Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Songs that i never get sick of.

I know that it's only been a couple of days since my last post but i'm still behind with trying to have my goal of one new post a week for the year. So y'all can still go back and post to the previous Menu of the Day and i'll check back with it, but not much is happening here anyway, so i'll work towards that mission of 52 posts in 2011 :

I don't have iTunes hooked up to the new computer so i've been YouTubing music as i write online to hear music. And it's interesting to me who i feel like looking up when i can look up ANYONE. So i thought i would make a  list of the songs i never get sick of, (no matter how many times i've heard them.) 

Disclaimer: over the years i have loved some songs far more than these i have listed only i made the mistake of overplaying them to the point i almost can't listen to them anymore. (For example, Van Morrison would likely show up more often had I not done that.)

1. Friend of the Devil (by Lyle Lovett or Counting Crows especially)

2. California - Joni Mitchell

3. When the Stars Go Blue - Ryan Adams

4. Let it Ride - Ryan Adams (This is a favorite running song!)

5. Above the Bones - Mishka

6. The River - Bruce Springsteen 

7. My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams

8. After the Gold Rush - Neil Young

9. The River - Joni Mitchell 

10. Amelia - Joni Mitchell

What songs would YOU list?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Why haven't you downloaded the Itunes yet? I'm surprised it wasn't already loaded. It was on my macbook.
There are too many songs to list right now. I can't pick just 10.

I'd have some Beatles, Temptations, Rod Stewart, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Josh Groban, and many others. (My Itunes music is 22.5 G so far).

jojo cucina cucina said...

i'm leaving the conversion stuff up to my husband. He gets a version of Word/Excel that works for Mac from his work. We still need PhotoShop so i can do photos again. I actually think since our music is on an external drive it should be an easy deal, but i'll let him figure it out. I have lots of stuff on my old pc i want transferred over and i have no idea how that will work....stuff like old stories i've written, emails from my niece Kylee when she was only 10 years old (she was very verbose even back then) and old Gumbo yaya stuff that i copied and pasted into Word.

We just haven't gotten that far yet.

louielouie said...

Where is my Energy?

Don't even know the songs I like. Jo brought a great play list to my party for Em last week. Maybe I need someone to choose all my music for me.

Ron is installing an attic fan; been working at it hard, putting the fan together, cutting holes in the walls; I am happy he consulted with my brother about the wring. I do not want my house to burn down or my husband to be electrocuted. I’m not sure I have enough insurance on either.

However, I have not able to do ANYTHING all weekend long

Yesterday all I managed to do was the laundry and go to the grocery store

Today, not so much.

The crossword puzzle was too hard, I am too weak to open up my sewing machine, can’t concentrate on the school work I need to do for tomorrow, can’t even open the files. So I’m watching the Next Food Network Star.

I could barely remember my password to post this

Amanda said...

So Far Away – Carol King

Sugar Magnolia and Casey Jones – The Dead

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues – Elton John

Melissa – Allman Brothers

I've Always Been Crazy – Waylon Jennings

He went to Paris – The Jimmy Buffet original is good, but I love the Waylon Jennings version, too.

The River – Bruce Springsteen (this song tears me up)

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

Comes a Time and Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Middle Age Crazy – Jerry Lee Lewis

Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues – Danny O'Keefe

Wouldn't It Be Nice – Beach Boys

Jemima Surrender, Look Out Cleveland, When You Awake, and probably a few more – The Band

Looking at this list, I might be a 50-year-old man. Mediocre Time Amanda's Got The Blues ;)