Friday, May 1, 2015

Hillary... Grey's Anatomy...My Favorite Baby... A random jocucina post....

My Favorite Baby.

1. I have lost a bit of my mojo for politics since those Gumbo days. Part of the reason is because my activism comes out when i am totally against something (as in the Iraq war and Bush/Cheney regime) and i didn't have as much reason with my choice of president in the last few years.

Having said this, i do admit i like presidential politics when it's all new again. So i might get my mojo back. And the reason i might get it back is because Bernie Sanders is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination. I don't think he has a chance in winning any more than i have a chance in being the next Pulitzer Prize winning author. HOWEVER, i like that he is in the game. He will make Hillary a better candidate.

2. I am making no promises to work on Hillary's campaign, but if we are stuck with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz i am totally in.

3. Re: the photo above.  My Favorite Baby. This is my favorite nephew's boy. Baby Brady.  I never had this urge to have children, even as i loved being around kids. I am so thankful that i have a way to be a surrogate grandmother in my life right now. I am in love with this little guy. And what is so cute is my husband is a drummer in a really good band and is living his dream. We talk about how he will teach Brady how to play someday if that's what Baby Brady wants.

4. I used to watch Grey's Anatomy .... When i first heard about it, i Netflixed the first season and binge watched about 4 or 5 episodes during the mornings of my vacation time in summer. I quit watching about two seasons ago right before Dr. Yang (Sandra Oh) left because i felt it 'jumped the shark' about 5 or 6 time  by that time and that was my limit. But two weeks ago they killed off McDreamy Derek, THE main character. So i've watched those last two episodes. And it got me thinking about how i would cope if I lost Brian in an accident like that. Meredith, the wife character ran away from it all, from her job, from her friends, from her home....and i sort of got that. I think i might do that too if it happened to me. Though i might have a friend come with me when i do it. I would have louie/Sarah and my sister in law Marie (Kylee/Modern Hippie's mom) come with me if that happened if their husbands wouldn't mind.

5. The reason i say this is because too often the grieving person ends up being the comforting person to the friend/family/co-worker/casual acquaintance person. (Don't we all know these folks? If you have a story about this you should vent it here!)  That so pisses me off when people think they need to cry to show you how much they care.

6. Yoga Update: I have been 6 times to yoga since i last posted. OMG, it was hard that first time, and it is still not easy, but i'm getting into a groove and rhythm. I think this is going to be a habit like running. I will not likely get the breathing down. I will probably ALWAYS open my eyes and look around, and i am pretty damn sure i will never clear my mind, especially if the teacher is so off base that he thinks the Beatles performed the 'Turn, Turn, Turn' song. But i love how it makes me stretch and work my muscles.

Namaste, jojo


Amanda said...

I'm so excited about Bernie Sanders!

I'm not excited about Hillary. I'll vote for her, but I don't have to like it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I hear you Amanda on Hillary. Bernie Sanders IMO doesn't stand a chance of nabbing the nomination, but i can't wait for the debates! I really wish Elizabeth Warren would run. I think she could go toe to toe with Hillary.

pearl said...

What bugs me most about Hilary is that sense of entitlement. It's supposed to be an election, not a coronation! And with her checkered past. I'm colossally disappointed in American politics.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yeah, i get what you mean pearl. I will probably end up voting for her because i'm sure she will get the nominee, but i will look at other candidates. Not sure i have the stamina to work on campaigns like i used to, which is weird since i have way more time than when i was working.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Time to change this blog!