Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Must Be Drunk ...Because...

I must be drunk....because....

1. I must be drunk because....I am listening to Christmas music on my iTunes as i type. And i like it!

2. I must be drunk because i bought a Christmas cd on iTunes just now. I bought Dustin Kensrue's. It almost doesn't sound like a Christmas album, sort of how Bruce Cockburn's doesn't or Ottmar Liebert. You could almost listen to it all year.

3. I must be drunk ....cause i watched George W.'s interview with Matt Lauer the other day and i didn't feel the need to throw anything at the tv while watching it. I didn't even feel my blood pressure rising as i watched.

4. I must be drunk.... because i already bought a Christmas present today. (for my parents)

5. I must be drunk...because i called my mom today too.

6. I must be drunk... because i do not take Sarah Palin seriously when she says she is going to run for President.

7. I must be drunk ... because I was at an all day union meeting for the next 'flavor of the month' on the new union vision and i signed up for one committee and ALMOST signed up for a second one. In the end i backed out, knowing i can only be committed so much. But that i even considered it... makes me feel like i must be drunk.

8. I must be drunk...because i bought 6 books this month alone. I am so worried that i won't have something to read at our beach vacation on Thanksgiving that i keep buying books.

9. I must be drunk...because i keep posting odd contrasty photos of myself. (This photo i posted today is me holding either a bottle of wine and i thought, but then again, it could be a bottle of olive oil. Extra virgin of course. )Just like me! )

10. I must be drunk...because i spent $45 on shampoo and conditioner today.

11. I must be drunk because i have cooked three nights in a row.

12. I must be drunk because i am.

What things have you done lately that make you want to blame it on being drunk? (I'm thinking louie, this is right up YOUR alley! LOL.)


jojo cucina cucina said...

Now that i look at the bottle, i definitely think it is olive oil. So that's my #13. I must be drunk because i mistook olive oil for wine!

equeyaya said...

LOL! I'll have to come back and post after some wing.

louielouie said...

No wine for me, still on the Vicodin

I don’t feel the least but loopy but I don’t feel pain either

I am tapering off. really

I need to be off in order to drive and to go back to work on Monday

susieatl said...


jojo cucina cucina said...

I wrote a post here yesterday from my netbook and totally lost it. That's what happens sometimes because my fingers hit a wrong key on a smaller keyboard. I could NEVER text!

It is snowing here. It's been snowing for a couple of hours and now it's getting white outside. I can't believe we're getting snow so early, they were right in their prediction of El Nina.

equeyaya said...

you really do look drunk in that photo, lol!

i must be drunk because:

1. It's almost 8pm and I am seriously contemplating starting a lamb stew in the crock pot before I go to bed.

2. I can't figure out how to start the humidifier in this house (actually that's probably just more to do with being technically inept).

3. I can't think of anything else. Probably because I am actually NOT drunk. Too many calories.

I will probably be getting drunk on Thanksgiving, though. I am spending it with friends, and Melanie will be taking my car to the family gathering, so my friends are picking me up and I won't have to drive at all.

So maybe I'll come back then and post more.

Enjoy your snowfall!

equeyaya said...

ok, i broke down and opened a bottle of cupcake sauvignon blanc, only because i added some to my stew. but i'm still not drunk!