Friday, February 4, 2011

jojo's Friday Night Rambling Randoms w/ brand new e-Trade Baby commercial

In my Glass: first sip of a glass of Wente Brothers chardonnay.

On iTunes: Friend of the Devil by Counting Crows.

Book: I'm reading about four of them. Can't remember any of the titles. One is Ken Follett's about the World end or something.

Shocker: I am thinking about finally breaking down and getting a Kindle.

Another Shocker: jojo the Status Quoquo Queen and Brian are making an offer on a home!(We have lived here in our little 1000 sq foot condo for 19 years!)

Looking forward to : Moving to a bit bigger place in a jazzier area of town.

Not looking forward to: Selling our little place. It's not a seller's market.

What worries me: aside from buying a house, the anti abortion legislation (don't know enough about it to debate, just know enough to be scared); Egypt, (again same disclaimer) and also that Anderson Cooper is going to get hurt again!

On with the randomness....


1. Pray for Anderson to be safe! (I love him almost as much as Jon Stewart.)

2. Who do you think would win in a wrestling contest? Anderson or John Stewart?

3. I'm thinking it's a draw. They aren't the manliest of men. Sort of in an equally unmanly way.

4. Who do you think would win between Sarah Palin and Barbara Bush? (I put my money on Barbara.)

5. I might watch the Superbowl. At least i will make bloody marys and low fat chili for it. But i haven't really cared about football since Roman Gabriel and Joe Namath played. That's how old i am.

6. Speaking of old. This week i had to get a different blood pressure medicine (the other one hasn't been bringing it down) and this time i will take a diuretic because of edema. I've never taken a water pill before. I hear it means you go to the bathroom A LOT!.

7. This means i will be in the bathroom approximately 7.25 hours per day now, since i'm always in there anyway with my bladder since it is about the size of a raisin. ....or Sarah Palin's brain.

8. I just hope it allows me to not want to rip off my jeans immediately after eating anything. I was getting ready to carrying a pair of sweats in my purse everytime i went out for Mexican or Chinese food.

9. Next week i go get bifocals. I don't think i will ever mind being old. I just hate GETTING older.

10. Speaking of Sarah Palin's brain. Why is it that the folks with the very largest egos have the smallest brains?I bet y'all can come up with more examples!

11. I wish there was a surgery to operate on egos. I know about 4 people i would love to schedule.

12. Course they are the same ones who probably want to schedule ME for a lobotomy.

13.I think i might have chosen to have a kid if i could have given birth to the E-Trade baby.

14. Welcome any yaya-ers who might be lurking. I heard this blog was linked on Facebook for a short while. I wouldn't have a problem with that if i was active on Facebook, but i'm not and i think we all know i have control issues. So i didn't want to keep it up. But if you came here because of that. I hope you post and introduce yourself. 

15. Y'all know the rules: come here with your own randomness!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Actually, #14 applies to ANYONE even if you are not a yaya who saw this blog on Facebook.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

In my Glass: Kirkland Water over ice....

On iTunes: Rare Bird Alert, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

Books: I loved Ken Follett's World Without End, and Fall of Giants is marvelous. I reread The Handmaids Tale and the parallels to the patriocentric religious right is downright scary.....I have a stack of books to read and I ordered 5 more from a university press to get me going on applying for a masters degree, and tomorrow Amazon brings me my Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne, et al.

Shocker: I bought a bottle of Sailor Jerry's for me. I won't get a Kindle. I am still thinking about an Ipad.

Another Shocker: We're going to move since the landlord is letting the house go to foreclosure and short sale and I don't want to even think about buying it.

Looking forward to : Getting a real bathroom with a tub.

Not looking forward to: Packing. Dealing with the out of work son.

What worries me:
1. The situation in Egypt, what will really happen now that Mubarak is leaving?
2. Why don't we spend some of the money we're using in Iraq and Afghanistan on domestic issues like hunger and education?
3. Why can't LA get a real pro football team now that we'll have a stadium?
4. How loud will I be if the Packers win the Super Bowl?
5. How can this state be out of money? We've got a budget bigger than some small countries. Ah-nuld screwed us over and lied to the education community. Glad he's gone.

On with the randomness....
Roll On Icy Hot is nice and it seems to help the neck and shoulder.
My dog needs to be groomed. His toe nails are tapping.
Why is there a corkscrew on my desktop?
My Packers socks are keeping my feet warm.
Thank God for Netflix!

equeyaya said...

lol, jo and annie! where's the link to the house?

annie, you and i are in the same real estate boat! I have a few months before i start looking, tho.

i got nothing for now. it's been a terrible week and a worse day. but not fatal. i'll be back.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

We haven't heard from the landlord since November. I am putting cashiers checks away so we have about $5K when we move. I know what I want and I have a realtor who will help.

Amazon got the book delivered tonight and I am really glad. It's very interesting. One of these years I'll get into a masters program and get a degree in Humanities.

Jo, wish you were on FB, I'd give you the yaya group link. Lots of old faces there.

susieatl said...

I could invite you JoJo but it automatically makes you part of the group - you have no say so. So let us know if you ever wish to be on it.

Right now it's just everyone posting update.

I got a Nook for myself and I love it. I was watching Anthony Bourdain's show the other night and I wanted to read his book so I downloaded it right there.

I do miss going to the bookstore though. So I think I will go this afternoon and browse. I love that part.

Going to see Romeo and Juliet tonight. I told Robyn (Dixieland Delight) I needed a laugh. She reminded it is a drama not a comedy. I told her after my divorce the thought of any romance is hysterical to me.

Good luck selling your place. I sold mine at the end of the bubble. Good thing- I had an offer the first hour it was on the market. Bad thing - I had a really hard time finding a place and paid too much for the house I'm in. I love the house I'm in but I wish I had paid less. So even if your place takes a while to should have plenty to choose from.

Babs Bush would win. She's solid muscle..Sarah is full of hot air.

louielouie said...

I told Jo I was not going to post any more about being sick, but I can’t help it. I am NEVER sick. I mean NEVER, so this is a whole new fascinating experience for me.

I have decided to list the ten BESTest or WORSTest things about being sick. For each entry, you can deice if it’s a best thing or a worst thing.

1. I have lost more weight in the past 4 days than I have in the 9 months of my Jillian Michael’s exercise.

2. When my mom fell and had to go to the hospital, she didn’t call me.

3. I couldn’t visit her in the hospital (she’s fine).

4. Don’t care if that period was supposed to be inside the parenthese or not. Did look up how to spell parenthese, so am not completely out of it.

5. I haven’t exercised since Tuesday and don’t feel guilty.

6. I’m too stupid to do my schoolwork, or much of anything else, this weekend.

7. Since my husband is home sick too, we’ve had a ton of together-time.

8. I missed the district science fair today.

9. I may miss the Super Bowl party (and my mom in her Packers flannel pants, sweatshirt, socks, and cheese head) tomorrow.

10. I can’t go to the grocery store, have no food, so can’t cook.

11. I used two sick-days. Used mostly vacation time for my foot surgery because I can’t find time to take them and they don’t carry over. Now I don't have a whole year's worth of sick days saved up.

12. My secretary took care of some things while I was out; her way, not my way.

13. I have the cleanest sheets and towels in Pierce County. Getting my money out of my Clorox.

14. Wore a pair of my son’s tighty-whiteys to work yesterday. They felt good.

15. Not going to bother to edit down to ten.

louielouie said...


Love the e-trade baby, thanks for the link

Barbara Bush would so beat Sarah Palin -even after she copyrights her name

Laura Bush would beat her

George W would beat her

Would pay to see Barbra Streisand beat her

or Cher

jojo cucina cucina said...

Sarah/louie, it's true. I don't remember you ever being sick. Just surgery sick. I can't believe you went to work yesterday! this has been a sick leave year for you.

Uh about your mom. Why is she falling? I'll call you later about this.

I love wearing men's tighty whiteys. They are so comfortable and never ride up.

P.S. louie, i'm sorry you had to miss the Science Fair. I know that must have hurt the most.

susieatl. don't you just love Anthony Bourdain? Now he's another celebrity i want to go out drinking with. (I think i am going to make this my next blog post, BTW, so nobody steal my idea! LOL.)

amulbunny, i AM on Facebook. Aren't we friends? I just logged out so i wouldn't check it as often. I still check in, maybe once a day or every other day, just not 84,000 times a day like i used to. I got bored with it. I don't want to join any groups though. Except for the thursday night Running Group and the Drinking Liberally group.

also amulbunny, i'm glad to hear you loved World Without End. I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as Pillars of the Earth. I loved that one and i loved the DVDs too.

OK, i gotta go make chili.

eque....i'll try and see if i can get a photo of the house up. I don't want to post the link because it has the furniture of the previous owners and they didn't stage it well. By the time we saw it the furniture was gone and the house actually looked better to us than the link. I'll get my own photos up.

Course they may not even accept our offer. But we'll keep looking. In fact i still look every day i just get alittle tired of the same ones showing up and after looking at over 300 houses you get alittle bit rummy and forget. Now i'm looking at only new listings.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i should add that we are going to offer $35,000 less than the list price. Course the list price is indeed too high given what has sold in the same area. Not sure why they have it so high. We love it, but not enough to pay more than it's worth in this market. Besides, we only started looking about three weeks ago. (I posted it the day we got going on it here so i would remember when we started.)

This house we want has NO hardwood floors so we will be spending alot of money to put those in before we even move in because there is no way i am ever living with carpet again.

We'll see. I'm doing my homework, we'll be prequalified, and we won't be selling with a contingency.

louielouie said...

Sarah Palin vs John Stewart

Sarah Palin vs Anderson Cooper

Sarah Pailin vs John Stewart AND Anderson Cooper

I'm afraid Sarah could win all three physical bouts (clearly couldn’t win a battle of wits) not because they wouldn’t hit a girl (they would) but because Sarah wouldn't be above fighting dirty, biting, pulling out the hunting knife in her socks. . .

Plus John Stewart would be so busy rolling his eyes, waving his arms and laughing he would never see her coming when she jumped him from behind.

Anderson, on the other hand, would be focused on being well coifed, looking serious and appearing credible that he would be completely surprised when Sarah coldcocked him. Maybe I’m wrong here, he might be focused on protecting his face.

Sarah Pailin vs John Stewart AND Anderson Cooper AND Steven Colbert might even fall in Sarah’s favor. Steven’s super afraid of bears so the Mama Grizzly persona would set him running from the start.

Just sayin’

equeyaya said...

Yeah, we need to just sic Barbara Bush and Barbra Streisand on her. If we're sticking with Barbara's, I'd be glad to pitch in.

I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for the first time this morning, and A Streetcar Named Desire this past week. One of my goals is to see the great older movies that I never did before.

Jo, the patio looks great in those photos. A nice deck or patio, or the potential to put one in is very important. You do have plenty of time, since your house isn't even listed yet, and a lot of people will probably list theirs in the spring, so you should be patient if this offer isn't accepted.

I am happy to say that I will NOT be watching the superbowl tonight. I'm sure the best commercials will be posted somewhere tomorrow, so I won't be missing anything.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i'm exhausted for all the planning of selling/moving and cleaning up the attic crap. Today the roofers ripped off our roof, even the plywood and rebuilt it even though it had just been reshingled four years ago. By the time i got home it was all done and they were cleaning up.

Now we have all new clean wood inside. It smells so good when you poke your head in the attic. and it's DRY! We had to pay for it ourselves but it's worth it.

For those not in the know... Brian and my brother Troy went up in our crawl space of an attic about 6 weeks ago and found that all the plywood was wet and Troy said it looked like it had been for awhile and the cause was lack of ventilation. Assessors came out and determined the same thing.

We thought we were going to have the folks in hazmat suits come and clean it and then decided to take drastic measure and tear it all off and redo the whole thing because we want to be able to sell and it was not that much more money than trying to get it dried and cleaned.

So that's what we did. we thought the condo association should help pay, but they refused and offered only to cut more ventilation holes.

I hate this condo association. I have never really liked living here since Dorothy died over 3 years ago. I have butted heads with them since the day i moved in in 1992 as a single gal and more than a couple asked me point blank, "Do you rent or own?" which i found offensive not only for the personal question but the slap on people who do rent. What if i were/was a renter?

They are such assholes to renters around here and the truth is i have more trouble with the curmudgeony home owners than i ever had with renters. (They think 11 units is too many out of 138 renters.) I have to check the Fair Housing Act because they are getting ready to make some rules about renting caps. And if we can't sell, we will be renting...hopefully to some really loud people who break rules at the pool, BUT who are also super meticulous about keeping our hardwoods in great shape and the place clean.

OK rant over about the association.

Anyway, we're closer to getting things done.
We meet with our financial planner tomorrow tonight. And on Friday we meet with our realtor to discuss making the offer.

Brian's still a little uncertain because he doesn't feel he has a man cave i guess. (Where is my woman cave? The KITCHEN DOESN'T COUNT! (Even if i do like cooking!) It does have a den/computer room so i don't know what he's talking about.

We'll see. I imagine the offer will go back and forth a couple of times before it's decided we get it or don't get it.

I do still look. I have looked at two Univ. Place homes yesterday. Great looking in the photos but icky when i drove by. I didn't even want to go inside. Scabby lawns, neighbors who didn't take care of their lawns, boats in driveways or 5 cars in the driveways. Not a good feeling at either one.

eque, what i like about the patio is the previous owner has dahlias! I LOVE dahlias.

Hey, i can't believe you have never seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! I put that movie up in my top ten.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Who would win in this fight?... Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly? I know Bill is really really tall, but i would like to think Keith can get pretty rabid.

I did watch the SuperBowl. Didn't care for the commercials at all this year. Where was Old Spice Guy? I did like the Darth Vader kid. And Eminem too. Only two E-Trade babies though. Black Eyed Peas were kind of a bust for me because of all those guys dressed in white looking like little sperms. WTF?

At least they were better than The Who though.

OK, i am going to put on some TV and try to see if i can rest my mind. My brain doesn't turn off i just keep thinking of more things we need to do or i have imaginary conversations in my head of telling off the association board in a hugely cinematic spectacular way.

The good news in all this is that it finally got us off our asses about getting out of Dodge. I'm tired of Lakewood and it's franchised restaurants and Police Blotter Fodder.

equeyaya said...

No question it would be Keith. O'Reilly is a wuss.

You are so funny about the man cave and your pool rule breaking renters meticulously maintaining your hardwoods!

I remember hearing how great Cuckoo's Nest was when it first came out, when I was probably in junior high, and no, I never saw it. I love being in control of my weekend time. When I do buy a house, I don't want it much bigger than where I am now because I don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning. I enjoy having more time to read and watch movies. I still need to see James Dean's two other movies: Rebel and Giant.

Those conversations in our heads can be very entertaining. I had a real conversation with Grace this morning (actually the last couple of mornings) that went way better than any imaginary one would have gone. I'm pretty proud of my kids.

Modern Hippie said...

wow I am such a bad blogger lately, maybe you guys should shun me and kick me off the island. im sorry. and im only doing it cause I took my new sleeping pills (new prescription, it doesnt make me "high" like ambien but it makes me super productive and tired at the same time, its weird.)


DONT GET A KINDLE JO. maybe you cant rent one for a week, but noo, i get all your books when you die and i dont want your damn kindle. plus your the book woman. dont do it dont do it. its not for you. im not against them in general, just for you. (and not seriously because I want them when you die lol)

i'm actually very upset about you leaving your condo, I cant imagine life without that condo, so many memories!! i was a baby in that house you know!

anderson got hurt in egypt?! omg im such a bad wife i dont even know my husband was ever hurt :-/

John would win, he's scrappier than he plays off, anderson's too polished.

bush is too proper to win, palin would go all out and bear tackle her.

i did not watch the superbowl. i went to a movie with my mom.

haha no you will be in the bathroom 480 hours because it takes you so damn long! hahaha

#10. paris hilton, jessica simpson, um before i complete this list, almost EVERYone thats famous.... in the media hollywood sense not in the newsworthy jon stewart anderson way.

im still not okay about you moving, no matter how cute this new house is. unless you give me the condo. haha.

equeyaya said...

i know kyleeeeee... i finally got to see jo's home and now she's leaving. and i can't see her with a kindle either.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee....LOLOL... i think you are the only one in the family that doesn't think we should leave our little abode. And for some odd reason that makes me feel good. As if i was not a nutcase for wanting to stay here for so long. Because it is cute and has lots of good stuff about it. But i think the rest of the family think we're crazy to live in such a small space without a yard.

I'm not sure that where we are going though is enough difference for folks to feel like 'wow, this is a huge leap for jo and brian'. But the truth is we are buying into a location. And we have done our homework. Brian met the owner today and we have been invited to one of the neighbor's houses tomorrow before we make the offer. Everyone we have met has been so nice and welcoming. I never got that here.

Ok, re: the Kindle. I get what you are saying. But the books - especially hardbacks are taking over the house. Maybe when we move and have more space it won't be an issue. I just gave a stack of books to Troy for his bookcases.

And also, don't worry, Brian and i already talked about this. I am glad we didn't do our will yet because we would have to change it. We are still willing our house and everything in it to you. So by the time we both die you will be 55 years old and eligible to move in yourself! LOL....(Actually you could be younger, as we are, and move in too because of the Fair Housing Act.)

equeyaya, if we get this place, we are located near the Toby Jones Retirement place. You will have to have your company send you on a trip there and you can stay with us. I remember that you knew about this place. It's a high end retirement living community.

equeyaya said...

hahaha! our travel budget is totally cut this year, unfortunately. when i come to see your new place it will probably have to be on my own dime.

so this is a 55 and older community?

Amanda said...

I love the new place. It's very exciting. While moving is awful-awful (it's so awful it needs two), it feels so good to purge and start fresh. I really hope it works out with the place by the park. It's a perfect location.

Oh, for the record, Erik wasn't the one reading Sarah Palin's book at the hospital. It was the lady across the aisle from him. So, he sat there for almost an entire day with no one to talk to. Who can talk to a woman in elastic waist pants reading Sarah Palin's book? No one I could date, that's for sure!

And, I was an English major in college so I don't read anymore. The Jesuits killed it for me. Just kidding. Sorta.

P.S. Is it gauche to address the comments you made on my blog on your blog? Is it cross-blogination? Are we creating a mutant, hybrid blog that will take over the universe (or at least look like the mutant chicken in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons)? Only time will tell....

jojo cucina cucina said...

We made an offer on the house this evening. We put earnest money down. Wish us luck!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, cross-blogination is correct. In case you're wondering what the heck Amanda was talking about it's from her blog post and my comments.

I read out loud your comment about Sarah Palin and the woman with the elastic pants! LOL.

I'll post back about what happens with the offer we made. I am already overwhelmed thinking of all the work we have to do if we do get this house. We still have to sell our condo. And i have weird stuff to do like cleaning the oven and stove, and powerwashing awnings and cleaning out the garage and closets (which i've already been doing.)

But then we have to arrange to have all hardwoods put in this new place which we would do before moving in. Plus i want to paint every wall, they are all white and i hate white. So here i go again with the another painting project.

I just painted every wall here last year, remember my project that started from Feb. through June?and the color changes? I am going to use the same colors in the new house since i finally figured it out.

It will be an adventure! I hope this all works out. It's kind of scary.

equeyaya said...

It's good the walls are white so you have a blank canvas to make it the way you want.

I'm holding a good thought that everything goes your way!

jojo cucina cucina said...

We made our offer Friday night. The house lists for $275,000. It's in a very desirable location but it's only 1500 sq feet and no hardwoods so we offered $235,000 after doing our homework and seeing what else is selling and for what amount. We also asked him to to fix a ceiling issue but we will pay all our own closing cost and we wrote out the check for earnest money to prove we were serious. (Plus we have paperwork to show we prequalify).

They countered back with $248,000 and NOT fixing the ceiling.

We countered back the same amount of $235,000 and we will fix the ceiling.

Balls in their court now.

I packed up boxes most of yesterday and put away lots of stuff that just crowds my kitchen cabinet and hutch. So no matter what we do we will be moving some stuff out of here even if we have to rent storage. I am feng shuing AGAIN! You have to keep up with that cause before you know it years later it gets cluttered again.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think i am going to take today off from doing any house stuff. i have a the last few episodes of the final season of Lost. Looking forward to it!

jojo cucina cucina said...

They aren't accepting. And we won't go as high. So we start over. :(

jojo cucina cucina said...

Sorry, i have been remiss with this blog. The home stuff is keeping me pretty busy. We have looked at another home last night and also made one final counteroffer, adding $5000 on the home in the photo above.

If the owner won't accept our offer then we are seriously considering the other one, which is similar and in the same community but not on as good a lot, but we could get it for less money and the taxes are less too.

I dream about this stuff at night. Then i wake up and think of all the stuff i would need to do including with our existing condo and the new place. Then i lay awake for two or three hours. This is exhausting work.

equeyaya said...

Those people probably bought when the market was high and can't afford to go lower.

You're doing all the right things. You will find the right place. At least you don't have any looming deadlines, like having to be out of your condo by a certain time.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just looked it up. I love this blog for reasons that allow me to do this. It was EXACTLY one month today that i posted on this blog that Brian and I were seriously looking at moving. At the time we thought we might want to build. In one month we moved from building to buying and narrowing it down to how much money, which area we want to live, and here we are.

We got a counter offer this afternoon. Meeting us halfway. We add another $2500, we have a deal, plus he throws in the garage freezer and workbench and the umbrellas for the patio table. (I think we would have thrown those anyway, but we're splitting hairs.)

I called our mortgage gal (the one who is the best of the three from the previous good faith quotes) and you know what the difference is in the monthly payment? $14.00. That's it. Plus an extra $626 in a down payment.

I told Brian we would drink one less bottle of wine a month.

Course i am not figuring in my new commute, which goes from 4 miles a day (no kidding, and yes, i would walk to work if only it wasn't so rainy all the time) to 24 miles a day (but at least no horrible freeway driving, because around here it's like driving in LA.)

Then the utilities are going to be a bit more because i have access to talking to folks who live there (They are sooooo nice!).

So we may have a deal after all. Brian waffles back and forth because he is not naturally decisive as i am. I like to do lots and lots of homework and research and i turn things inside out and upside down before making a decision but i move through that process very quickly because processing and mulling things over for too long is not my strong point. I like the facts to speak for my decision making. And Brian is just more ....what's the word? introspective?

When he was little his mom told me she would give him a little bit of money to go buy a toy while she did the grocery shopping. And she would be all done with her big grocery shopping (you know how they used to do it back in the day right after payday) and when she was done he would still be holding his dollar and peering over every single toy trying to make up his mind.

It was no accident that it took him 10 years to decide to get married to me. The good thing was i wasn't into getting married anyway. So it worked out. Another woman would have left.

I think this will turn out all right. But it is indeed overwhelming. And all i really really want to do right now is to watch the last final episode of the Lost. The last one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL, i just did the math on my commute. I think this means i would add about another 5,000 miles to my car annually. This means i will now put 11,000 miles on my car instead of 6,000! LOL. My car's odometer is like a little old lady who only uses it to go to church right now.

equeyaya said...

That story about Brian and the toy money is SO cute!

Congratulations on the house! Do you have to get your condo sold before you can close the deal?

equeyaya said...

PS - I'm going to see a Ryan Montbleau solo show in Philadelphia in April with two friends. :)

louielouie said...

go for the house!!

your car needs some more mileage

by the way, Mary Worth is learning about Blogging from Wilbur

jojo cucina cucina said...

We're not countering back. We're going to sit on it and take a breath.

I was trying to talk Brian into this house and Brian is trying to talk himself into it because i liked it so much. That's not a way to buy a house.

We have to both like it and be excited. I think both realtors made a mistake. I actually believe I could have bargained this deal better. I wish i could be part of that.

Our realtor knew Brian went into this with trepidation when we offered $235,000 and he had trepidation again at $240,000, but said let's do it. We would have a house if they just accepted. (It's not really the money, it's the house itself for Brian, he wants a little more room and space.)

When they countered back it was just enough of a tipping point to stand back and slow down. We would have gone for it had they just accepted.

Our realtor should have (and maybe she did, i'm not sure) conveyed that we would probably walk after this. At the same time she could have reminded them about about the other house in the community that is listed for $233,000 (it's nice too but has neighbors on both side). Plus other bigger one with 1698 sq feet which was better (it had a view of Mt. Rainier from the living room) that sold for $225,000 in Jan.

The guy is about 80 years old and living in a retirement home. The house has been on the market since August and he is paying utilities and association dues. He is competing with three places that are a lot less money.

Maybe and older person who loves the pinkish carpet and who has not done their homework will buy it. Maybe he doesn't really want to sell it because he and his wife lived there and she just died last December. Maybe he plans to move back into it himself it he can't get the money he wants.

But meanwhile we will wait it out. We need more time to get our place ready to sell so we don't have two mortgages. So i don't mind waiting to see if it sells or not. Brian says it's not off the table but he wants more time to look. We may go back to him after two months if it's still on the market. He just brought the price down to $249,000 so maybe it will get some action. In the meantime we look.

We may start looking at foreclosed houses. I ran by one yesterday. It was HUGE. And beautiful, with a pretty yard, french doors, two story, nice windows and nearly 2700 sq feet. It's bank owned and the foreclosure amount lists it at ONLY $204,000. It was on the Oakbrook golf course so the backyard is beautiful too. I don't want a house that big, but it did make me think about better deals if we just look.

that my house update. Last night i slept well for the first time. No house dreams. Tonight i hope to open some wine and change this blog. Unless i watch the last last last episode of Lost, which came from netflix yesterday.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added the photo of the Onyx house that sells for $204,000. See what i mean?

Amanda said...

That gorgeous house is $204,000!!! Holy shitballs.

equeyaya said...

It is gorgeous. Holy shitballs is right!
I think you're smart to slow down and take a breath. If this is the right place, it will come back to you on your own terms.

jojo cucina cucina said...

The last four photos are of a house in Fircrest. I used to live in Fircrest when i was married to the second ex and i loved living there. It's a small town feel with 6000 residents, it's own city council within Tacoma area. Safe feeling and older homes that aren't so big. (My ex got our house which was like a Leave it to Beaver kind of home. I loved that house.)

We're going to this open house tomorrow to check it out. I think the living room may be kind of small. I don't mind the small galley type kitchen, it's what i'm used to.

i drove by it today and can't see too much. The yard is not great, but then it's wintertime. I like that the floors are real hardwood and the kitchen is cork. Cool!

jojo cucina cucina said...

The Fircrest house, i forgot to say, is listed at $259,500. It just came on the market. They will take less i'm sure because one not far with very similar style and same sq footage went for $238,000 and it had a two car garage. A one car is almost a deal breaker, but maybe there is way to put a carport.

We shall see. I expect it will be disappointing inside. But Brian needs to see what's out there for the kind of money we're talking.

jojo cucina cucina said...


Hitting the reload back space did not bring it back.

It was good too. A story about the memories of Kylee and the swimming pool here and why it would be sad to move.

I quit and i am going to watch LOST.

equeyaya said...

Well you have to update it because your comment thread is too long now and it's a pain to scroll and scroll.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'll try and get to it, maybe tonight. Too much going on. I hate being so busy. I did manage to watch the end of lost on Friday. I really loved it the second time around.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Jo Jo... thoughts on WIsconsin please in a new update?????

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG. Wisconsin scares me so much and at the same time i'm proud of how the protestors are standing up. But yeah, it scares me.

this is a good article on CNN that i read:

I love what the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine says:
"History is happening in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin and I'm going to be there," said a statement by Morello, who will perform in his solo identity as The Nightwatchman.

Calling the proposed budget law "unjust," Morello said he will join "teachers, students, firefighters, policemen, Green Bay Packers, nurses, steel workers, construction workers and religious groups that are filling the streets to protest."

He referred to Walker as "the Mubarak of the Midwest" in reference to the Egyptian leader ousted by popular protest, and accused the governor and unnamed corporate allies of trying to "rob American workers of their fundamental rights."

Green Bay Packers are there? How cool is that?

I watched the Wisconsin Governor this morning on Stephanopolis. You know what this all reminds me of?

Wisconsin has a budget problem (also) so Walker is going to use use this as an excuse to bust the union.

Sept. 11th happened, and it gave the Bush Administration a reason to go into Iraq.

I do believe this is union busting. I don't always agree with my own union, and i don't believe all businesses/corporations need to be union. But unions are not to blame for what has happened to our economy and i am sick to death of the bashing.

If there ever was an example made about why unions are important i believe the Wisconsin governor just proved to the country why we are.