Saturday, February 27, 2010

jojo's Satisfying Saturday. Plus Ms. Hippie's New Husband I Found for Her!

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Time Starting this blog: 3:56 pm.

iTunes playing: Catch my Disease by Ben Lee

In my glass: I'm celebrating that I just finished getting our taxes done so Brian just poured a Frei Brothers chardonnay for me. (First glass, first sip.)

Book: OMG, i LOVE this book, it's about Election 2008, a behind the scenes look at all of the campaigns. Game Change is the title and it's written by Mark Halperin (Time magazine editor) and John Heilemann writer for the New Yorker, Wired and The Economist). You cannot believe what is written about John and Elizabeth Edwards for starters! (I haven't gotten to Palin and McCain yet.) And Bill Clinton does not come off well at all, not that i was expecting that. (Is there a more narcissitic person on the planet than Bill? ....well maybe John Edwards, according to these writers.)

What i keep forgetting: To make that appointment for our will.

About the video: I found a new husband for Kylee/Ms Hippie! Obviously this is from American Idol and this is my pick this year. He is so cute. Casey James is his name and if you look closely, sometimes he has an almost Brad Pitt kind of look. I think it's his smile. If you watch to the end, the judges are rather funny too. Not sure how he will do with all the genres, but so far i love him best. The other good Idols are two chicks: Crystal Bowersox (with the blonde dreads) and Lilly Scott (super over blonde straight hair).

In the news:
the earthquake in Chile (what the hell is happening to our planet?) and Hawaii's possible tsunami (please weigh in Island Pearl!); We had a school shooting in Tacoma yesterday by a guy who stalked this teacher since their college days. He shot and killed her in the school parking lot. The police officers killed him as he was on the run; David Geffen is the subject of Carly Simon's You're So Vain song. (hmmm makes sense now that i think about it, but i really did believe it was about Warren Beatty) Joni Mitchell wrote about him too with Free Man in Paris; and Apolo Ono won 8 Olympic medals!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. I started out having a nice unencumbered day. But then i decided to vacuum. And the vacuum is in the closet on top of the trunk where all my important papers are. So once i was finished vacuuming i figured i may as well dig out my 2008 taxes from the trunk now before i put the vacuum back in the closet. This got me to open up my 1099s and W-2s in the drawer to compare the two years. Which in turn got me to load up my 2009 Turbo Tax cd.... and before you know it i was doing my taxes!

2. Getting my taxes completed is enough reason to feel good, but to find out for the FIRST time since we got married that we are getting money back was very special! (It's because last year we both had more taken out and i overestimated by how much was needed as i was only trying to break even.)

3. I watched Lost last night but can't add to the discussion of Lostie groupies. I'm very confused about the show and just watch it to be watching. I am tired of trying to figure out what it all means anymore. Jack has a son. I am not sure what year this Sideways Lost time-frame we are in because the kid is pretty old. At least old enough to already be pissed off at his dad. And i don't think i saw the kid wearing an iPod at all so maybe this is the future - like 2014 and iPods are obsolete already.

4. I started bowling last week and my first game i bowled a 164! I used to be so excited when i broke 100. I also bowled a 133 and a 117 with my last game. I wish we only had to bowl two games in the league a night because i get pretty tired by the last frame. (could be the mac n jack beers).

5. I'm not really a beer drinker (unless it's summer) so I once drank red wine while bowling. But somehow wine and bowling don't mix. (It's like bringing pate and brie to a BBQ. ) I never broke a hundred that night.

6. I told my husband that i think i should quit my union job and take bowling lessons and then turn semi-pro. He's not buying it.

7. During bowling i whipped out my little office purse sized paper calendar to enter a date and friends of mine started laughing at my calendar (because they all have smartphones). So i said i think that the smartphone is going to weaken all of yer brains because you don't have to keep details or phone numbers in your head, you simply scroll through your phone. And what happens if you lose said phone? And forget all your friend's birthdays. So not only are you not exercising your brain cells, you are losing friends!

8. I had one of the phones that i call the drug dealer phones. Brian got it for me for emergencies. But i thought the $50 phone card minutes would last forever and i was fully prepared for having that phone for years without using all the minutes. Only it doesn't work that way. It has an expiration and i lost all the minutes.

9. I was actually very happy not to be carrying that phone around anymore. (though pissed off at losing the minutes we paid for.)

10. I just looked at the time and see it is 4:22 and this blog takes far too much time for not being all that creative. (I blame it on only having a half glass so far.) At the same time i am also shopping to spend my last $2.72 in iTunes before i load up my new card i got yesterday. did i mention earlier i bought a Chris Pureka Driving North cd a week ago? It is really good.

11. OK, it is now 4:32 and i still haven't found my rhythm, (so i might come back and add some more later) nor have i spent my $2.72. So i think i'll go back to reading my book because Elizabeth is going to find out very soon that the rumors are true about Rhiell (sp?) Hunter (Edwards "videographer")

Check out the video!


jojo cucina cucina said...

if you don't want to watch the whole video just queue it to 55 seconds and it will end at 2:48.

Brian said...

I just read Kylee's previous post about the vampires 'length'. You are right, no one I know ever called it that. What's even more strange is hearing my little niece mention

Jo wants you Kylee to marry that American Idol dude, but don't do it as she is personally in love with him and would be hitting on him which would be embarrassing at family gatherings. She didn't mention his length although I suspect it could be the size of an edamame and it wouldn't matter. I think Simon is in love with him too.

equeyaya said...

Brian, you made me laugh out loud in my B&B room, hahahah!

I love Casey's voice, hair, shirt, and choice of song - Bryan Adams! If Kylee doesn't want him, I'll snap him up, lol!

Through facebook, I have learned that pearl has been in Florida facilitating a move for her mother, which has gone well. She's on her way home, and Bud tells her they are ok in terms of tsunami armageddon, thank God.

I'm in Selinsgrove, Pa, down the street from Melanie's beloved Susquehanna University as I type. Her favorite band, Jack's Mannequin is playing, and I brought Grace up to see it with her. She went out this afternoon to photograph the band's tour bus and bumped into Andrew McMahon, the lead singer, and had her picture taken with him. She is on cloud 9!

I'm staying at a bed and breakfast near Mel's school tonight, and feel totally spoiled. I went for a long walk by the river, took a looooong hot bath in the jacuzzi, and am enjoying a bottle of good french wine. Can I just stay here forever?

Modern Hippie said...

Ah Jo! you are getting worse and worse at picking out husbands for me! do you not know me at all?! I will NEVER date a guy who has long hair, especially hair longer than mine!!! AND i HATEEEEE that song, i thought when you told me it was 'heaven' it was a different one. im very disappointed in this choice of husband. I dont think you are picking husbands for me I think i'm just the only single person you know! LOL

this tsunami stuff is actually annoying me because I feel like everyone is in overdrive every hour it changes "hawaii is going to get hit!" "hawaii misses tsunami!" and back and forth. dont get super active, but hopefully everything goes okay. but i hate the news gets too excited and reports when they have nothing to report.

i owed money this taxes, $300!!! it sucked!! :( i apparently filled out my w2 at work wrong (when i was working at GLS)

JO!!!! I CANNOT BELEVE YOU JUST POSTED A LOST SPOILER!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. *sigh* i stopped reading the paragraph after the Jack spill.

wine and bowling definitley doesnt mix. you definitley need beer. a mixed drink cocktail wouldnt even be normal.

it is VERY true about a smartphone or any kind of technology. when it crashes, so does your whole life. but when they work they are beyond fabulous.

you lost the minutes? that sucks, you should get a calling card type of card minutes so you only have to activate the minutes when you need to make the call.

you still havent spent that $2.72 LOL

LOL BRIAN!!! you always side with me on the husbands jo tries to pick for me! thank goodness for you, haha. i'm sorry to have unleashed the "length" comments on you. i'm not the little girl who you took for doughnuts anymore LOL

equeyaya, TAKE HIM! not my type at all. hate the hair, shirt, song and even the way hes sitting on that damn stool. hahaha. i think im pissing jo off. haha.

im so so jeaulous of you right now though and grace!! (jacks mannequin isnt my FAVORITE but there was a time when i was obsessed with them and meeting the lead singer would be so awesome even if you didnt like the band!)

equeyaya said...

Did you like him when he was with Something Corporate?

You crack me up, Kylee!

jojo cucina cucina said...

RE: Idol's Casey James :Kylee, you are so unfair. His shirt WAS AWESOME. How could you not like that shirt he was wearing?

also who is doing your taxes anyway? How could you possibly owe money unless you claimed 14 kids on your W-4 form?

equeyaya, you MUST post Grace's photo with the Jack's Mann's singer on your next blog post.

Also thanks for the update on pearl and her husband!

Kylee, re: the spoiler, i didn't give anything away really. It makes no sense and by the time you catch up you will have forgotten it. Aren't you still watching Season 2 on the DVDs????? LOL.

RE: Lost - I think that i am too practical a thinker, a either it's right or wrong, or black or white, to follow this show to the degree of intelligence that is necessary. I will not be sorry when it is over. What i do like is that FINALLY someone looks like they really should look when they are stranded on an island for a very long time. Of course, i am talking about Claire!

I am right now instructing both my Brian and Modern Hippie/Kylee to refrain from here on out about talking about anything related to penises. It's just not right! (It's okay for me since it is my blog, but not my niece and husband), don't make me start wielding my blog power and deleting comments! LOL. (eque, don't encourage them!)

Sometimes Kylee i wish you were that little girl who Brian took out for donuts. But then again, i would miss your wicked quick and critical mind.

~grits~ said...

Heeeeeeee - I wondered what Jo would say/think about Casey James. It must be an 'our age' thing - lol now I make us sound like Cougars! I love his looks, hair, smile and even the way he sits on the stool playing his guitar - and I even LOVE the Bryan Adams song (I love all Bryan Adams' songs) but I did not like the garbled sound his voice makes when he sings it. Ruined it for me.

Havent decided who I like best yet, male or female.

penis talk = bwahahaha - yall crack me up!!!!!

~grits~ said...

oh I did like Katelyn Epperly and how she sang "Oh Darlin".

louielouie said...

Haven’t spent much time lately thinking about male organ euphemisms, but back in the day, my former mother law used to have a library full of Harlequin Romances and even subscribed to some romance magazine, can’t remember the name. My future sister in law and I used spend hours reading (and snickering) up at the lake place working on our tans. I was a faster reader, but she had a waaaaay better tan.

Well, your previous posts stirred some memories:

Can’t decide which is my favorite, throbbing manhood or bulging staff

You have to check this out; I mean you have to
scroll down for the synonyms

louielouie said...

p.s. The American Bobsled team

Modern Hippie said...

okay i'm being harsh the shirt doesnt bother me but it doesnt impress me. its a button up shirt, nothing special.

dad did my taxes apparently I claimed something weird on my W-4? I dont know, when i was filling it out i didnt really know what I was doing and i couldnt call dad cause I was like sitting with the people in a big room haha he thinks im claimed somethign like "4" but there is no way i would have claimed anything other than "0" or "1" so i have no idea what happened. im pissed about it because i had a lot of money when i was working and i would have much rather had it coming out of my paycheck then than paying for it now when i have no money. lol.

well i didnt want to know jack had a kid, that is a spoiler i consider anythign i dont know a spoiler, my nannie is really bad about it. i'm not going to tell you what she said (its back from the 3rd season) because i dont know where other people are on the show but it had to do with charlie and it ruined it for me.

what i like about LOST is that they are going to finally answer the questions (so i hear) and not prolonge it, i was watching rereuns of desperate housewives the other day (nothing else on) and i realized that show is horrible they started the show trying to figure out why their friend committed suicide, and they have NEVER even touched on it anymore, i dont think anyways.

LOL but Jo you dont believe in censorship!! hahaha

I'm a cool kid at any age. LOL

that song i think got ruined for me because they re did it when i was in middle school and it was this techno song and its all i can hear when i hear ANYone sing it. its horrible.

hahaha louie "havent spent too much time lately thinking about male organ euphemisms" LOL that is such a great line.

see throbbing manhood or bulging staff is still kinda okay. kinda lame and pathetic why do they have to try and romantize the organs? although it cracks me up when my uncle mark calls it his "family jewels" "watch the family jewels!" hahaha

Pearl get home soon! I'm missing your input on here, its getting good! haha

equeyaya said...

Can I just say one more thing about penises (until recently, I had no sense of humour about such)? Last week, after our two foot snowfall, the first day Grace went back to school, I was driving her in and we passed a six-foot snow penis that someone built right in front of the high school. It was exquisitely detailed, down to the sticks inserted into the two large snowballs on either side representing hair. I turned around so we could take a photo. It wasn't pong before the school sent some poor grounds person out to knock it down. Grace later learned that a coworker of hers, Matt (who always seemed so innocent to me) was the artist.

I also meant to say I liked Casey's smile.

Kylee, don't worry too much about Jack having a son. I think anything that happens on sideways LOST is not likely to be the way things end up.

equeyaya said...

Pong = long (not to be confused with "length")

Modern Hippie said...

hahaha that is hilarious about the snow penis! my cousin Jonathan in Scotland is a photography and he did a whole series of snow penis' (this is when he told me to not show his website to the fam because he thought it would be inappropriate lol)

snow penis' are always a good crack up.

well i stll dont like to know anything about the show, i'm re-watching season 4 (i was in the middle of 5 but couldnt remember where i left off so i just restarted with 4) but we are still without a DVD player so i havent been able to watch it, nor friends. :(

its amazing, one night i took an ambien at like 9pm and didnt sleep at all so finally at like 3am i tried taking my other sleeping pill which is way more mellow and not intense (dont worry i dont do this often AT ALL but i had a class at 8am with a presentation and i NEEDED sleep) STILL couldnt sleep. finally i said screw it, put friends on my laptop and i was asleep within seconds. i need it to sleep. i really do.

i will admit, i think im just anti-casey now. i get like this, its a bad quality of mine. but usually my antis are okay.

i'm anti robert pattinson, anti-twilight, anti-harrypotter, anti-kardashian, anti-celebrity gossip, the list goes on, although im pretty sure almost everyone on here will agree with all my anti's haha.

maybe that will be my next blog post. my anti's

i just updated though so it wont be right away.

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. i think im going to start referring to the penis as "pong"

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, i leave y'all alone for a few hours with instructions about refraining from talking about penis and that is all that i am reading now!

OK, i'm changing the subject: going off of the hippie's anti-ness.

1. I am pro Old Spice commercials with the buff guy on the horse at the end.

2. I am anti any celebrity perfume commercial - especially featuring Nicole Kidman and Britney.

3. I am pro American Idol.

4. i am anti Survivor.

5. I am pro Mozilla Firefox.

6. I am anti Microsoft.

7. I am anti cats.

8. I am pro tropical fish.

9. I am pro sushi.

10. I am anti salmon.

11. I am pro communication.

12. I am anti cell phones and iPhones too.

13. I am pro real country music.

14. I am anti jazz.

15. I am pro status quo.

16. I am anti nostalgia.

17. i am pro healthy eating.

18. I am anti brown rice though.

19. I am anti automatic weapons.

20. But i could be pro owning handgun.

21. I am pro wine.

22. I am anti scotch.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Two things:

Watched "Hurt Locker" last night. It's nominated i think for 9 Academy Awards. Best Director for the woman who directed it too. And Best Picture. I could see it winning. I liked that it is not a political movie. It tells the story of three men who diffuse bombs in the Iraq war. And one of them is supposedly addicted to the adrenaline and danger that comes with the job. I had never seen him before but he's really good. (He is nominated too, but i hope Jeff Bridges wins instead.)

Not everyone will like the movie but Brian and i both were riveted to it and i kept looking online to find out about it. (For one thing why it was called Hurt Locker.)

The second thing. I finished Game Change. This book is #1 on the Nonfiction list i saw today. This book is very good and i don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, or whatever. If you were involved in any way of paying attention to this past Presidential Election this is a really fun behind the scenes of the campaigns, Obama's, Hillary's and McCain's. (with as mentioned above, good stuff about John Edwards, who i never liked.)

And of course good stuff about Bill Clinton - in that i mean good bad stuff. Bill and John Edwards come of as total egomaniacs. I think Bill might take the prize though.

You almost feel sorry for Hillary for the ways that her husband helped derail her campaign. (it's implied that some in the Hillaryland camp - as it's called - believe that may have been in purpose.) There are not really any surprises about her. She is a formidable intelligent bitch in the book. And she chose some pretty bad people to work on her campaign.

McCain comes off as a bullet our country dodged by his loss. He does seem scary and not the man who ran in 2000. Though he does have instances in the book where the old McCain comes through as when he was concerned about the tone of the rallies when they got hateful.

Palin's problems are blamed much on the McCain players running the campaign (rightly so, in many ways i believe). But she was scary too. I had forgotten how her husband had become a member of the Alaskan group that wanted to secede from the union. He was a member for 7 years even though Palin said he joined "by mistake".

Obama isn't the cool calm dude we always see, and there are many quotes where he is cussing bigtime and being angry about Biden, about Hillary, etc. But he does fare the best in the book and rightly so, too i believe. He ran a much more organized campaign and his folks knew more what they were doing.

And of all the players Obama comes across with being the principled and dignified candidate who in spite of some instances kept his cool the most. The book also touches on the animosity between Biden and Obama during the campaign too because of how Biden can't keep his mouth shut.

Anyway, i highly recommend it.

Modern Hippie said...

how are you anti-jazz and anti-nostaligia?!

Modern Hippie said...

p.s. my future husband(s) should be guys like Justin Long, and Paolo Nutini (who you did claim as one of my future husbands.)

i just watched 'accepted' today which is where i fell in love with Justin Long (definitley wasnt in love with him during the 'Ed' days, although i should have been.) so i felt like i had to post about it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Re: being anti-jazz and anti-nostalgia.

i do NOT like any form of jazz. ESPECIALLY smooth jazz. I don't like pop country either, but i do like country like what Ryan Bingham does, what Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash do.

As far as anti-nostalgia. I do not like living in the past or revisiting it very often nor do i like hearing when others do, unless it's a pretty freaking funny story. Brian's family so often talk about the past...almost like constantly... and it drives me crazy. But maybe it's just because i'm jealous because he had a better childhood than we did. (which is probably the reason i don't like revisiting it!)...

OK, here are the husbands i think i have come up with for you:

1. Casey James, this most current Idol.
2. Shaun White, the Olympic snowboarder.
3. Paolo Nutini
4. Shane Foster
5. Apolo Ono (who actually would be my number ONE pick for you).
6. I like Justin Long too, so he's okay. I really liked him on Ed, too!
7. Emile Hirsch is a new one i'm adding.
8. Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
9. Michael Johns (American Idol 2 years ago - he was actually originally my pick for your sister, but i think you're mature enough for him!)

Amanda Haines said...

As far as good husbands go, I have to throw Jason Schwartzman into the pool. I love, love, love him. Rushmore is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I really fell in love with him in Shopgirl. It's the most romantic movie ever and Jason Schwartzman is perfect in it. He was also in I Heart Huckabees, which is fantastic.

Jason Schwartzman, definitely husband material.

Also, building a mud penis with mossy balls is now at the top of my bucket list.

Modern Hippie said...

I dont like to live in the past, thats stupid and pointless but revisiting good memories (or bad ones) is sometimes be a good thing. nostaglia for Josh and Kelly, for sure. otherwise you forget...

this list disappoints me so much. EMILE HIRSCH!? REALLY?! Jo, do you not know me at all? this is the list.

1. Jon Stewart
2. Jim Halpert
3. John Krasinski
4. Paolo Nutini
5. Justin Long

i know i have some on the tip of my tongue that i cannot think of. you should know the list may NOT include any of the following:

men with long hair, men with alot of hair in general especially chest hair, athletes of ANY kind you know I HATE sports, republicans, men who dont vote, men who claim to be neither republican or democrat, country boys (accent and style apply) i will never marry a man who has or wears cowboy boots, that includes cowboy hats, chrisitians or any dedicated religion they follow.

for this matter i am not including what I would want in my future husband: democrat, voter, non-religious, short hair, facial scruff, wears jeans and sports jackets together, things like greenpeace and peacecorps turn me on, musicians are always welcome, i think those are the biggies. i can leave it at that. haha.


im not even commenting on shane, haha. (for those who dont know shane is my 28 year old cousins (is 28 right jo?) good friend and is a brillant musican and Jo has decided that we should get married. which is just awkward anytime we hang out. hahaha.

Determined2fly's Cacophony said...

ah yeah, can i say *swoon* for the yummalicousness in the video? :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey y'all. And you, D2F!!!! Are you watching Idol? Are you watching Amanda? (Jason Schwartzman wouldn't be a pick for me. I'm trying to remember his character in Shopgirl. He was the weird guy dating Clare Danes?)

Kylee you have to revise your husband requirements somewhat. There is nothing wrong with being religious, just say No Born Agains. And what is wrong with Emile Hirsch? Did you not see him in Into the Wild? Milk?

Kylee you should post that YouTube link of Shane singing Ray LaMontagne's Let it be Me.

I'll probably change this tomorrow because this is outdated since Idol had another week already, though i don't plan to put up another YouTube since the boys weren't all that great last night anyway.

If i were not already married to a super cool husband, the men on my list would be:

1. Jon Stewart (Kylee he is too old for you!)
2. Jeff Bridges
3. A disheveled unpolished Brad Pitt (I am not that confident to be with someone that cute, so he must dress down.)
4. Johnny Depp. (preferably with hair like he had in Chocolat, but i'll take him with Secret Window looks too.
5. John Corbett
6. Sawyer (John Holloway)
7. Rahm Emmanuel
8. Is Brad Cooper too young for me?


Modern Hippie said...

there is nothing wrong with being religious, but I couldnt date or marry someone who was religious. when it comes to dating and marrying someone its a whole different ballpark.

i was emailing my dad about my super hard pounding heart (which the doctor says its completely fine because of the medication) but he writes back "are you sure the heart pounding is from the new beau?" (because ash had a big mouth and told them about this guy i just started to talk to) who i'm already over. which is why i dont tell them about boys when i first meet them, stupid ash! haha

but anyways, i got pissed at him because he asked me one day "what do you think of euthanasia? and no i dont mean little kids in china" i looked at him like f**k you, i know what euthaniasia is! i was kinda pissed about it when he first said it, and dad said "i think its funny, dont write him off! he'll find out your smart soon enough" haha but then i told dad his big three strikes 1.) hes a republican, 2.) he hates obama and 3.) he didnt vote. everyone else i know responds to this as "oh thats over." dad responds "hey! im a republican!" haha my dad is and only ever will be the only republican i love haha. but it cracked me up that my dad was trying to push me to give the guy another chance. haha. really the guy is just too much work i dont talk to him for weeks at a time (and im not all about rules, i'll make the effort but he makes it too much work.) i'm not going to work for a guys affection.

jon stewart will never be too old for me! i'm all for that silver hair! we would be so cute together! hahaha.

really Jo, Rahm Emmanuel? hahah.

ohhh emile hirsch! i was thinking of someone else, i'll let that slide. I wouldnt put him on my own list but hes not a horrible pick.

brad cooper isnt too young for you if jon stewart isnt too old for me. haha.

p.s. i will post shanes video as soon as i can!

Modern Hippie said...

he doesnt post his videos from youtube so this is the facebook video link, i think you should be able to see it even if your not friends with him (he used to have a fan page but he somehow deleted it on accident.)!/video/video.php?v=1273441074993

its definitley worth watch though, he really is a great musician! both voice and guitar.

Modern Hippie said...!/video/video.php?v=1180443350108

this is another one of his videos, if you can just look at all his videos you should. this one is called 'missippi love snake' i dont think you've watched this one Jo! he cracks me up in this video cause he looks like Jaqeuin Phoenix lol!/video/video.php?v=1169691801326

i feel like an offical groupie now haha

Modern Hippie said...

oh p.s. while i'm posting links. I have been making alot of progress on my website and finally have some of the project tabs open so i wanted to share my website with you guys! (the more i share it the more i get motivated to keep working on it)

im almost done with it my computer is just in bad shape and keeps dying on me so i have to get it fixed. but i'm almost there!

Mandy said...

Off subject here....jojo!!!! SO happy to see this blog! How in the heck am I just seeing this, anyway? I just posted a facebook status about how much i miss you. T-Sam responded with this link! SO SO happy to see you are still....what's the word? Still.... YOU! Yay!

IslandPearl said... just lost me forever. Rahm Emmanuel? Really???


Modern Hippie said...

haha I know I'm with you Pearl, it was a weird pick Jo, A very weird pick.

welcome new blogger, Mandy!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Mandy!!!!! Love seeing you here and i hope you will stay. I also like that you are using the same avatar. I don't have Facebook (it's a stubborn thing, kind of like how i refuse to own a cell phone.) Anyway, i am happy you found the place!

Ms. Hippie/Kylee, speaking of stubborn, you are totally not making sense to be about why you wouldn't date anyone religious. First of all what are you going to do, take a survey when the guy asks you out? And then say, ""oops, not YOU of course because you believe in God? That is not cool. Plus, you aren't anti-God anyway.

I don't want to get into any religious debate here but you need to know how that sounds when you say you refuse to date anyone religious. You wouldn't say you refuse to be friends with anyone religious.

And you would never go around saying, for example, that you refuse to date Jews, or Muslims because if you did, then what would that make you?

Also many Republicans are moderate and would be worthy of dating. And some Democrats are NOT worthy. I'm not saying marry a Sean Hannity. But i don't think you should be so adamantly steadfast against it. Like you said, your dad is Republican.

OK, let me explain Rahm Emanuel. I think first of all he's super hot to me. Secondly i kind of think i get his personality, at least if the rumors i hear are true. I am quite certain that i would cuss a whole lot if i had to work around all the Decmorats. And i would be their faces too. So get him. I think he might get me.

Don't get me wrong, i am a Democrat, but sometimes their attitude of trying to be all things to all people, and the way everyone has to be heard which bogs down any kind of work you ever try to get done makes me nuts. And it makes me use the f-word a lot.

I've been a delegate twice to the conventions and what i see there about how they process was enough to make me never want to be a delegate ever again, and isn't that too bad, because i think i am a good representation of the regular Democrat voter. I still hold the main Democrat values true and i will vote that way most of the time, I just don't want to work with a roomful of them when there is a job that needs to get done.

So yeah, Rahm, you get on with your bad self.

But the other reason is i put Rahm on the list would get to see Barack and Michelle and maybe play some bouree' with them on Friday nights or Spades and drink wine with them. Maybe i could babysit Sasha and Malia, or whatever their names are.

pearl, you can't say i lost you forever, i know you still love me!

I was going to change my blog tonight but my allergies are SOOO terrible today. Damn trees, and i don't have the energy to come up with anything.

~grits~ said...

I think I get what M Hippy is saying about dating/marrying a religious person. Different
beliefs can get in the way and cause discord. Like if one is a regular church-goer and the other isnt. Or if one thinks the Bible is the final word and say of God and the other doesnt. It's gonna come up. If you have respect for each other's beliefs and can give them the space for that w/o interference, that's great. But it doesnt work that way very often.

Just a for instance - My daughter and I watch Ellen after school. The gay issue doesnt come up often, but she does make mention of her wife sometimes. This bring up questions from my kid, age 9. I am of the 'to each their own' type as where my husband isnt a total homophobe, but always adds stuff like "but just remember, the Bible says its wrong!" So yes, this kind of different thinking can cause a bit of conflict, with or without kids in the picture.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yeah, the definition of religious would need to be defined.

I represented an employee today who turns out to be one of the angriest agitated people i have come across in a long time who refuses to believe she did anything wrong or harrassed anyone. (This is the third time she has been in trouble for not getting along with people.) Then she started quoting the Bible to me and talking about Abraham and Jesus dying on the cross and how she she believes the Devil has sent this other person in her life to make her life miserable and the Devil is going to get her fired through this other employee.

That kind of religion, yeah. no way. it was really weird.

But i think what we're talking is EXTREME militant judgmental religious views. Or extreme Republican views where you can't have a conversation with your date because politics gets in the way. But many people are relgious and political without being overly strident about it and that would include some nice guys. That's what i'm trying to point out.

Modern Hippie said...

Jo is kind of a fake facebooker because she can use her hubbies facebook if she really wants to see something, which is why she has yet to succumb to the pressure.

I'm not being stubborn about religion. my mom brings up this point all the time too, but honestly I really dont see myself ever being with someone who is religious at all. I'm not anti-god and im not aethetist but I honestly do consider myself agnostic, but dont ever tell my parents, they dont need to know, i think they would actually be crushed.

but again, dating and marrying someone is completely different than being friends with someone. the point of dating someone is to ultimately share you life with someone and get married and i could never marry someone who we believed in SUCH different things. this isnt i like apples and you like oranges, this is morals and how you view the world. its a big deal. I dont need them to see the world exactly the way i do but when it comes to religion and politics our pieces have to fit together...

if its a moderate republican i can deal, (which is really what dad is anyways) and i totally agree some democrats are not worthy! but i'm talking about a REAL republican, who votes and hates obama.

now of course, this is all my "list" everything always changes when you meet smoeone, you cant control how you feel. but this is what i would WANT. i would never completely write someone off solely because they were republican or religious, but honestly i dont see myself ever falling for someone if our morals are that different.

i like politics that cuss and i love when obama cusses. because real people cuss. and pissed off people cuss. how can you be a politican and not cuss?

Sasha and Melia (you just misspelled it.) i know your bad with names (you dont even know the names of half the people on the LOST island! so i'm proud of you :) haha

oh yes Jo definitley. I am also talking about the extremist however, when it comes to politics i would hate NOT talking about politics. I remember Phil after we realized he was a republican and obama hater and I am obviously not he said "okay we just wont talk politics" which is fine we dont argue about it. BUT i kind of hate that because I love talking politics. so i think that is one main reason why i couldnt date a republican. i could date a softy - but only in the hopes that i could convert them :) hahaha

the politics is a bigger issue than the religion issue but i just wouldnt want someone who is trying to get me to go to church every sunday and wanted to talk about religion...ever. haha.

Mandy said...

jojo- I DO plan on sticking around here. I lost your email because the dogs tail knocked over a HUGE mug of coffee on my laptop and killed it. GRRRR!
This is an OLD question- but what did you think of Adam Lambert last season on AI? I always wondered last season when I saw him- what you were thinking! My oldest daughter, Emmy, (who is going to high school by the way!) is in LOVE with him.
Also- I wanted to tell you that I finally (FINALLY!) graduated last year! I specialized in closed- captioning. I actually got a job with the University of Kentucky providing CART for the deaf and hard of hearing. I provide realtime, verbatim, captions of what the professor says. It is the best job ever. I get paid to take college classes! (well kinda) Plus- it's one of those "feel good" jobs. My clients always say thank you and are so grateful to have my services. I don't even have to go to campus anymore. We have it set up so I can do it remotely. I get to learn from the lectures and do none of the homework! LOL! I love it and am so glad that I stuck it out.
Modern Hippie- I am a republican. My husband is WAY WAY WAY WAY more conservative than I am. So, technically, we are both republicans. But he calls me a democrat. I'm so not a democrat, though! We discuss politics a lot. We TOTALLY disagree on a lot of MAJOR things. (hey- some of them are even moral issues!) It's actually not so bad being with someone who has different political views that you. It makes for interesting conversation! Keeps the blood flowing! LOL! And- what can I say- I LOVE a good debate!

~grits~ said...

I'm so happy to see you Mandy!!!

IslandPearl said...

I can't imagine anything more boring than being married to a man who thought exactly the same way that I do on everything. Yawn!

And you already know how much I hate labels...and prejudice. I have found that the more open my mind is to differences in opinion and belief, the more I grow and learn.

ps...Rahm Emmanuel makes Karl Rove look like Snuggles the fabric softener bear. And it's becoming encouragingly obvious that his pit-bull tactics are failing in a big way. I can't wait for November...

Mandy said...

Hey Grits!! Wow- I have to admit- I am SO excited to see jojo and Pearl in the same place! I'm down right giddy! LOL! Kylee- I'm happy to get the chance to "know" you through this blog- I've heard a lot about you. Woohooo!

Modern Hippie said...

haha well i will admit i wouldnt want my husband to have the same mind as me, you're right, Pearl. and actually an old flame of mine (who is now in the military) is a die-hard republican and I never would have had a problem dating him - (he's in kansas now and getting ready to get deployed in a couple weeks so obviously thats not going to happen anytime soon) BUT we would discuss politics ALL the time, that was what brought us closer because we would sit around and debate all the time. I think I was put off by Phil when he said "we just wont discuss politics" because thats what truly upset me, could you imagine never discussing politics?? thats like not letting Jojo read!!

I guess when it comes to political moral issues some of them I could let slide (on the basis of still having a relationship/marriage with someone) ie: I COULD still marry someone who was against gay rights even though I am in full support of it, but I dont think I could be with someone who didnt believe in birth control or abortion or things like that. so there is definitley some wiggle room with some of the political factors.

Im going to admit, I'm all talk. this is all the black and white, no emotions talking. Everything changes when you add emotions and this is all just fantasy.

Pearl, I hate labels too but, and as you have all witnessed, I use them ALOT, I also sterotype. I dont always neccesarily believe in stereotype but I do use them occasionally (i just dont usually them in actual reference to real people, if that makes sense.)

Mandy, i'm assuming you heard all about me from jojo, which means its all good things you've heard!! haha so yay welcome to the blog!

IslandPearl said...

jo, I just re-read your pro/anti list and am forever stunned at how opposite we are. Amazing. How can you not like jazz??

I'm just starting the Game Change book (Bud bought it in hard back so I'm lowering myself to read a non-kindle version since it's already paid for). Wouldn't surprise me that Obama will fare well in it. It's about campaigning, which is the only thing that Obama has shown he's any good at - promoting himself. I'm relieved that at least some of America is finally starting to realize that there isn't any there there. It's all smoke and mirrors. Tragic for America, since we could use some real leadership about now...and we sure aren't going to see it from this administration.

I'm trying to update my blog, but my primary inspiration just isn't coming together for me yet. May start the narrative then add the photos later on. Not like it matters.

equeyaya said...

I keep checking, pearl.

equeyaya said...

Speaking of politics, I just saw quotes from Bill Maher posted on facebook (sorry pearl), and thought this one was interesting:

The truth is that there’s an enormous amount of anger and frustration around the country. And it’s not right versus left. You know, the anger under the Tea Party movement is the same anger that Michael Moore is feeling. It’s the anger about the fact that what is happening is not fair, that the fix is in, that the system is rigged, and that people who are working hard are not really getting rewarded. And the people at the top who brought us to the financial brink were actually bailed out by the taxpayers.

- Arianna Huffington

I kind of have to agree with her.

equeyaya said...

I liked this one, too.

New Rule: Stop treating Captain Sullenberger like he’s Jesus. The headline says: “Sully Retires: No More Miracles On The Hudson.” Really? You mean he’s not going to do it again? Not even for charity? Attention ABC News moron: It was an accident. It’s not a stunt act he performs six days a week at Universal Studios. He did it once, he got paid to write a book about it, and now he’s quitting flying because it scares the s**t out of him.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

IslandPearl said...

Maher has an occasional good quote here and there -- he started out as a stand-up comedian before he annointed himself pundit -- but I find the comment about anger a bit ironic...since he makes a living keeping that anger stirred up. He's no better than Limbaugh or Beck.

equeyaya said...

But that was Arianna Huffington's quote. The point is, you're angry, I'm angry. It's basically about the same stuff, we're just pointing it in different directions.

And I think jo should pay us royalties if we get her to 50 comments, lol!

Brian said...

I just noticed my wife almost has 50 responses so I want to add one more to help get her there, even though she didn't say a word about it to me...honest!

So I just need to get something off my chest.....and I know not everyone is going to agree, and some of you may get angry, including my wife.....but....whole wheat pasta is better than regular pasta!!!! There, I said it!

IslandPearl said...

I thought you said "quotes from Bill Maher". Misread, I guess.

I'm not sure why I seem to always pitch in to get jo's posts to 50+ responses when the most I've ever gotten on one of my own post is like 8.

I think my time will be better spent writing more interesting posts on my own blog...

equeyaya said...

Quotes from his show. Arianna was a guest.

Brian, I totally agree about whole wheat pasta.

Modern Hippie said...

this is a completely rehtorical question I really do NOT want an answer from anyone but honestly in the state that we are currently in - the fact that it has only been a year and the numerous other problems that have come up, what do you expect Obama to do that he apparently hasnt done already!? again. rhetorical. do NOT answer.

BRIAN! GROSS! WHOLE WHEAT PASTA IS DISGUSTING! my mom buys it trying to force it dad (and i when i lived there) but even when its the only pasta left, we move on to a new recipe or order pizza.) but if you like it, more power to you, its definitley got its benefits.

p.s. I <3 Huffington.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am not really trying to milk this blog for Comments. I've been sick this weekend.

Mandy, i LOVED Adam Lambert last season in Idol. I could buy a DVD of just his performances. I did buy his song Mad World last year on iTunes.

I agree with you eque about sully the miracle pilot. And i really like Ariana's quote and agree.

I think Congress is what is the problem. Not Obama and also agree with Kylee, Bush/Cheney put this country in a world of shit in their 8 years and it's going to take more than one to get them out. I would like to know where people think we would be if McCain were in office.

Bush inherited the country in a good place and brought it down. And in less than a year folks have hold Obama in disfavor for not setting the country right after the shit Bush did to it.

But even I know that Obama isn't God. And i am not sure what anyone expects in one year. If people want to hate Obama they are going to hate Obama, but be fair about it. He's working with a pretty crappy Congress besides.

Modern Hippie said...

Ahh Jo this is why we are related and worked on the campaign together! :)

exactly what i was thinking. People are unjustly (sp?) fair in how they judge Obama and half the time its total bullshit I mean they really sometimes have to dig down deep to find shit to say and even then they stick to their guns like they think its a valid insult, like getting on him from reading from a teleprompter!! - really?!

Obama didnt even get the country in what he originally signed up for. he started running for the election, knew the country was in shit, and then it got worse and worse and then he got in office and things just blew up (banks, automotible industry) so hes getting it in far worse condition than he originally asked.

i love you jojo haha.

p.s. get better soon!!! <3

IslandPearl said...

sorry you aren't feeling well.

IslandPearl said...

An interesting article on why Americans are angry.

It's a little long, but if you're really interested in the political dynamic, worth the read.

Modern Hippie said...

hey jojo did that casey james guy already get kicked off AI? i saw a comcast bullentin awhile ago that said "booted off" and it looked like his picture

i think thats why i stopped watching AI i hated the corrupt voting system, you should not be able to vote more than once thats crap but i know it will never change because then AT&T wouldnt get as much money lol