Friday, August 9, 2013

Stuff i give a shit about

The other night when my husband Brian and i were outside on the patio playing cards, enjoying the summertime and drinking wine we were talking about work because we were both back to work after our vacation. And he brought up something about a meeting he had to attend where they talked about quote core values unquote. (He is communications and marketing director for a small college where we live.)

In the union office where i work we use that term often too. And i have always hated terms like that.

And so  i said, "I HATE those kinds of academic professional termages.... (I can make up words like 'termages' because it is MY blog.)

I added, " they should quit calling it 'core values' and instead call it  "Stuff i Give a Shit About and i am Ready to Kick Somebody's Ass If They Don't Feel the Same Way".

Isn't that a more provocative way to get somebody's attention about quote core values unquote?

And i made a quick note to make this my next blog post.

So here it is. Let's talk about Stuff We Give A Shit About. (And i really don't know what i am getting ready to say, but here i go:)

1. I give a shit about having enough money to save for my future, to make my small home nice, and getting my hair done, and eating well, and helping out family members to some extent.

2. I want to be able to keep running, at least until i am 60 years old. That is my goal. But in truth, i hope to be able to run longer than that, and i say that even as i HATE running. But it makes me feel younger.

3. I give a shit about feeling younger than i am.

4. I give a shit about looking and feeling and thinking younger than my age, and i think that is not going to last much longer, maybe two years.

5. I give a shit about my family being people i love hanging out with.

6. I give a shit about people i work with who are ethical, strong, healthy minded and fun.

7. I give a shit about good TV like Newsroom. The Daily Show. Parenthood.

8. I give a shit about great music. Van Morrison never disappoints me EVER. (He is playing right now as i type.)

9. I give a shit about being married to a man who gets me. Who finds the good in me when others don't and tells me about the times he sees that in me, even if it is a small thing.

10. I give a shit about have a lot of unencumbered time to do what i want.

11. I give a shit about electing the right person in the political world.

12. I give a shit about being around generous people who aren't self absorbed and who don't always talk about themselves.

13. I give a shit about a great bottle of wine that i've never had before.

14. I give a shit about that first cup (and only cup of the day) of really strong coffee that my husband brings me in the morning when i first wake up.

15. I give a shit that right now, as of this moment, every person i love and care about is healthy. As far as i know... at this moment.


jojo cucina cucina said...

So come and tell us: What do YOU give a shit about???

jojo cucina cucina said...

Stuff i don't give a shit about would probably get more attention!

I don't a shit about this post so i went back and added two more Hallelujah videos to the previous blog post. I put up louie's suggestion of X Factor and some chick named Alexandra and then Swiss's link of the four guys.

I like the guys better, but both are good!

I am going to change this blog pretty soon. It was a boring topic. Most positive subjects are!!!

MaryAnn Mosso said...

I like "stuff I give a shit about" because if we called it "core values" I guess mine would be vanity and that's a not so great core

1. I obsess about lines on my face. I have a botox appt next month. The money would prob be better spent on my trip but I am getting botox. And I wont regret it.

2. I give a shit about being able to do at least 25 pushups in a row and 100 squats. I will never stop working out because I'm afraid if i stop or cant do those things it means I'm old.

3. I give a shit about not giving a shit anymore. Took many years to get here. Unless it has to do with my son, there is virtually not a damn thing that can piss me off anymore. Annnoyed, yes, but it's been a long time since I've been angry or scared.

4. I give a shit about getting published. I know I dont need to be in order to call myself a writer, but without that validation I wont feel like I am a good one.

5. I want my friends kids to grow up with me in their lives. I dont even like kids. But being called auntie mary and remembered every holiday feels good. And if Marc cant get to the nursing home, it would be nice to have

6. I give a shit that Marc is kicking ass in Los Angeles. East coast boy showing west coast how it goes in the real world and getting recognition. in a field he is only in by default. I cant wait to see what he's doing in his 30's. Something tells me its going to be pretty damn remarkable.

7. I give a shit about dark chocolate and red wine and indulge in both almost every day. I hate milk chocolate and anything chocolate but like the metal box of "wine chocolate' the sell at cvs. LOL

8. I give shit about social issues and think we SHOULD talk them to death. Nothing will ever change if we all shut up when the masses are sick of the topic. Race equality, death penalty, gun control, and anything to do with the homeless and domestic violence are what I'm most passionate about. But there are a myriad of others as some of you know already ;)

9.) I give a shit about Law and Order episodes. i have no time for tv, but when I do I go crazy finding reruns of this show!

10) I give a shit about this topic and this blog. Cant get here much these days but I so enjoy reading when I do!

jojo cucina cucina said...

You are good at this Mary Mosso! I like how your Facebook posts are like little blogs!

I don't think you need botox, but i won't talk you out of it. Just don't keep doing it if it makes your eyebrows look like you are always wanting to say to someone "What the fuck did you mean by that statement?".... hahahaha.

Who is Marc?

I like your #7/

thank you for your number 10.

I was starting to feel like my stuff i give a shit about might be too shallow but then stuff i give a shit about is being honest!

MaryAnn Mosso said...

ah wouldn't think I need botox because I am very selective of which pics of myself ever go public! No worries, the "surprised" look is something I plan on telling them I dont want!

Of course you like #7!!

Marc is my son. I never refer to him by name on my FB wall, If you see me post something about TLHO that's who I am talking about. It stands for The Little Handsome One

Honesty is a core value..;)

Anonymous said...

Stuff Barbara gives a shit about...

1. Actually not nearly as much as she used to. I've learned to let go of almost everything.

2. My kids - their health, their happiness, their independence, their respect. Wanting to get those levels higher...

3. Financial security - or lack thereof. I wish I could spend less time worrying about this.

4. Health and fitness - staying well and getting stronger, never allowing anything physical to stand in the way of what I want and need to do.

5. Relationships that are centered on love, support, fun, respect, trust and connection. Any other relationships aren't worth holding on to.

6. Nature and being outdoors.

7. Becoming a better person.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Re: Barbara's #7: I don't give a shit so much about becoming a better person which of course means I NEED to work on becoming a better person!!!!

Good to see you here Barbara/equeyaya/ Anonymous!

I realize i am a pretty shallow person when i read stuff i give a shit about.

OK, Mary i hope to see after photos of your Botox!

I forgot to say that i give a shit about having unencumbered time so i can read as long as i want!

jojo cucina cucina said...

BTW, i just noticed today that this blog now has 34 followers! Thank you Amy for checking in and welcome! (Amy and Amanda used to work together in my husband's department, but Amanda moved to Portland. And Amanda, if you are reading here, how are the wedding plans?????)

Amanda said...

I like this topic, Jo.

I give a shit about animals. I'm taking baby steps to become vegan. I think losing Barley in June traumatized me a bit and now I have big problems with animals dying or being hurt. I watched Barley die and it was so horrible. At the county fair this year, I had a meltdown because the animals were getting killed afterwards. Maybe it will soften in time, but right now, I just can't emotionally handle animals being hurt. So, I'm trying to become vegan as much as I can. There's so much to consider. Animal products are everywhere!

I don't give a shit about weddings, however. I think Ben and I are going to Tahoe next month. I have vacation time at work and we're just going to take a camping trip and, oh by the way, get married. There are services that do elopement packages. You get the license, an officiant, and a few pictures. Easy peasy. I get sad about doing that sometimes, like I should want to plan something, but marriage scares the hot, living shit out of me and planning a wedding is just too much. I can't handle all that stress. I'd probably drive off a bridge. Plus, I'm a cheapskate. I'm already balking at spending a few hundred bucks to elope.

I'm actually not in Portland. I'm about three hours south of Portland in a town of 20,000 people and no Target. Agh!

Love you, Jo! Give Brian a big hug from me. I miss him and the gang so much.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had more unencumbered time, too.

Amanda, I hear you about animals. I give a shit about them, too. Good luck with going vegan. My daughters are doing that, but I'm not there. I saw a bird flopping around in the road this morning after it had been hit by a car. It made me so sad. Then I realized I should have run it over to end its suffering, and I felt worse. Animals are so innocent.

I don't give a shit about weddings either. I think they are a big racket to get people to waste money. My next wedding will probably be something along the lines of what you have planned. Congratulations!!


jojo cucina cucina said...

I hear you both on the wedding stuff. It's a lot of money for a few hours especially if you're the type of person who hates having that kind of spotlight on you. To pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a dress that you only wear for a few hours is crazy to me. Yet for some reason one of my guilty pleasures is the TV Show "Say Yes to the Dress". I guess cause i just like yelling at the TV.

People do that when they get older.

Amanda are you keeping your own name?

Re: the vegan/vegetarian thing - i don't think of animals when i am eating a hamburger probably because cows are so dumb and they are not even cute. If i ever go vegetarian it will be because of health, not the animal so much.

But i have to say seeing animals suffer in real life is a terrible thing and i can imagine a bird or a squirrel being hit by a car and hurting and that would make me feel bad, but not so much if i saw it happen and they were dead immediately. Though i am not so sure i could bring myself to actually run over it again either. Suffering is worse than death. But i don't want to be the one to pull the trigger so to speak.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Probably time to change this blog. Maybe tonight. need ideas. I am going to a baby shower this afternoon and my mom will be there. THAT should inspire me.

louielouie said...

I give a shit about funny, interesting and meaningful blog posts.

That's why i can't post, can't think of anything witty I give a shit about.

What I don't give a shit about, yet am watching on TV right now, is Naked And Afraid

jojo cucina cucina said...

i do not know of this show Naked and Afraid. Should I?

Amanda said...

Oh my god! I totally ran over a squirrel twice! I hit it and, in my rearview mirror, saw it flopping and heard it screaming. So, I turned around, hit the gas, and hit it again. I felt bad, but better that it was dead and not just laying there waiting for the vultures to eat its guts out.

It's so funny you guys brought that up!

Amy watches Naked and Afraid, but it grosses me out. If I want to see pasty naked people, I'd glance at the mirror before I get in the shower. Shudder. No, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jo, you absolutely should write a blog post about the baby shower and your mom being there, lol!


Amy said...

Naked and Afraid is awesome! 90% of the episodes the man starts to whine and the woman has to take care of him. The women have such a mental edge in that show.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OH, of course there was no wine at the baby shower. But the good news is there was no wine at the baby shower, so my mom behaved. However, that's bad news for the blog because i have nothing to report that would be funny or dramatic about the baby shower now. Just glad i don't have to go to one for awhile. Baby showers are sucky for non-moms.

Amy, now i have yet another show i need to put on my list for my new non-working life. I may turn into an agoraphobic.

jojo cucina cucina said...

ok, i am thinking TOMORROW will be a new blog post. I'm not feeling it today. It's just no fun without wine.