Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Winging it...Wine-ing ...Miley-ing it.. MLKing it....

I have not been watching TV at all for about a week, though i did watch my DVR of Project Runway, so this is going to be very random and i might be missing some important shit. Here we go. Maybe y'all can fill in some blanks for me.  Wine tonight: Fume Blanc by Ferrari Carneros... 

1. Oh-Em-Gee... are we going to war with Syria? If not for Comcast i would be living under a rock. Things go through my the end of the world, at the very least, reinstatement of the draft..... scary. i want to know more, but i almost don't want to know more.

2. Oh and on the other side of the news spectrum.... we have ...Miley Cyrus. Are we really going to keep talking about this? I hope not. I watched the YouTube of her wack performance. The creepiest thing about it for me was the stuffed animal people, bears or whatever they were. She is 20 years old. She's not a virgin. And helllllloooo, it's MTV!

3. Having said all that. I am so freaking glad she is not MY daughter. The dude who made a hit out of that stupid ass song Achy Breaky Heart deserves this as payback for the year 1992 when i had to hear that song ad nauseam.

4. Who here watches Project Runway? louie i know does because she turned ME on to it. It's a great season so far but they got it wrong trying to kick off the deaf dude. The black bow tie dude is freaking me out and might be the reason i have to go back on my blood pressure meds!

5. I entered Thug Kitchen's contest to win a super cool knife. I sent him/her/them the link to my blog post May 31st of how TK might write out a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Tator Tots. (Sorry for the redundancy for you Facebookers). I thought it would be funny that Thug Kitchen writes a vegan blog and was asking for an entry about cooking and in their own words 'whatever' to win these prizes. Oh and it had to be 300 words or less because TK doesn't want to read a bunch of essays but i figure if anyone breaks the rules it would be Thug Kitchen. I am so sure my blog post is something like 900 words! Y'all know how verbose i can be here! The contest ends Sept. 6th.

6. Google has got to be one of the coolest places to work! Especially the employee who gets to do the graphics on the Google daily logo. Today is the 50th anniversary of MLK's I have a Dream Speech and i just had to put this up.

7. I've been thinking about my post-retirement work lately. I think if i win the Thug Kitchen knife then maybe i could maybe apply for a job there. I don't believe for one second that Thug Kitchen is written by one dude anyway. It's by a team. I think they need me! Even if i am a carnivore. (Did i spell that correctly?)

9. I am going to misnumber this one in honor of ummagumma. Are you still reading here miss Robin?

Sort of an honor of the 50th anniversary:This photos is from a couple of days ago. I ordered this t-shirt for both of my nephews,  (my sister's son, Chris) who had a baby girl a few weeks ago, (and my brother Troy's son, Brian) who is having a baby boy in October.

Notes to Self: 
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jojo cucina cucina said...

Project runway disclaimer: i actually sort of cried when i thought the deaf guy was leaving...he was SO nice and sweet AND trying so hard. And when Tim Gunn (is that his name..Tim?...?) Anyway when he used his one save i started crying again.

This is so not like me and it is disturbing.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i just put my Thug Kitchen Bacon Wrapped Tator Tot recipe into Word Count and it is 860 words, nearly three times as long as they requested.

I think that means i should win THREE knives!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I hope Thug Kitchen isn't a Republican (doubt very seriously) because this photo of me holding a baby Obama shirt may make them disqualify me, assuming they clicked through my blog aside from the May 31 Bacon Tator Tot link i sent as my entry!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thug Kitchen posted on Facebook about the hilarious entries. I am so sure he is talking about Bacon Wrapped Tator Tots!

jojo cucina cucina said...

BTW, how is Thug Kitchen going to be impressed with only 5 comments and i am all FIVE!!!! I can see from stats that people look in. Just post a happy face so it gets more comments and then maybe i can win that super cool knife! My blog promotes their blog and if my blog touches lots of folks, that's good new for Thug Kitchen and they HAVE TO CHOOSE ME!

Cat inferred on Facebook that i wanted that knife for my new serial killer career... That's not true. If i was going to be a serial killer i would use a gun. Knives mean you have to get too close!

louielouie said...

Miley Cyrus
She is a bore. Her dad is creepy. Everything is about the publicity. I do not care.

A no win situation for everyone involved. One more reason I would never want to be (or have anyone I love be) the president.

Project RunWay:
Best Reality Show EVER:

Don’t post anything more past the Tim Gunn Save episode, I haven’t seen the newest one.

I think Tim Gunn saved him because he encouraged him to go with the glue gun “lace” idea. Stupid Idea from the start.

He is a nice guy, and the rest of them seem to all like him, but I think he's a weak designer. Should go home soon.

I will miss checking out what his interpreter wears though, she has been stylin’

Although the short dude with the glasses is a royal pain, and an ass, I was glad to see Sue go that episode. She made me nuts.

The blonde winner with the low-crotch pants bugs me too. She’s too whiney and cannot seem to finish a sentence. Plus the guy with the love-letter dress deserved to win.

One last vacation weekend:

Not all of us get to retire yet

susieatl said...

I watched PR for years - even through the switch from Bravo to Lifetimes seasons which were a snooze. But I finally had to take a break. Although I love the "Duchess"..Tom and Lorenzo's name for Kors. And I want a pocket Tim Gunn..whenever I doubt myself..just bring out the Tim and feel better.

And you should win Thug Kitchen.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you susie! Wouldn't that be SO cool if i did win? However, i never win anything. I do think if they chose me it would be funny because of the bacon and the tator tots and because it's one long ass recipe.

Louie, i won't post any more PR until i know you saw the last episode. I love this show! Can't believe how much i look forward to it. I do agree with you that the deaf guy isn't THAT great, but i just liked him so much.

Oh that pale blonde with the lank hair drives me crazy too. She's skanky looking. I agree that the love letter dress should have won, Jeremy is it? I keep thinking he'll win the whole thing. Sue made me crazy because she couldn't sew. How could they choose her? She couldn't even wind her bobbin for goodness sakes!

Oh man, i do love talking about Project Runway more than Syria.

When did i turn into the apathetic, put the blinders on kind of American? Ironically, now that i have more time for working on political stuff is when i don't want to do it so much anymore. I think i finally burned out because work had me doing so much of it that i knew was important that i do it but i didn't love the candidate so much. Hopefully it's temporary and i just need a break.

But it does scare me. I almost want Obama to do the Sarah Palin thing and just get out now. I bet Michelle can't wait for this gig to be over. Clinton never had it this bad, not even close. and like you say damned if you do, damned if you don't.

We head out to Manzanita Oregon beach tomorrow. I have been looking SOOOO forward to this vacation that i wish we were staying the whole week instead of only 4 nights. I just know i'm going to love this place. It's going to be 70 degree weather, sunny. i have four new books, 6 bottles of good wine, Season 3 of The Walking Dead that i just bought, two dinners planned that will be easy to assembly - one with my homemade pesto that i made just today and my quarters and dollars to play gin and speed for money with my husband. It's fun because we are so easily matched!

Which reminds me louie, we need a final play off!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, these views are not helping me with Thug Kitchen. Because now Thug gets it that i am not reaching THAT many people even as i plug their blog. So on Friday i am not going to win that knife. Damn.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i really want that knife.