Monday, July 11, 2011

Jojo's Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial

1. First of all, they have to quit calling it Breaking News on the Headline News CNN channel. The words Breaking News mean the opposite to me. Just like Fox News Fair and Balanced means the opposite.

2. Nancy Grace needs to quit calling Casey Anthony 'Tot Mom'. It sounds so stupid. Plus i don't like the word 'tot' anyway. Just as i don't like the word 'hubby'.

3. I think i have never seen a female prosecutor with good hair. (Burdick is the prosecutor with the long blonde hair)... And remember of Marcia Clark.  (OJ trial)

4. Though i saw Marcia give her two cents on the trial and her hair looked a hell of a lot better. And i think she had some work done.

5. I did feel very sorry for Casey's mom Cindy. However i think if i were in Casey's shoes (but with my own personality) and she coveted my daughter the way that Cindy seemed to, i might have some mom issues too.

6. I don't believe that Casey was molested by her dad or there would be more to say on that story. Pathological liars tell huge lies with lots of details and elaboration for drama and i think that was what that was all about. Otherwise why would she subject her daughter to living in their home?

7.  I still wonder why the subject of Caylee's father never came up in a big way. That seems most weird to me.

8. I think it's funny how Casey wore baggy ruffly, even puffed sleeve, sensible cotton blouses for the jury with her hair all pulled back tight against her skull and on the last day wore her own clothes with her hair down. (which she kept fidgeting with).

9. I thought Casey's brother was kind of hot.

10. I never believed the woman with the two names when she said she had an affair with George. I think she was seeking money from tv interviews.

11. Having said that, i think George is not telling the truth about everything either and i remember thinking something was off about him three years ago when i first watched some of this story on Nancy Grace.

12. Nancy Grace is also a former prosecutor. I just wanted to add that to my evidence of #3. She lookes like she is wearing a football helmet. And what's with that black leather jacket?

13.  I also think if Jeff Ashton lost just a few pounds (and i think he did by the end of the trial) he would be super hot. I liked how one of the lurers outside the courthouse held a sign that said "Jeff Ashton for President".

14. And speaking of those folks who hang around outside courthouses for cases like these, they are nut cases themselves i think. Can't they find something better to do?

15. ... like watch hour after hour of Nancy Grace in the privacy of their own home for days during their vacation so that you can at least hide from the public that you are a nut? ;)

16. I wonder if the Anthonys will stay married.

17. I give Casey less than two years before she gets in some kind of trouble again. It might be a much publicized DUI or it will be another pregnancy. Or some fight with a girl or guy in a bar.

18. And of course it will be Breaking News.


jojo cucina cucina said...

What i probably SHOULD be doing rather than watching the post-verdict Casey Anthony story is worrying about the debt ceiling, which is certainly far more urgent than this story, which is getting old now and needs to be gone.

jojo cucina cucina said...

A reminder, if you are having trouble adding a comment, be sure to click OFF the box that says stay signed in if you are using a Google Account. I just had to do that so i didn't go through the loop of signing in and it also tried to post me as Anonymous again until i went back and clicked it off.

What is weird is i don't have this problem on my iMac, i am using my netbook pc this morning.

jojo cucina cucina said...

MOrning Express just reported that Albertsons has discontinued the Self-Checkout registers. I shop there often because it's the closest to my house and i have refused to go through those self checkouts because i figured it was only helping to get rid of jobs. And i used to tell people not to use them.

So i am very glad to hear this. Their union should send me a thank you card!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I got so tired of Nancy Grace that I would not watch her or have it on mute. She is always so sure of herself and I thought she would gag on her spit when the verdict came in.

Our Fresh and Easy Market only has self checkouts, but they have employees doing the bagging. They have union people standing outside their doors 7 days a week. They are part of Tesco the British Corporation.

Amanda said...

I have a Nancy Grace problem myself. I hate her so much, but, for about a year, I was watching her show every night. I couldn't stop myself. I would yell at the TV, turn the channel in a rage, but always change right back. Erik still makes fun of me for it.

Thankfully, this 'Tot Mom' BS got me off her. I got tired of the same thing every night and the wild speculation about the most mundane stuff. But, now that the verdict is in (and total BS!), I'm so tempted to check in with ol' Helmet Head! I bet she's having a full meltdown.

I wonder what it's going to be like when Casey gets let out of jail this weekend.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Just wait until Sunday, Amanda. I bet you will be tuned in. That's when Casey gets released. Though i imagine they will have to take her out of the jail via underground tunnel. I hope they have a bullet proof vest for her, there are some real wackos out there!

Hey amulbunny!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i'm drinking a glass or shiraz. if i decide to have another (odds are pretty good) then i may come back and put up a new post.

I was actually sort of missing The Gumbo message board when i did this Casey Anthony post because i know it would have gotten LOTS of attention. The yayas would have had so many things to say about this story.