Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Summer's Waning Post...

Posting this photo will make sense if you read through
I have no idea what to write about, but it's been TWO WHOLE WEEKS since i have changed this blog and it's time, even if i bore all of y'all. (i don't think I have ever gone that long this year.)

I'm just going to wing it....

1. My new favorite musical artist i've just discovered is Nick Waterhouse. (Best Song: Say I Wanna Know). If Amy Winehouse and Dan Auerbach (sp?) from the Black Keys had a baby, he would sound like Nick Waterhouse.

2. I really like my music kind of stripped and raw and not with a lot of synthesized sounds, or background strings or horns or chorus-y singing. Nick Waterhouse sounds like he recorded this in his mom's basement. Maybe he did. (He only has one cd/record or whatever we call them these days.)

3. I just read Bad Monkey by Carl Hiassen. Hiassen cracks me up. A woman in the novel responds to the main character Yancey this way when she feels he is hitting on her at their first introduction: She casually drops it that she is married to a sniper on the SWAT team. (She isn't.) I thought what a great way to deflect a come on from someone you want to get away from.

4. Not that i need to use any lines like that anymore, but they might have come in handy when i was a waitress in a sports bar back in 1986.

5. Which is incidentally where i met Brian, my husband today. He used to come in after the photography class that he taught at the college where he is still working. He asked me out. I said no. And he never came in again. We finally hooked up again 6 years later after my divorce from my second ex husband.

6. Next week is my last week at work. At least full-time and no longer with benefits and my regular salary. I do go back, working on a time sheet in mid-September . I will work 18 hours a week, 3 days a week (Yay! FOUR DAY WEEKENDS!)  They need me temporarily while they figure out what to do in our office. We are considering merging with another office but that could take up to a year. So i might be there for awhile, but then again i could be done by December.

7. We're a union office and like the Democrats we have too many players and everyone has a say and it just slows down the whole damn process. I keep saying that sometimes we just need a good despot to get things done. I have a feeling i could be there awhile but  I feel fortunate that i have this opportunity to ease into retirement and hope by the end of this gig that i will have it figured out what i want to do.

8. I'm leaning towards working in a wine bar and forgetting about going back to work in the schools, though i do plan to volunteer again.

9. For ummagumma. Saw her on Facebook. Wonder if she still reads here!

10. Over vacation I stopped taking my blood pressure (July 19).  Since then I've checked it every day and it's remained normal and it was normal at my doctor's office yesterday too and on record there. So it's official : Work actually made me sick. That's all i can think of. Retirement, just the thought of it,  is making me healthy! (It could also have something to do that i've upped my average mileage on my runs.)

11. Let me bore you with my latest scary dream, it's a recurring one and i put it here for history, just in case it happens:  I'm in the car and my niece Kylee is driving and we are on a freeway bridge going into a sharp turn and as she turns the corner i start to tell her to slow down  but i'm too late and we go off the bridge and as we are going down i say out loud very calmly, "I always knew this would happen someday." and i wake up. (I was never so glad to wake up at 3:00 am.)

12. Sometimes i think that water will be involved somehow when i finally do die. Or a car. Or both. Personally i liked the idea of a heart attack, one of those kind that you die before you hit the floor.

13. Speaking of my second ex-husband: I saw him the other day and it was just perfect. (I worry i will run into my exes at Albertson's after i've been running and looking straggley, they don't mean anything to me and i know i shouldn't care, but i do...really who wouldn't?)  Anyway i was sitting at the bar watching my now husband's band play at this waterfront restaurant/bar. He came in and we saw each other at the same time. (I haven't seen him in probably 8 years, we've been divorced since 1992  and i was the one who wanted out.)

And i went over and gave him a hug. He asked why i was there and i got to say "I'm with the band." hahahaha... I have ALWAYS wanted to say that since i was a teenager!... And i pointed to Brian and said 'my husband is the one playing the drums." And did i mention he was alone? He even had to make a disclaimer that he was just popping in on his way to something bigger. (I'm sure that's why he left quickly after his only drink.)

14. Oh yeah, and i had just had my hair done by my stylist the day before and it looked better than i can ever make it look by myself. He looked okay i guess. Not as bad as i thought he would since he is 11 years older, (which would make him 67 years old).

15. It's been a great summer in our Pacific Northwest. The very best on record! Everybody's talking about it. I don't even mind that autumn is starting to come because we were treated with so much sun these past months that i almost miss the rain.

OMG, i can't believe i really have nothing to say and yet here i am on #15, but not exactly riveting stuff for so many points.

Oh yeah and i almost forgot... How about that John Oliver?  He did an awesome job on The Daily Show! My prediction: I think Jon Stewart is going to replace David Letterman any day now and John Oliver is going to take over The Daily Show and i told my husband that i bet that it's already in the works between the networks and this was a test run. I'm sure David Letterman must be getting close.

Notes to Self: 
Sunrise: 6:17 am
Sunset: 8:08 pm
High temp: 83 degrees
Total page views last month: 1053
Total all time: 47,387


louielouie said...

Not sure why I signed in to comment, I really have nothing to say.

Rough week at work so I'm glad to have a low key Saturday. Have my laundry done, worked out, paid my bills and just took an apple pie out of the oven.

The paying the bills is a big thing. In the last six months or so, I have had to pay late payments twice because I just forgot to make the payment. That's not counting the times I called and talked the credit company out of it (because I've been such a good customer and bill payer for so long), the time I drove to the mall at 8:30 to make a payment in person the day it was due, or the payments I missed where the company doesn't charge late fees. Can think of 3 right off hand.

I keep telling my husband and my head doctor that I'm losing my mind but neither will believe me.

Even if my mind is OK, I think my body's falling apart. My blood pressure is good but I have follow up appointments with the eye-lid doctor, the glaucoma eye doctor, the vein doctor, a bone scan and a mamogram. At least I don't need a colonoscopy until next year haha Haven't had my blood work done yet.

Jo maybe you can spend your retirement driving me to the doctor. We can get a head start by talking about our health ailments now. Jo you can post your BP on facebook every day. I'll start with the cute baby videos and cat photos.

think I'll go search the inter-nets for some right now!

louielouie said...

Dinner for the week of August 18

Sunday: Can't remember
Monday: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Tuesday: Left over Kentucky Fried repurposed into a bbq chicken sandwich
Wednesday: Beef fajitas from Mazatlan
Thursday: Chinese food from the grocery store
Friday: Crisp beef burrito and Mexi-fries
Saturday: Not sure yet, but it will include an apple pie!!!

susieatl said...

1. Atlanta says "Your Welcome" to the Pacific Northwest as we have had more rain that Seattle and more rain than all of last year. I'm moldy, my porch is moldy, the whole city is moldy. This is the first weekend we had sun and I've been outside painting the mold. I had my driveway pressure washed two weeks ago and it is already moldy again. This is usually the week I am Seattle but I went to Missouri instead...I wish I had gone to Seattle.

2. Loved Bad Monkey but I love Hiassen. He based a character from his earlier novels on Lawton Chiles, my favorite Florida govenor. He was a character but so compassionate and cared about the people of Florida. I hate how Bush and others have ruined that state. There were so many services for people during that admin and it was working. Many got off welfare and young parents had support.

3. My ex and I would walk across the street to not see each other which is perfect in my world. Hahahaha. I was looking up a co-worker to see when he was scheduled to go to work (yes I'm nosy) and I thought hey..when did I get divorced. So I looked it up and it was 14 years ago last week. It's just a date now. No sadness, anger or even remorse. Just an event. I think that is healthy.

4. This is the summer that I've made myself get out and socialize. I tend to sit at home more than not and so since June I've gone out every weekend to some event with friends. I was supposed to this weekend but the friend baled which made me happy. I've seen every cover band in the area. We have some good ones. They are even better than Toad the Wet Sprocket which I saw last month ..there sound guy was awful..

5. Women my age are getting desperate. It is well known that there are 7 women (or more) to every single guy in Atlanta. That probably doubles when you are 50. I've seen some very drunk sad women chasing the same one single guy who is nice but not all that...I think I will be staying single.

6. I am going to see Mumford and Sons for my birthday in September with my daughter. It will be outside so it may be a soggy night. As long as it is not lightening...I'll be there.

7. Ok, the big news this summer is my boss is retiring after starting our company 20 years ago. However, it is not by choice. It is unfortunate and ugly. I'm nervous (we all are) and we won't have a replacement till next year. Our CEO tells us we are all safe at the company but I've been told that before. I'm very good at my job but I really enjoyed it and my boss was a big reason for that. Time to dust off the resume....

jojo cucina cucina said...

That is weird susieatl about your weather being so much like ours! Course you have the humidity on top of that and we get all hot and bothered if ours reaches 75% in the summer time even if the temperature is only 68 degrees.

I agree with your #7 that there is so much anxiety when there is a shakedown at work. I hope it is all well.

louie, i got your hilarious recycled card in the mail today. And i LOVE Ask Marilyn's column. SEE? she has smarter readers than Dear Abby? Or maybe not super smart since they didn't work the problem correctly but at least they asked an intelligent question.

Which is:
9 people are vacationing for 10 days in a house they are renting that cost a total of $3600. Some people are staying the whole 10 days, some are able to stay only a few of the days. Do you start to figure out how much each person pays by first dividing the amount by 9 or by dividing the amount by 10 and work from there?


First off I would never in a million years have to figure out such a problem because i would never ever stay in a house with 9 people for 10 days. But i would have gotten this wrong and would have made a convoluted spreadsheet with formulas that probably wouldn't work at all.

Then i would get pissed and tell people they couldn't stay unless they did so for all 10 days. And anyone who didn't bring enough food and alcohol, especially alcohol, would have to pay double. And if they didn't like it, they didn't have to come.

I would almost rather pay the whole amount myself and only let the people in i liked just to avoid doing the math.

I am supposed to go out running but the humidity is too high! hahahahaha.... So i am procrastinating, sitting here in my little running skort and new running shoes on the computer.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think i'll go check my blood pressure now.

jojo cucina cucina said...

125/83 with 60 pulse. Pretty good! Day 38 no losartan.

OK, here i go. It's 50% humidity with 77 degrees by my atomic clock. 5:29 pm.

That math problem got my number mojo going! hahaha....

jojo cucina cucina said...

I ran 60 minutes today. Felt great and a nice little pace too. I have been trying to run an hour or very close to it at least once a week. I'm motivated in keeping the blood pressure down. I like running most when i have some kind of incentive.

I also entered the Thug Kitchen contest to wine a super duper knife or some other mat thingies or whatever. But i broke all the rules by submitting my blog post for Bacon Wrapped Tator Tots...the one where i write it like Thug Kitchen would write it. It's too long and it's not vegan, but i think it's why they should choose me!!!!!!