Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen's recent recipe for blueberries muddled with basil and lime
As i write you from my vacation in Manzanita Beach, Oregon (a very hip vegan kind of place, you would love vacationing here in this quiet beach town i am sure) I am trying to decide which red i like better as i write you to plead with you one last time to choose me for your contest.

One is Three Rocks Red and the other is Three Rivers Red. (The threes was a happy accident.) They are both Washington, one from Zillah, one from Walla Walla. (I'm leaning Walla Walla).

(Thug Kitchen must approve of wine, i am sure.)

I hope you were so entertained by my blog entry for the contest from May 31 this year ripping off your voice to post a recipe for my bacon wrapped tator tots that you continue to check in.

I really need that knife because i got suckered into spending good money on Cutco knives, first from my ex-stepchild and then from my friend's son who i really like a lot. And not one of them is a good everyday knife.

I hope you are not offended that i tried to mimic you. I actually think i did a pretty good job of it, considering i am not as well versed in cussing.

(Ok, that's a lie. I work in a union office and the F-word is my friend.)

From what i can tell, Thug Kitchen does not take itself seriously and the bacon is pretty funny you have to admit. (The tator tots were just an added plus as i am sure you have very strong opinions, as you should, about tator tots.)

And no lie, these are the first things to go at a party and i know you have lots of carnivore readers who would really appreciate this recipe. It shouldn't be a copyright thing either because i changed it up on the measurements.

Not only that, i'm certain that Thug Kitchen is also about breaking rules too!

So i hope you choose me. My blog actually reaches more people than it seems, which is an added bonus for you! My readers are shy, they lurk, but don't always post. According to my stats they are checking in, OK, maybe not like Huffington Post, who plugged your blog and probably helped you win Best New Blog, but my readers are resourceful and sharing and smart AND they too all eat like they give a fuck.

So on the chance that you continue to check back here or Google your name and my blog pops up, here is one last plug for the thug.

I hope to hear from you on Friday.

happy eating,


P.S. I really need that knife. I promise not to use it inappropriately in any way, as one of my Facebook friends inferred.  When she saw the knife that i copied and pasted from your blog link, she laughingly referred to me as applying for a job as a serial killer.

note: for y'all reading in case you missed it: Click here for Thug Kitchen's website


jojo cucina cucina said...

Just got home from Manzanita. I'm still on vacation! So i whipped up Thug Kitchen's recipe for the gin and tonics he/she/them put up recently. I was actually posted this exact blog post on Thug Kitchen's Facebook page and got a response! Pretty cool.

Also pretty sure i can't win now. The contest is extended through Monday because they got soooo many entries. I think i saw something like 16,000+ likes on the contest notice last i checked. I thought i might have a chance with 3000 people looking, but more than 5 times that many, i have good competition.

Plus somebody wrote a pretty funny story about helping out with feeding the homeless where there was a concert with celebrities. The woman helping tried to get a plate for a very unkempt homeless looking person even as he kept saying he didn't need it. Turned out the guy was Gordon Lightfoot, one of the artists there to perform!

I liked that one alot.

So if i must lose the knife to someone, i hope it is to the dufus who thought Gordon Lightfoot was homeless.

By the way..... these gin and tonics are AWESOME! SEriously i don't usually like the added fruit to stuff, but the basil combined with the blueberries really make it refreshing. Not that i need it right now since i came home to big humidity and gray clouds.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, where the hell is everybody? How is Thug Kitchen going to be impressed with my blog if i am the only one posting on it?

I think if i don't win the Thug Kitchen contest and how could i, now that i know they had to extend it and there are 16,473 Likes on the contest announcement right now.

I forgot to add TK's response to my post above:

Thug Kitchen: I've been known to have a glass or ten from time to time.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am going to quit this blog and see if Thug Kitchen will hire me if i don't win the knife.


Cooking: since 1983

Specialties: Sorry, not vegan, though i do make a good pesto.

Writing abilities: Published many times in Letter to the Editor for the Lakewood Press and News Tribune. And also in my Washington Education Association WE news. Plus i am webmaster of the page.

Cussing: Since 1988 when i first started working at the union office. Before that i was a novice, mostly limited to shit and damn.

Photography: I actually am a fairly decent photographer, especially since i bought that Nikon D90 that Ashton Kucher pimped a few years ago. It takes great shots without that awful white flash. I can take good food shots too!

What else do you need to know?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I like to eat.

Swiss said...

I hope you win the knife..............

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Swiss! i actually had a dream last night that i did! hahaha....

louielouie said...


use your cushy retirement fund to buy yourself an Fn knife. Don't count on no thug to come through - it's all up to you.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Forgetting for a moment that Thug has 40,000 followers i still think i could be in the running for one of those mat thingies. But yeah, i might still buy the knife anyway after checking it out on Amazon. It's a Shun 8" high carbon steel Japanese chef knife. It's very pretty and it cost $179. I have a $100 gift certificate from Amazon that i was going to buy books with. But after reading the reviews on this knife i think i might change my mind. I'll be cooking more for one thing.

But i'm still hoping anyway! Thug Kitchen announces today!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I just posted a photo of the knife. There are two versions - this one is $139. The other is more expensive and the only thing i can see is that it's blade is hammered in part.

I did not win but the winner's story is pretty damn funny about poor dudes thinking the frozen rabbit they got out of the freezer they cooked turned out to be a muskrat that the one guy's father was keeping in the freezer until he could bury it. hahahaha......