Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I do ....

I took this photo over a week ago. Skinny Enchiladas from my new cookbook!

1. I'm cooking more. I'm not a super adventurous cook, but i do like cooking. Movies like Chef (watched it for the second time last night) inspire me and sometimes i read cookbooks like novels.  These chicken enchiladas were so good!

2. I buy 'hanging around the house' clothes. Recently i bought a couple of pair of Zella capri pants. Now that i found those underpants that don't show the VPL i'm all about the yoga-y pants. They are like magic underpants!

3. I watch reruns of Friends back to back. I never watched Friends regularly when it was on. It's shocking to see an episode and find out it was 1998 when it feels like it was only 5 years ago.

4. I research everything. I have spent days researching custom entertainment centers and Smart TVs. I've made drawings of the furniture design and met with my cabinet makers. And finally i settled on a Samsung 50" Smart TV. It was ridiculous the time i spend online making these decisions.

I am also researching tile patterns for my kitchen.

5. I check Facebook about 50 times a day. I'm considering going on another hiatus just to see if i can get more done around the house.

6. I babysit. (Often.) When i was quite younger and knew I didn't want children I used to say i wish i could figure out a way to have grandkids. And then my favorite nephew Brian (Troy's son) had a baby boy and they don't have a grandmother around to help out.  I'm in love with this happy little guy.

7. I read. Lately i have been reading about four books at once and not finishing any of them. Except i will finish Close Your Eyes and Hold Hands by Chris Bohjalian. Though it's not upbeat because it's about an orphan and a nuclear meltdown. 

8 I run. Still having foot issues which i don't think will go away unless i give it up. But i am determined to keep at it. 

9. I fret about aging. I hate my skin and my hair and my eyebrows. 

10. I bore myself. But I mean that in a good way. I am going back to work at my old job for about 6 weeks starting next week. I went in to the office for the second time since i retired last April to get oriented to what is needed from my replacement as she has hip replacement surgery. I could actually almost feel my blood pressure rising in the 3 hours i was there as stuff swirled around us. So yeah, i kind of like being bored and boring right now. I'll get past it after awhile and get busy. 

I read somewhere that retired people should not commit to anything for one year. And i'm going to take that literally. People are surprised that now that i have so much time i have done nothing politically. They might even be sort of mad at me, but i don't care. I don't plan to stay this way, but for now, i'm good. 

Notes to Self 
Word Count: 540 (not counting Notes)
What I hope for: My one brother Scott got the job he wanted! I hope my other brother Troy (who i just helped with a resume) gets the one he applied for. 
What I'm looking forward to: Going to Seattle to have dinner at my niece Ashley and her fiancĂ©'s place. 
Sunrise yesterday: 7:52 am
Sunset: 5:55 pm (Daylight savings time is over tonight! 
Temp: 56/40
What I'm procrastinating about: Once again, my photo album of our Italy trip! 


jojo cucina cucina said...

I have no idea how it turned into a black background after i put up the Brady's photo and HTML makes it too difficult to figure out so i have to leave it. Blogger sucks.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am also cleaning around the house and starting projects. Got my kitchen cabinets and shelving in the garage organized and even put labels on the shelvs so that my husband knows where to put stuff back.

My next project is to alphabetize our cd collection and figure out which ones are not burned into my iTunes library because i know i am missing many cds.

louie got me this great book about cleaning. It's funny - you can tell from the title: "My Boyfriend Bared In My Handbag...and Other Things YOu Can't Ask Martha". It's also inspiring and VERY helpful. The author also really loves Scrubbing Bubbles and Oxiclean and Windex but also makes her own cleaning projects with white vinegar. In fact another house project is cleaning my dishwasher with her solution. I hate how dishwashers get that pond scum smell after awhile. I blame it on the stainless steel inside. (I hate stainless steel anything!)..... Anyway it's a great book for helping you get going.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Well i am not happy with how the election has turned out though our state did pass the background check on guns which is good though they said on the news tonight they have no idea when that will be implemented because of what's going on in other states who passed similar measures.

Today on my list of things to do is to first research how to repot my giant beast of a fern because it is seriously root bound and i need to bring it inside for the colder months now. I don't want it to grow bigger though. And it will be tricky getting it out of its ceramic pot without breaking it.

Also my brothers and i are going to see Brian perform open mic with a possible new blues band.

I need to get my clothes ready for tomorrow's day at work! :(

I need to run before the rain gets going.

Balance my checkbook.

Start my cd project of alphabetizing and burning what is missing from iTunes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

When i put things to do in print like this is shames me into actually doing them!

jojo cucina cucina said...

This is ridiculous. I am ridiculous. I am procrastinating running right now by Facebook political links, Googling Before and After (steriod use) photos of Alex Rodriguez because i saw it trending, trying to find out how a 33 year old former Yankee pitcher died (I don't even know him!) and watching Jon Stewart. All at the same time. OK here i go.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I never ever liked Alex Rodriguez even in his Mariner heyday. Just sayin'. Plus he once dated Madonna and Kate Hudson, so that tells you something.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh i hate talking to myself. I alreaady know what i'm going to say so it's boring to me. I have heard it before in my head.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I went to work yesterday for the first time in my old job since i retired April 4th. At first it was really weird being in my old office with it all arranged (in a way i quite liked) too. But once i got into the work (i was working on an audit of the financial records) i realized how much i love that kind of work where i can just get it done without all the other hoopla around the union office.

After about 3 hours i felt normal being there. I even remembered my copy machine codes and old log ins for the database. I ended up staying past 7 pm because i was on a roll.

I love working with budgets and databases so it got me to thinking that i should just start doing it at home, put all my spending on a Quickbooks account and keep record. I would like to know how i spend my money, especially now. And i can continue to keep a record of the books i am reading, maybe with a review so i'm going to see about getting more involved in my GoodReads account.

louielouie said...

So glad to see the leopard underpants gone.

Love to see baby Brady. I saw a post suggesting drawing eyebrows on your bald baby. I think you should do it next time you babysit and take photos.

The only thing good abut my local candidate losing by so much is that she probably wouldn’t have won even if I had helped on her campaign.

Maybe the republicans will come to understand how much people like having health care and they’ll get off the repeal-wagon.

I will not think about politics until January.

I am icing my foot; I sustained a sports injury yesterday. That’s all I’m saying.

I read a book. The Paris Wife. Will take Rainey on my trip. Maybe I’ll even get a library card, unless of course Jo will continue to serve as my personal librarian. Sometimes she even delivers.

If I didn't need to pack, I would spend the day watching house-make-over TV shows. I blame you Jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I should totally do something with Brady's orange eyebrows and eyelashes. I babysat him last night while his dad went with my brothers for their Monday Night Foodball club. He is trying to talk and waves byebye. I didn't even know he could do that.

Sarah you should totally get a library card. I went and got a book yesterday that was one my Amazon wish list and already i can tell i'm going to really like it. It's a new release too. I really liked The Paris Wife. I tried to read Hemingway after that book. But failed to get properly into him. I remember really liking the book Raney that i gave you. I don't know the plot anymore, just that the wife was a kind of dumb, but kind of smart gal married to a smart guy. Reminds me of that song "Honey" by Bobby Goldsborough. Remember that song? There was a lyric in there like that. Kind of dumb, and kind of smart. i think i have that right.

I am going to try and not think about politics until the next presidential election. By then i hope that i will want to work again. I am sick of people ranking on Obama, including his own party. I am most pissed off at them.

We're going to Vashon Island for a much needed trip away. NOt for me, for my husband who is gone nearly every night for one reason or another, MOSTLY his bands. He right now is practicing for three of them. But only one has gigs. The other two are maybe bands, like if they can get it together and market themselves for a gig.

Maybe my new job should be band manager. Only it won't pay well since they don't get paid....yet anyway. They do it because they love it.

I should change this blog but what the hell. Why not just keep adding to my enchilada post? I think i am going to break my blog rule this year and NOT have an average of once a week. Let's start with breaking that rule and see what else i'm willing to give up in my new life.

From there i might stop facing my bills when i pay at the drive up, quit making my bed, and balancing my checkbook. IN other words i'm going to be a slacker retiree! What fun.

Swiss said...

I still love your blog....I can work and read bits of stuff but if I get started writing/composing myself I can lose track of work when I do. I once tried to watch as many food movies as I could I have new ones to add. The best one ever - "Big Night" with Stanlet Tunnci.

Swiss said...

ooops Tucci

jojo cucina cucina said...

Swiss, i LOVE that movie Big Night! Have you seen "Chef" yet? Back in the 1980s there was a really good movie called "Babette's Feast". Do you now that one?

jojo cucina cucina said...

In the Big Night i remember a scene where the brother i think says to Stanley Tucci, "Oh you fucking guy..." and he goes off on him because Tucci's character is so not looking on the positive side. It's been a long time since i've seen that movie so i might have it wrong. They are all waiting for a famous jazz singer to show up right? And he never shows but they have this great dinner anyway.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Time to change the blog. Louie sent me a great obituary. I'm going to use that for the next post. Y'all might know that i collect obituaries and actually have a scrapbook. There are some poignant ones, some pet obituaries (which i never understand and was the reason i started the collection in the first place), and some over the top super expensively long ones.

Anonymous said...

Test from equeyaya

Anonymous said...

Okay it does still work as anonymous. I thought it had worked for me before signed in to google.

We got Grace a 40" samsung smart tv for her birthday. I also did excessive research. They get good reviews from Consumer Reports.

I'm also spending way too much time researching and comparison shopping for gear for my Rainier trip next year. But I saved $90 on my La Sportiva mountaineering boots as a result!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am going to play more with the template and see if i can't make this easier. You do need a Google Account to have it attach your user name. I am wondering if my tweaking of making up my own custom template didn't make it more difficult for folks to be here. I have checked all the comments settings and they are all on and open to the public. I did find quite a few comments from Anonymous users that were in my spam folder, including one from Cat. Others were just people stopping by and pimping out their own blog mostly.

Anonymous said...

testing to see if i can post anonymously from a different computer without signing in. This is jo.

Anonymous said...

So i can but i had to click on ANONYMOUS from the Select Profile dropdown. Then i have to type in the text to prove i'm not a robot. What a hassle, i don't blame anyone for not trying to post if they aren't using a Google account.

pearl said...

You'd better be sure you are signed into google first. I am always logged in to my google account, but for some reason, when I try to post it throws me back to my log in page and when I log in, the post is gone. I've pretty much given up on posting because of that. I get tired of having to remember to copy my content or set it up in Word then paste it after it throws me out.

And I can't post here at all from my iPad. So I just give up and go back to Facebook. I've lost some lengthy (and brilliant ;-) ) material trying to post here, Jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I know what you mean about the iPad pearl. I can post comments okay myself but that's probably since it's my blog, but i hate starting a blog post because it gets stuck and this is partly why i have slowed down with a new one since i do most everything on my iPad these days. The other part is having to do with y'all not being able to be here to keep the conversation going. I wonder if WordPress would be better.? Does anyone know? Blogger sucks, but then again,, it is free.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, are you using a Mac device when posting here? The reason i ask is in the past i remember i had trouble using my netbook PC and when i got a Mac it didn't give me the hassle with login. I think Macs are better interaction with blogger and/or Google. Also i remember with the PC login i had to click OFF the Google radial button that said "Keep Me Always Logged In" in order to get it to put my profile. I found that out by troubleshooting online to see what worked. But that may have been fixed.