Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am posting this from our new iMac desktop! Testing 1-2-3

I have been AWOL because i could not bring myself to turn on our desktop pc and i do not like changing this blog on my netbook. Plus even my netbook is giving me fits. That evil Bill Gates is all behind it i know.

I know that i will get frustrated with this new Apple computer at some time....for example this keyboard seems a little too tiny for a desktop and i keep making typing errors. I can only imagine if i was drinking wine. But maybe i will get used to it. But i love already how quickly it fires up. Amazing!

we still don't have iTunes hooked up yet so we have a ways to go, plus i need to find a workstation because our monitor is too big to fit in our old computer table.

I'll be back to add more later. I just wanted to check this out.


jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, i cannot believe how fast this is!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My daughter just got a new macbook and it's faster than mine...I love my mac book. She also bought me an Itouch. Can I say JAZZZZZZZED!

Congrats on your new baby. She'll keep you amused for a long time.
Get a different keyboard. I had to do that with my emac. I don't know who they made those keys for.

louielouie said...

I am so glad to see those high-fiving white folks gone

louielouie said...

You will love your mac.

I had to give my mac desktop up at work and go to a pc. I am sick of the error messages and the pc keyboard makes me nuts. I have super-lousy keyboarding skills as it is (mostly I blame my 10th grade typing teacher, Mr. Kessel. He called me up to his desk to ask me why I wasn’t getting an A in typing like my sister was, so I refused to learn the lower reaches; guess I showed him.) and the switch to the pc made everything way worse. Either that or it’s my Alzheimer’s.

I love my mac book but I need to get some updates. Em and I looked at new mac books (her graduation present) and they are beautiful and soooo fast. I’m going to mine spiffed up when she gets her's.

Absolutely gorgeous 4th of July here in Western Washington; we had a very relaxing time on Discovery Bay. Too bad we had to come home to the sound of Pierce County blowing itself up – just don’t get the fascination.

Got to get myself to bed, summer hours at my work begin at 7:00 am!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, one of those high fivers was a black person. Look again.

your summer hours are sooooo early! i am so fascinated by how fast this imac is. I had no idea and now i know i am going to hate my work computer. So i just might have to retire after all. lol