Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let's Get it On.

With the holidays, i mean!

I am sitting here listening to Dustin Kensrue's Christmas album which is one of my very favorites. Yes, i am already listening to Christmas music! And Brian put up the outside lights last night. (He is the best putter upper of Christmas lights because he satisfies my OCDness by getting them perfectly straight!)

I'm just gonna start numbering stuff and be done with it. I have 6 more blog posts to reach my goal of averaging one a week so i need to change it. I'll keep this one short. I keep promising to do that and then i forget.

1. Facebook ads are still driving me nuts. I don't care about what Women Get for Free or the Freebie links. I keep hiding them but they multiply by different names. I don't trust anything that says it's for free and i don't even want free stuff. If it's free, how good can it be, really?

2. I am one of those consumers who believe if it costs more, it's better quality. And i usually go for what is the most expensive. Luckily i don't shop that much.

3. Everywhere i look i see Taylor Swift and i want it to stop. First of all, she looks like a cat. And everyone knows how i have a phobia against cats. They totally creep me out. More than snakes even! Seriously, i would be more inclined to have a pet snake than a pet cat. I don't think you can even call a cat a pet. You never hear the term 'pet cat' for example. Think about it.

4. I just had 5 days off for this T-Day holiday and i barely remember what i did except for going to louie's house for T-Day where we did exactly what i wanted to do, cook, eat enchiladas, drink wine and visit with her very cool kids, who if God promised me i could have kids just like them, i would have chosen to be a mother after all.

5. I did watch a few movies. The end of Lonesome Dove and the end of Gone with the Wind, two of my favorite movies - i've seen them many many times already and i know so many of the lines!...which is always fun. Even many of the non-famous lines. I also enjoyed Midnight in Paris.( I like Woody Allen. He almost makes me want to travel! Yes, even ME!)

6. Last night for probably the first time in maybe a year that i can remember i slept all through the night! We went to bed around 11 pm and i never got up until 6 am this morning. It was wonderful! And i'm thinking it's cause our neighbor Gary gave us a growler of this great dark beer. (Somewhere i read that hops can help with your sleep.) So i just poured a beer from that growler to see if it works again tonight.

Ok, i'm going to try and scan a put up a postcard that louie sent me in the mail yesterday. Her disclaimer on the back says she is officially an old lady because she recycled it from a greeting card she received from someone else. I know it has nothing to do with Christmas, (except the drinking part) since they are in bathing suits, but i love it!

I just added a photo of louie's kids Nick and Emma that i took on Thanksgiving. I've known them since they were babies! They are so awesome.

Notes to Self:

All time blog posts: 36,491
Blog views yesterday: 86 (!)
Today's High: 45 degrees
Tonight's forecast: 29 degrees. (I better take in the fuschia. It's still alive and looking good!)
Sunset : 4:25 pm.


Amy said...

I'm sad you don't like cats. Give cats a chance. Indoor only cats, in my opinion, are the best pets. I have 5 indoor only pet cats. Yes 5. They are my world. I have 2 that fetch better than most dogs. One of them shakes, gives high fives and waves. Most of them are waiting by the door when I get home and are full of purrs. At any time while I'm at home I have one in my lap. I can watch them play for hours. The best part is they poop in a box (which if you take 3min to scoop every day is non offensive) and don't need to be taken for walks. They sleep pretty much all day while your at work and through most of the night. I don't think a better pet exists and I've had dogs, fish, a bearded dragon, hedgehog, hamsters, mice, a chameleon, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies and a horse.

I know I'm not going to change your mind about them but I just had to stand up for the crazy cat person nation. In our office alone our web assistant has 7 cats and our webmaster has 3. Cats are like potato chips. It's hard to have just 1.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Amy, hahahaha... i am so glad i mentioned my cat phobia if for no other reason than to get you to post on my blog! Last time it was "50 Shades of Gray" ... now i'm going to try to come up with even more provocative posts to see if i can call you out more often!

People are often trying to convince me that i would like THEIR cat. But it's really all cats. I don't like their faces even. It's a deep seeded (deep seated?...what's the proper term?) it's ingrained for a long time. Probably one tried to smother me when i was a baby or something. You know that old wive's tale!

I'm glad you are standing up for the crazy cat person nation! I love it when someone stands up.

louielouie said...

What great looking kids!!!

Ah shucks jo, I love it that you love my kids. I have to admit, they are the best.

It's OK that you don't like my cat.

louielouie said...

Louielouie’s list
1. Going to a retirement seminar tomorrow. Some how I convinced Ron to go with me although he’s now regretting it and saying he never did. Officially we want to find out what it would look like if I retired in 2014 with Ron. Unofficially, I want to know what it would look like if I didn’t go back next fall.

2. The long t-day weekend went by fast. It was great cooking all day Thursday. I worked very hard so did jo and em; it was a ton-o-fun.

Both of my Friday meals went well. Even the pumpkin, sweet potato, red pepper soup. My Alton Brown-style brined turkey was great, my stuffing was good (at least the non-vegan version was) and my gravy was fantastic. We re-ate the whole dinner again on Sunday with my sister and her husband. It was good the second time and the best part was that used up nearly all the leftovers.

3. Did do some shopping over the weekend, mostly for Nick and his girlfriend. Monday I made cookies, raspberry thumbprints, Nick’s favorites, and mailed the box off to Guam on Thursday. Not sure how long it takes this time of year,

4. Went to a retirement reception/party after school today. Some of the folks that are retired looked great, but a few looked terrible and sounded dotty. I’m worried that I will be the dotty one.

5. Looking forward to lunching with more retired people on Monday. Looking more forward to wine with jo after lunch.

6. No tree yet and not much shopping done. Haven’t done my Christmas sewing yet either. We don’t do outside lights and I haven’t been doing much decorating the last few years. Can’t seem to get into it. Now maybe if I were retired, then I would have he energy for more sewing, baking and decorating. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

Looking forward to the Mann reunion of 1980's staff! What are you wearing louie?

I will be changing this blog today or tomorrow with a photo of our Christmas tree. Funny, this year i found our tree within one minute of arriving at the Christmas tree farm!