Thursday, February 18, 2010

Menu of the Day: Shit Sandwich to go with the Tea Party menu.

Disclaimer: i just spent 40 minutes on a new blog post and lost everything! Dammit. And the reason is, i was trying to find a quote to support one of my menu items. Here is the #*%&# quote that made me lose it all:

"What happened to Jake when he ran with the wrong crowd? He got hung. And that's what I want to do with Patty Murray."

So i am going to recover and try to re-create what i was doing earlier to the best of my memory. Here we go:

My original subject line read:
I have $2.72 in my Itunes account...What should i buy? And other stuff on my plate.


Music playing: I am pissed because i am trying to spend my last $2.72 but the Just for You section is missing from the iTunes Store as it often does. (Does that happen to anyone else?)

Book: I am getting pretty sick of this Twilight novel now. I am nearly done, but these two main characters are starting to really creep me out and make me sick. She is a love sicko because she is not afraid of her vampire boyfriend, knowing he might eat her for dinner at any moment ....but worst of all ....she doesn't mind that he watches her sleep at night!!!! ( I would be so freaking pissed off because i know i drool.) And he's a vampire knowing EXACTLY what he is doing and saying all those exact same things that all those good looking lifeguards tell those young girls on the beach when they want to get in their bikini bottoms. And it works because those guys say all the things that make it sound like they are doing EXACTLY the opposite of that. (I hate this book now. But i will finish it. But i don't think i will read the others.)

In my glass: originally i posted i had just poured a glass of shiraz that Brian bought from Trader Joe's (that i am sure cost only $3.99, but it was good). Now i have to admit i am on my second glass. (To me, Thursdays are like Fridays.)

Music now: I finally turned some music on, (because i found out within minutes i cannot blog without music). When i was originally doing this it was Susan Tedeschi was doing Dylan's Don't Think Twice, and i talked about what a great version this song was. But now it's Carry You by Dispatch which is also a super fine song.

Photo: this photo above i took at Pike Place Market in February 2009. A ferry had just passed (you can still see part of the wake) and i JUST missed it. It would have made the photo much better.

What i keep forgetting:
I forget.

What is pissing me off: (is what got me in trouble in the first place). I am not happy that i was unable to DVR Lost, American Idol and the Olympics at the same time and had to choose to let one go. (I chose the Olympics). And what i was most pissed off about was to hear that a Tea Party spokesperson from our state invoked one of my favorite books of all time (Lonesome Dove) by saying that Patty Murray (My own state Senator) should be hung like Jake Spoon because she is 'running around with the wrong crowd'. (I was looking for the link to post it here when i lost it. So i am not going to try that again. You have to find it yourself if you want to see it. )

AND I also mentioned in my earlier post that our union president is pissing me off. After 22 years of union work i have finally lost heart because i have had it with bad union leaders. (I think Congress just exacerbates what i abhor in leadership. It's all about them and their own self interest! F*#kers.) I used to believe so much in what i did. It's sad to me that i am feeling this way.

What recently dawned on me: I recently came to the realization that I am getting older. i somehow put it out of my mind that as years go by that I am no longer a spring mcnugget. I think because i live in a condo community where most other inhabitants are older that i forgot i was also aging. And also I've not had many jobs in the years since 1976 when i first started working (because i stay in jobs a LONG time). In every job for which i was hired, i was the youngest in the office at the time i started employment. Over the years i forgot to take a look around and see that it changed over the years.

I have a doctor younger than i am. My President is younger than i am. My financial adviser could be my son. I do not like this at all.

About Friendship:
In this week alone Brian and i have two good friends who each lost one of their parents. Our friend Karie lost her mother on Saturday. Our friend Duncan (who used to live with Karie years ago before they broke up 5 years ago) lost his father yesterday. We liked both of their parents very much. And over the years we haven't been in as close touch with Karie and Duncan since the breakup, though we did keep in touch.

And when we have kept in touch was when it mattered. And that reminds me of how friendship changes as you get older. Karie and i were talking this evening about this when i went to visit. When you are younger you see your friends on a daily or weekly basis. As you get older it changes. But where it matters, where you really know who your friends are, is who is there when the time comes that you need a friend - When a parent dies, when a child dies, when someone is ill, when someone loses a job. This is what friendship becomes when you are older.
Who shows up.

And when you connect during those times it matters not how much time has passed. It is seamless and you connect where you left off. And it's a special thing. Karie and Duncan have both been those friends to us and i hope always will be. And my other friends in life (you know who you are if you are reading) i feel the same way about. Because when it matters you are there.

(disclaimer: I think i made this longer in the recreation of the original lost post because of that second glass of wine!)

I think i had some other parts to the original blog post that i lost, but i think this is enough now.

Ok, ya'll what's on YOUR menu? I would love the hear from more folks here if you are reading but just not posting. If i had a menu item What i Wish: ...that would be my wish.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah, i forgot this part. What should i buy with my last $2.72 in my iTunes account?

Amanda Haines said...

Jo, I am so glad you came around on the Twilight nonsense. I made it only about 100 pages in before the English major in me revolted against that narrative diarrhea. The story has potential (I was an Anne Rice nut as a teenager, so I understand that tense, hyper-sexual angst and violence), but the writing is horrible. If a 12-year-old had written it, I'd give it a pass. But, the woman is in her 40s, I believe. There's no excuse for that kind of awful writing. I'm also bitter that she's made millions off that crap. (Note to self: I gotta write something.) Plus, Bella is annoying. She's spoiled and whiny, and wholly unlikable.

The worst part is that I really wanted to like it! I'm envious of those people who have something that makes them stand in long lines at midnight, wearing cheeseball costumes. I wish I had something like that. But, sadly, Twilight sucks major monkey nuts.

Re: Feeling old. I was watching "Say Yes to the Dress," a wedding dress reality-type show (that's embarrassing enough to admit on its own), when one of the fashion consultants talked about how "older brides" tend to prefer safer, more traditional dresses. The "older bride" he was helping was 31. He sucks monkey nuts, too.

I can't help with your iTunes question. I don't even know what iTunes is! I still live like it's 1996.

Enjoy this beautiful day and weekend!

IslandPearl said...

Leaving (again) tonight so this will be brief:

On Twilight:
Stop. Reading. Now. And don't EVER succumb to watching the movie(s). If you dislike Bella now, by book three you'll want to string her up. (And Kristen Stewart's wooden "acting" would send you right 'round the bend.)

On Tea Party nonsense:
It's uniformly nonsense...and largely metaphorical.

On the photo:
I think it's perfect as is. Ferry would have busied it up too much.

On getting older:
Still beats the alternative. And I wouldn't want to have to go back and do it all over again...which is why the concept of reincarnation isn't all that appealing to me. I'll take heaven, thank you. Later.

There have been two deaths in our (peripheral) lives this week as well -- DH's ex-FIL -- who was a real sweetie. Always made me feel really special at big family gatherings (DH's ex-wife makes me feel special too...but not in a good way - for some reasonshe tends to treat me like I'm retarded.) And one of our friendss mom passed. Both these folks were in their 90s. I'm not sure I want to stick around quite THAT long...

Can't recommend an iTunes purchase for you -- or tastes are too different. Last night I bought a couple of classical pieces and a tango or two. Inspired by ice skating.

Modern Hippie said...

oh man you guys you totally missed out! i took my ambien last night right before getting offline and i was talking NONSENSE but then my "cookies" were messed up so it wouldnt post. i dont remember exactly what i was saying but i was pretty high on the ambien so it was nonsense im sure. im recall one time calling my sister (but actually calling my own voicemail) and telling her about all the colors in my bedroom LOL

i love that picture jo! I thought it was at chambers at first, i feel bad because I dont even know that fence and i should its in my city lol im guessing its at the park by the market, its obviously not in the market

p.s. are you sure your blog didnt get saved in your drafts? it autosaves like every minute, well mine does anyways? check on it. although if it worked your probaly gonna kick yourself because you re-wrote the whole thing.

p.s. i would just like to add right now that although I love buying xmas music I then hate it because if i try to play music on my ipod or itunes from my "most played" "purchased" or just no playlist i always get xmas music.

you should buy some ray lamontange if you dont have it all - i sent you that email with the songs i love right now.

i told you the twilight book was bullshit! i only read the exerpt they had in cosmo (which was obviously a sex "scene" but it was so freaking corny and ridiculous i HATE when they refer to the penis as "his length" NO ONE calls it that, i dont even like it when they say "member" but at least some guys do refer to their penis as "member" so its not as bad. but seriously "length" ridiculous. its horrible writing in twilight, and i think the concept and story is stupid. im glad you didnt like it lol

music playing: citizen cope. im in class doing design work and mellow music is the best for this scenario but im really annoyed right now because i cant find one stupid code measurement to finish my freaking bathroom so im taking a break.

book: the howard hughes book STILL im so bad about reading. im really excited because my dads friend got me this really cool hunter s thompson book from when he went down to miami for some surfing competition and there are his own personal sketches throughout the whole book - its so cool! i love hunter.

in my glass: water, except its in a bottle.

oh man, now i remember having a REALLY awesome quote about your age and i remember thinking "if no one comments on how brillant that quote is, and i come back and still think its brillant, im going to say its brillant" and now i dont remember it. darn. all i have to say is that age aint nothing but a number. your number might be increasing but you dont look nor act like your age.

Oh i'm sorry about karie and duncan (tell them both i give my condolences) how weird that their parents passed away so close together, are they still on good terms? i never knew they dated.

i think you are very right about friends that way, i have alot of friends and people in my life but i know most of them are really casual and i always determine it by who really knows about me (if they dont even know about my lupus, because i really dont just tell anyone and everyone its a weird thing to just bring up lol) then i know they arent that close with me.

its very true about when something happens though, when josh died or when i have ever gotten sick i realized who was really there for me. sometimes people really surprise you (either by being there or not.)

Modern Hippie said...

im actually really pissed with two of my cousins (jo if you think there is a chance that they would ever read this, then lets delete this but i think were safe.) but when i was in the hospital this last time my cousin Sean and Katie never came to see me. Sean did text me to see how i was doing but he said he didnt have any gas to come visit (he doesnt have a job because he plays sports and i think he just gets like a gas allowance from his parents) but if he can use that gas to go with his friends ALL the time (which he does) he can visit me in the hospital. and katie never even called or texted, in this day of age with all the communication we have - its not hard to send something out. and actually whats really bad is their mom (my aunt cheryl) also never visited or called and when my mom finally saw them in person, cheryl never said ANYTHING and my mom said something to katie about me and she said replied "oh yeah, how is she?" like such an afterthought, its really quite rude. i mean i know im not new to the hospital situation and it can seem like a lot to expect for people to visit but i will say, i think its something you should do. am i out of line thinking that?

pearl, i agree i HATE kristen stewart and the guy that everyone is obsessed with i think he looks like a serial rapist i dont know why people think he is hott, i think they are both gross. kristen stewart looks like a coke addict also. ive never liked her anything really, shes always unlikeable.

i wish death didnt exist. when someone dies i envy people who are alone and dont have to deal with it, of course i wouldnt ever choose to really live that way. but loosing people beyond your control that way is just too hard. i dont know what im going to do when my parents, sister or you ever die Jo. I'll be a mess for MONTHS. (how weird, the song that just came on is Joe Purdys 'wash away' which was my song i always listened to when Josh died, it was the one song that tried to make me feel better "ive got troubles, oh but not today, theyre gonna wash away." it was a good song to try and realize that things would eventually get better.

im assuming you already have this song jo, if you dont. buy it.

susieatl said...

Pearl is so right...Bella gets more and more needy with each book. I couldn't get to the last one I was so sick of her. But I loved Jacob so much I kept reading..

IslandPearl said...

And I read all four of them too. Had to see how it ended. Bella never got any better to me. But I really loved Jacob all the way through.

I adored the Harry Potter series -- absolutely devoured every one. Never waited in line at midnight, but always had them w/i 24 hours of release. Marvelous imagery -- really good writing.

But, like music, what is 'magic' to one is 'meh' to another.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oooh. I need to respond!

1. Amanda, good to see you! I keep checking your pine needle blog in hopes that you have a new post! Yes to the Dress!!!!! (Oh, i think louie will weigh in here too.) I do not know why i like this show but i do. I actually hate weddings and brides and the Big Show and all the drama, but i love watching this show and i think being a sales rep in a bridal shop would be a worse job than that person who has to collect stool samples and do whatever it is they have to do with stool samples.

2. pearl i think you convinced me. I am nearly done with the book but getting more pissed off at this stupid stupid girl as i go on. I cannot imagine reading them all. And I think it's nearly as poorly written as "The Shack". I do have one question pearl and susieatl: Who is Jacob?

(You're right, I would be more forgiving Amanda if the author was a youngster.)

Also, pearl on second thought i agree: the ferry would have made it too busy. My favorite photos that i take are usually ones that are unencumbered and are close ups of people when you can tell they don't know their photo is being taken.

3. Ms. Hippie. That fence is at the end of the Pikes Place market. (Closer to the Cutter's restaurant).

Also you have to promise me that you will so NOT be a mess for months when i die. MONTHS is way too long! (Besides you have to take care of stuff for me.) So maybe one day i want you to be crying your eyes out. And maybe reading over every single email i ever sent you so that you can write a killer euology. But you will need your wits about you for that. So no falling apart! I would be so pissed. You know that's not what we do.

also i definitely have that Joe Purdy song. It's one of my favorites. (I think eque has it too.) I have those Ray L. songs.

dammit, now i don't have a book to read this weekend.I might have to crack open John Irving's new one that i bought awhile ago.

I think i'll go look for how to spend my last $2.72 now!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, it's Friday night and i have a totally free night so before i went spending my last two bucks on music i went looking to see who needs to add to/or post a new blog post and here is the list i come up with:

1. Amanda. I am tired of the moose guy. I look forward to your updates!

2. eque. (once i post and then don't know the lyrics i am ready for new ones i don't know! LOL.)

3. susieatl, i want to know what happened to Lucy your dog. (pearl does too.)

4. Grits. You didn't even post a real post! You just changed the date!

5. Furline, are you reading? It's time to change yours too. Where are you anyway? Dick Cheney is far too busy trashing Obama these days to satisfy your hotness.

6. pearl. you too!

7. Bill Maher. YOU TOO!!!!

Stars go to:

Ms. Hippie. I LOVED your blog post today. Poetic.

And Jaxie if you are reading. not you either. Your post is a poignant and sad about your baby niece. She's beautiful! (But who is that person who posted afterwards about the Saints????

jojo cucina cucina said...

Since y'all need to update your blogs i am forced to add to my own.

Kylee/ms hippie, i found another husband for you! Shaun White, the Olympic Gold Snowboarder. he's awesome!

equeyaya said...

i'd like to say i'll update this weekend, but i'm pretty busy. and uninspired. it was a very bad week for me. i have tears drying on my cheeks as i type and i can't even articulate why.

i kept reading the twilight series because i was hot for edward. there i said it.

~grits~ said...

just wanted to remind you that "Shutter Island' opened today (finally!!) and I hear it is really really good! I can't wait to see it :)

oh sorry how rude of me!! I did actually read your post - will comment another time.

Jennifer said...

Long time reader, terrible blogger, and feel the need to respond to a couple of things:

* Twilight - I can only repeat STEP AWAY. I have no interest in reading the books, but decided to add the movie to my DVR list and tried to watch it last night. I gave up a half hour in.

* Aging - it is shocking isn't it? I am not sure when I'll come to terms with it. On FB, my childhood friends are posting pictures of their grandchildren. I post pictures of my nieces/nephews children who could be my grandchildren. I went to a class at the Apple store the other day to get up to speed on my new iMac. The guy working with me was talking about the differences in dealing with various generations and stressed that he wasn't including me in the older generation, which only said to me that he thought I was, but he didn't want to hit a sensitive issue. My sisters are in the age range of my mother when she died, and my dad passed three years ago. I AM the oldest generation and my nieces/nephews are the middle agers now. When did this happen and when will I adjust?

* Blogging - am I allowed to reply, since I don't blog? I realized I had nothing to say, so I deleted it all.

Modern Hippie said...

I feel totally cool for being the only one who gets stars for my new blog post! its my 'honest love letter part three'

Jo you are SO bad at picking out husbands for me!! im not that superficial where its ONLY about looks, but im not going to lie, i would like my husband (especially if its imaginary and hes famous) to look attractive so i can attracted to him. Shaun White looks like carrott top!!

feel better equeyaya! :-/

is edward the one everyone is obessed with?

louielouie said...

Jennifer do not worry about not having a Blog. I have no Blog. I have no life either, but that’s a different story.

Jo will not kick you out for not having a Blog, or a life. She will love your post. She loves all posts. She is whoring for posts.

I have nothing much to say about the topics here.

I don’t really want to comment about getting older. It is weird and kind of depressing. I realize I have been working in education for 31 years, cannot retire for 9 more. Don’t even want to retire because I am NOT old. However, I can’t work as hard or think as fast as I once could and I am getting crabby. I don’t want to be that person that everyone rolls their eyes at when I say something in a meeting. The work is getting harder too. There are more things to do and fewer folks to do them.

I also don’t want to be that person that thinks if I want it done right, I have to d o it myself (I share this quality with Jo) but it keeps proving to be the truth.

I want to be interested and interesting, be in shape and exercise and have hobbies and read books and listen to music but I am/do none of those things. I keep thinking I can start up running again any time I want to even though it’s been 20 years. I don’t see myself as a chubby old lady with grey roots wearing sweat pants. I think maybe I dye my hair too dark. I’m too young for old lady clothes and not fat enough for big tops but I’m too old and too fat for cure clothes.

I feel as if I don’t fit in anywhere right now.

Better call me the Wa- Wa Wambulance

Jaxie Fantastic said...

hey jojo! forgive me, i've been negligent when it comes to getting back to people commenting on my blog! i just noticed that you'd commented on a couple of my posts. i do read everything you write here and always either get a laugh or a lesson, sometimes both, out of it! also, if you're interested i can give you a list of musical artists i'm into at the moment... let me know if you'd like one!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Welcome Jennifer!!!/(Bandala right?) my friend louie is right, i am whoring for comments. I love thinking old Gumbo pals are reading but i want them to post too. So thank you for adding to my wish! Please keep posting!

And you're right when someone has to qualify, "i didn't mean YOU, of course", they usually mean EXACTLY that! We're old, but we're not stupid!

louie, we definitely share that quality of thinking we always need to do it ourselves. Maybe our standards are way to high? Maybe the kind of high we need is to get high instead. Maybe we need to go to slacker school. (then more people will like us at work. People always love the slackers because they are so fun!)

Re: Exercise. louie, you're the pregnant chick who ran with me up until about a week before you gave birth to Nick. and yes i know you were much younger than you are but i think being 50+ running/walking is the same as being 9 months pregnant and running. So i think you could do it. A walk/jog is all you need.

I will say this about getting older: you don't have to work AS hard at exercise to get your heart rate up to the target zone and that's a good thing. I run slower now but my pulse is at it's target zone of 140. In the younger days going that slow wouldn't do anything to burn off fat.
Kylee, i am picking out GOOD husbands for you. You don't even give them a chance. I linked Shaun White's website above. you should click on his bio. He's very cool. Plus, he is a multi-millionaire.

equeyaya. xxoo :(

jojo cucina cucina said...

Jaxie, you were posting while i was composing! I still have my $2.72! Good to see you here!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits, i forget. I read that book Shutter Island, but i didn't love it that much. They gave the movie a so-so review in my newspaper. Not sure i would like a movie since i was alittle disappointed in the book. I loved Mystic River so much more.

louielouie said...

Bad things that are really good things

1. Got rear-ended last week: no damage to my car or myself

2. My auto teacher asked me to sew his ASE certification patch on his lab coat: I like it that he thinks it’s OK to ask me

3. Going to a church-youth dinner auction tonight: will post-function with my brothers at my mom’s house

4. Have been dancing with a migraine for the past 24+ hours: Jameson’s’ Irish Whisky doesn’t make it worse

5. Stayed in bead late this morning with that headache: Ron could watch his Battle Star Galactica and I didn’t have to hear it

6. Lost my work nametag that is also the key-card to my office building: Can’t go in to work this weekend

7. Brought home all the work instead: Will kick back on Sunday and get it done

8. Have to go to Wenatchee for a conference next week: Still trying to think of the good news in that - oh yeah at least I’ll be away from all the anger and tears at work

9. Went for a walk and I feel better, no bad thing at all here

Shutter Island looks WAAAY to creepy to me. I would rather have blood and guts than all that jump out from around the corner suspense.

Jo, I was never nine-months pregnant with Nick. Remember when he was born early all the tongues were wagging. Said it was because I was running and was on the bargaining team. Just the beginning of my bad parenting.

I did go almost nine months with Em though and ran then. Also I did stained glass when I was pregnant and stretched lead. That’s why Em’s so dumb. Don’t know why Nick’s so dumb, ha ha

I gained 40+ pounds each time. Can you imagine if I didn’t run AND went the whole 9 months?

jojo cucina cucina said...

i've never been pregnant, but i'm thinking that 40 lbs was not that much. Maybe the moms here can weigh in on that. no pun intended.

Well 9 months, or 8 months, you were running until right up to deliver time.

I'm just killing time until we leave for an auction tonight too. I decided, screw it, i'm wearing dark jeans with heels and my dressy beaded belt. Sarah i am even wearing that beret you gave me years ago with zirconion stones that look like diamonds. I figure if i wear bling maybe nobody will notice i am wearing jeans.

I just hate dressing up anymore. It is a safe bet that anytime you go where educators go, there is likely to be someone else not so dressed up either. (At least i know the wine will be decent since i'm the one who ordered it from the wine shop!)

By the way: for folks who want to know their target heart rate for burning fat, here is a caculator:

We're missing the Olympics tonight but will be DVRing Apolo Ono. I fell asleep before i got to see Bode Miller win silver last night. They are both so damn cute. (Ms Hippie, i would choose Bode Miller for you for a husband too but he's already taken.)

OK, time to go!

Modern Hippie said...

haha jo, i will admit that after so many guys you've recommended that I havent been that interested in I dont really jump at every idea you give me LOL BUTTTTT i will always take your advice and opinions on guys that i'm introducing to you though! so your opinion still does matter to me! haha

Louie, I know how you feel about getting back into working out, thats always the hard part its my struggle to getting back into it.

I dont know who Bode Miller is... haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

i do not mean beret as in Joni Mitchell (era Hejira album) i meant barrette of course.

Kylee/hippie i might not pick the celebrity husband of your choice but seriously i hope my opinion of your real life husband choice does matter, though i can't imagine for real that you would pick a guy who is wrong for you.

Bode Miller. OOOOh. google him kylee. He's so cute.

louielouie said...

. . .I do not mean beret as in Joni Mitchell (era Hejira album) i meant barrette of course. . .

thanks for the clarification I knew I had never given you a beaded beret. I was afraid you were wearing your beaded handbag on your head.

my auction was painful- no wine in the church fellowship hall- but, Ron bought 3 hours worth of tree-limbing and brush clearing so that was a good deal. I paid $60 for some custom-sized hand knit socks AND I bought a perfect birthday gift I will save until May 15th. It was only $20.

Plus I served us up some Bushmills at my moms and got home in time for the short track.

All in all a tolerable evening

Today it's a walk and school work.

equeyaya said...

Mmmmmm bushmills!

I just bought a bottle but haven't opened it yet.

Modern Hippie said...

oh dont worry jojo i couldnt marry someone that wasnt part of the family - which would mean everyone would have to like him and he would have to like everyone else in return.

i think i have pretty good taste in guys when it comes down to it, i am really picky though. actually i can be a bad judge of character when it comes to guys that i first meet, i wont deny that.

what is bushmills? bottle makes me think wine but bushmills doesnt sound like wine, it cant be beer. some kind of whiskey? it sounds like a whiskey. it sounds like something brown...haha

louielouie said...

so, trying to find the answer for you KH, a googled Bushmills and found a Bushmills vs Jameson link.

who knew. . .

6/22/2009 Khan "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica" S. says:

Jamesons and Bushmills are Irish Whiskies. It's a different taste because it's a different drink.

I don't know which one is better. It totally depends on what type you buy and what you like; both have numerous types under the same label. I really like Jameson 15. It's expensive though. Also it's a pure potstill whiskey. That or Red Breast are my favorite sipping whiskies.

If I'm buying a shot of Irish whiskey though I'd go w/ Jameson or Powers over Bushmills.

FYI- I've been told that Bushmills v. Jameson raises the protestant v. catholic issues in Ireland. Bushmills is supposedly protestant whiskey.

6/22/2009 Rick "the midtown pub crawler" K. says:

Khan's right about that...Bushmills is made in Northern Ireland, while Jameson is in Southern. So, you could possibly argue that Bushmills is really English influenced Irish whiskey versus traditional Irish whiskey.

Louielouie who has no blog or expertise says:

I do prefer Jameson's (but my mom's bottle hadn't been opened yet) so went with the Bushmills. May need to find out about Powers...

does that make me a Catholic wanna be?

equeyaya said...

I discovered Bushmills Black Bush on our 2002 riding trip in Sligo, Ireland - which is in the north but not Northern Ireland. We would ride in the driving rain and come in for lunch soaking wet and they would give us hot whiskey with lemon and cloves.

louielouie said...

Oh eque
That sounds perfect for a rainy day, and we have plenty. I'll have to give it a go

I have not been drinking the"good" stuff but definitely need to move up. I need to try Bushmills Black Bush and Jameson 12. I don't drink enough to not drink high quality booze. Have you ever had Red Breast?

Hendricks has already become my gin or choice. . .

Modern Hippie said...

ohh i'm good i guessed it was probably whiskey!! it just sounds like a whiskey name!

never been a big fan of brown liqours, i prefer them clear but maybe im still too young to really have an educated say in the matter. although, i will say i love tequila and i dont mind if its brown tequila although clear tequila is definitley better in my opinion.

i actually saw on mythbusters that you can run "cheap" vodka through a brita filter 6 times and it comes out as "top shelf" vodka (which the bottle they were showing (which was covered with tape) was clearly grey goose) its kind of cool though!

luckily, im really not prone to hangovers, i think i can luckily know my limit and i have never blacked out or been close to (like many people my age do so reguarly) and i might wake up and feel dehydrated but not really headache and typical hangover grossness i hear so much about. i kind of pride myself on this because i think it means and shows that im a responsible drinker. (which again, is oh so rare for my age)

it kind of bugs me that some people dont know how to drink and they black out and etc, why would you want to black out? i think i would be so frantic on what i did that night! but i just dont know how people keep drinking. i mean i stop drinking at my limit because i litterally cant touch anymore alcohol like i know if someone tried to give me another drink or shot i know i wouldnt even be able to swallow it.

maybe not everyone is built that way? i guess im kind of lucky then. :)

furline said...

Did ya hear bout Dick going to the hospital with chest pains? He always had to one up Clinton.

equeyaya said...

lol, furline... what did you do?!

louielouie, i bought a bottle of hendricks on your recommendation and love it!

i have mostly been a tequila person, and don't tolerate vodka well at all. :/

but lately i have been more into scotch, whiskey and bourbon.... that is when i'm not sipping my first drink of choice, red wine!

ps - my blog is updated!

Modern Hippie said...

Furline, you should know your man's age and be careful how crazy you get in bed! Now make sure you get him some good hospital food... maybe something from the trailer neighboor next door?

yeah, Jo what was the tequila we had on new years? it was in the COOLEST bottle (my uncles girlfriend won it during a xmas gift game so it was a gift bottle) it was clear tequila, but it was really good!

i like the idea of drinking drinks with names. like Jim Bean, Jack Daniels, Jose Curevo its so fun to say "i'm partying it up with Jose" haha i think thats a weird quirk my sister and i have when we tend to be goofy. we like to name things, we named our GPS "Josh" (because it used to belong to my cousin) so we will call each other "uhh Josh is getting me so lost right now!" its actually pretty funny :)

equeyaya you should post pictures of your risotto! if you didnt eat it all up yet...

Modern Hippie said...

equeyaya, what is the link for your blog? i tried to click through your name but it would only show 2009 post? i started reading it about all this snow (which i thought was odd but then thought maybe you lived in DC during that crazy storm thats going on) but then you were talking about xmas music and xmas so i went back and looked at the date and it said "dec 20" haha

let me know :)

equeyaya said...

I had to restrain myself. I'm saving it to pack for lunch. It probably loses something in the tupperware for a photo. My experiment was that I didn't have any chardonnay or other dry white wine open, so i used asian pear sake that i had left over from when i made pearl's sake poached salmon. it gave it a really nice flavor. i also put in peas and chicken and pine nuts, and dried basil from our garden and a ton of soft italian cheeses. OMG, restraining self again.

equeyaya said...

i'll message you on facebook with it...

jojo cucina cucina said...

Furlineeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i saw your new post today. I knew you would have one when i heard the news.

equeyaya, your risotto recipe sounds terrific. you should post the recipe! i am always looking for new risotto recipes. I have three i interchange, but mostly use just two of them so i'm always looking for another recipe to try.

Kylee FORGET about drinking hard liquor. it will only get you in trouble and you won't really like it all that much. I think you should stick with the sangria. The way i make it. I can't remember that vodka. It was one Brian bought for the party and it was in a cool bottle. It cost about $35, i remember that.

louie has still never shared her Hendricks gin. When i was at her house they drank it all before i got there and i only got a watered down mojito. And i don't think the rum was all that fancy. (is that what goes in mojito?) I also seem to remember they were fruity ones, like watermelon? Is there such a thing?

I just got around to watching my DVR of Apolo Ono in the short track skating, because i was busy all weekend and missed it. Apolo is so exciting! Even though i already knew from Comcast news what happened it was still thrilling to watch.

I did finally end up finishing Twilight. (I was too close so i went for it.)

I think i could write that book in a few pages:

Chapter One: Dangerous Scowly Boy is Not Anorexic.

Stupid Girl meets a pale enigmatic dangerous looking boy in cafeteria, even though pale dangerous boy doesn't eat. (Why is he even in the cafeteria?)

Chapter Two: Blood Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry....

Boy smells Stupid Girl and cannot stop thinking about her young unblocked arteries pumping that wondering nectar. He tells Stupid Girl EXACTLY what hooks girl, "Stay away from me, i am dangerous. One day I might lose control like a 16 year old sophmore on jaegermeister and I might accidently, but not on purpose, eat you. And not in the way you might first think."

Chapter Three - Bad Hair Centennial.

Stupid Girl swoons, "Oh i LOVE you even more because i AM in danger. And how does your breath always smells so sweet even though you eat wild animals alive? Angst is so much fun! Please let me be a vampire too! i promise to still let you wield your vampire-ly authority over me because i love being rescued."

"Besides i am tired of eating by myself every time you take me out to dinner. Let's get married and our next hundred years together right here in Forks, where it rains EVERY day.

Dangerous Boy scowls but rushes to her and she looks deeply into his dark circled eyes and kisses his marble cold lips and shivers with passion.

The End.

Modern Hippie said...

im sorry Jo, i couldnt even pretend to read your twilight synopsis although i did love your title "blood means never having to say your sorry"

sangria is expensive to make that my main drink, jo! plus, you cant normally order that at a restaurant.

i have yet to really watch the olympics, it really doesnt interest me that much. i dont feel like im missing out so im okay. we have cable if i wanted to watch

equeyaya said...

that was sooooo funny, jo, and right on.

for the risotto, i just had about a cup of rice and figured i'd use it up. we were out of olive oil, but had some dipping olive oil with figs and blue cheese, so i sauteed the onion in that, added the risotto and toasted it, then added about a cup of asian pear sake. i wasn't sure if that would be a good idea because it's a sweet wine, but that was all I had open and didn't want to open a bottle. but it gave the risotto a great flavor. i cooked the rest of it with chicken broth. then added peas and chicken and pine nuts and some dried basil. finally, i mixed in a blend of italian cheeses - parmesan, romano, fontina, mozzarella, etc.

and i finished it off for lunch today. yum!

Modern Hippie said...

i just wanted to post that after 12 hours of locking myself in the studio today i am completely done and ready for a presentation on friday!! :)

its a historic renovation of the fremont library (fremont is a bohemian neighboorhood in seattle) its a sustinable project.

Amanda Haines said...

Hey, Jo, my blog moved, but I did update it. The new address is:

Check it out there!

Modern Hippie said...

why is everyone switching to wordpress?! : ( haha i wish all blogs were still connected even when they are on different websites...

equeyaya said...

guess it's time for a new post, jo.... everyone ran out of stuff to say.

louielouie said...

Jo, I did pretend to read your Twilight synopsis, but only because I can bear only so much Hockey. I spent the day singing “Oh Canada” even though I only know about 1/8 of the words. When my secretary told me that the English national anthem had the same tune as My Country Tis Of Thee, I tried to switch my mind to that but couldn’t

Did we steal God Save The Queen for My Country Tis Of Thee? I’m too lazy to look it up; I figure M H’s grandmother has told her the story.

I have begun to enjoy curling. I like the figure skating but it’s too stressful for me, I can’t handle it when they fall so I only watch the highlights. But we do watch curling and hockey from start to finish at my house whenever possible.

Nothing beats short track speed skating; can’t wait for the relay.

I loved watching the Women’s Canadian hokey team sing “ Oh Canada” I think that’s why it’s in my head; plus I just like the song, even though I don’t know it….

Anyway, I hope Canada wins both Hockey and Curling. Don’t tell though, I might be put on that possible terrorist list. Once they find out I don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance I’m toast…

louielouie said...

guess it's just you and me Equeyaya, on a Friday night. I do have a nice glass of wine though. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, you are SO on the terrorist list now because i am so sure that the FBI and the CIA and the XYZ ae all tuned in to my blog.

OK, i'm changing the blog tomorrow but it's been a very busy week and i just now got around to watching all THREE american idol nights tonight on the DVR. That is FIVE HOURS of Idol. With the remote control to fast forward anything that sounds even a little bit like Mariah Carey or Michael Buble, plus the commercials (minus the E-Trade baby ones AND those cool Old Spice ones too with the black guy and the super buff body who ends it with "i'm on a horse", that leaves about 2 hours and 30 minutes of viewing. So it's too late now to start one. Plus i still have LOST to watch.

My bowling nights are cutting into my life.

Modern Hippie said...

haha Louie, you are so in trouble. And Jo, dont underestimate your blog. Obama is totally tuned in.

it cracks me up that you go from 5 hours to 2.5 hours by cutting out commercials and crap. thats ridiculous.

those old spice commercials annoy the crap out of me!

but i agree, time to update the blog, i might go do mine now because i have nothing else to do today, i am doing sushi later tonight (with the money you gave me, so your treating me! :) im so obsessed with this sushi place and the happy hour is amazing. i will walk oit after tip at $15, full! and satisfied haha

oh i did want to share awesome news! remember how i mentioned i spent TWELEVE hours in the studio the other day? well it totally paid off. we did our "presentations" on friday (basically we just posted our work/layouts and people start asking questions, pointing out things you've missed, show you errors you made it.) everyone else rounded at about 12 minutes (one person hit 20 minutes) mine was 5 minutes! which means all my plans were clear, i had good notes and had no errors :) no one else had that. NO one else made it under 10 minutes (i was the time keeper) so i was very excited to know that all the time in the studio paid off :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good job!!!!!!!!!! Surprising that little miss verbosity (something you get from me) would be able to contain your presentation to the limited time! LOL....

I did our taxes today on Turbo Tax! YAYAYAYAY! for the first time we are getting money back because we added even extra money to our withholding last year. I'm so glad to get that out of the way. Now i just have to get going on that will.

I emailed you island pearl about the Hawaii tsunami when i first heard the news, but it appears that all will be okay. I was thinking you were traveling for work though right now. I wasn't sure if you and Bud would have been evacuated from your house or not. I hope you check in.

Brian's brother and sister in law are vacationing there right how and were evacuated. They used to tease us that we were the jinxes with vacation bad happenings because of the Montana fires in 2000 where we were evicted from our flyfishing trip at 1 in the morning, a micro cell that killed people in the truck in front of us in 1997 when a fir tree blew over on it (another flyfishing trip), and a couple of pretty terrible I-90 road trips for Christmas to their mom's house.