Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuff I Don't Like to Do - Edited to add: read Comment #13 on how to post here if you have problems

Menu of the Day: 

What I've been doing: Watching the Casey Anthony Trial. And DVRs of Chelsea Lately. I am so lazy!

Music: Graham Nash "Be Yourself". 

In my Glass: No wine today. Just a smoothie. (It's also dinner because we had a late lunch from House of Pho.)

The Best Thing that Happened This Week: Got a haircut that i like! She cut off about 3 inches.

What I'm Procrastinating about: Sending in those warranty cards on my new dishwasher and stove.

OK, here is my list of stuff that i hate to do. Come and add your own!


1. High Fives. I absolutely hate the high five and i almost wanted to quit bowling because of it. Everyone wants to high five after a strike or spare. Both teams even. This is probably why i don't bowl that many strikes.  

2. Along those lines: The Wave.... OH do i ever hate the wave! Just when i am getting situated in the stadium (stadiums not being a favorite place anyway), i get all settled and damn it i have to stand up and participate and show my team spirit. I HATE standing. It's why i never take a shower. It's why i became a secretary.

3. I do not like shopping. I especially don't like shopping for myself. I buy clothes more and more these days online (sometimes Louie is online and i email her stuff i think i want to buy to get her opinion.... i buy ALL my shoes online because of short fat wide Flintstone feet. Honestly, i think i would rather go to the dentist than go to the mall. 

4. I really do not like washing my hair and if i were 20 years old i would grow dreads. It is so thick and wiry and takes forever to dry (though if you read my last blog post you saw my product endorsement of the Babyliss hairdryer). And it never looks as good when i do my hair as when my stylist does. 

5. I don't like wearing eyeshadow. I do not know how to put it on. 

6. I don't mind washing the clothes, but i hate folding them and putting them away. Same with the dishwasher. 

7. I don't like traveling. I wish i could beam myself places. I do like being someplace away from home. I just don't like getting there. 

8. I hate cooking for vegetarians. This is a well known fact about me if you have been reading here for awhile. 

9. I don't like brainstorming or anything to do with group meetings that involved lots of broad visions. And i especially hate mission statements. 

10. I work for a union but oddly enough, i hate bargaining. I am not a hold back kind of person. I just lay my cards on the table. In negotiating, (i.e. buying a car, buying a house)  i always offer up what i want too quickly. the good thing is that i do walk away if the deal isn't suiting me. It saves A LOT of time.

11. I hate making small talk, another well known fact about me. If you meet me at a party for the first time and we only end up talking about the weather or you ask me if i have kids or where did i go to college (a question i always hate because i never went), I will probably pretend i have to go to the bathroom. Then i will probably head to the kitchen to get more wine.

12. I hate polite talk. The more polite you are, the more i am likely to stick my foot in my mouth and say something inappropriate.

13. I don't like reminiscing about the old days or my childhood.

14. I also don't like hearing too much about other people's favorite childhood memories.

15. I hate going to baby showers. Or wedding showers too. I swear i think i would rather go to a funeral. (as long as it wasn't someone i really liked too much. But then again, why would i be at a funeral of someone i didn't like?

16. I really hate it when people use cute words for cussing. If you are pissed off and say 'oh pickles' you will hear my eyes roll in my head. There is nothing wrong with the 'fuck' word. It's the perfect word, one syllabel, hard "K", easy to enunicate and even if you are hard of hearing you will be able to recognize it. 

Ok, that's all i got for now. Please come add you own. I know you have many!

I hope y'all are able to post. I've had trouble myself, but lately my computer has been behaving. So i don't know what to think. I looked at the settings and they seem okay. Maybe Bill Gates has heard i've been talking smack on him.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Obviously i don't like closing my parenthesis. What's the plural of parenthesis anyway? parenthesises? Parenthesizes? Oh, it must be with a 'z' because it doesn't have the red squiggly under it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

it really looks weird with a 'z'. That can't be right. Actually the whole word looks wrong.

louielouie said...

I hate The Office Suite, most especially Word 2010. I created a list of twelve, count them twelve, really great items, but the program froze up. I know it will eventually quit and I will lose all my changes. It will ask me if I want to report the problem. What does that mean? Who do I report to? Nothing will get fixed. In a couple of years there will be a new version and it will be a mess too and will cost me big $ to update my labs in my schools.

I am trying not to hate Bill Gates, his mother Mary provided Em with scholarships, so have settled on just hating the Microsoft monopoly machine.

This brings me to another thing I hate not on my original fantastic list, people with grand ideas on fixing education by offering grants if schools will implement their specific requirements.

louielouie said...

Oh I see was supposed to be things I hate to DO, not just hate. If I ever get a chance, I will edit my original list to fit.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, it can be stuff you hate too. You hate working on Office Suite. Is that what took over Office 2007?

Right now i hate Bill Gates because everytime i open Internet Explorer i keep this dumbass Adobe Acrobat Reader upgrade popup and it just runs and i have to cancel 14 times before it stops. I googled how to undo this and thought it took care of it by clicking it off in Startup. But no.

More stuff i hate to do:

17. Grocery shop.

18. Pack for a trip. Oddly enough i don't mind unpacking.

19. Washing the sheets and putting them back on.

20. I absolutely detest washing my car but i really really like a clean car.

21. Getting a manicure. The noise of the emery board makes me cringe and i bite my lips without even knowing i am. Used to do that with grinding glass back in the day when louie and i did stained glass.

22. I also don't like getting pedicures. I don't like people touching the arches of my feets. It creeps me out. (This is why i have terrible looking nails.)

23. I hate checking my mail. Such a stupid thing.

24. I hate answering the phone too.

25. On weekends i do not like wearing makeup. Especially foundation.

jojo cucina cucina said...

For the record: cut and pasted from my Stats:

Pageviews all time history

(These do not include when I check the page. I am going to do this for awhile and see much this blog slows down. Plus i just love stats.)

Thats about 490 views a month. Or an average of 16 views a day, though i think it's much less now.

At this rate, i don't guess i can make a living out of blogging when i retire. LOLOL.....

Amanda said...

Here's my list of things I hate to do:

• Pay bills. It's the worst. I would get married solely to have someone else do the bills.

• Groom my dogs. It's time consuming and I'm too type A for it. I'll spend 20 minutes getting the eyebrows right. But, it saves me $90 a pop to do it myself. Dog grooming is a racket.

• Floss. Too much time is spent on personal hygiene and fending off the inevitable decline of aging. As I kid, I constantly announced that I'd get dentures when I turned 18. I reconsidered ;)

• Clothes shopping. I haven't done it in at least three years.

• Take my car in for an oil change. The waiting. I hate the waiting. And, there's always some fat guy in the customer area watching Fox News at full blast.

I know there are lots more. Great topic, Jo!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just added 10 more things i don't like to do and i accidentally hit some stupid button on this netbook and they went away.

I do not like when that happens!

Amanda, i love taking my car in to get an oil change. I take it to the dealer where they have wireless and coffee (though i never drink it cause it's probably two hours old) and they always wash my car. And some nice guy comes out and tells me they added windshield wiper fluid because it was down. I like that kind of service. And i just feel like it's a forced relaxation while i am there.

But you're right, usually the TV program sucks.

louielouie said...

Things I hate to do:

Shower, although a bath is worse. I do not like to get wet. But I do like a hot tub – go figure.


Dust or vacuum, I don’t like cleaning much in general, but would rather do toilets and floors.

Try on clothes – in a dressing room or at home when I want to see if something still fits or looks dumb.

Go to meetings when nobody takes notes. I actually don’t mind meetings but it makes me nuts when there is no record of what was said or decisions made. This is a new trend where I work; no one takes minutes so no one is accountable for anything.

Take a survey with a Likert type scale. I don’t like to choose the never or always options, so I leave 5 and 1 alone and stick to the middle choices.

Mingle and make small talk- I am so baaad at it.

Drive at night; ha-ha that’s a joke I can barely see during the day much less in the dark.

Actually, I don’t really hate any of these things, except the note-less meetings

jojo cucina cucina said...

You need me at your meetings louie! I ALWAYS take copious notes at meetings I attend. Partly to give me something to do. And also because i have such a terrible retention for details, i have to write everything down.

What is the Likert scale? I hate those bargaining ones my union sends out that helps them prioritize:

Retirement is more important than Compensation.
Compensation is more important than Workload
Workload is more important than Retirement.

Is that what you mean?

Oh yeah, i hate trying on clothes too. ESPECIALLY shoes and jeans. We'll leave bathing suits out of it, it's a given.

I love to dust and vacuum. But i hate cleaning toilets.

I forgot my most important one. Well almost the most important one.

#26. I HATE PARKING IN THE CITY. I swear i would go to Seattle more often if i could just hop on a non-stop shuttle that brings me right to where i want to go and right back home again.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Let Me Bore You With My Dream:

I hate when people talk about their dreams. But I thought this was funny and goes along with a conversation I had with my friends louie/Sarah and Julie at dinner last night when i mentioned i put in my letter of retirement in case our union's bargain goes sideways. (I will likely pull the letter before Aug. 31 and stay working - this was a choice our management gave us this year.) Anyway I know that I am afraid to think about another line of work, especially because i know it won't pay as well and i won't be as good at it.

Last night I dreamed that I could ice skate. I have never wanted to ice skate before and haven’t been on skates since high school. But last night I decided to go ice skating and I found out after I started out that I was really good at it. So good at it in fact that pretty soon I was skating like Apolo Ono, with my hand on the ice as I leaned in. As I was skating I couldn’t believe it myself how good I was. And in fact I was so good that in the middle of my skating a guy stopped me to put me on an ice skating team. And in my dream it had been my first time I had tried since high school.

I think this means maybe there is another job out there for me besides the union. It felt so real when I woke up at 4:30 I didn’t go back to sleep.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have been researching on google why folks are having trouble posting on blogspot blogs. Seems like this is a big deal these past couple of weeks and mine is not the only one with the problem. I know that Julie and eque have problems, but maybe this will get fixed by the blogspot wizards soon. It is not something that i think i can fix in my settings.

In other news i was thinking about my goofy dream and how real it felt to be skating in my dream and it got me to thinking about real life and how many of us may have a talent we have no idea that we have because we never tried it.

Archery is something i always wanted to do. Brian even got me lessons but i never got there because they were pretty far away and then i had nowhere close to practice if i found out how much i loved it. (The schoolgrounds next door to us frown on novice archers, with good reason.) However, i think this is an example of finding a talent in life you didn't know you had. Or not. I think i might have a knack for it. I don't even know why, i have never tried. But i would like to find out.

What do YOU think you might be good at?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I found the solution, i think. It worked for me just now.

When you are signing in with a Google account... be sure to CLICK OFF any check that you may have in THE BOX THAT SAYS KEEP ME SIGNED IN.

some of y'all are not using Google and some of y'all may not have that box checked. When i just signed in with Google it wouldn't let me post, it kept looping me back to the login. When i clicked off the box, i was able to post.

I found this out in the research. It seems to be a blogspot issue and it is also intermittent.

Ok, and for a real thrill, don't forget to read about my dream in comment #10! lol.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think this is rather interesting. It's my blog audience by country: cut and pasted from STATS)

United States 244

Russia 10

Germany 8

United Kingdom 5

Ukraine 5

Canada 4

Belgium 2

Switzerland 2

India 2

Denmark 1

Brian said...

I don't like to ride anything at a carnival that spins.
I don't like people in authority who just want to be in authority.
I don't like to kill things...any more. spiders in bedrooms don't count
I don't like songs with good lyrics but lousy musicality (is that a word?)
I don't like to bite tinfoil
I don't like to feel stupid when I give an honest answer
I don't like to watch doctor shows
I don't like to burn bacon, what a waste
I don't like to put both socks in a clothes hamper at the same time, instead I leave one just inches away on the floor (Jo told me to say that one)

equeyaya said...


cool dream! i love that you were able to interpret it.

equeyaya said...

it worked, but in a roundabout way. i hit post, it took me to login with no option to uncheck keep me logged in. it brought me back to verify the word, then back to login again with the option to uncheck. then i got another word and it posted. blogger should fix this.

equeyaya said...

but that time it just worked right away. so maybe after you do it once, you're good.

Brian, you are funny!

equeyaya said...

I don't know if I can remember all the ones I tried to post before, but here goes...

I hate vacuuming steps.
I hate grooming the dog.
I hate cleaning the bathroom.
I hate listening to employees complain to me.
I hate unpacking.
I hate putting away laundry.
I hate shaving.
I hate yard work.
I hate cleaning litter boxes.
I hate writing meeting minutes.
I hate negotiating.
I hate having to address poor customer service.

equeyaya said...

FYI, I still have to go through that whole process. And because I can't stay logged in I have to relog in to access my gmail account.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the book, Jo! I played up the mystery in the delivery by not telling Brian what it was. I think he hung back a bit to see me open it, but I just tucked it in my bag. Haha!

Did he tell you his fart machine has some kind of short or something and is going off randomly in the office? It's the best thing that ever happened. Well, since Farting Judy left.

Have a great weekend! Thanks again for the book!

jojo cucina cucina said...

you are welcome for the book Amanda! I did NOT tell Brian what it was and he still doesn't know. I posted this on your blog: i told him it was a book about how to deal with bad bosses. But he knew right away i was kidding. I'll have to ask him about that fart machine. My god, he's had that stupid thing for years. I forgot about it!

I was trying to change this blog earlier tonight but my computer went wack on me and i had to shut down. It's so intermittent that i never know what it's going to do. Hopefully i'll do a new one this weekend.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque...damn, still having problems? Maybe when i'm on vacation i'll try to tweak this and get it right. Or convert this blog to Wordpress to see if that works better.

EoDE said...

1. Watching ads with oversized, aggressive insects/vermin---bedbugs the size of raptors, for crying out loud. Please.

2. Dealing with overly aggressive salespeople. This may explain why I’ve only owned three cars in my lifetime.

3. Doing my eyebrows. They’ve always been unruly, but they seem to have taken on a life of their own in the last few years.

4. Having my hair done. It’s not that I mind the process itself, but I worry that I’ll run out of small talk before my stylist finishes.

5. Shopping when I need to find something very specific in a very short amount of time and it’s nowhere to be found---unlike when I'm browsing, when I seem to be able to find all manner of things I don't want or need.

6. Emptying the dustbin in the bagless vacuum cleaner. It oogs me out. Give me a bag anyday.

7. Watching movies where the so-called “offensive” language has been edited out or worse still, utterly irrelevant words are substituted. It’s not as if we don’t know what’s really being said. Besides, who really believes Clint Eastwood would say “dogmeat” or Jack Nicholson “bull crap”?

Great topic, BTW.

equeyaya said...

No, I can post now.
And it's not as big a PITA to not stay logged in to google as I thought. I really only have to type the first letter of my email address, tab and enter. It remembers the rest.

Okay, well, I did have to hit post preview post before getting the word verification....