Friday, November 12, 2010

Things that Shouldn't Be....

Menu of the Day:

on iTunes: 75 and Sunny by Ryan Montbleau

In my glass: Nothing yet, but i'm having dinner at Primo Grill with Julie, so it will soon be something red!

What I'm reading: I loved Pillars of the Earth so much that i am now reading the second Follett book: World Without End, I like it too.

What I am procrastinating about: NOTHING. I'm caught up. I'm working on that will thing too.

What I'm looking forward to:

On with the list with things that shouldn't be.

1. I was watching the Seahawks game last weekend, something i don't normally do, but during the commentary they cut to a shot of a beautiful facility where the Seahawks practice. We care more about the buildings where pro athletes get to practice and play more than we do about the buildings where our children go to school.

2. Do i need to even mention that teachers/educators should make the salaries of pro athletes and vice versa? Why should athletes be paid millions for a talent that comes so easily?...No i don't think i need to mention it... but i do it anyway.

3. Christine O'Donnell should never have been given the time of day. How can people in this country take her seriously? And of course, it goes without saying about Sarah Palin.

4. Kim Kardashian should not be registering on any radar either. What's her claim to fame? Her Dad was an OJ supporter?

5. The prescription you take for your medical ills should not have more side effects than your original affliction.

6. People who vote a rabidly anti-tax ballot should not be able to send their kids to public schools and they should be prohibited from ever calling the fire department or police in the event of a disaster. Nor should they visit a park. (In fact, they should even had children at all! ) and while we're at it, they should not be driving over bridges and on the freeways either. They should just stay home!

7. VHI should not be allowed to re-run Saturday Night Live. I got very excited when on our DVR was a re-run of a 2001 episode with Ryan Adams as the musical guest. VHI cut about an hour of it to make way for their bazillion commercials and cut the music out all together and most of Weekend Update too.

8. Nobody should remake a Janis Joplin song really. I don't care who you are. It can't be done.

9. Democrats should quit being namby pamby. If Obama folds on the Bush tax cuts i will be very disappointed. I do NOT respect pandering. We didn't lose the House because of our ideology so much as we lost it because we are a bunch of lazy fuckers who believe everyone in our party has a good idea that needs to be heard. Plus we're cheap too.

10. My new favorite show Parenthood may get cancelled, but yet Kim Kardashian still remains a household name.

11. OOps, i will have to come back to this because it's almost time for me to get picked up! I have more.

Come and tell me some of yours!


jojo cucina cucina said...

More things that shouldn't be:

12. Do i even need to mention this one? Two days ago i was running at lunchtime and a couple of blocks from our place this family was putting up their big giant Christmas wreaths in the their windows and stringing their lights along their roof. I can see the lights, wanting a head start before the weather gets too bad, but it seems too early for the big giant wreath!

13. J-Lo on American Idol.

14. Jay Leno still on the air. (Welcome back Conan!)

15. Men getting botox. Did you see Steve Martin in "It's Complicated"? It was too weird. Actually, i don't think anyone should be getting botox. But especially men. It's like men getting perms back in the 80's and looked like Gene Wilder. (louie used to have a perm that made her look like Rosanna Rosannadana and I had a perm that looked like Barbra Streisand from her "As Star is Born" time.

16. Perms. Should never have happened in any era. Like Disco dancing, may they RIP.

17. Skinny jeans. Seriously. Unless you are 6 feet tall and weigh less than your pet you will look stupid. I don't care if you are wearing stilettos.

18. Stilettos. For sure, that's something that should not happen.

19. Men should have no say in abortion rights. Unless they want to pay the child support for every unborn that they protest.

20. humonguous homes. Nobody needs to live in anything more than 5,000 square feet, and should be living in more like half that square footage. But i'm allowing for big families.

21. Which brings me to another one. Nobody should be having kids they cannot afford.

22. I can say that knowing that as a first born child i would still be allowed to be born.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i keep checking back here in hopes that louie is 'pain med posting'! C'mon, you have to comment at least on your Rosanna rosannadana hair!

Also, Amanda ! I saw you quoted in the newspaper with the amazing story on our Pierce County Wack job of an assessor. (I don't want to say his name because i don't want a search on it to pop up this blog.) But y'all living here know who i mean. It's a three part story of great investigative journalism and it reads like an Ann Rule novel. I can't wait until tomorrow for the final installment.

And Amanda was consulted and quoted in the story.

louielouie said...

I thought I posted some "things that shouldn't be" already. Guess not.

What I have learned in the past 72 hours:

It’s true; you do need to stay “ahead of the pain” I didn’t take my meds often enough at first and it was a tough night and day. Once I picked up the pace, I felt pretty good. Plus I hear the first day after surgery is the worse.

I may not have Michelle Obama arms, but I am glad I’ve gotten to know Jillian Michaels over the past few months. I am using my upper body a lot with my WALKER. Plus all that hopping on one foot is a work out.

Frozen peas are the best foot-ice pack. We learned this with all my son’s surgeries, but now I’ve been able to experience it first hand. Seems like we always had a package or two of foot-peas in the freezer.

No matter if you’re sure you remembered everything you needed to get, once you sit down, you’ll think of one more thing you forgot. Or have to pee again

It’s hard to explain how to do something you’ve done a million times. I keep forgetting steps, some seem so obvious, like when walking someone through how to bake some chicken breasts I didn’t think I would need to say, open the package, take out the pieces, rinse them off, pat dry with a paper towel, throw package away. . .

Ron and Em made dinner on Friday. It was good and there were a number of dishes to it (meat, salad, frozen veggies AND Rice a Roni) but you would have thought they cured cancer or something. I’m certain both will have a new appreciation for all I do – every damn night after working all day.
OK, well maybe not.

My daughter is way more with the program than my husband. All right, to be fair, I didn’t just learn that; I’ve known it for some time.

Ron will eat anything; OK fine, so that’s not new either

that's all i got

equeyaya said...

Oh, jojo! I agree with everything on your list.

I can add that roads should not be closed without properly marked detours. Coming home from Melanie's college last night, we spent nearly an hour wandering aimlessly through nowhere-land. We finally just backtracked to where I know there was a gas station and asked for help. Two very kind women pointed us in the right direction.

I downloaded a free song from the new Springsteen album, and I like it. Maybe I'll finally get to see him live next year. So after itunes played that, it just kept playing more springsteen, and I'm liking it!

I'm having a good weekend. Spent the day yesterday with the girls and got the house cleaned and the leaves raked today. I'm headed off to do the grocery shopping, and then I'm going to make vegetable stew and pierogies for Grace and Hatty. The peirogies are for Hatty.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous this weeknd.

Glad you're on the mend, louie!

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, i'm starting to feel guilty now that i didn't come over to bring you Guinness. I am just figuring out that having this kind of surgery sounds like not a big deal, but it is. Cause John Hayward told me at the funeral today.

I have to say that i am disappointed you sound very lucid in your oxycodon haze.

Which is likely why you are having pain.

eque. our weather here sucks and will from here on out until July. So i hate hearing about gorgeous weather. Just going off the Things that Should Not Be.

I hate getting lost more than probably anything on earth. I not only hate getting lost, I fear it. I actually have disturbing reoccuring dreams about it. (I never should have read that "Bonfire of the Vanities" book!)

I read your post earlier, eque and you reminded me about the new Springsteen cd so i bought an iTunes card today while shopping. I am not going to bother with the free downloads anymore that aren't iTune freebies because i never ever did find the Pete Yorn free download. So i'll just buy the whole cd.

I had a good weekend too. Went to a funeral today which is weird cause it's a Sunday. It was with folks i haven't worked with since 1986. We all looked so much older. And it's weird to me because it doesn't seem that much long ago when i worked with them and they were my age now back then.

Like i said before. I forgot i was going to get older. I think i really did. This past year has been the reminder. Besides the high blood pressure crap which i don't deserve, i most especially dislike how my eyesight is getting worse for reading.

Actually i think my memory is not doing too badly because i remembered alot of names at the funeral today.

louielouie said...

Foot-peas are way better than ice bags. For one thing, the term foot-peas has a nice ring to it. Plus there is no leaking water to worry about with the peas and you don’t have the hassle trying it figure out if the bag is sealed or not. Foot-peas rock.

No matter how well you plan, you’re sure to forget to bring something down with you.

Daytime TV is confusing, I can’t tell what’s on where or when. didn’t know there were microwave “options” readily available

Pain meds have not improved my keyboarding skills - my attention span either.

I am sure glad I am not operating heavy machinery.

8:11 is not too early for a nap.

tried to go back and edit this, but can't remember where the microwave option comment came from so don't know how to fix it.

oh well

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, i am now satisfied to read your post where you don't quite sound as lucid on your Oxycodon and i was saying before. LOL.

More Things That Should Not Be:

23. This pertains to our state and everyone from Washington will say, OF COURSE! ....
Tim E y m a n. And Dale W a s h a m.

24. Sarah Palin's gets top ratings on her TLC debut. This should not be.

25. Pitch black darkness at 4:50 pm.

26. Rain when i wore a suede jacket to work (cause it wasn't raining this morning!)

27. Lady Gaga. (i know, i know, i'm getting redundant)

28. Lady Gaga.

29. Family Circus cartoons. Good Gawd, who is reading those? (You louie?)

30. Going to more than one funeral a month.

31. Thanksgiving so close to Christmas.

32. Christmas carols before Dec. 1st. AT LEAST before Thanksgiving.

33. White zinfandel.

louielouie said...

Showers are fantastic. Took my first one today since last Wednesday.

I have fully recovered from my med miss-hap, have ice on my foot, and am watching old episodes of 30 Rocks. If I had a small glass of Jameson, things would be right with the world.

Tomorrow I venture out to the eye doctor, some sort of Glaucoma follow up. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

We had such a powerful windstorm last night that there was no school today. The winds were up to almost 50 miles an hour. I thought our new patio roof would fly away. But Brian did a good job and it stayed put.

I went in to work anyway today (No reason not to when you live two miles away) but i was the only one there... which made it even nicer!

Last night however the power went off at around 9:30. I was outside scrambling to get all my hanging baskets down when i heard the transformer blow (SO LOUD!) and all was dark.

I could NOT sleep at all last night because i am so addicted to the noise of our fan. It should have been perfect otherwise because you don't realize how much light the alarm and LED lights from the TV put out plus outside lampposts. And i love the dark. but i hate the sound of no sound.

I told Brian we need to get a battery operated fan. We did however have this super cool lantern i bought Brian for Christmas last year from Costco. It looks like a kerosene lamp but it runs on batteries. We could both easily read in bed last night with it, i think it was better than my regular lamp. I'm going to buy another one, but i bet they'll be sold out.

I love inclement weather. It's an adventure. The power was back on at 6:45 this morning so i took a bath with hot water even.

I went for a run today and there was a fence blown over and someones patio/awning was upside down on their roof (or maybe it was the neighbor's roof), a telephone pole fell across the street at the elementary school next to us and they are still working on that as they have been all day. Shingles at work blew off, but otherwise everything's fine. I'm glad i don't live where huge fir trees are.

Sarah/louie....are you driving?

louielouie said...

Good reasons to take the rest of the week off:

1. I still can’t drive

2. I am still on narcotics and find I occasionally sort of blank out-nod off

3. Can only get sweat pants on over my bandaged foot

4. Cannot stand long enough to comb/blow dry the back of my hair – not old enough yet to ignore the backside of my hair and still go out in public

5. Best way for me to go up stairs is on my hands and knees. I was supposed to go to a work session/retreat Thursday and Friday but it’s in an old converted farmhouse with stairs here and there through out the place. No way I’m going to crawl up steps in front of my peers.

6. Cannot drink wine due to afore mentioned medications, therefore retreat would be no fun. - Do hate to miss though, it’s a great group of folks and we always get a lot accomplished.

7. No one was expecting me to come to the office Thursday and Friday anyway, thought I would be at the retreat

8. Don’t feel with it enough to even want to do school work at home so not sure I could do school work at school

9. Have a doctor’s at 9:45 Friday (moved from Monday); my mom will take me

10. I have 1427 hours and 8 minutes of sick leave available

11. don't feel guilty about it

Amanda Haines said...

I love this topic and I may steal it for my own blog since I'm so tired of whining about my goddamn knee.

And, since I am a local celebrity now...actually, that was the longest, most useless quote. They need better editors over at the TNT. I would have red-penned that whole thing. Haha!

Things that should not be:

• Rolling backpacks. This is one of my stock rants, so I'll spare you the full details. But, I will add that students at the college actually roll these into the bathroom stalls with them. So gross. They have to be crawling with fecal bacteria.

• Almond milk. Have you tasted this stuff? It's absolutely disgusting! I had to toss it all out. I'd rather drink bus driver nut sweat.

• Ugg boots and skinny jeans. It's over, man. Enough already.

• Women going braless in public. I saw a lady on campus yesterday wearing a full sweatsuit (elastic ankles and everything) with no bra, pendulum tits swinging in the breeze. It was too much!

• Those skanky full-body airport scanners. They violate my cardinal rule of never allowing naked pictures. Ever. No exceptions.

• The skanky full-body groping that's the alternative to the full-body scanners. Those TSA guys already look like old molesters. Now, they legally can rub you up. I want my fourth amendment rights back!! Keep your mitts off my jumblies!