Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't even get me started.

1. I do not want to hear from Sarah Palin one iota about what is happening in Wisconsin. Her kind of leadership is why unions were born.

2. And yeah, that Governor in Wisconsin..... . I commented on this in my previous blog post (in response to amulbunny) about this. 

Here's how i view this, in my simplistic black and white way:

George W. & Co. used Sept. 11th to go into Iraq and do what they wanted to do. And Walker is doing the same. Busting unions and using the budget deficit as an excuse. 

3. I think the Wisconsin governor's leadership is a perfect example of why we still need unions. And i believe what he is doing may backfire. Unions have always done their best work when they are under fire.
4. And i say that, knowing i do not always agree with our positions.

5. And dammit....what the hell is happening when peaceful protesters are being shot in Egypt and Libya? Is this true?  I say all this knowing i don't know all that is going on. Does anyone? The news doesn't quite get out there in the same way as it does in America.

6. And did i read somewhere that Donald Trump might be a hopeful candidate for the Republicans in 2012? Oh please, tell me this is true! I would so love that. He may even be worse than Sarah Palin!

7. Re: the House Drama: We made a third counter offer on the house i wanted. The owner countered back with adding a lousy $2500. this makes me think he's in it for the joy of bargaining and winning. We already know he is 80 years old and has lots of money and lives in a retirement home while he pays for fees on this one since last August. We already know that his house is listed as the highest of all for sale in that same area, by about $20,000. And here come in, prequalified without asking him to fix anything, no contingency, and we pay all our closing costs and still offer $15,000 more than the one that sold there last month that we liked even more because it was bigger. And he we walks. (But we still look.)

8. I think we are firing our real estate agent. She knew Brian had some misgivings about moving there and she didn't close the deal over a lousy $2500. It was enough of a blink for us to take a step back. My brother Troy met her too and when i said i think she might be too timid to be able to work with us, he said 'timid' was the word he would use. I just know i would have closed that deal if i could sit across the table from the owner. But it's okay. Brian and i keep looking. And we'll find something we both get excited about.

9. There is a lot of stuff happening in the world right now besides Egypt and Libya and natural disasters that makes me wonder if the end is coming. 

10. If that's the case. well then,  i want to go out and spend all my money on something frivulous because i have never in my life done that.

11. 'Frivilous' has that dreaded red line under it. (Even when i changed the spelling, it's still there!) But i am too lazy to look up the correct spelling.I knew the minute i wrote it it did not look correct. But i still don't know what it should be.

12. I could say i have never been stupid with spending money. and that takes care of the spelling. Cause i know how to spell 'stupid'. 

13. This disappoints me because i did once win a spelling contest in the fifth grade. But it was within my own class, not the whole school. Isn't that funny that i still remember that and want to hang my hat on the glory of winning a fifth grade class spelling contest? 

14. Still not doing the Facebook thing that much these days, so please forgive me if i miss a comment or post or a birthday. I only check every once in awhile to catch up and be sure there is no spam virus thing attached to my name. And i do need to use it to comment on our own Facebook page at work.

15. Back to unions for a second.....why do we get the blame for everything wrong these days? Unions didn't get a government bailout like the damn banks. Unions didn't start a war that we had no business going in to that added to the deficit. We weren't the cause of the all of the bank foreclosures on the housing industry. We didn't cause Katrina, the Gulf Spill,

....and we didn't bring about the existence of Lady Gaga. 

So there. 

Come in and tell us your own elementary grade stories where you shined. And what else is going on that makes you want to rant (or rave). I never mean to make any blog post a totally negative one. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. The people of Wisconsin are reaping what they sowed by electing that asshat.

2. My best friend works for a school district. She hasn't had a raise in 3 years. She works in admin as the bus coordinator (the worst job in the winter) and isn't a union member but anything the union gets she gets under the grandfathered provisions. She is for the union. Her friends went to madison on Friday. Now the superintendent has threatened termination to the teachers who called in sick and went down there.

3. I saw the film of the burned bodies in Libya. Perhaps things are going to change for the better. They need to get Ghadifi's son off the TV with his pointing finger (Did no one ever tell him that if you point your finger one is for others and the other three point back to you?).

4. We're beginning to look for a place to move to. I am not thrilled still.

5. My best elementary grade was 3rd grade with Mrs Hemp. She was the best teacher I ever had. I learned to love books in her class. I have that class picture up on my desk cork board. I did win a spelling contest against Tommy Klemp in her class. The word was Threw.

6. Send me a friend request on FB please. You can email me and I'll tell you my real life name.

7. Did anyone tell you that Chenapan/Sharon Dalton IRL has discontinued all further treatment and is home to hospice. She is only 35. She has a 3 yr old son. She was diagnosed last March. JWA has lung cancer with hepatic involvement. Mersea has breast cancer. Queen Abigail has uterine cancer. I am so tired of reading about people being diagnosed and then reading that the defense department can't exist without funding of 5,000,000,000. Where's the money for health research? There are so many people with diseases that need research and we're building the bigger better bomb.

8. I'm being a good housewife tonight. Making meat loaf, mashed taters, gravy and broccoli with cheese sauce. And I'm drinking an Australian White from Fresh and Easy called Kahuna. It's tasty and CHEAP!

9. I've gotta stop reading about the patrio centric groups, they're making me really mad. Wanna take a look at Vision Forum and their ilk? Make sure you've had a lot to drink. And tell me if the boss pings your gaydar?


jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny. I love that you are so often first! I come back here soon after posting, looking for you.

OK, first off, Vision Forum. I looked at their website and those images.... Family Coloring Book, ick!.....and that one image with the sword "Sufficiency of Scripture" sort of looks like a penis.

Why are we talking about this again?

And how do i find the boss?

I did hear about the yayas who are sick. This makes me a terrible person, but it's one of the reasons i wanted to back out. I have enough friends/family in real life that need attention that i can't take on the cyber ones i don't know that well. Is Chenapan the one one who had that hysterically funny story about the Rubber Band Baby Jesus? (I was so terrible about mixing up so many yayas on that message board.)

We're not friends on Facebook already? How do i find you?

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Look for Ann Nienow Bowen, that's me.
Yeah, Sharon had the rubber banded baby Jesus.
The head honcho of VF is Doug Phillips. He just led a group of manly men to the Peruvian Amazon to educate the natives in his version of Christianity. Puke.

Amanda said...

This Wisconsin thing has me so pissed off, too. It's not about the money; the unions have agreed to increase their health care and retirement contributions. It's about eliminating their freedom to negotiate. How un-American is that?

This is so much like how homeowners are bitching because their homes are worth less now than when they bought them. The state agreed to those contracts, just like the homeowners agreed to a purchase price. Now that the economy is in the tank, they want to get out of the deals, sticking the rest of us with their burden. If the situation were reversed and the state was flush with money, or homeowners saw huge increases in their property values (like they did for the previous 10 years!), would they be giving that money back as undeserved? No! They've been pocketing it for years.

I need to find my dad's classic "Shit Happens" t-shirt. Everyone feels so entitled to always come out on top.

There's so much bad news today. The four people (two from Seattle) hijacked by Somali pirates were killed. As much as I'm horrified by what happened to them, I'm offended that they were going to Muslim countries distributing free bibles. It's tacky to do that. They're the nautical equivalent of Jehovah's Witnesses. There's such a double (and triple and quadruple) standard for Christians and members of every other religion.

I'm too surly for 8 a.m.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, you are not too surly for me, i don't care what time it is! Thank you.

I was also thinking about the New Zealand earthquake too. I need to quit watching the news. I did not hear that those Somali hostages were killed. But i do have to wonder as you do about why they went there knowing the danger.

How would born again Christians love it if they were being lobbied to give Jesus up for Allah?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you eque for reminding me about the DRAFTS. Here is the post i lost last weekend:

I think it's been two weeks since i put up a blog post. Sarah/louie, if you are reading please go back to the previous post to see the Fircrest photos i just put up. I am going to an open house tomorrow. I'll let y'all all know how it goes.

1. I think "y'all all" is redundant. In fact, i'm pretty sure it is.

2. Check out my work website. I am pretty proud of it because i have seen the others in the Washington Education Association where i work, and they don't look so hot.


4. We may move, we may not move. It has to be the right place. The Point Defiance place was only good for me. So we start over. I'm good with that. I still like where we live and Brian just rented a storage place last night so we can make room. That makes things not so urgent. The more i take out of here and box up, the better i like it.

5. Brian and i were talking the other night about leaving this place after nearly 19 years and that it will be sad and we will likely cry because of the memories. And i thought what memories? We don't have children. But then i thought about Kylee and Ashley coming over to the pool when i first moved here and they were little.

6. Some of y'all know that my sister died in 1995. A few months later that summer after she died, Kylee and Ashley were swimming at the pool here as they did quite often the first few years when i first moved in.

The older man who lived here who took care of the pool maintenance before Brian and I did (and who we called the Pool Nazi) was there one day while they were swimming and he asked about who they were. I answered that they were my brother's children. And making conversation, he asked me how many siblings did i have in my family. I replied I had two brothers and a sister.

Kylee/modern hippie, so little, wearing her bright yellow water wings, in her pixie cut and little bathing suit with the goldfish top, hanging by the edge of the pool was listening. (I still have a perfect picture of her in my head as she said this)

....when i said i had two brothers and one sister, Kylee shouted out (and not in a sorrowful way, mind you) "NOT ANYMORE!".

The Pool Nazi looked at me quizzically and I replied, "I have do a sister, but she died recently." And I had to laugh as i said it. Because Kylee was so funny with her correcting me so loudly. (It was so Kylee.) Even Ashley even at the young age of 8 or 9 managed to look rather mortified at her younger sister.

7. Those pool memories are dear. Kylee and Ashley used to call me on the phone and leave answering machine messages about coming to swim when i first got there. Sometimes nearly every day of summer that was sunny.

One time i wasn't home and the answering machine picked up. Ashley was on one extension and Kylee was on the other. (Ashley was probably 7 and Kylee was either 3 or 4) and they tagged teamed the machine by asking if they could come over.

Ashley would start with "Aunt Jo, we were wondering....." And then Kylee would kick in : "if we could come over...." then Ashley would add: "....and swim in your pool." It was in the old days when you could tape messages and I took that tape out of the answering machine and copied it on to another cassette of stuff i was saving. It's hysterical. I played it a few years ago and it's slays me very time. They were so clever. I still have that tape.

8. So yeah, homes have lots of memories. I can only imagine how they must be for y'all (eque and my brother) who have left them who have your own children.

equeyaya said...

The memories stay with you. And it's better to just have the memories and not the bad stuff that replaces them when it's not good in the place anymore. It's almost like the memories become more vivid when you are separate from the place where you've been and all the days have run into another when one day you find, as Pink Floyd so eloquently put it, "ten years have got behind you." The physical location is not so important as where you are in your life and having your space fit that. Change is inevitable and it's best to embrace it.

I'm glad you found that post.

I was going to suggest you find another realtor, too.

louielouie said...

I don’t remember winning any awards in elementary school. Or junior high for that matter.

I was an OK student but nothing remarkable, although I was in the smart class. Our elementary had 3 classes at each grade level, smart, regular and dumb. I went all the way through sixth grade only knowing the kids in my class, the same ones year after year.

The best thing about grade school was the Bookmobile. We didn't have a library at my school The bookmobile came every other Thursday. I always rode my bike on bookmobile day because it had a big basket. You could check at 5 books at a time. It was great.

I met my best friend in second grade. She moved in 3 days after I did so we were the new girls together. Scrawny and nerdy, plus I wore glasses so had to sit in the front row. We were good friends all through high school. Why don't I ever call her now?

sam said...

I grew up a nomad, a second generation gypsy, but I have some wonderful (and some really sucky) memories of childhood. We raised our children as third generation nomads (because the Hero was in the Air Force for 20 years and then went into construction). I noticed my kids are putting down roots. At least until their kids are grown.

I won several spelling bees but could never get past the district level. I remember clearly the first word I ever mis-spelled (been) and that was in 1st grade. I have, still, a certificate from penmanship class. Do any of you remember the endless loops and slanted lines and perfect circles we wrote on special handwriting tablets? I think I was in 4th grade when I got that. I was bullied in 5th grade but not 6th and it was the same kids. My dad died when I was in 7th grade and we had to move after that school year. School, for me, was never the same after that because we moved to Alabama and they were so backward (and prejudiced). I had been raised with out color-perception and I had a difficult time with the white kids because I like the black kids the same as anyone else I encountered.

I don't understand unions much even though my husband has been part for many of his non-military service years. I notice some do good works, others not so much but I think state and federal governments need to keep their noses out as long as laws are being followed.

It breaks my heart that Christchurch is so devastated. My husband flies in and out of there a couple times a year for his job. He's scheduled to go back in August to teach safety classes for a few weeks. I'm thankful he was already home - there are many scheduled to return from Antarctica last week and this and the airports in Christchurch are damaged and closed. The window for getting out of Antarctica is fast closing because winter is settling in. I am glad we have pictures of Christchurch but it is somewhere I wanted to visit and play tourist in, ya know?

I hope you find your house soon jo. I'm starting to look for ours, too, even though I don't terribly mind renting. I think I want roots, however shallow they may be.