Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Ramblings. Plus "Let Me Tell You What YOU Think" (I came up with 5.)

Starfish in Pacific Beach cottage
On with the random ramblings:                                                                                        
I was going to do a whole blog post of Let Me Tell You What YOU Think, ( directed to ALL people who know me, not just here)  but i can only think of 5 things: 

1. Give it up jojo, blogging is dead. And your mojo is too.
2. Quit talking about your retirement, I am jealous and i hate you for it. 
3. Get a F*cking cell phone already.
4. You drink more wine than you should. And you have a propensity to brag about shit when you're buzzed. 
5. If i want your advice i will ask for it.                                                                                            

1. In the news: That vanishing Malaysia flight. Makes me think of Lost. But seriously could a plane actually land somewhere and not be noticed? How it must feel to have family on that flight. All that hope now that they may be alive, but then again maybe for nothing. How horrible if they never find the truth.

2. Lent: Once again I am giving up Lent for Lent. As a good young Catholic girl i used to make a big announcement that i was giving up chocolate for Lent. Truth is, i was not a huge chocolate fan anyway and that is still true today. (Potato chips or Cheetos would have been more of a sacrifice.) But i will say it did impress people!

3. And even then I knew that God must have known I was scamming on my Lent sacrifices.

4.  The Best Thing That Happened This Week: i was on the interview team to hire my replacement. And we hired the young woman I've been mentoring for over two years since she was hired and who actually became a friend. (It was a unanimous vote too.) She's a special person, a mother of young twins, a 4 year old daughter and is married to a nice man. She's energetic and calm under fire. I'm so proud of her and feel so good about leaving my job to her.

5. Speaking of local news: It's like that movie Groundhog Day. It's the same Seattle news every damn day:   1) Shooting in Seattle or Tacoma   2) Fatality accident on I-5 or 405   3) Rain and clouds for the next 5 days   4) Traffic congestion on the commute.  5) Some Health Link news that tells you that something that used to be good for you now is all bad.

6. I am going to quit watching the news.

7.  I have room for one more (in order to stay under 500 words): Here's one:  That flight that blew out a tire and had a hard landing was on TV today. (Shit those bad plane stories come out just as i am getting ready to go on a long flight!) That chick that took the selfie of herself running got on The Today show. Did you see it? I would be so embarrassed if that were my daughter.

Notes: to Self:                                                              
Word Count: 498 (not counting notes)
Sunset: (LOVE Daylight Savings Time!) 7:13 pm
Sunrise: 7:13 am
Pollen Count: Extremely high for trees - first really bad day yesterday (my first spring in 34 years without allergy shots)
Temp: 57/31
iTune Purchase: John Gorka's album "Bright Side of Down" and Jason Isbell single"Cover Me Up"
Book: Atonement and The Goldfinch
Longest Run: 43 minutes


pearl said...

Have to agree with #2 and #3 - you're younger than me dammit! And PWI can get you in trouble...

In the news: My inner conspiracy theorist is having a field day with that missing Malaysia flight. I still think it went down, but the flight pattern that they can identify indicates it was more likely human intervention than equipment failure. And, Jo - statistically you are at far greater risk on your morning jog than flying. (Why I love travel and hate jogging!)

Lent: Gave up processed sugar in anything. Good idea anytime. I do make one cheat on that promise - my chocolate Stout cake that I make for St Patrick's Day. But God is part Irish, so we're good.

God, unlike Yoda, gives partial credit for 'try.'

Best thing that happened this week: got in 2 good workouts.

Local news: Local legislator - (angry) native Hawaiian, chairs a couple of committees - went on a racist rant in a hearing. Mostly against haoles (Caucasians) Received a letter of reprimand. This wasn't the first time she's done this, nor her first wrist slap. Her response: you people don't understand. No apology. No intention to change. And you know, if the tables were turned there would be censure, removal from chair and possible unseating. Arrgh.

I'm going to quit quitting.

I don't have time for one more - got breakfast to cook and shopping to do.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hahaha... first i thought you were referring to my #2 and #3 Lenten Season numbers.

I get a lot of grief from my friends about not having a cell phone. But i also know i would get even MORE grief if i had one and never answered it. Because it get very irritated when i call my brother Troy and his son Brian and they never ever pick up. And since they know i leave these long ass voice mails (on purpose) they don't even listen to them anymore, they just call back.

I think i will never get over hating the phone. 35 years of secretarial/office manager for public schools and unions will do that to you. Maybe i will like the phone better after i've been retired awhile.

And yes, pearl, i will keep reminding myself about running being far more risky. It is - especially since i run alone and have been for 34 years. And i think it's the longevity and the frequency of anything i do that is not fearful for me. I have been on a plane only twice in the last 10 years. And before that in my infrequent travels i had some harrowing plane rides. Lightning storms where the flight attendants had to be buckled in and also looked scared. A flight back from Arizona when the plane dropped suddenly before leveling off - i was traveling with my flight attendant friend Molly who took me on a buddy pass and said "whoa...that is not normal". My very first flight ever i was 11 years old flying to Japan and threw up for hours because it was so bumpy. So i think i suffer more from post traumatic stress of my flights and the fact that i rarely fly more than anything.

I will keep reminding myself how often you fly. I have to say i do have some trepidation knowing i am flying over the ocean for quite a while. After i saw Cast Away i was spooked about oceans.

"I'm going to quit quitting."

I like that.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Not to mention that i am claustrophobic. That has something to do with it too. But if i do happen to get in a plane crash, like the one recently where the plane blew out a tire while landing, i will be sure to take a selfie video of me running from the plane as i saw that young girl did - her video was shown on The Today Show.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, i forget. I don't have a phone so i cannot take a selfie video. Damn it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, i just loaded up that selfie video in case y'all didn't see it. It was a Pennsylvania flight. must be all over your news!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i forgot to add to my notes: Number of Cat Photos on Facebook i Hid. 3 Today. But they keep coming back!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Does that happen to anyone else on Facebook? You hide a post by someone and it doesn't really go away?

Amanda said...

Have you been following the Oscar Pistorius trial? I haven't, so I was sorta hoping you had. I find him handsome and that makes me want to believe he's innocent, but I don't care enough to really watch. I'm hoping for the Jojo recap ;)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda i have not been following this. I haven't even come across it on TV while channel surfing. Who is covering it? hahaha... you did NOT really say that you think he's innocent because he's handsome!!!!

Think: Ted Bundy.... hahahah.... How is Otis btw?

Amanda said...

He is handsome! He looks really clean and has gorgeous skin. I think someone who puts that much time into personal grooming is too vain to shoot someone in the face. Think of the splatter! Okay, that was gruesome. He might be guilty.

He seems more innocent than Jody Arias...though that might make an interesting love connection.

Otis is good. He's such a little cuddlebug! I really hope his epilepsy doesn't shorten the time we have with him. I've read it can get worse with age and that the medications become less effective over time. I try not too think about it. He's teaching me to live in the moment. Sort of.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I did watch that movie about Jody Arias, but i didn't watch the trial. THAT woman was totally guilty.

Maybe Otis was put here to teach you that very thing. Dogs are like little angels.

I think I'm going to change this blog tonight while listening to iTunes and drinking some chardonnay. Brian is in New Orleans for work this week and having a blast. I'm thinking of a subject line: Smalll Pleasures. My brother Troy said something to me the other night when he came over about this and it gave me the idea. We don't focus on those enough sometimes.

Twango said...

I think if that plane had landed somewhere, we would have known about it by now.

I quit quitting a long time ago. Only thing I have quit in the last year was smoking. I am doing the ecig, but stepping down each vial on the nicotine milligrams.

I can't deal with much in the way of news right now. I watch the local, but I really only pay attention to the weather part of it. It's anniversary time and I need light, sunny, airy, happy. Well, except for Blacklist and Scandal, I am hooked on them both.

I am kinda annoyed, scratch that, big time annoyed, by March Madness. It is airing all across TBS aka the Friends and Big Bang Theory network that make Robyn smile leading into April 1.

I am moving on Tuesday and I really haven't done much. So little in fact that I will likely get no sleep over the next couple of days. I hired movers and since I will be up for 2 days straight, I'm not gonna feel like deep cleaning, so I will likely have the moving company send a couple of people to clean the apartment so I have the best chance of getting my deposit back.

Off to pack some more books, pots and pans. I'll probably get lazy (ok, depressed) and throw clean clothes in a garbage bag or two and hang up/fold/iron all over. I have gone through and thrown out a lot of stuff that I don't think I will use again or never needed to begin with.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Dammit, i thought i replied to this post Twango. I don't know what happened. But i said the same thing. How can you land a big jet and no one is witness? Also i hate March Madness. March is bad enough around here as it is without adding basketball. OK, i'm going to change this blog now, but wanted to say hi.