Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Biding time while they clean my hotel room.

I am writing from a Downtown Portland hotel. We arrived on Saturday and leave tomorrow on Wednesday. Brian is here for a communications and marketing conference and is busy with some of the conference dinners with other college folks so i get to hang out alone, which i like.

I haven't had my hotel room cleaned so far yet (since i've been in it and just clean it myself, including the little kitchen since we have a little suite) but since i'm running out of toilet paper i need it done today so i'm hanging out downstairs where they serve a buffet breakfast.

I'm just going to start numbering and go with it. i needed a photo so i put this up from a few years ago from my car window.

1. I like Portland better than Seattle. It's an easier drive getting here even though it's longer. I like walking around here more, easier to get my bearings. And it may not be true, but i feel safer walking alone.

2. I can't believe i forgot my running shoes. Brought clothes, even my knee brace and extra socks but no shoes. I was distracted since i was packing and also preparing the same morning to help give a baby shower for a niece with Brian's side of the family. (We left after the shower).

3. I am not a big fan of showers, wedding, baby, whatever. And don't even go there about the grandmother showers! I think it's because guys don't have to do this. And nowadays there feels to be some pressure to come up with a really nice expensive present that feels more like the present you buy for the wedding or when the baby is born. And i always feel alittle bit sorry for the person who has to open all those presents and be excited in front of all these women who don't really know each other and make polite chit chat. We had to play a stupid game (not my idea - the new grandmother came up with this). But at least we were able to nix her stupid idea of having we 'aunties' giving the shower do this choreographed dance where we dress up like WE are pregnant.

4. I don't know why, but i really hate the term 'auntie' and hate being called that. (Kind of like how i hate 'hubby', 'preggers', etc.

5. I was only in charge of helping set up and clean up and paying for the mimosa stuff and mini croissants. Having said that, i am giving one for my niece Ashley who is getting married but Kylee is helping me and we get to be in charge. And there will be wine, not this half and half kind of drink.

6. March has always been my least favorite month on the calendar. #1 because when i worked it was the one month that had NO holiday off at all and #2 because it is gray nearly every day. (At least it used to be.)  But this month i have been gone from my house for  i think the count is 14 days total (because of Manzanita and the remodel and now Portland) so it has made the month go by quickly. I should find something else to remodel next March.

7. My husband says that i need to quit watching the HG channel. And Sarah/louie and i talk about how maybe watching too much HG could be detrimental to our marriages. lol... My nephew Brian just emailed me some photos of the bamboo floor that he is laying himself and it looks fabulous! Then he sent me photos of his living room and how how rearranged it, asking what did i think ....said he was catching "the Aunt Jo bug". (He actually has a knack for aesthetic design i think!)

8. Now that the carpet is all gone, he can teach Brady to moonwalk!

9. Ted Cruz announced that he is running for President and i couldn't be happier! This will be fun.

10. It could be enough to get Jon Stewart to reconsider leaving The Daily Show. (One can hope.)

7. I forgot how tricky posting a new blog post is from my iPad so i'll sign off and go back and see if my room is clean yet.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi Barbara, i saw you post on the previous blog post. It had been so long i hadn't gone back to look.

equeyaya said...

Hi Jo!! Glad you're having fun in Portland! My niece is out there for school, but met a guy, got engaged and will probably stay out there forever. Looks like a beautiful place. I have never been to Oregon. Looking forward to seeing you in July. Except I have to train my ass off in the meantime.

equeyaya said...

and those are some REALLY lame shower ideas. I hate that stuff, too. I think being in my 50s has made me extremely jaded about almost everything.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I don't mind a shower if it's a first baby or first marriage. I hate the games. I'm invited to one on Easter Monday at a park for a good friend of my daughter who's got a 3.4Lb baby in NICU. I'm going to get her a gift card for a restaurant so she doesn't have to rely on fast food.

We're going to Vegas again next month and then again in August (only time my kid can get in from Chicago). Since I have tons of points from playing MyVegas.com on Facebook, I'll get free rooms and food. Next month we're at the Monte Carlo in a spa suite. Can't wait.

We could sure use some rain. It rained to the east and north of us but we've had zip.

Ted Cruz... A Canadian. Hummmmmmmm. He's just so easy.

John Hagee says the world is coming to an end, and God is screaming. Funny my God is stealthily and doesn't scream, he acts. Guess he doesn't read the same Bible I read.

That's all I have. Too much testosterone in this house. I need to get a cat.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was missing my Jo fix.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh i love seeing y'all here cause i figured anyone who had been reading probably figured i gave up this blog. I don't post as often as i did but i have no plans to ever give it up just because i really like having things on record where i can find them. I am a fairly organized person until it comes to making physical lists at home.

For example with this remodel i have about three different notebooks i've been writing in instead of just one and i can't ever seem to find the right one when i need it. Also i never remember dates of when i've done stuff. I might think something (like a remodel) was completed 2 years ago and i come here and find out that it was actually 5 years ago. So i like having something that i can get my hands on if i need to find out some information.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque....BTW i was watching Jimmy Fallon the other day and there was this girl on who the Roots were going to improvise a song about her and she was from Scwhenksville! (Sp?) ....btw i never think of you as being jaded. (That's my job! ....though i have to say i've gotten better since i quit watching political news on the regular channels and i'm not working in the union office.)

amulbunny, so good to see you! You are brave to go to Vegas in August!!!!

Amanda, thank you for missing me! I loved your latest blog post. Such honesty about being a parent!