun.

Modern Hippie said...

i agree on control top panty hose!! you know what i hate?? when it starts to roll down (do you know what i mean?) or if you wear the spank shorts and the shorts start to roll up, this is definitley only going to make sense if you've truly experienced it.

i think anyone that stands on a corner or comes to my door to tell me how sad their life is and they need a handout...i dont trust, because someone who really wants to turn their life around for the good has more pride than that.

i dont disbelieve in handouts, well the word handout is horrible i believe in helping people in a graceful way, i understand that some people have been knocked down past their time and may not have support in their life to help so im not against helping others in that way, i'm apparently against them asking LOL

jojo cucina cucina said...

These are good.

louie, yeah, good one. What do escrow companies really do? Why do we need a middle company like that? And control top just makes the belly fat bulge between the top of your super high waisted pantyhouse and the top of your bikini underpants.

Hippie, definitely top ramen. I was SHOCKED when i finally read the label and they tried to say a little package of that is TWO servings. I think that was the last top ramen meal i ever had. I would rather have a hamburger for the amount of fat in top ramen, plus you stay more full for longer.

also, pearl is right, nothing ever takes a minute. NOTHING. Except maybe one of my ex-husbands in bed. LOL!

Modern Hippie said...

haha i know! i think the only reason i eat ramen is because im lazy - i really dont buy it all that often its sometimes satisfying as a meal but i totally agree i would so much have a burger or something more delcious

i have seen a new invention of control tops that are tank tops! i want to get one because i hate when i want to wear it with jeans but then if my shirt rises you see black instead of skin haha

i will never even understand what escrow is. i remember an episode of friends (of course) when monica and chandler were looking to buy a new house and joey said "its not close at all! you said its in escrow? i couldnt even find that on the map!" hahaha

can i just say L-FREAKING-O-L to ex-husbands in bed haha

i will say the one thing that takes a minute. usually fear. eh maybe not, it just depends. usually it comes and goes. you fear for a minute and i goes away and then it comes back lol

IslandPearl said...

I need some input (I'm posting this in a couple of places...casting as wide a net as possible...)

I'm seriously thinking of putting my handmade jewelry up for sale on Etsy. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying it?

I'm not fishing for compliments -- it's just that etsy isn't free, and if I can't clear enough $$$ to make it worth the effort, I don't think I'll bother.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, I don't know what Etsy is but whatever the site, i think you should definitely do it. You'll think i'm pulling your leg, but right now as i type (before going out to run errands) i am wearing not only the white pearl drop earrings but also your "Hope" necklace with my silver "Create" chain. (I wear the hope necklace alot.)

I don't wear a lot of jewelry but your jewelry art appeals to me because it's classy and creative but not overdone or over-fancy so that i can wear it with jeans or nicer work clothes.

How does online businesses work? Do you have to do a whole small business licensing set up or whatever business have to do?

jojo cucina cucina said...

More things i distrust:

19. I don't trust people in charge who say, "Trust me."

20. I don't trust that ""Lost is going to wrap everything up this season in a satisfactory way for me. I just know i am going to confused.

21. Norton Anti-Virus to really do its job. Everytime i run it it tells me if found one issue. Always only one. I just think it's pretending.

22. I don't trust those freaking Microsoft Updates or any computer update for that matter. I updated my Internet Explorer at work because they told me to and now i have to click through so many extra screens to read my comcast email from my work computer.

23. I don't trust wine label descriptions. They tell me a chardonnay will be lush and pear-like etc. with all these great sounding adjectives and i get it home and think some of them taste watery.

I DO however, trust those little index cards that the wine steward writes out in his own handwriting at the Metro Market. At most wine places i trust the hand written cards. (I would so LOVE to have that job!)

24. I don't trust the label on some of those Italian chicken sausages. They taste too good.

25. I don't trust men who wear really thin mustaches.

26. I also have a problem with older men who have a bunch of wavy silver hair.

27. I don't trust many older good looking, smooth faced people who say they have not had any work done.

28. I don't trust men who feel the need to dye their hair.

29. I don't trust garment labels that say "pre-shrunk".

30. I don't trust that people who lose a TON of weight (in a fairly short time or because of a radical diet) will not put it all back on.

31. I don't trust that people are too busy to workout. You should never be too busy for your health.

32. I don't trust my ability to retain details unless i write them down.

33. I don't always trust my hairdresser when she says what she has done looks great. It looks great for that day only. Sometimes it's just because she is so good with the blow dryer. and i am not. Meanwhile i spent $55. Plus tip.

Modern Hippie said...

oh i have friends that do etsy! i didnt know you had to pay to use it, im surprised they are all doing it since they are students - but i agree! go for it - jo has sent me pictures and i like them. and worst comes to worst you can cancel it, right? even though i dont think you'll need too.

response to jojos distrusts:

19: i just dont trust people who say "trust me" when i dont know them

20: i dont believe in firewall/virus protection at all. even though i have a bunch of it. maybe they counter-act? i would get rid of some but i have to one thats not really good to use the internet at school (cause we have to sign in through it) and then i have the free norton that comes with comcast and then i have mcafee which i hate but i keep it and just dont run it haha

22: you know, i dont remember where i heard this, but i heard the more you run updates on your computer (upgrading itunes, upgrading internet explorer) the slower your computer will run - and frankly i stopped doing it because i hate getting used to a new update if i think itunes and i.e. is working great for me - why change a good thing?

27. i prefer character lines. like dad's face, technically they are wrinkles but because they are all from when he smiles i call them character lines and i think they are just awesome. our family all still looks so young. did you hear when i was in the ER and they shooed mom and dad out when i was getting the spinal tap the nurse said "you have young looking parents!" and i said "oh they just look young" which at first mom said "you shoudlnt have said that!" and so i said "you want them to think you had me when you were 16?! i think its more impressive that your older than you look!" hahaha

28. dad once told me to never trust a guy who dyes his hair, has piercings or...there was third it COULD have been tattoo but i dont know, i like tattoos.

31. at least im honest and i usually just say "i dont want to workout" instead of saying im too busy lol although sometimes i just really exhausted and that is a valid excuse! hahaha

33. totallllly agree on the hair!! sometimes she likes my bangs a little too thick and i always have to say "you know, i know im not gonna like them tomorrow and im gonna hate having to maintain them so much" and then we thin them out. i always try and schedule my hair earlier in the day so everyone can see the really good hair she did and i wait as long as possible before i wash it LOL

--- my own distrusts

1. i dont trust that when my dogs hair is matted the only option is to SHAVE every inch to the bone, i think its partially lazy and convience on the part of the groomer

2. its not so much a distrust but an annoynance/lie when products say "organic!" "green!" when they were made in china, or made in a horrible factory. we studied "greenwashing" in school and im so glad i did. i just bought a new duvet cover/pillow shams from CB2 (crate and barrell 2) that actually TRULY are organic by the materials, location and factory.

louielouie said...

14. I distrust the “ I mailed my ballot in yesterday” responses to my please vote for our School Levy calls. We’re using a list that has the names crossed off of folks who whose ballots have been received. So just admit you haven't voted yet and may not ever.

15. I also distrust the firewall, spyware software stuff. I do believe in viruses though, so I’m not sure where to go with that.

The whole upgrade cycle seems like a giant scam to me. We had to update to Office 2007 at work to “meet industry standard”, now my work PC doesn’t correspond with my (better) Mac at home. It was fine before, so help me see how this version of Office is better? Oh yeah then we needed new school computers to run the new software. I know I’ve one off on this before, it just continually gets my goat. . .

16. I distrust all Politian’s claims of fidelity. I swear Jimmy Carter was our only president ever who didn’t cheat. I knew John Edwards was a cheater like the rest of them. I just really liked his “Two Americas’”approach. Edwards just cheated at the wrong time and should have practiced birth control. I mean John McCain cheated long ago enough on this ailing first wife that no one remembers it, Bill Clinton cheated always so no one cared, and John Kennedy cheated in an era when secrets were secret.

I think there is something about the male ego, bolstered by a position of power that keeps many men from thinking ordinary rules apply to them or that they’ll ever get caught.

17. I distrust parents who say, “My child has never lied to me” Those parents are either liars themselves or just plain stupid. I mean NEVER, really.

18 I distrust people who have or adopt ba-jillion children. What makes them think their genes are so fantastic they need to replace themselves on this fragile plant with 19 offspring? Or by adopting too many kids to care for so that the kids raise each other or if the parents are rich, they hire a bunch of other folk to do their parenting for them. I know you have enough love to go around for all your children, but time is finite and so are resources.

I have nothing against fertility clinics and help for couples who want children, but for heavens sake, know when to stop

19. I don’t trust credit reports and the ad claims. I mean Free Credit Report.com is a fee for service set up. Even the legit free ones can be inaccurate. We had to work really hard to get a person with the same name as my husband (different middle name, address, social security #. . . ) off our credit report- and pay for new reports to verify. The guy had good credit, so when closing our house, they wanted us to just sign that the report was correct when it wasn’t. (back to my escrow issue) to move the sale along.

20. I DO trust Mary Worth to come in and save the day for Dawn and Wilbur Weston, when the truth is discovered about the dude claiming to be Wilbur’s son. The dude doesn’t trust paternity tests.

22. Scarier than green Jello? Tomato Aspic.

21. I trust Jo to tell me what she really thinks…

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, your #21 is why i don't have many friends!

And you are indeed correct. tomato aspic!

GOOOOO SAINTS!!!!!!!!! I have to support my relatives in Louisiana who are going crazy rooting for them. (Not that they need any other excuses to drink and party.) Kylee's dad had fleur di lis things hanging all over his house right now for his Super Bowl Party.

I don't like Super Bowl parties so we're staying home making chili and drinking wine. If the Super Bowl turns out to be a blowout game (as it often is) just quit watching and start doing something else. But i do hope the Saints win. This is like Christmas Day for my brother if they do.

and i am mainly watching for the new E-Trade Baby commercials. Though i don't expect to love them as much as the old ones!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Well so far the Super Bowl is pretty exciting! 10-6 Saints are down, but i'm feeling pretty good about Drew Brees' passing game. Forget about letting them run it. I DO love a passing game. But that's cause my first real boyfriend was a quarterback. (I was 9th grade. He was 10th grade but good enough to play Varsity). I have always been a sucker for the quarterback. Except for Terry Bradshaw, i can't think of an unattractive QB.

I think i put too much chocolate in my chili. (two squares, probably should be only one.)so now i am rounding it out with a little more dark beer and tomato sauce.

Don't care much about The Who during halftime. Still waiting for the E-Trade Baby!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok. the Who is playing right now. The light show is better than them. I just told Brian it reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Right now they are rocking the George Bush song (remember that?), "We don't get fooled again". The singing is really not that great.

Why does the Superbowl believe that only old white babyboomer guys watch this show?

Where are the Foo Fighters? Have they ever played the SuperBowl?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Bring on Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake! They were at least riveting and shocking. The Who is just not my favorite. I think i only own one song and i just bought it recently. "Behind Blue Eyes." I think The Who will not get kudos for that halftime performance.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oooooooohbhhhhh. I think i am in love with Drew Brees. The Saints are ahead now. this is a really good SuperBowl game! I think it's because now I am wearing the fleur di lis necklace that my brother Scott gave Brian. Brian let me start wearing it at halftime! Kylee, your sister texted us but i know you weren't planning to watch. What are you doing?

Still no E-Trade baby and not really any great commercials so far IMO.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Saints 22. Colts. 17. What an awesome game.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OH, i love Lance Moore. too. He totally got those two points. OOOh and they just called it that way too as i am writing. Score. 24-17.....

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am guessing that Drew Brees is the MVP. Peyton who?????? We've barely seen him!

jojo cucina cucina said...

These are THE worse commercials ever in the SuperBowl. I just saw the Charles Barkley Dr. Seuss-ishy one. stupid......the Doritos ones are pretty dumb too except for that first one about the little boy warning his mom's date.

OOOOOOOOH.... the Saints are going to win this. Damn, I love Tracy Porter now too.! 31-17 with only 3 minutes left.

I still think Drew Brees deserves MVP. But Porter is a close second.

IslandPearl said...

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

And no dissin mah Who! (although the sight of Roger Daltrey in bifocals was almost too much to bear...)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Ok back to your regularly scheduled blogging. This was one of the most fun SuperBowls. They deserved it. I am a total sucker for the underdog. But love that it's my family's state too. What a great feeling.

The best E=Trade baby commercial came at the end. The one on the airplace with the baby wearing the little neck pillow. But i will always love the Shankapotumus E-Trade baby the best.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl how could you tell those were bifocals???

jojo cucina cucina said...

P.S. you said you were changing your blog and you didn't, cause i checked. in between E-Trade baby commercials.

IslandPearl said...

I know what I want to do...just didn't feel like doing it. Lazed around watching the game instead...

equeyaya said...

I checked, too, pearl.

I don't even like football and I thought it was a good game and I'm happy for my Louisiana friends.

The commercials were forgettable, when I even bothered to look up from my book to watch them. Even the Budweiser Clydesdale one with the cow was really stupid.

And I'm happy there will be no more football until the fall.

Modern Hippie said...

i actually watched the superbowl!! i had promised my friend Phil the night before (when i said no to hanging out) that the next time he asked to hangout i wouldnt be allowed to say no so when he asked to hang out for superbowl, i had too. haha.

we watched it at my apartment just me and him and i never watch football so he had to keep explainign it to me, and he was a colts fan so something would happen and i'd say "am i supposed to be celebrating right now?" and he'd be all pissed and say "yes" hahaha

we didnt watch the halftime show, we left and got doritos, the commercials got to us LOL i thought all the doritos commercials were awesome! all of them

my friend Eddy (the guy who is gonna do tiffanys wedding jo) had a commercial during the superbowl!! the ford commercial when the rain puddles turn into cars! i'll post it later, i'm sure you've seen it, it was on before the superbowl i know it only aired in some states during the superbowl but it runs all the time

the half time show is never exciting ever since janet jackson, she ruined it. no one wants to risk anything anymore.

The Etrade commercial wtih the baby girl and the baby boy was funny "is that milk drinker there?!" haha

i LOVED the google commercial, take that bing! haha it was really cool. maybe i'll do a post jist on my fav superbowl commercials.

it was a fun superbowl! i wouldnt have been rooting if it wasnt the saints (would probably also watch if it were the seahawks) i helped ash and crista decorate Tshirts that morning, i had to draw the fleur de lis for them - years ago when it first started becoming so popular in our family i sat around practicing drawing it because its actually kind of hard because its SO symmetrical.

i am happy too equeyaya that football is now over!

louielouie said...

I loved watching the Saints win, but not as much as you did Jo.

I did really like the VW Stevie Wonder ad, but my favorite commercial was the bud light one where they were stranded on an island and the gal finds a radio transmitter but people only care about the beverage cart full of bud light.

I was disappointed in the Miller Lite ad, I didn’t get it. I liked last year’s 20 second one better until I checked the Miller site and saw what the ad was really about. They highlighted 4 small businesses you can find out about at http://littleguysbiggame.millerhighlife.com/
not sure if that works but go to the Miller High Life site and check it out. That might be my favorite now. You do have to enter a birth date to show you’re at lease 21 to enter the site MH, just borrow Jo's birth date.

Of the e-trade ones, I liked the one in the plane best. I did like the girl one until the very end when that big-o-girl-baby-head showed up at ruined it.

louielouie said...

I would rather watch football then the NBA; looking forward to baseball. Anything is better than Battle Star Galactica. Ron got netflicks for Christmas and that's ALL he ever orders.

Modern Hippie said...

haha hearing battle star galactica always reminds me of the dwight from the office.

i still think the office is one of the best shows out there, but like my dad recently pointed out and maybe this is why its not your favorite Pearl, its a show you definitley need to need wants going on, you need to continually watch the show even though it seems like a normal sitcom that you can turn on whenever. you really need to understand the characters and their relationships - especially Jim and Pam!

i guess i cant get past thinking its brillant and eveyrone should love it haha

I posted on my site the google ad, the audi ad and the one my friend worked on. i LOVED the audi ad - with the "green police" i was cracking up to the man being arrested for possesion of an incadescent lightbulb and then at the very end the green police is pulling over a police officer for drinking his coffee out of a styrofoam cup - we joked in my sustainable class about a world like this! i loved it.

i did like the one on the beach too louie, the one so obviously copying LOST which i wish was with the real characters because it would have been funnier but i think everyone got the direct LOST reference - i thoguht it was funny when they were hot-tubbing in the one of the propellar things lol

alright i just got back from my ethics class which always DRAINS me! four hours or going back and forth on ethical and moral values is really hard especially when youre always starting a discussion from guys like Kant in the 1800's and then applying them to today

and alot of the people in my class are stupid and heartless and apparently have no soul, not to mention a lot of times medical stuff comes up and its like none of them have ever been to the doctors (we were dicussing the HeLa cells which were cancer cells they took from Henrietta Lacks that evolved into all this great research basically without her knowledge or permission to use her cells)

someone actually uttered the sentence "well i think if you have a rare disease you should be PINNED DOWN and researched as much as you can so we can develop the most research and studies"

obviously I had personally objections to that one! haha

louielouie said...

I just learned about HeLa cells this week

gotta love public radio

Ethics ARE draining so is ethical behavior, especially when your looking for it others

I have never seen Lost so didn't know it was a spoof, but liked it anyway

Love the Office too. My new favorite show is The Good Wife. It is a serial, but it doesn't kill you if you see an episode or two out of order.

Went to the accountant today, totally trust her, not sure about the IRS.

IslandPearl said...

Soooooo I updated my blog...EVEN though I wasn't ready to and where are you......????

Modern Hippie said...

haha omg you guys in my ethics class we watched this documentary... you guys are gonna love this!

have you ever heard of Nesara? it is this bill that was signed into law by clinton that was subsequently put under a gag order. under the Nesara bill the IRS will be shutdown, the senate and congress- gone and any personal debt you have will be wiped out.

there is a group of ex-mormons in utah called the "open mind forum" who are campaigning to release and expose nesara.

this is all run by a lady named "Dove" who accepts money and donations to help expose this bill that has already been signed into law she actually lives in olympia, WA (and has since been charged and put in prision and already released yet again)

it is the FUNNIEST thing to watch because these people seem so NORMAL and they total believe this is a real thing, and a good thing.

not only do they believe this but they also believe that our troops in the middle east have been abducted by aliens, which they pointed out to us in the video are actually just clouds, many of the clouds we see in the sky are actually alien warships that are overseeing our daily lives and somehow have alot to do with this nesara bill LOL


its hilarious.

~grits~ said...

Hey Yall!

I got lost in the comments and forgot the original subject - lol!

Hey Kylee - sorry to hear you were sick and in the hospital again - hope all is on the mend for ya.

oh yeah - distrust....jo, your #15 I totally agree with!!!

oh and I am loving 'The Help'. This is a good writer! Only half-way thru so I will get back to you.

Modern Hippie said...

thanks grits! feeling pretty good lately!

my mom is reading 'The Help' right now too and loves it! she prounounces all the names wrong but its kind of what makes my mom, my mom. haha.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits!!!! There you are! you haven't changed your blog in awhile. I hope you and Sam and EoDe stick around more often. And Amanda H. too!

EoDE said...

My circle of trust is very small, LOL. Among the things I distrust most:

1. The prep times given in cookbooks and tax instructions. It ALWAYS takes me way longer than what the instructions say it will take.

2. Hair stylists. I've only used three in my life, and one of those I don't use any more (not because I didn't trust her but because she was rude. Once.).

3. Anyone who habitually shouts a lot.

4. Most politicans and pundits. (See #3.)

5. Weather forecasters. When they predict snow, it doesn't, and when they don't, it does. Last week they predicted an inch and we got a foot. (On the other hand, snow is rare here, so I love it, and I didn't mind them missing that one.)

6. Airbags. I'm more scared of an airbag deploying than the accident that deploys it. I'm short, and I've read the statistics on airbags killing kids and short people. If I sit far enough back in my seat to keep from being whacked by the airbag, my feet don't reach the pedals. That's so not much of an option.

7. Lasik surgery. I'm too nearsighted for it to benefit me anyway, but the whole concept makes me squeamish.

8. Veggie burgers. There's a reason most burgers are beef.

9. Similarly, two words that should never co-occur in the same sentence: broccoli pancakes. I saw a box in the frozen foods section at the store, and all I could think was what WERE they thinking. Or not, as the case may be.