Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stuff & people i hope continue through the new decade. (What would you choose?)

No Menu Today. jojo's cucina is closed for the holiday. On with the list:

1. Ryan Adams. Van Morrison could do no wrong for me and was my favorite artist for the longest time. Until Ryan Adams came out with Gold. He has struggled with drug addiction and then became clean and sober and married, of all people, Mandy Moore (i would have expected him to hook up with someone more like Courtney Love!). Anyway i hope he keeps writing those amazing lyrics and music.

2. Same with Counting Crows. I love this band too. Interesting to note that both Ryan Adams and the Crows have a similar sound that matches Van Morrison.

3. Louise Penny books. I am currently reading her fifth (and latest, therefore last, for now) mystery. I love these books so much. (And for that matter, good books in general, STILL published on paper in the form of books as we know them today!) Also Jonathan Tropper and Richard Russo should really get their own numbers too, but i'll just lump the books in #3. I can't list all the artists, but right now these three come to mind.

4. Obama.

5. iPods and iTunes. Whatever in the hell did i ever do before these most wonderful inventions of the last decade? I know i used to run with one of those personal disc players and they are so big to carry while running! Plus it wasn't that long ago i was running with a Sony cassette player. Scary how technology moves.

6. Food and Wine magazine. I always steered away from cooking magazines that seemed too elitist, including this one. But then i took a look at it and realized that although I am no Julia Child, i can cook this stuff!

7. Netflix.

8. Anderson Cooper.

9. The Internet. of course. And email too. I don't want email to go away because everyone is texting! (I don't even have a cell phone that i can text from. Or maybe my throwaway phone does allow texting, but i don't know how to do it.)

10. Meeting people in person. Sometimes i am afraid that we might never get together as friends in person because of technology.

11. The Office. I don't care if American Idol goes by the wayside soon, as i believe it will in the next year or two, but i would love for The Office to stick around.

12. Me.

13. Everyone i care about.

OK, i will likely be back with more, but this is good for now. What are YOUR choices?


Modern Hippie said...

I vote for the Office too!! Uncle Mark is gonna get me the whole season when he goes back to China (I think so, the man is never in the country!) haha

I also obviously dito obama, you, and everyone WE care about because its alot of the same people.

i also dito netflix, ash wanted to switch to blockbuster because you can go in the store also. but I just feel like I have a devotion to netflix. it would be like cheating on netflix or getting a nasty divorce yano? but i caved and said we could do it - but then they dont have blockbuster in seattle! so we get to keep my netflix :)

i still have so much in my queue and i like how they know me (because of my ratings and such.)

i love my netflix. haha

louielouie said...

I have never read a Louise Penny book

IslandPearl said...

I'm with you on iPod and tunes. I love my music and I'm really enjoying downloading TV shows that I love too.

Don't know Ryan Adams or Louise Penney at all. Would I like them?

And as far as this administration goes -- I'll just keep my mouth shut for 3 more years and pray that someone with a little common sense will turn up sooner rather than later. But I'm just not seeing it right now.

I think that the advent of eBooks will get more people reading, which will result in more good writing. The medium won't matter when the content is good. And the ease of electronic delivery coupled with the lower cost will prompt a lot of us to read new releases we might have missed otherwise.

Sometime in the next 10 years -- and again, hopefully sooner rather than later -- jo, eque and I will meet IN PERSON for a glorious ladies' weekend SOMEwhere!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

where is everybody? :(

actually i have to correct myself, the new decade doesn't start until the end of this year as Peter Callahan wrote in his column today. (Seems this mistake is often made!) I had to put that in there because if i am going to make a mistake i like to point out that i am not alone in my thinking so i don't feel quite so stupid.

Anyway the list still stands that i want all of these things still around.

pearl, i wrote somewhere to you on this blog or your blog that i think you would really love these books. The author clearly has a deep appreciation for art, food, characters with integrity and wisdom along with the fun mystery and unusual murders. They do follow a certain formula (in that all the murders are extremely unlikely) and that the wise Chief Inspector is always going to prevail along with his very handsome and funny and smart sidekick.

Since you liked the Harlan Coben Myron Bolatair & Win series i figure this might be your cup of tea too. They are set in a small village in Canada near Quebec. And they have won some awards.

"Still Life" is the first one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

shoot, pearl i thought i put a Ryan Adams on one of the pearlpods i sent but i didn't.

A couple of his sweeter slow songs :
"When the Stars Go Blue" (He wrote it but a few other people did it including Tim McGraw and the Corrs and Bono.)

"My Sweet Carolina"

IslandPearl said...

There have been 10 years pass that started with 20XX. That's a decade to ME.

Who's Peter Callahan anyway and who made him the new Time Lord?

jojo cucina cucina said...

That's kind of how i was thinking about it too with the decade. the '0' years are milestones to me.

Callahan is our local News Tribune reporter. He always gets my goat because he is pretty anti-WEA (where i work) and though he at times makes good points that i agree with, he comes across (to me anyway) as an arrogant snob. (like that dude who used to do the Infinity commercials with the accent).

And his wit is rather caustic (which i normally like) but his comes across as more bitter than funny. He was in a jury duty pool with me once (and he was actually chosen for a jury, but not on one i was in).

Amanda Haines said...

Things I hope continue into the new decade:

• David Lynch's pompadour
• Howard Dean
• "You've Got Mail" on cable at least a few times a month; that movie never gets old and I so wish I were Meg Ryan in the mid-90s. Adorable! (Fish-lips now, though, yikes!)
• Mike Rowe on "Dirty Jobs"
• Twitter
• "Mad Men"
• Merle Haggard

That's it so far!

Modern Hippie said...

I JUST watched You've got mail...on cable!!

louielouie said...

What I hope will continue for ten years or more:

My eyesight: (such as it is) can’t drive at night or do newspaper crosswords any more, but can still get around, work and thread a needle.

My husband: this one’s a keeper (sorry about your news Eque, sometimes it just needs to happen), he makes me a little nuts at times but overall does keep me sane.

Mary Worth: can’t get enough of that wise old gal.

Jon Stewart: I am HOT for that man.

Project Runway: I love this show (with or without Heidi Klum), the contestants have talent, Tim Gunn is full of great advice, the fashions are fun and there is just enough drama.

Apollo Ono: Who doesn’t love short track speed skating? And he’s a local kid who made good. I’ll throw in the Colbert Nation too since they are sponsoring the US Olympic Speed Skating team.

My job: I may not want it for ten years, but I want to know it’s there just in case I need it.

The Internet of course, and even its inventor, Al Gore.

The Seattle Mariners: The only sports team I care about. Safeco field is great, the team is positive (although I miss Edgar) and it’s just fun to watch.

Jo’s lending library and literary services: How many people have a personal book reviewer and supplier rolled into one? Her addiction feeds my reading needs

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i too LOVED Howard Dean. In fact i was a State delegate for him in the 2004 election and was quoted in the the News Tribune about him.

louielouie...OMG, of course Jon Stewart. How could i forget?

And that Apollo Ono is a cutie too. Haven't heard much about him. will he be in the Olympics this year?

By the way, i believe i may have finally broken my Mary Worth addiction!!!!

By the way louie, do you want a Jonathan Tropper book for this weekend?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to add that i also tried to go to Boston for the National Convention as a Dean delegate, but i totally froze up and forgot everything i was going to say when it came time to give my speech. It was a most embarrassing moment which scared and scarred me from wanting to try again in 2008 as an Obama delegate, (though the competition was far too great for election 2008 anyway.).

Brian said...

I love that Ryan Adams photograph and wish I took it. If I was still teaching photography I'd show it to my class as a great example of Frames Edge!

First time I heard Merle Haggard's voice I thought....I God Woodrow, that man has a voice almost as honest as Willie's!....although I wish he liked Hippies more.

Brian said...

Things I hope continue into the decade:

People I care about (yes I stole this line from JoJo)
Salt & pepper pistachios
Twinkies (I have no idea why I said that, as I don't eat them but I know they can easily last for a decade)

louielouie said...

By the way louie, do you want a Jonathan Tropper book for this weekend?


Mary Worth Update:

Wilbur Weston aka King-Comb-over was contacted by a young man through the Internet claiming to be his son. Wilbur retreated into fantasy thought bubbles about swell times in college with his former love who just happens to be the young man’s, recently deceased, mother.

Young man show’s up uninvited on Wilbur’s doorstep, much to Dawn’s dismay. Dawn is certain her father is being scammed. Fast forward to today with Dawn, her dad Wilbur and maybe new half-brother leafing through photo albums on the couch while Wilbur continues to revel in his memory-thought bubbles.

How could you give this up?

Mary has not yet presented herself or her wisdom into this story line. I can hardly wait.

Modern Hippie said...

wait wait. isnt mary worth a comic?

things i would like to continue for the next decade:

1. friends (the show of course)i know its technically over but please dont stop showing reruns on cable even though I own all ten seasons

2. Jon Stewart

3. Anderson Cooper

4. Walter Kelly, he cracks me up. I saw him on the street once downtown, it was very exciting haha

5. Cb2, Crate and Barrel, Cost Plus World Market, Urban Outfitters, Antropologie (even though I don't shop there because I'm a poor college student, in ten years I won't be so it better be there) Nordstroms, and target. I love my target.

6. Palace Kitchen and Purple. my two favorite restaurants in downtown seattle including this little sandwich shop on the waterfront that has the best sandwiches EVER

7. cellphones, facebook, laptops, televisions, you know the story.

8. Oliver, my dog.

9. my family.

10. diet coke.

11. Obama although technically he will because he only has 8 years and we've already spent one.

12. sustainability i'm going to kick some major ass if sustainability/green reverses and goes the other way. I dont mind if its a trend if people are going to be green about it. (although that brings up greenwashing which is a WHOLE other topic)

Things I wish did expire in ten years:

1. this horrible woman i no longer know who has ruined lives of people very close to me.

2. Fox news. I just saw a commercial for them where they did a montage of the fallen officers, baseball, american idol and rain and say "are you prepared for whats next?"

3. the war. god in ten years I hope its done!!

4. our dependency on foreign oil and foreign anything but i'll settle for oil in ten years haha

5. cellulite, can they please invent a pill that tones your body and gets rid of cellulite in the snap of a finger

6. for that matter, can we please cure cancer already? all kinds. every SINGLE kind. ten years? I think it can be done. well okay maybe not every kind but the more destructive kinds

7. cure for lupus. that would be cool.

8. i know theres more but i cant think of any

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey i'm here to respond to y'all. (Yes Mary Worth IS a comic strip. It's the most lame-o comic in the universe. Only Family Circus is worse.)

OK first of all to Brian:
1. I love that photo of Ryan Adams too and would love to try and recreate it somehow.
2. Also. said: 'erections'. very funny.
3. And though i have been witness to your sometimes terrible eating habits , the stinky rice crackers from the Asian store' those icky terrible shortbread cookies from Costco' and the semisweet chocolate pieces in bulk, i do have to say I have NEVER seen you even eat a Twinkie and i have no idea why you even though of it.

to louielouie:
1. i am so NOT reading the part you are writing about Mary Worth and really did skip right over it. And i bet they are still on the weirdo Adrienne doctor chick with the bad haircut whose doctor dad is sleeping with Mary Worth but refuses to marry her and the only date he ever takes her is to dinner at the Bum Boat. (What kind of name is that anyway for a restaurant?) Oh yeah and that cop in the hospital. Did he die? (I didn't think so.)
2. Here are the books i am thinking of bringing for you this weekend:
* The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God
* Family & Other Accidents
* As Hot as it Was You Ought to Thank Me
* Jonathan Tropper's "Anything Goes" (speaking of erections: this is the one that starts out with his long lost father showing up on his doorstep with a four day Viagra-induced hard on.) Let me know if this book sounds familiar and i'll try to find one of the other Tropper books. (My tall vertical stacks make it difficult and in digging through to the ones in the back, i tumbled many books over, probably denting my hardwoods in the process.)

to modern hippie:
1. I agree with your lists. Yeah, Palace Kitchen!
2. And most definitely a cure for cancer and lupus.
3.Also how about a cure for total stupidity while we're at it and a cure for people getting pregnant who shouldn't?
4. and while we're at who/what should NOT exist, let's add Jon and Kate.
5. What does Fox News mean by 'are we prepared?', do you think? You know it's weird i don't believe i have turned on the tv or news for days and days and it's been rather nice.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh pearl and eque, i almost forgot! you will be so proud of me. I finally booked our trip to Sedona, Arizona. Brian and i haven't been on a trip like this together for over 6 years. I researched for many days and talked with people who have been there before finding what i wanted at the Briar Patch Inn in Oak Creek. I'll get my Xanax presription and i'm sure i'll be just fine.

Modern Hippie said...

actually I think the Fox News commercial said "are you prepared" oh I guess that's not different, im positive it used the word 'prepared' though but apparently they want you to be prepared for the worst and they are gonna tell what the worst is. haha. oh fox news. i could say so many swear words about them, even grandma dee's longest worst cuss word ever. haha.

why do you need to take xanax to be in Arizona? I don't think it counts that you haven't been "on a trip" "LIKE" this in 6 years when you guys go away almost every other weekend :) if you pay for some kind of housing in anyway its offically a vacation hahaha

IslandPearl said...

Xanax or no, you can do this jo...just take your iPod and a good book and find a happy place inside your head. The destination is worth the journey. Sometimes the journey itself is the destination.

What I'd like to appear (perhaps for the first time) over the next 10 years -- 5 things that would make my world a better place:

Logic and common sense is obvious (I'd settle for even just evident) in decisions put forth by our nation's leadership.

Comity becomes fashionable, and political correctness is outed for the ridiculous obsession it's become. I for one find all the PC crap offensive.

Cures (or at least effective treatments) are available for major diseases that aren't worse than the disease itself.

Newscasters will discover that actually reporting the news without their personal bias applied to it has much greater value. And people begin to start seeing things more objectively and actually thinking for themselves instead of following the pack du jour.

Solid writing - plots and character development -- replace "reality" programming. Conveyor Belt of Love has just frayed my last nerve. I don't have to watch it -- the mere knowledge of its existence is enough to wreck me.

There are more, I'm sure, but 5 is all I have time for right now.

Modern Hippie said...

I TOTALLY agree on the political correctness, it always seems like people try to hard when they say everything so proper, and they almost always on say it when someone of that political correctness is around. "african american" vs "black" i had a friend in HS who was black and our teacher always said african american and he finally said one day "you know what, i'm not african i'm just american so just call me black!" it was actually pretty funny she was stunned and kinda frozen.

and when you really think about it, (i may be wrong about this...) but arent black people in europe also "african american" so they arent african NOR american. who came up with that anyways.

i do think some things should be poliitcally correct like "retarded" for mentally ill (although honestly, there is no good or proper way to say that in my eyes)

equeyaya said...


1. Music - I hope Paste continues, even though I have let my subscription expire. I love the concept and have discovered a lot of great music through it. Individual artists that I hope will keep putting out music: Grace Potter, Serena Ryder, Ryan Adams (of course), Rob Thomas, David Gray, Paolo Nutini, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile, Conor Oberst, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Coldplay, Daniela Cotton, Death Cab for Cutie, Greg Laswell, Shawn Mullins, Jack Johnson, Jackie Greene, John Butler Trio, Pearl Jam, Pete Yorn, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Teddy Thompson, U2, and Wilco.

2. TV, and when LOST is over I hope the people that made it make something else just as good.

3. Books - I'd like to see more from Richard Russo, Wally Lamb, Jonathan Tropper (I think I missed his last one), and Charles Frasier.

4. Technology - ipod, iphone, pc's/laptops that work better than what I have now!

5. Travel - I hope we get this airline security thing better and I hope that I have the ability to see more of the world (congrats on Sedona, jo! can't wait to hear about it!)

6. acupuncture and holistic healing

7. Meeting people in person - yes yes yes

8. People I care about - that they are healthy and successful and we remain close

9. twinkies - not because i eat them either, just for nostalgia's sake.

10. my dog

expire (great idea, kylee!)

1. reality tv and all of the idiots who are obsessed with being on it.

2. polarizing politics

3. sensationalist 24 hour news cycle (that somehow believes #1 & #2 are "news")

4. political correctness, as referred to by pearl and hippie.

5. the evangelical movement

I'll add more later if I think of any...

equeyaya said...

meant to include Jon Stewart under TV.

Modern Hippie said...

equeyaya, are you the twin of jojo? that list of music isnt even similar its EXACT. I will also double on Paolo Nutini i like a lot of the others but I think theres something different about Paolo, hes newer for one but I hope he keeps it up and becomes Pearl Jam famous :)

I have all four seasons of LOST but I don't want to finish (i'm on season 4) because I don't want it to end. but i like to watch it with someone else, I tried to get my sister to watch it but she got to scared (season one when Ethan comes into the picture and there is that small issue of an "abduction" of claire and charlie, which i'll admit it is an intense episode)

i wish travel was cheaper. i mean how are we supposed to understand other cultures when its thousands of dollars just to get there?

i too, hate twinkies actually, but would like to see them continue on but this will also need to include ding-dongs :)

i would also like to add to the expire list:

scientology. i started researching this a little while ago, it's actually very sad and it truly does sound exactly like a cult. what religion asks you spend money? and not even money but BIG money, thousands of dollars. makes no sense...

louielouie said...

Items I need for at LEAST ten years more. I forgot to number my first list, but I’ll continue on where I wish if I had left off:

13. Steamed clams, actually fresh clams from clean waters that can be steamed at home and eaten with friends.

14. Hendrick’s Gin; it’s delicious and has medicinal powers.

15. Electricity.

16. My mother; She a-makes-me-crazy, but given the other options out there, I’ll stick with her. I’m confident she’ll still be happy and sassy at 93. I’m looking forward to having my grammar corrected and hair critiqued by a nonagenarian.

17. The Washington State Ferry system; the boats may be aging and rumor has it that we don’t deserve stimulus dollars to upgrade the fleet, but those ferries connect us to the wonders of the fabulous San Juan Islands. Ferry on!

Modern Hippie said...

we have the largest ferry system in the nation and 2nd largest in the world (vancouver is number one in the world, which is ironic because vancouver and seattle are sister cities and are only about 2-3 hours apart so its almost like it doesnt count lol)

they will never get rid of our ferry system, its way too important, and places like San Juan and everywhere else would loose any kind of tourist activity and would almost turn into a 3rd world city haha

but san juan ferry only leaves from acaortes (sp) doesnt it?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee, as i read equeyaya's post about the music etc., i actually said out loud, "Eque and are twin sisters!" (Only 6 years apart.) I lauged out loud at the very informative ferry system update.

Coming Attractions for the next blog post:

" My Best Advice, My Worst Vices" ....something to that effect. still working on the title.

So y'all be thinking about your best advice etc. and what you want to write next cause i think i'll put it up tomorrow since i don't have to work late.

jojo cucina cucina said...

also echoing louie about the clams. I hope that we don't abuse our environment so much in the next 10 years so that we can still have our seafood!

Modern Hippie said...

a very good reason to go green! everyone has a reason to go green, find yours.

that would be a really good commercial. :)

EoDE said...

Who and what I'd like to see continue into the next decade...

My husband and my dogs. Normally I'd say that goes without saying, but sometimes life feels very fragile and it feels as if it needs to be said.

Clint Eastwood. The man is 80 and making rockin' movies, whether he's behind the camera or in front of it or both. We finally rented Gran Torino over New Year's Eve and loved it. We hope to see Invictus soon.

The Office, Friday Night Lights, and reruns of Friends. I can take or leave a lot of what's on TV, but those are my must-sees.

Books by Kathleen Norris, John Grogan, and Robert Parker. I love Norris's insight into spiritual matters, Grogan's love of dogs and their people, and Parker's storytelling.

Our classical music station. Every few years someone makes noises about selling it, but thankfully it's been holding its own for a while now.

My favorite burger joint.

Jo's blog and her readers. :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

EoDE, i love it when you post here! I totally agree about Clint Eastwood, but he is getting up there in age. I was so surprised by how much i loved the movie Gran Torino. (haven't seen Invictus yet, but will when it's on DVD.)

I have to ask you if you have read "The Art of Running in the Rain". I am going to talk about it again when i get to my new blog post (probably this weekend, not tonight as i wanted.) I am not a dog person so much. (partly because i am so allergic and have to have allergy shots and partly because i don't like to be needed to much), but this book made me a dog person. I loved this book so much.

Anyway, i'll write more about it in my next post.

equeyaya said...

Echoing Jo that it's great to see EoDE here!

"Racing in the Rain" is on my "to be read" pile, recommended by another non-dog person.

EoDE said...

Awww, thanks, Jo and Eque. Y'all made my day. :)

I have not yet read "The Art of Running in the Rain" but I'm thinking I need to. I was intrigued when I read the description of it on Amazon, and your comments have really piqued my interest.

I've always loved dogs, but I got to be a real dog person when I was single and adopted a little rescue dog. He and I were virtually inseparable. I never knew whether that was because he thought he was a person or because he thought I was a dog, LOL.

Can't wait to get more of your take on "Running"!

Modern Hippie said...

I think I was born a dog person, i love all dogs from big dogs to tiny dogs to bulldogs to pitbulls althogh there is DEFINITLEY a deep connection with my dog, i got lucky with him other than having really bad seperation anxiety he is truly a really sweet dog.

anyways, i saw invictus, its a good movie but do keep in mind the whole movie is about rugby, i didnt know that and i was kind of upset i thought it was about politics and it really isnt. but of course the directing is amazing, morgan freeman IS Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon does a really good job as well.

IslandPearl said...

Invictus used rugby as metaphor. Mandela's wisdom is clearly illustrated in this singular instance, his showing people HOW they can work together..using what they have in common as a foundation for forging unity.

A lesson that could certainly be used by certain leaders today as well...

Modern Hippie said...

as a metaphor? but it really did happen...?

although it apparently worked for south africa, i mean Mandela truly was great (although i'm still not at ease to know of everything he did and his entire life and they did a movie about how he used rugby to unite his country, to me it feels like watching the credits or a 5 min clip from a really great movie, i know it was important but at the same time i feel like their were greater stories.)

i think i would be actually pissed if any political figure tried to regain policies and unite the people through sports. of course that is because i hate sports, but thats the whole risk and in a very ignorant and superficial stereotype i would almost argue that most american (being the key word) sports followers are NOT politically educated or even interested for that matter and people that are politically educated and interested don't care for sports on such a level. now do remember i said I was being ignorant and superfical and i was stereotyping, i know thats not the case for everyone, but dont you think to a small degree it is?

...for americans anyways.

maybe equeyaya will agree with me for our shared disinterest of sports :)

IslandPearl said...

If you were looking for a biopic on Mandela, of course Invictus would disappoint.

But if you wanted insight into a measure of the man through his thoughts/acts in a moment, this movie was brilliant.

You didn't have to be a rugby fan to 'get' the movie. In fact there was not all that much rugby in the movie. Rugby served as a plot device. It was the character of the men - Mandela and Pienaar -- that held my interest throughout.

On sport as metaphor:
I was referring to the example of a leader (Mandela) seizing upon a commonality (passion for rugby)among his countrymen as a uniting force.

Using a shared passion and excitement as a tool to forge unity.

Who cares if the object was sports -- the purpose/outcome was unity.

Looking for a viable positive way to unite people. Now THERE'S a concept that bears development on a broader scale.

Stereotyping will bite you in the ass every time. I'd certainly caution against the assumption that sports fans are ignorant and apolitical. Or that politically involved people don't care for sports. I'm pretty sure Obama and I would agree on that. Our own little piece of common ground.

equeyaya said...

I do hate sports, but I would rather watch a movie about rugby than football. And any movie with Morgan Freeman is worth seeing as far as I'm concerned. Not having seen it yet, I can't comment on how effective the sporting metaphor is.

And I will say that the one thing that has disappointed me about Obama is the lack of progress toward unity. That was one of the main reasons I supported him. But I think neither side has made a serious effort to find common ground.

Modern Hippie said...

Yes exactly Pearl, i was completely disappointed because I was looking more for a biopic of Mandela, I think it was more of a surprise than anything else

but again, i did think the movie was brillant and I understand the story and the point of rugby and what it did and represented and so forth.

and agreed, as odd as it is rugby worked as a way to unite that country, against all odds really.

and i applaude the overall goal and i am still shocked by the fact that it was able to happen, but my point was saying that if a president or leader (and im speaking in american culture only because quite honestly i dont know other cultures well enough to comment on their sports fans) but i would be kind of pissed.

if Obama tried to come out tomorrow and say we are going to unite our country and even other countries and cultures by sports. i would just be upset.

but i agree equeyaya, i dont think either side has tried to find a real common ground, and i dont think one will ever be found. not with everyone. not on a scale big enough to truly matter.

stereotyping. *big breath* i don't really like stereotyping, i mean who really does? EVERYONE is subject to it and sometimes it really sucks. and this might be bringing up a whole other discussion BUT stereotyping does come from somewhere, its not made out of thin air and its not contrived based off of one person. stereotypes, unfortunately have a sense of truth to them, which is what makes them so...offensive. if someone said something so completely off base and not a lick of truth, it wouldnt matter. its when something has a smidgen of reality that we become upset. stereotyping is the basis of any kind of judgement; racism, sexism, age-ism(sp) and so forth. its why its soo touchy, no one wants to be defined by other peoples acts.

but thats why when i use stereotyping i do speak with caution, i know that not every sports fan is stupid and i know that not every politically engaged person is immune to sports. i mean look at Mandela and how much he loved rugby and well i dont know sports well enough (or care enough :) lol) to know what sports players are politically engaged but I know there are some, and im sure its a hefty amount, but there is still a hefty amount that goes the other way as well. you can't deny that.