Monday, November 5, 2012

Back in Business: Election Eve Musings....

Menu of the Day: 

on iTunes: Forest Sun's Harlequin cd. Love this guy!

Book: I'm reading The Middlesteins. I like it. It reminds me of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. Odd Family Drama story.

What I'm thinking about: The election. I'm excited and i'm scared.

Finally accomplished: Putting my summer clothes away, switching them for my 10 months of gloomy. The funny thing is my summer clothes take up more room than the stored winter clothes. But that's only cause summertime often feels like the rest of the year (by that i mean, autumny kind of weather) so i have AC/DC clothes that never need to be stored away...and for God's sake, I swear i think i own about 35 tank tops. I had no idea until i started packing them away.

What's irritating me: I got a call on Friday from a co-worker who's 21 year old gay friend had not registered to vote. She wanted to know if there was still time for her to do so. I knew this answer because i  had put this info up on our work's website - first time voters could walk in to register in person if they did so by Oct. 29. So If same sex marriage goes down by 1 vote i vote that someone should beat the shit out of that lesbian.

Shout Out: Lynnie. What happened to you? It's been a very long time!

I have no idea what's on my mind, but i'll go ahead an number some things and see where this goes:


1. I phone banked 7 times for our governor this election and called cranky menopausal women (that was our demographic target) to get out the vote for our Democratic governor candidate, Jay Inslee. A candidate i don't love very much, but who is better than the other dude who i am super scared of.

But here's a phone bank i would really enjoy!..... post election i want to call people who don't vote, like the woman above i describe. I would  ream them up and down and tell them what shits they are.

2. My predictions tomorrow:

  • Obama will handily win re-election....    :) 
  • Charter schools will be allowed in Washington State ....   :( 
  • McKenna and Inslee will be close but i'm afraid that McKenna is going to win ... :(   I wish there was a SCREAMING emoticon for this using our keyboard. 
  • Dawn Morrell (who louielouie/Sarah and i doorbelled for will win)....   :)
  • Steve O'Ban will win .... :(
  • Tami Green will win ... :)
  • Same sex marriage will lose ... :(  (which is what my photo above is about.)
  • marijuana will lose ... :(  I don't smoke pot at all, but i wish it were legal cause it's stupid that it's not. My childhood would have been much less chaotic had my Dad been a pothead instead of an alcoholic. 
3. I hate ending daylight savings time. I went to bed at 9:30 because it feels like 11 pm. I have been awake since 4:00 am and will probably need to go to bed again at 9:30. this will take me about 3 weeks to get adjusted. 

4. I bought a Christmas present already, but it almost doesn't count cause it for my parents. I bought them sheets. 

5. I already hate thinking about the holidays. Brian and i rarely fight hard about stuff. We get into disagreements and talk it out, but we rarely get into something that makes us both mad where we don't want to talk to each other for awhile...that is, until we talk about the holidays and family dynamics. 

6. So far it's been okay, but we also haven't made a definitive plan so i dread it and try to tread softly, but anyone who knows me understands how very difficult that is for me. 

7. Here's a good question: If you are in a relationship,  married...or not, or if you are divorced or broke up....  what is the topic you most fight about?  For us, it's definitely holidays and family stuff.  The good news is it is never about money. 

OK, i'm going to end this cause i've been trying hard to make this shorter. Only one person posted on my shortest post of all though... though i did notice that "Nada" had 18 views today. (And thank you amulbunny for being the one person posting on it!..hahahaha.)

Notes to self:
Sunset: 4:47 pm ....boohoo :(
Today's high: 60 degrees. weirdly warm today!
Longest run this week: 60 minutes on Saturday
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jojo cucina cucina said...

Wooooowooooooo.....obama!....looks like i am wrong on pot...yay!....wrong on same sex marriage....yay!...i think i am right on tami green ... best of all besides obama...inslee is ahead so i am most happy to be wrong about the gov race.. i might be right about morrell ..yay... and i think oban is winning...booooo.

susieatl said...


jojo cucina cucina said...

YAYAYAY! so i got 5 right and 3 wrong and i am happy with two of those being wrong!

What i am not happy about is that the Governor race (AGAIN) is too close to call and i have been called up to do what they call 'chase the ballot'. Both candidates are sending out volunteers to verify ballots that have issues. I will be in Seattle tomorrow helping with getting affidavits on signatures. It's not what i really wanted to do. PLUS i have to use a vacation day to do it. I have a feeling this is going to be an adventure and i can already imagine the cranky people! "Whaddya mean my vote doesn't count?"

I just called my Dad to thank him from moving us out of Louisiana to Washington State as i do every election when it goes a way i love!

Anonymous said...


jojo cucina cucina said...

We have a governor. i was wrong again. Inslee won! i don't have to worry about looking for a job immediately after retirement because unions are not going anywhere in Washington state. I don't think Inslee would have won without us.

In other news charter schools is very close . i predicted they would lose but that's because WEA didn't work on them because we were focused on the Governor race and didn't have much leftover in the way of resources/money. I think we will lose it in the end still. I will be very interested to see how this plays out when they are up and running. Maybe i will get a post-retirement job working in one. I want to see up close and personal about what they are.