Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Stuff. Family photos from yesterday's Crawfish Boil.

Menu of the Day: 

Music: I love Mission Bell so much i went back and bought Amos Lee's Last Days at the Lodge

Quote: "We're Louvraks, we're great at mediocre" - this comes from my nephew Brian last night (when we were trying to sing around the campfire at his house for the crawfish boil last night.)

Best thing this week: The weather. FINALLY the weather made it here. We had mid-to upper 70's yesterday and sun and blue sky all day long. Days like yesterday make you forget all the other 325 days in the year.Yesterday was the very first day we put on the air conditioner!

The other best thing: Our remodel. I just have some finishing touches and we're done. My car, for the first time in over a month, is back in the garage. 

What's not so cool: The condo board tells us it's against the law to discriminate against kids by having adult hours at the pool. Those little f*≈#cers are in the pool ALL THE TIME now. I now I will get no reprieve from "Marco Polo"  when i am outside on my patio reading. Sometimes i really get sick of how it's always ABOUT THE KIDS. i think kids get enough coddling and all that shit without messing with my adult pool hours too.We're the ones with the stress and we need our quiet time at the pool.

What I'm going to do: Is look up the law. I don't trust this board. 

Photos: We were at my nephew's house last night for the crawfish boil. That is my mom drinking her chardonnay out of a kid's tippy cup. Thankfully, my brother Troy told my dad (usually it's me taking on this fight, which gets old) he couldn't drive home when they were getting ready to leave. So Dad gave the keys to his big giant 1983 Cadillac to Troy and went to get another beer (for the road) and my mom not to be leaving her chardonnay behind asked for a to go cup and my nephew gave her this kids cup. (Someone else took these photos.) 

Edited to add Kylee's photos too. The first one is the group shot.  The second one is my nephew Brian and brother Troy. After that is my mom and niece Ashley (Kylee's sister) - both are true yayas. Then Ashley with my other niece Jessica's daughter Mariana. Ashley is wearing Jessica's glasses to show how Mari and Ashley look alike!

Book: I just read THE BEST BOOK i have read since maybe "Unbroken". After i read the two Chelsea Handley books i read  "Half Broke Horses". It's written by the Glass Castle author. It's a wonderful book about the grandmother of the author. She was an amazing (however flawed) woman.This book would make a beautiful movie. I wanted to be the character and have my granddaughter write this book about me. I highly recommend it. 

What I'm procrastinating about: I need to send in my warranty cards on my new range and dishwasher. 

on with the randomness....

1. I can't believe i didn't buy this Amos Lee cd earlier. It's amazing. 

2. We need to get a new computer and we're going to because we have found we like spending money. So far it's working ok and not crashing, but pretty soon it will probably start revving up. It's intermittent how it works these days.

3. Actually the more i think about the loss of adult hours at the pool the more it pisses me off. Why do we make the world revolve around kids? I swear i'm so glad i never had kids. I would have been a terrible mother. (I am the antithesis of a soccer mom.)

4. Actually Brian's quote above is not totally accurate. We Louvraks aren't always mediocre: Sometimes we fail spectacularly.

5. I will be on vacation in three weeks. Then i will have 6 weeks off. I cannot wait. We won't be flyfishing just yet because we had so much snow that is still in the mountains that the rivers will be too high for awhile.

6. I like to look at my iTunes library sometimes and see which songs i play the most. I just did that and i have many songs that have zero plays (mostly Brian's songs!). But "Let it Ride" by Ryan Adams tops the list at 60 plays. After that it's "Master of Disaster" by John Hiatt. After that it's "Can't Seem to Get it Right" by Joe Purdy. I wasn't surprised by Ryan Adams. But i was at the other two. (I figured it would be a Van Morrison song. )

7. I don't have much to say today really. I just wanted to change the blog cause it was time. So please come and tell us what your week was like.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Last night my mom was drinking her Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur from a Linus coffee mug. Nothing else is unpacked. The move is over. PRAISE GOD!

louielouie said...

At a family bbq last night, my mom broke open her birthday donkey piñata after hitting it with a pole over and over. It was a sight to behold. My brother hung it from a tree branch with a bungee cord. She wacked the ear off, some small branches and many leaves before busting it open. The shower of candy and tiny beverages inspired my niece to finish the poor creature off, busting his head apart.

The evening wound down as we passed around little bottles of booze. One was an interesting Taerantula Azul Tequila. Quite tasty actually.

louielouie said...

What's with the mothers and their adult beverages? Jo is your mom drinking bourbon from a sippy cup?

My weekend:

Saturday was bee-uu-ti-ful!!!
We went to Edmonds’s to see some friends’ new home. It is 3 stories, right on the water with an absolutely gorgeous of the Olympics. Sort of like the Bremerton house Jo only way better.
I am not happy to have them so far away, and wonder about all those stairs for a gal with bad knees and a heart condition. The master is on the main level though and she does have a washer/dryer on two floors. The place is gy-normous.

Sunday turned out well too. We all had a fine time at an impromptu bbq at my brother’s – no swell photos like Jo’s to share though. Sorry I couldn’t do justice to the piñata experience. My sister in-law did have a camera, Jo if she has some good ones I’ll send them your way.

Do have to say though; it’s still warm and now muggy. Is it too early for the heat pump?

jojo cucina cucina said...

amul and louie, i love it that y'all come on and tell your enebriated mom stories!

What a great idea to have a pinata with little bottles of booze!

louie, mom is drinking Chardonnay (not bourbon) out of her kids' tippy cup. Columbian Crest to be exact.

We had our air conditioner on yesterday and today the heat is back on. But dammit if those kids aren't still in the pool! They are never NOT in the pool anymore. I don't know why this irritates me so much. But it does. I used to be the big advocate for kids here and would fight for them with the condo board.

When did i turn into that old woman who yells at kids like Clint Eastwood's character in Gran Torino to get off her lawn?

When they took away my adult hours at the pool, that's when.

Speaking of my mom, she took me out to lunch for my belated birthday. The conversation to invite me went like this:

Mom: I want to do a family dinner for your birthday. (she knows i ALWAYS say no to this every year, yet she still asks. I do not like making a big deal about my birthday. I never have.

Me: Mom, we just had mother's day with family, Let's go to lunch instead.

Mom: OK. We could go to Applebee's.

Me: How about we try that place The French Hen? It's by where you bowl. It's really good and not any more expensive than Applebee's.

Mom: Hmmmm....I've never heard of it. I haven't seen it by Bowleros.

Me: It's right in the same parking lot as Bowlero. You can't miss it. It's only been there a month or two.

Mom: Welllll... i guess i could probably find it. But it will be longer for you to drive.

Me: (exasperated) Ok, let's go to Applebee's.

So we go to Applebee's and she works that waitress hard with her numerous refills of decaf. (I swear she drank 5 cups of coffee in one hour!) But besides that, after the waitress came back with another refill she asked for extra napkins. Again after her third or fourth refill, she asked for a spoon. (you get the picture.)

I sneak a peak at the dip she is leaving. The bill is over $28 and she is leaving $3.12. (I assume the 12 cents is to even it out.) She makes a special note of the waitress's name (Gaby) to thank her on the way out.

I thank her for lunch, give her a hug, and we get in our cars. Only i just drive to a different parking space. I'm glad my mom made a note of the waitress's name so when i went in to give more money for the tip i knew which waitress needed it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Are some of y'all having trouble posting to my blog? The reason i ask is equeyaya is. AND i myself have had trouble too when i have used Internet Explorer. (I use Mozilla Firefox now.) I was going to suggest that anyone not able to post might changing browsers to see if that works. Email me if you are one of those folks. Maybe my settings got messed up.

But mostly i just want to blame Microsoft.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'm going to put up a new post about Stuff I Don't Like Doing. So start thinking of all YOUR stuff so you can add to it.

I think blogs work best when we get to vent all kinds of trivial shit.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow. I was desperate last week to go in but couldn't get in. Why is it when you are just getting around to liking your hair, it's the day you have an appointment to change it?

Around here, the hair is all about the humidity. Because of the rain we only have about 13 good hair days.

PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT: (I think i'm going to start adding these to the blog Menu and hope that y'all add yours too.)

But if anyone is in the market for a really super good hair dryer. I found it. It's the Babyliss. My niece (Kylee's sister Ashley) works in admission in Gene Juarez and she got me a discount on this hairdryer. It's amazing. It smooths and flattens my hair in half the time as my old one. I am not worried about it being hotter because i only blow dry my hair about once a week, twice at the most.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Chardonnay Alert!!!!!!

Double Dog Dare Chardonnay, from Livermore and Ripon CA. So good. A nice bouquet and tastes great. I can't tell from flowers and fruits in wine but it's really good. Picked it up cheap at our new Total Wine and More store.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOVE chardonnay alerts, A-bunny! Especially in the summertime. I love the name! I can't describe wine either. This is usually what you will hear me say when trying to talk like i know something:

"This is a big fat red."
"It's a little too thin and watery for a chardonnay."
"Oh, this is a creamy chardonnay. Very buttery."
"This tastes like gasoline."
"This is good enough to cook with, but that's all."

I got my haircut today. She cut off about 3 inches and while i can't pull it into a french braide anymore for awhile, i love it.

Abunny, Total Wine is a cool name for a wine shop. What is the 'more' that they sell?

I always love the "Beyond" in 'Bed Bath & Beyond'..... LOL.