Thursday, June 13, 2013

HGTV Stupid BrouHaHa

HAHA is right!

I am sick to death of outrage over stupid ass stuff. (You know what i mean. The stuff that Jon Stewart lambasts Fox News about.)

I am writing about this now because it has hit my favorite TV channel. Now some Fox News loving American type assfucks are going after my HGTV Channel! 

Y'all have heard me talk about HGTV Channel being one of my favorite channels. You already know I LOVE those Property Brothers!.... (wish i could get my nieces to marry one of those twins....preferably the construction dude twin who wears the toolbelt of course.) And I love Property Virgins and i love the House Hunters , and I especially love watch the international House Hunters because i love to hate on assholes....

The international dickwad buyers go looking for a vacation home outside of the country...but something is wrong with all three homes the realtor shows doesn't have fancy travertine tile  in the bathroom... or granite in the kitchen...or stainless steel appliances.... or it's only 1000 square feet. YOU's a vacation home in BoraBora or Costa Rica, your second shut the fuck up!  I especially get irritated with the couples who make their home buying decisions on whether or not their beloved dog will have a special yard to run and poop in.)

Disclaimer: since i started thinking i don't really want a post-retirement job in the schools i am starting to cuss more. (I think Thug Kitchen is getting to me. I think i need to be de-Thugged!) 

So yes....I love to hate those people! 

So back to my story...what happened was this: on HGTV's Facebook page they recently posted this photo, shown above. It's an American flag used as a table runner. (I think to be used for a 4th of July celebration or maybe it's in celebration of Flag Day, which just happens to be tomorrow.)

So let me ask you this...what was your first impression when you saw this photo? Did it piss you off? Cause if it did then you should probably stop reading right now.... OR we can talk about it, but only if we do in a civil manner and not like in a Fox News manner. Cause i actually would welcome a civil discussion on this.

Because the people on Facebook went ballistic. So HG Channel, realizing that they underestimated Americans and their stupid ass extreme patriotism, apologized on Facebook yesterday. But that still wasn't enough. People are still crazed over the fact that an American flag would be used in such a way.

I refuse to get my butt tangled up in a knot because someone decided to use the flag as a table runner.  As a culture we are so often misguided about what to be outraged about in our country.

So let me ask this... Where is/was the outrage over these things?.....

1. a fake war, (which has inciting outrage, but probably not from these flag nutbutts),
2. bankers getting off scot-free as they contributed to the collapse of our economy,
3. little kids going hungry,
4. mentally ill folks roaming the streets, homeless,
4. teachers and unions being vilified as the problem in our economy,
5. polarizing politicians not owning up to their responsibility to our state and country,
6. veterans coming back from the war without the proper support,
7. the Kardashians invading our cable tv,(Though they would actually likley garnish as much attention on Facebook as the American flag),
8. that the Fifty Shades of Grey author is a millionaire now,
9. that the tv show Freaks and Geeks was cancelled before it should have been,
10. that Donald Trump is seen or heard ANYWHERE,
11. that Chris Daughtry didn't win American Idol in 2006.

I could go on, but i want y'all to add what YOU think should be on the list. 

So please come and add to this list! Also add what you think are stupid brouhahas!

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Swiss said...

I just agree with all of them, I will have to think of more but you have so many down, I couldn't agree more.

No caring about the flag in fact looks way cooler than a fake one or a flag tablecloth...why in the hell can't we eat off the flag...eating sustains us....geeesh!

YAY America, let's EAT!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yes! I think in some ways it's far worse to hang it up as a curtain in a ramshackle house in a rural area where the yard looks like crap and there are huge NO Trespassing signs posted all over. I see that sometimes where we have booked cabins when we go flyfishing.