Thursday, July 14, 2011

Menu of the Day: No specials.

Today i'm going with only the menu...

 Menu of the Day:

In my glass: a rather boring Waterbrook Shiraz. I swear it's almost watery. Very thin. Doesn't even make my teeth purple. I am going to pour it back in the bottle and pour a glass of viognier instead. (Brian will drink it, he drinks anything.) The viognier will go better with the peanut butter sandwich that I am eating for dinner since Brian is not home.

Music: Shawn Mullins "Cabbagetown"

Reading: i just finished a Norwegian crime novel by Jo Nesbo called Redbreast and now i'm reading another Memento like book called Before I go to Sleep. Both are good!

How many books have a i read so far? Hmmm i think this is my 5th one now. I believe last summer i may have read 12. 

Best thing that happened today: It's my handsome nephew's 29th birthday (Troy's son Brian). I dropped off his present today at his dad's house. It's so fun to give him a present because he is always so appreciative and never expects anything. One of the presents was the book The Help because he wants to read it. (Like both of my brothers, my dad and me, he reads a lot.)

My new obsession: I have finally moved on from the Casey Anthony trial but now i'm watching the Tabatha Salon lady on Bravo. She's that tough looking Brit with the short blonde hair who goes in to salons that are failing because of their terrible employees and she whips them into shape. It's fascinating watching her work with arrogant lazy employees to make the company better. She's intimidating but soooo right. I LOVE Tabatha. Sarah/louie are you watching this? I could see you and Amanda thinking this is good stuff. Does anyone watch this?

What SHOULD be my obsession: Finding out what the fu*k is going on with the debt ceiling. 

What i plan to do in the near future: Get an unlisted phone number. I am quite sure because of past work in the Democratic party that the Jay Inslee people are the ones who keep trying to get ahold of me. Only they never leave a message or they simply say they are looking for Jo. It's either than or it could be the Planned Parenthood people. It's usually a Seattle area code or a 888 number. If you try to call me someday and the number is changed be sure to email me. I'll try and get the word out.  

What bugs me about this: i actually believe it's the Planned Parenthood people because they have my name as two names my old married name and new married name because that's what i did when i got married and continued to donate. But every time i send a check, they ask for another one almost immediately. 

What pissed me off this week: Bush murder: let me explain: I have a beautiful hydrangea bush outside my door. It usually blooms late September and the flowers are so huge. The bush in bloom gets pretty big and covers part of my pathway to the door. I can have flowers in my house from this bush for a month. They are a vibrant purple/blue. People commented often if they saw them in bloom. I prune this myself each year. This year i noticed it was not bouncing back and the leaves were coming in but slowly. I came home after running errands two days ago and went outside and the condo folks had taken it out and replaced it with a prickly short bush. I hate this new plant. I used to leave notes on this hydrangea: DO NOT CUT! when i knew they were pruning.  I was on this condo board for four years because i hated what they did. And i hate this new board too but i can't see myself running again right now because i will be fighting all the time with them. I decided to let this one go because i know there will be bigger battles later and i can't be spending my energy on a bush. 

Book Recommendation: The Girls (about conjoined twins) includes characters that you wish you were your family or friends. I miss those characters already. 

Product endorsement: Do i need to say it? ....the iMac desktop computer!


jojo cucina cucina said...

I just added myself on to Follow this Blog because i wanted a nice even number of 25 people. Two people dropped off in the past few months, but sad to say i think one of them was Joker's Wild, a former yaya who passed away.

If you are still following i hope you will post. Just add your own menu. That makes it easy? What's your new obsession, what's bugging you? What product do you endorse?

jojo cucina cucina said...

lol, i know 25 is not an even number, but you know what i mean.

AManda said...

I love Tabatha!! I wanted her to win Shear Genius that first season, but I'm okay with it now that she has her own show. She's amazing. She takes hairdressing seriously and holds people to really high standards. I look at the salons I go to now and think, "Tabatha should come here. This place is a dump!" She's really one of my favorites. Did a new season just start?

I've been watching too much TV lately. I'm back on Bridezillas, Toddlers and Tiaras, and America's Got Talent. I'm having a hard time fitting them all in. Thank goodness for the rain.

Kidding. This gray is bumming me out like it's never bummed me out before. I moved here because I love the rain. But this year is too much. That week in Montana did me in.

I'm so glad you blogged! I wanted to ask you if you're going to watch Roseanne's new show? Do you like her? I wanted to know what you thought about her.

jojo cucina cucina said...


Welcome back from Billings! (I saw your other post.) Funny how i knew you would like Tabatha. I am so attracted to smart people who tell it like it is and how are not afraid of confrontation or pissing people off when they are right. It's why i love Simon on American Idol. i think what i love most is they go after people who need to be taken down. And Tabatha has some real doozies to deal with in the hair salon business.

I don't watch the tiara ones. But i do like 'Say Yes to the Dress'. Some of the TV i watch is embarrassing to admit, but i figure i'm in good company. My other new obsession on TV is the ME channel which shows old Bob Newhart, Mash, Marty Tyler Moore, Cheers and Dick Van Dyke shows. Does every state get this cable channel? It also has Twilight Zone right before i go to sleep.

I have never been a Roseanne Barr fan.

I haven't minded the last two days of rain because i am reading a lot. And i switched Thursday and Friday to my new non-run days.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I can't get into much reality tv. I do love to watch DWTS because I can't dance a step. Well I do watch Chopped, Iron Chef America and Paula's Best because I am fascinated at what these people come up with,

I had a Pacifico last night and it hit the spot. Good Mexican food too.

This debt ceiling thing is pissing me off too. The thing is that Bush raised it 8 times during his tenure and now the Repubs are acting like this is something new and different. There is so much dissension in this country.

My mom told me yesterday she got a letter in the mail asking for money because this organization wants to impeach Obama? For what? She said she wishes she was in Scotland with her neighbor where older people are taken care of,socialized medicine and all.She's 86 and she says it's just awful what the Republicans have done to this country. And she is a registered Pub.

As you love your Imac, I love my new Itouch. I had to go to the doc on Wed because I've had a terrible reaction to Tide detergent. Welts all over. Anyway, I had to wait, so I watched 35 minutes of Angels and Demons while I was in the room. He gave me some prednisone so my face is all round, but the welts seem to be going away. I just have to rewash every piece of my clothing and I'm using All Free and Clear.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, i had no idea Bush raised it that many times. I am so sick of the political fighting and ideology. How can anyone think the Republicans are here for the poor and middle class? Why can't Democrats kick more ass and quit apologizing for it? I think we need Tabatha from Bravo on Obama's team!

Speaking of Tabatha, i came here to correct myself. She is not from England, she is from Australia!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Tabatha hasn't been on all day. So guess what, i started watching the Casey Anthony crap again. I need rehab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i'm watching Bill Maher on Piers Morgan. He wants Obama to grow a pair. So do i. Tabatha is great at going after weenie bosses. (I think it's what i love most about her because i have a real issue with leaders who are not good at confrontation and let shit slide.)

We should sic her on Obama.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am home and bored because my Baybee (that's how i always spell it) is visiting his mom in East. Washington. Even i have a limit on Casey Anthony news. My house is already too clean. My brother wasn't home. I guess i can go put on the Matt McConaughy movie i have, The Lincoln Lawyer. I also have the Javier Bardem Biutiful, but i think that is going to be depressing. Maybe Matt will take his shirt off in the Lincoln Lawyer at least. (You can always count on Matt to want to do that.)

I could go out for a run, but i already drank a glass of viognier. And it already feels dark outside because it's a cloudy and cool day. I feel my tan fading already.

I've been YouTubing Ryan Adams videos because we don't have iTunes hooked up yet to this new computer and i have $30 in certificates to use up too. Darn it. It's the perfect thing i like to do when Brian is gone. The sound from this iMac monitor is pretty amazing actually. I was worried when Brian didn't come home with speakers. But we don't need them. I love a computer that comes in three pieces, counting the mouse.

I do not know where the day went today.

OK, i'm going to go heat up some Bayou Dirty Rice for dinner. And watch some Matt.

susieatl said...

How was the Matt movie? He is always a favorite of mine..not for his acting but for his looks. I'm so shallow.

We finally have a cool day..It was in the 60s all morning and I took a nap. Now, I need to get ready for my facial (I treat myself sometimes).

Then I need to go to Home Depot and get stuff to fix my toilet. The handle broke.

Oh, I love Tabitha and Jeff Lewis (although he is over the top and bit mean). My boss is also a no nonsense lesbian who bodes no stupidity. Which ticks off the men in our company. We work in medical sales which can be a boy's club and most of the women you see are vapid blondes. To have a woman who thinks intimidates the guys a lot.

I'll be in Seattle on the 18th through the 23rd. If you have a free night or afternoon..let me know!

jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl, when the date gets closer, let's talk and plan a day i can come up. I'll be back to work by then, but that's okay. Are you staying with friends?

The Matt movie was actually pretty good! I like him better when he plays a more serious role than those stupid Kate Hudson movies. I don't like her at all anymore, since Almost Famous she just got annoying and so she ruins Matt. He DID take his shirt off, but it was a fleeting fast moment.

(Who is Jeff Lewis?)

susieatl said...

Jeff Lewis is the real estate guy on Flipping Out. He is extreme OCD.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, i have heard of that show but have never watched it. I have my hands full with The ME channel, Holmes on Holmes, Sell This House, DIY with Brian, House Hunters, Curb Appeal, and now Tabatha!

Hey louielouie, where you be? And what ever happened to TXGrits?