Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Obituary....As Written by My Niece, Kylee, AKA Modern Hippie

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On my birthday, Kylee asked me what i wanted. Because she is a college student with little money I told her i wanted two things: her gray hoodie that i once kept for awhile before mailing back to her at school and for her to write my obituary. She came over on my birthday with the hoodie and just recently finished my obituary and posted it on her blog: http://dontspeaktype.blogspot.com/
I was quite touched by it and told her to be sure to hang on to it for 42 years because it is exactly what i want. She and i have talked often about our obituaries because i put her in charge of making sure my mom doesn't have a big ol' Catholic mass funeral if i die young. And she knows that I want my blurry blog photo above to be the photo used.
Anyway, here it is - with the blurry dancing photo, sure to be one of the most original obituaries you'll ever see in the newspaper:
Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jo Benedetti, Age 94
Obituary for my fabulous Aunt Jo.

She had blonde straight hair

She loved to read
But she hated the library

She preferred bookstores

She was opinionated, stubborn and passionate

She was thoughtful, caring, and passionate

She ran everyday

Even in the snow and ice

Her family thought she was crazy

She loved her red Honda

She loved her iPod, American Idol and Lost

She would buy new books even though she had 20 others to read

She was a Democrat in her soul

And had politics running through her veins

Ignorant people pissed her off

And intelligent people inspired her

She fought for what she believed in

She loved to stay home and not attend a party

She loved wine

She had a slight OCD for cleanliness

She would do anything for you if she loved you

She did a lot for her community

And she supported campaigns & organizations

She liked slow music because she appreciated lyrics

She had a select group of people in her life

And hopefully you were one of them

Posted by Modern Hippie


IslandPearl said...

I think I like the last line the best.

I wrote my sister's obit. Don't know who'll write mine. Maybe I'll do it myself and put it with my will and stuff!!

equeyaya said...

Great job, Kylee! I love the last line, too, but this one best:

She liked slow music because she appreciated lyrics

susieatl said...

I like the last line the best.

I just want to be buried under Satan's azaleas..he will never be rid of me....hahahahaha

jojo cucina cucina said...

i too told Kylee i loved the last line best. It's a subtle way of saying i don't like too many people because i'm an intolerant human being but you must be pretty special if i do like you. (I like the lyrics one too, Barbara. You would think i would be better at your blog lyric posts.

Brian loved it too but wondered why he didn't make the obituary. LOL! Then he added - i'm paraphrasing,

"You know I think about so many young people i see at the college, or my own niece and nephew, who are pretty self absorbed and mostly talk only about themselves and their life and never ask a thing about anyone else. Then you come across someone like Kylee who write this out for her aunt and nails it because she knows you so well and pays attention. I wish she was our kid!"

All i know is sometimes i feel bad about the kind of person i am because i do know i push things and i'm stubborn and opionated and i often wish i was a nicer person who let things slide. But then i look around at the kind of people who do like and care about me (like Kylee) and i feel better knowing that some folks out there do 'get' me and forgive my personality traits and judgements that are not so sweet.

equeyaya said...

awwwww.... brian! in many ways, you guys can claim her as your own. it takes so many influences to raise a good person like kylee. parents can't achieve that on their own.

jo, don't ever feel bad about who you are! the world needs the tough people who stand up for their principles just as much, if not more, than the conciliatory ones!

Modern Hippie said...

aw i'm so flattered this made YOUR blog and that everyone seems to like it. Although I still always steal the idea from that one obit with the only line i remember which was something about "Miracle Whip" i think it was "she hated miracle whip" haha

but equeyaya (one day i need to learn how to say that!) is SO right Jo!

and aww Brian :) i've heard him say this before and I always smile, but i do give credit to my parents and my family in general for how i was raised - my parents were pretty "free" but with just enough rules.

Lynnie said...

Well done, Kylee! And Jo, I hope that you live long past 94 ~~~ (And I hope that I do, too!)

I don't have much to say except "Hi" to everybody.

~grits~ said...

oh wow Kylee - that is so good - and soooo Jo!!!

Jo, I tell ya true - I'm blessed to have you for a friend. And it always inspires me and Im so grateful for you letting us get to know Brian and Kylee as well.

Yall ROCK!!! (that could never say it all, but I would be here all day if I didnt sum it up lol)

Oh, that angel pic is too perfect!

jojo cucina cucina said...

thank you eque... i'm thinking you are still on the plane to Japan as i type!

LOL, Grits, someone finally mentioned my PhotoShop of myself as an angel.

I'll be changing this blog soon as i can think of something. I've been lazy! But i'm almost on vacation and will have more time to make. Or less time, depending on how lazy i get while not working and sometimes i am even worse.

Tarri said...

Love the obit, maybe Kylee can ghost write your autobiography. The only thing missing is fly fishing.