Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer vacation at cucina abode

Menu of the Day:

Music: YouTube of Amos Lee. I don't have iTunes hooked up to our new iMac yet.

The Best Thing that Happened this week: The new iMac! I cannot believe how much faster this computer is! I am so excited. And the resolution on this monitor and the sound is so fabulous. Why did we wait so long?

The worst thing that happened: Casey Anthony should have at least gotten Murder in the Second or child abuse - isn't it child abuse to not report her missing? I watched the trial when i first started and i do feel strongly about her guilt. Though i don't think they proved 1st Degree. I think she fits the profile totally of Diane Downs. She may wish she was still in jail after she gets out in the real world with some of those wackos who protest the verdict. I won't read a book if she writes it, but i would love to read one written by a reputable author. Oh hell, what am i saying, i'd probably read one by Nancy Grace even. And she's a nut too.

OK, short menu. The only thing i don't like is this teeny Little Mac keyboard that feels like my netbook. I need a real one. On with the randomness...


1. I washed windows on 4th of July. I have a small place - 4 windows and a slider and a big mirror, but it took me over two hours. That's the last time i do that. Usually i hire it out. But they look great. i think i'm going to reward myself by buying a very expensive bottle of wine that would equal what i would pay.

2. I just read a GREAT book in two days. It's a novel about conjoined twins called The Girls. Very poignant book and i highly recommend it. This one and Half Broke Horses are my new favorite books.

3. I've been watching on DVD the first season of Arrested Development. Does anyone else love this show? It's full of people you are not supposed to like but somehow you do. Except maybe for the mom.

4. Brian put Edward Hopper's famous painting of the Nighthawks diner on our wallpaper on this computer. I love it. Edward Hopper is one of my favorite painters. I have one of his coffee table books and i liked finding out he was married to a woman named Jo and he died on my birthday.

5. I am on vacation until Aug. 8th. But if my union decides to go on strike (over a loss in our pension), i will retire on Aug. 31. If not, i will pull my letter and go to work.

6. There is a part of me that wishes this decision was made for me by having my union strike.

7. I LOVE being alone on vacation. I love sitting out on my patio and reading for hours. I love the mornings best when i watch TV (Arrested Development) while drinking coffee in bed for an hour or two before going out for a run. And i like taking naps. But i am not sure i can make a whole life out of this so maybe i better stop thinking about retirement.

8. There is only so much YouTubing a person can do in their leisure time.

9. I'm going to end on 9. I could probably go find a photo off the Internet to add, because i can't upload anything just yet on this iMac until we get it hooked up to our stuff. (And we need to load PhotoShop.) i might just keep this naked for the time being. 

Hope y'all are all having a great summer! What's going on? 


susieatl said...

I'm not doing much this summer. Went to Florida for a week and sat on the beach. I could do that for the rest of my life if I could support myself and not worry about skin cancer.

And I'm going to Seattle in August..I would be psyched about that but it is also our move in date for work. We just had a new floor built and I'm getting a really pretty office and my department will all have full length windows. And my OCD boss will most likely have me moved and unpacked when I get back..even though she swears she won't.

jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl, i remember you told me you were coming to Seattle. Let me know when you are coming and i'll see if i can meet you. how long are you here?

I love not doing much for summer because then the time goes by slower and i like that a lot. Because it's busy at work and involves multi tasking i tend to never want to multi task at home. I love being lazy.

Last night i was up for hours because i couldn't sleep. I can always count on insomnia if i have had more than two glasses of wine, but there was no wine last night and i didn't even get my afternoon nap. What i didn't mind is that my new iMac computer is good to go within 30 seconds so i got on it.

This morning i woke up after 9 am and my husband had left me a nice note by the coffee pot. I always love when he does that. Because it's kind of weird to wake up to an empty house when you are not used to it.

Then i took a photo of the deer right outside my door. I always knew that deer were eating the plums off of our Italian plum tree but never saw them. The plums aren't out but this doe (I'm assuming it was a she) was right next to the tree, but eating the hostas.

Yesterday for the first time i went to the pool to read. The only reason i could go was that it was pretty cool temperatures and windy and no kids, so i got to hang there for almost an hour. But i was wearing a sweater and pants to keep warm. lol.

Today Brian and i are going to a wine tasting. I have another book to read (Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast) and i might do some dusting. As you can see i have a very full and busy day.

I'm going to change this blog soon too. I am way behind on my goal of once a week so i'll move it more quickly while on vacation now that i have a computer i love. I'll come up with a theme next time. When i am on vacation i tend to be more boring because i am happy. LOL.

equeyaya said...


equeyaya said...

Congratulations on the imac! I will probably get one eventually. For now, I'm lucky enough to have a new laptop supplied by my employer, providence after my aging desktop suddenly died a couple of months ago.

And how cool if you two can meet in Seattle!

My summer has been busy. I bought a house, moved and got cars for each of the girls. Still trying to find time to settle in to the house. I need to paint my powder room, so that will give me a crash course in painting. I'm going to try that on Monday.

Spent a weekend in New York last month, and going back for the day with Melanie and mother daughter friends tomorrow. Last month we saw War Horse, which won the Tony for best play. It was an incredible production.

I got some new music on itunes and realized last night I completely forgot to get something by The Head and The Heart - love them! itunes was a PITA on the new laptop, it made me erase all the music from my iphone in order to add the stuff I bought, so I lost some stuff. Again.

I bought some Mumford and Sons, Decemberists, Paolo Nutini, Drive By Truckers, Tedeschi Trucks, Adele and Jason Isbell. All good stuff. It feels good to have some new music again. But I do need to go back for some Head and the Heart.

Today is one of two Saturdays I have to work this year in our weekend rotations. I'm going to head in early, because I'm meeting friends for dinner to celebrate Lois' birthday.

Have a great weekend!

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque. i think you will love the iMac. I don't know why anyone would own a pc after using this. Though i have to say i haven't tried any other applications other than the internet, Facebook, email. What's the equivalent of Word for example? How will i write my someday famous novel? And what do i do for Excel? I am an Excel whore. (I even keep my weight on a spreadsheet). So i have some things to learn. But i'm amazed at the speed and the ease of moving between applications. Brian just today readjusted our computer desk to accommodate us with this new monitor. I love the streamlined look of everything.

eque, you bought a lot of good stuff. Which Adele did you get? I am loving the Decemberists and bought their whole latest cd. I also bought a full cd of Jason Isbell too, but i forget the title, but i really like it too. Our music tastes are SOOOO similar! I am hoping iTunes loves working from a Mac better and i expect that will be MUCH faster too. I'll let you know.

It's another beautiful day. Weird that every day since i've been off work has been beautiful after such a shitty spring. We are BBQing marinated flank steak and drinking a bottle of Ponzi Pinot Gris (which doesn't go with the steak but it will probably be gone before dinner anyway since we eat so late.) I got to spend another 45 minutes all alone at the pool before kids came over. I am determined not to have tofu colored skin this summer.

OK, i better go make a salad.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, where you be?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Also folks, bear with me. I have no bookmarks on this new computer yet because we haven't transferred any of our old data. And i don't have good memories for emails either so i have to rebuild an address book for email.

Amanda said...

I'm here! I'm here! I spent 10 days in Montana. Just got back Saturday night. I'm so not ready to start real life again. I'm jealous of your long vacation. I like being lazy on mine, too. The time goes by slower and it feels luxurious to do so much nothing.

What's the cure for post-vacation malaise?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i think for every day you are on vacation it takes THAT same number of days to recover. So do nice things for yourself when you get off from work for those days. Take a day off from doing what you think needs to get done, like exercising, cleaning, and drinking a nice bottle of wine that is expensive that you wouldn't normally buy. Though don't do ALL of the same kind of thing, i.e. no cleaning for two weeks or drinking for two weeks. LOL... Where in Montana did you go? Brian and i used to flyfish there in the summers until the last one where the fires hit in 2000 and we had to be evacuated.

equeyaya said...

The Adele songs I got were Rolling in the Deep, Turning Tables, and Set Fire to the Rain. Set Fire to the Rain is my favorite. Then I went back and bought the entire The Head and The Heart CD.

I had a great weekend. Dinner with girlfriends at a Mediterranean BYOB on Saturday. Yesterday, Mel and I went to New York City for the day with another mother and daughter. We saw Memphis, ate at a couple nice places and shopped. Lots of fun!

Today I painted my powder room. Jo, I'm not worthy. You make it seem so easy. I hated taking everything down and masking. Then I was all thumbs with the paint and the edger and the roller. I got paint all over myself and everything else. I must have looked like a five year old trying to paint that little room by the time I was done. Anyway, the finished product is fine. And I've had my bath, so all is well. But that's a task I will happily pay someone else to do in the future!

Tomorrow is back to work.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Crap. i just posted to you eque on here and did something with my mouse and it went away. it's not a blogspot thing either. only i don't know exactly how i did it.

Anyway, i do like painting because it's a task oriented job with an end, usually a quick end. I don't like painting a room that needs more than one coat and i never tape off anymore. I bought a really really good angled brush and find i do better by seeing exactly what mistakes i make as i go rather than pull it off later and see how it bled through the tape.

Good that you and Mel got to go to NYC! Did you buy something cool?

I was going to check my iTunes library to see what Adele i have but realized we don't have iTunes hooked up yet to our new computer. I can't put up any photos yet either until Brian brings in our old pc to get data swapped over.

OK, that's all i got for today. I haven't done much, went for a run, watched some more Casey Anthony recap and then made myself turn off the tv, took a short nap and i am reading.

I think i'll change this blog tomorrow.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Actually i meant i don't like painting a room that needs more than TWO coats. A room almost always needs two coats, unless it's white over white. And i would never paint a room white.

Amanda said...

I'm doing just that, Jo! I'm taking the whole week to not feel guilty about having a post-vacation tantrum. I ate chips and ice cream for dinner last night and I may do it again tonight. I don't even care. I want to be cranky and I'm committing an entire week to it.

I was a bit west of Billings. I love everything out there. It's such a nice change. There was sunshine!

I'm so excited about your Casey Anthony post!