Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of Non-Vacation Retirement

Here's what i did today.

  • Got up at 7:30. 
  • Found out i didn't win Thug Kitchen's contest. :(
  • Called the furnace guy to come out and fix it. 
  • While waiting for him to fix it I decided to tackle cleaning the refrigerator. 
  • Changed this blog.

Damn, the refrigerator took two hours but the furnace guy took only a half hour to add a part. (Yay! We have air conditioning again! ) Plus I found an old diet pepsi way in the back that had an expiration date of 2006. (Makes sense since i don't drink it!)

So it was a good first day.

Cleaning the frig was also a great way to procrastinate going running. Now i think I'm too exhausted, all that bending hurt my knees. 

Maybe it's time to settle in and watch some Matlock and Murder She Wrote on the retro cable channels. Tomorrow I might see what time those quilting ladies are on! 


jojo cucina cucina said...

Can you guess what is wrong with this photo of the clean refrigerator?

louielouie said...

No wine? Couldn't see any beer either

louielouie said...

Sorry you didn't win. The contest wasn't even for recipes, it was about funny stories. Maybe you can enter the bacon-tots when he has a recipe contest.

One thing good though yesterday I agreed to bring chili to our church chili feed and cook off in a couple of weeks. They have a gynormous kick-ass trophy.

My chili really isn't all that great (its good but not cook-off trophy good) so I was trying to figure out what to do.

Low and behold, the Thug Kitchen just posted a chili recipe. I am so going to make it but will add the square of unsweetened chocolate instead of the brown sugar.

Had to clean up the recipe language so I can bring a copy to church with me in case some one likes it so much they want the recipe. Pretty sure someone will. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

Louie, i am totally going to make that Thug chili. I was telling Brian about it yesterday and he thought i was going to make it yesterday but i said it was too hot outside for chili. And today it was too.

But i am going to make his version. I actually made a pretty good chili already and i swear it's all about the dark beer because it cuts that acidic tomato-y taste. I also use the brown sugar and the unsweetened chocolate, just keep tasting it.

You got it right about the no wine. But there are really TWO things wrong. There is beer. it's on the left, and it's Coors Light, which i HATE. (We had it left over from when my brothers came over to celebrate my last 'real' day at work .

I think i'm still going to buy that knife though. My WEA friend Phil on Facebook just posted that he already owns it and loves it.

Brian came home and was VERY excited about the refrigerator when he opened it. Not only that i cooked a pesto shrimp pasta and salad for his dinner tonight which was already to put on the table when he walked through the door.

I told him not to get used to it.