Friday, June 19, 2009

Observations & Random Musings about Life While Drinking Purple Cowboy Wine

On the iPod: "Your Life is Now" by John Mellencamp
In my Glass: this Purple Cowboy "Tenacious Red" wine. It makes me wonder if this translates to mean "Gay Cowboy", given all the hooplah about purple = gay.

Last Netflix: "Gran Torino"

The Best thing happening: I will be on vacation this time next week.

The Worst thing: I have a colonoscopy appointment the Thursday before my last day of work.

1. People who know me have heard me say this before: Something I notice is that nearly every time I drive by a bus stop, the person waiting for the bus is smoking a cigarette.

2. And then I think of how if they never smoked they could be driving a red hot Honda Accord like my own for the money they spend.

3. When people tell me in the union office (and in my life outside of work too actually) that they give 110% (or any amount over 100%) , I always know they are full of shit. Not once have I been proved wrong yet in my 20 years of union work.

4. I will probably be more attracted to people who drink syrahs than I would be of people who drink riesling or vouvray.

5. I never went to college though I wanted to but my family didn’t have the money. I don’t think everyone who went to college is smarter than I am. But I used to.

6. Now I just think they had smarter parents.

7. The relative you like the least is always the one who will break your good wine glass or china plate during family gatherings.

8. I always think I need to own good kitchen gadgets, like a mandolin or a Cuisinart but I rarely use them. I think that makes me a kitchen snob.

9. I have to admit to add to my kitchen snobness, I have more cooking magazines subscriptions than any other kind.

10. I am going to cancel my music one, the Paste magazine, and I’m going to cancel the Real Simple one after ten years. I think I am already simple enough and the Paste magazine quit giving out the free cd mix.

11. I can’t help but love on sight babies with hair more than babies without hair.
Though that is not to say that babies without hair don’t grow up later and makes me love them. (My nieces come to mind.)

12. Seems like it’s always the girl babies without hair.

13. I am too vain to be a true bohemian, but there is a part of me that wishes so much I could just be exactly that. Speaking of bohemians. Here is a photo i took yesterday at the Farmer's Market. in Olympia. Olympia is home to Evergreen State College a very liberal arts school. Brian's band played outdoors at it and this kid was really into their music. He was pretty good.

14. However, I would rather be vain than be a fraud.

15. I would also rather be vain than falsely humble.

16. I don’t watch the cable news channel anymore very often. As Obama said in his interview with Brian Williams, he doesn’t learn very much from them.

17. I have to agree. But I have to admit I still like Anderson Cooper sometimes.
18. I watched Gran Torino last night and can’t believe how entertained I was by that movie. It was so overdone and over acted , but because it is Clint Eastwood I gave a pass. It’s not Mystic River and it will make you cringe and it is implausible, but it moves you too.

19. And i think if I were a minority I would rather be face to face with an Archie Bunker type, as Clint Eastwood is in this movie, than the subtly racist person, that one you can’t read. At least with Clint’s character you knew what he was about.

20. I read the best book today. It’s my second favorite behind “Little Bee”. It’s called “The Help”. I want everyone to read it. I am not going to say too much because I might do a special blog post on just books and I will elaborate further. It’s about black maids working for Junior Leaguer white woman in Mississippi during the early 60’s when JFK was assassinated and Medgar Evans was killed.

21. For Barbara and Grace who are traveling in Japan as i speak! I hope you experience all the best of Japan in a way i never did as a military brat living in Zama. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Okay, what are you observing these days and what is on YOUR mind?


Modern Hippie said...

1. why does working at the Space Needle seem SO dreadful.

2. why do people, adults age 40 spin the wheel to the "coin machine" (those little machines that turn your coins into souvenirs) like they are 5 years old? it makes a loud cranking sound and the 5 year olds already spin the wheel so ridiculously.

3. why do i have a giant trashcan right next to me? the spell is unpleasant

4. why does the space needle make it 20 degrees in here? i'm always freezing

5. foreign people, usually european types that dont speak english well, they always smile really wide, it kind of comes off as creepy

6. the space needle has the most ridiculous stuff in this gift shop, its really not okay

7. when people ask you a question and you reply "i really dont know, im sorry" and they just ask you again. here i'll give you the transcript
"if i wait in this line, how long of a wait?"
"i really dont know im sorry."
"like one hour?"
"i really couldnt guess."
"its really long, you think longer than an hour?"
"i really dont know, im sorry"

seriously? haha

8. today is gay pride parade, how many other cities in the US could tolerate this?

i have nothing else to say, but im sure i do have more.

a 20 year old just ran to the coin machine to make himself his souvenir.

IslandPearl said...

1. Why am I trying to maintain 2 blogs when hardly anyone reads either of them? I'm dropping back to one, thus halving the opportunities for people to demonstrate their lack of interest

2. I grew up in a tourist economy and live in one now, so I have a big callus where my sensitivity to stupid used to be. Except in airports, where I just whirl my eyes in disbelief. And in foreign countries where I occasionally feign foreign accents so as to avoid being associated with other American tourists. Honestly, I think that people tuck their brains (generously presuming they HAVE any) in their safe deposit box when they leave home.

3. Some of the coolest people I know have been known to drink wine from a box, and some real jerks that I've been 'privileged' to dine with order only from the 3-figure side of the wine lists -- so I gave up on associating anything with wine choices. I just enjoy the opportunity to try something new. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to wines. And 'til the braces come off, I'm stuck with whites anyway. The reds stain too bad.

4. I'm not vain, or false, but I'm way too judgemental. It's my biggest flaw. And it's not because I feel even remotely superior in any way. I'm just really quick to criticize. That's such a shame. But at least I'm aware and trying to change. But I'm also old and set in concrete.

5. I only watch cable news when we're abroad or I'm tied up in business all day/night on the road and it's how I catch up on the world. I can't imagine why anyone would expect more from them. Especially the president -- he get's extraordinary private briefings almost continuously. I don't seek insight on TV in any other context.

6. I just ordered the first 2 Butcher's Dresden Files series. Loved the SciFi series that got cancelled. Can't wait to start.

7 Time to cook breakfast for our houseguests. See ya!

Modern Hippie said...

reply to all:

5. jo- im glad you now realize that just because you go to college doesnt make them smarter- look at bush.

7. jo - i know who youre talking about, however i wouldnt be surprised if ashley breaks a wine glass or a china pattern plate someday, she is very clumsy.

9. jo - i like real simple! haha

16. jo & island - i love CNN but lately its been too gossipy, its supposed to be world news and politics - not hollywood gossip, but i too will forever love Anderson Cooper, and DL hughley has a show on their now and its wonderful.

18- jo grand torino was good wasnt it! i saw it with dad in the theatres - i thought i wouldnt like it i just went cause dad wanted to go and we were doing some bonding haha

19- 5 more hours to go!

Modern Hippie said...

2 more hours to go. you think people would notice if i just left? haha

~grits~ said...

1. I didn't go to college. My husband went one year and dropped out to get married (the first time). His 2 brothers have degrees. All 3 make the same money at the same company (even tho only 2 are owners). Go figure.

2. I wonder why some young folks getting married these days have to have such a lavish wedding, well beyond their means - or their parents means. And just how many gifts are expected?? You have the bridal shower, the lingerie shower, the wedding itself, and they go around and collect more at the reception. With all that, they live in an apt and then take out loans for their rings and honeymoon in Ireland.

3. I have a niece who has 4 kids, a husband on disability who is hardly disabled, they get state aid and wic for the kids. Yet, she has her nails done every 2 weeks. And they both smoke.

4. I wonder how that purple cowboy wine tasted.

5. Went to a bridal shower yesterday w/9 hostesses. The split for the gift was $35 each. I find this ridiculous - especially when you have to bring food as well.

6. Then all these nieces and nephs will have a confirmation party, umteen b-days parties, graduate, get married and have babies. It's freakin breaking me! And I do get pissy because we only have ONE kid.

7. I am so bitchy about money lately. I'm worried about our future.

8. I guess I'm going to have a huge garage sale lol.

9. I'd sure like to be able to sell this old house we don't have the money to fix and the land and just live in a little mobile home.

10. I think I'd really like a condo, with very little yard to maintain and water, and a community pool - like Jo - lol!! Sadly, we have no condos in little towns around here.
We have some Assisted Living places for old foges lol.

11. crap, we're pretty close to being old foges!!!

~grits~ said...

It drives me batshit when I say "I don't know' and the person continues to ask. I'd like to knock on the top of their head and loudly say
"hellloooooo in there, anybody home?!?'

13. I love how that kid at the Farmer's Market is obliviously groovin!

14. I didn't know purple is supposed to = gay. I thought rainbow did. I'm behind the times. My husband loves purple lol.

15. Every post Pearl makes makes me grin. I'd love to be able to talk like that.

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. Hi Grits. remember Jerry Falwell and the whole purple Tinky Winky being gay? That's been awhile but what a hoot that story was. LOL. I get you on the #3 too. the Purple Cowboy wine was not as good as the cheaper red wine that i also bought (which was Menage a tois) and i won't be buying it again.

2. pearl, I agree about the box wine. However, i am speaking generally. i probably should have said white zinfandel drinkers instead. I just think red wine drinkers are more adventuresome folks and because i am not that kind of person i am attracted to people who are. White zinfandel seem like the do more safe things. Just a thing i think i observe. May not be even true. But to me it is.

3. Kylee. girl. you LOVE your job. Write to me 500 times in your next email, "I am lucky to have a job. I am lucky to have a job. I am lucky to have a job." Then you can complain all you want to me and i won't give you any shit about it anymore. :)

4. Also, Kylee, i laughed out loud about Ashley breaking my china! But you are wrong! I am NOT talking about Ashley at all. You know Ashley does not ever fit in my category of the relative i like the least. Not by a mile! (hehe, i think you were thinking YOU wrote that!)

5. You know what was really cool about that crazy dancing hippie? After Brian's band was finished playing he went over and shook hands with them and thanked them for their music. He was SO nice.

6. I thought of #22 for my list that i left off:

What favor you promised your friends the day before while drinking wine, NEVER sounds like something you meant to do the next day.

"Sure, i'll come over in the morning and help you paint your house!" (OMG what was i thinking/drinking?)

7. I can't believe i am doing this but i have the oven timer on to remind me tonight that i have to watch my TLC show "John & Kate Plus Eight" I was watching this show BEFORE this all hit the fan when the little kids were 2. But now i want to see them announce their divorce proceedings. I still take up for Kate. Her husband is a passive aggressive dolt i would never have given the time of day to. Folks can feel sorry for him all they want, but the show should have been called from the beginning: "Kate Plus Nine".

IslandPearl said...

Remember in Clockwork Orange where they clamp Malcom MacDowell's character in that chair and fasten a thing on his head to hold his eyes open while they show him all these awful films? That's what they'd have to do to me to make me watch 'plus 8'. I really feel sorry for the '8'...stuck with two absolutely self obsessed dimwits for parents. I just want them off my magazine covers.

You didn't mention white zin in your first poste, but I do believe that it generally indicates an unsophisticated palate to me. Someone who started on soda-pop wines (remember Boones Farm) and just hasn't graduated yet.

Modern Hippie said...

haha you guys are forgetting about the oh so rare wine drinker sin - PINK WINE! haha!

oh and Jo when I said Ashley breaking China I was mentioning it in a way "but ashley would break your china, and i know you like her" but i deffinitley know who you are talking about.

i do love my job, when im not working at the space needle. the space needle location is not a job it is a prision cell on a rickety stool where i sell no tickets and i tell 5,000 people where the bathroom is. it is where people go to loose their minds. it is not a job, because i don't work. a job = work.

what is it with people and cartoon/children shows and claiming they are gay. even if they are a bit flamboyant whats the big deal if theyre not having "gay acts" do you remember when they had the whole to-do because spongebob was apparently gay.

IslandPearl said...

The pink wine is white zin, Kylee. Stay away from the pink wine.

And saving 5000 people from the abject humiliation of soiling themselves in public is indeed a most noble calling.

Knowing where the bathroom is -- that's powerful stuff.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl....LOLOLOL..... I told Kylee when she turns 21 i'll introduce her to viognier. It's so much classier for a sweeter wine than say...a white zin. (Truth is, i actually like some rieslings, especially during the summertime.)

Actually admitting i watch Kate Plus 9 probably puts me in that category of White zin/pink wine drinkers! :)

SEEEEE Kylee. Listen to my friend, pearl....LOVE your job! And besides one day a really cute guy might come up and ask you!

i never heard anything about Spongebob being gay! I never understood the whole affection for that cartoon anyway.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Okay, Hippie/Kylee. I thought of this. And yeah, i can imagine the touristy horror you must endure at the Space Needle but i DO hope that your attitude at the Space Needle does not come across as you write about it. You should do waht pearl does, feign a foreign accent and have some fun with. Be the BEST pointer-outter to ALL 5,000 of those tourists. ALL OF THEM. you never know who one of them may be. (Maybe your next boss!?)

P.S. pearl, what foreign accent do you adopt?

Kylee your nanna is English, i'm sure you can do a pretty good Brit accent, right?

equeyaya said...

hey.... thanks for the shoutout, jo! we had a great time. i'm sifting through the photos now. pretty sure i was a typical ugly american. i try to get past it by being gracious and appreciative of their patience.

hey, i saw the first mcdonalds in japan in the ginza district and thought of you!

must nap...

jojo cucina cucina said...

Barbara, i am so sure you were not an ugly American. Why would you even think that? I just got back from being East of the Mountains and being indisposed from having my colonoscopy - (the anesthesia did not make me high and happy, it made me sick, like a super horrible hangover! But otherwise, everything is okay.) So i've not been on the computer really since Wednesday. Glad to see you're back and looking forward to seeing photos when you are over your jet lag!

IslandPearl said...

If you'd join Facebook, you could see them already (wink wink) ;-)

Glad your colonoscopy went well...sorry you had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, though. I always come out feeling like I had a solid 8-hours sleep. Just lucky, I guess. My sister and my mom always got sick as dogs, so it's not genetic.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey pearl. I can barely keep up with this blog and email so i would really have trouble with Facebook. The truth is i am not all that social of a person anyway! LOL.

I did look at your photos, eque, up to 191 and then my computer crashed and i had to reboot. Not sure if it's the Kodak site or not! THIS totally cracked me up - the photo you took of why a business was closed:

"It is closed to the public besides a visitor of a reservation. Please understand it."

equeyaya said...

That cracked us up, too!

Finally got a good night's sleep last night. Mel and are riding tonight. Yay!