Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's about time...microbrew musings.

In my glass: a porter that looks just like Coca Cola in your glass.
On iPod: Wilco's " Hate it Here".
Last good book read: "The Help" - this book and "Little Bee" are my favorite books i've read this whole year.
What's goin' on: I am on vacation until August. 7th. This blog post is about all the boring things i have been doing.
Quote: Barbara, i have been looking all over for my email about your photo of the sign about why the business was closed in Japan and i cannot find it. I even went and looked back on your Kodak link and my computer crashed again, which is why i have not been back to look at your photos. I had to start my whole blog post over. So maybe you can put it up here for me.
Last iTunes purchase: Little Feat's "Willin". Brian's band played this song at the Farmer's Market and i loved this song.
1. It's about time i have changed my blog but i can't say that summertime is my best inspiration.
2. summertime for me, is about being lazy.
3. I have read two books in two days. One was a Harlan Coben book. The other was that book called "Crazy for the Storm", a true story about a plane crash survival in the mountains. (It was not "Into Thin Air" or "Into the Wild" though.)
4. I cannot help it. I am saddened by Michael Jackson's death. And alot of my past week has been watching the CNN and E! channel on his life and death. I was like this with Princess Diana and JFK Jr's death too. I'm a celebrity death junkie and i need intervention.
5. Even when i didn't necessarily like all of his music, i never got tired of watching him move on stage. He was truly the best. My favorite video: "The way you make me feel".
6. I hate the Fourth of July more than i hate Valentine's Day and that is saying a lot.
7. A least Valentine's Day doesn't burn down houses and maim and kill people.
8. Oh God, please let Sarah Palin have her own show on Fox Network be the reason she is resigning her post. I don't like Hillary Clinton, but i REALLY REALLY cannot stand Palin and her Mr. Namby Pamby husband. It's embarrassing that she has more testoterone than he does. And they need to quit using their youngest daughter, whatever the hell her name is, as a prop.
9. ...and how about that show Kate Plus Nine? (That's what the show SHOULD be called) ...speaking of emasculated husbands......
10. So far i have not been doing much on vacation. I go for a run. Hang by the pool. One day i washed some windows. water my plants. read. cook. (I tried a couple of new dishes lately), watch Michael Jackson stuff on TV. Kylee's coming over tomorrow to spend time with me and to hang by the pool and have dinner. It's been GREAT.
11. There is nothing greater to me than unencumbered time.
OK. this is a short post today, but i may come back with more stuff. So tell us:
What are y'all doing?
What's your favorite Michael Jackson song? (Or if you don't like Michael Jackson, how about your favorite Karl Malden show?)
What are you reading or watching?


equeyaya said...

It is closed to the public besides a visitor of a reservation. Please understand it.

equeyaya said...

Now that I'm back on my regular pc...

1. summertime doesn't seem that much different to me than any other time these days. it's just always busy.

2. i really do make an effort to stop and notice the blue sky and the flowers blooming. it was a beautiful day today.

3. i'm getting through the new wally lamb more quickly than i usually do. i THINK i like it. it was bothering me that there seemed to be a similar formula to i know this much is true, and then he started pulling in characters from his other book. i guess i wasn't looking for that, especially right after i'd reread it. but i am getting absorbed in it.

4. i'm sad about MJ, too. it's more about the memories for me though and realizing how far back the 80s are, how much has changed.

5. taken by itself, i never really loved his music or bought any of it. it was about the performance with him, the way the music fit with his dance, the videos, the costumes. he really had the image down. and i liked his 1984 look best, when he still had his nose and his color. after that he just made me sad. why does great talent and tragedy seem to go together too often? i saw a news report right when he died about how there will never be anyone else to achieve that superstardom status because no one buys albums anymore. the world of downloading has become so much more transient.

6. i'm not a big 4th of july fan either. i was asleep when the fireworks went off on saturday, and lay awake listening, but not watching. it sounded like world war 3 right outside my window. at least i got a long weekend out of it.

7. valentine's day. eh.

8. sarah palin just makes me shake my head. if she thinks this is some slick strategy to run for higher office, she really is as dumb as i think she is. she is so irrelevant.

9. i have never seen that kate plus show and have no idea or desire to know what all the fuss is about.

10. i finally got a handle on the house this weekend. it's not spic and span but it's up to its usual standard. yesterday melanie and i drove to her college and spent the night in a hotel, then spent the day today at its "preview day," before the three hour drive back home. i got teary a couple of times as the realization is sinking in that she's going away.

11. i would love to have more unencumbered time. i envy your long vacation. do you hate to go back to work at the end of it, or do you feel ready?

my favorite michael jackson is probably the whole thriller album, again, more for the memories than for the music. maybe billie jean is the favorite song.

i am reading wally lamb. wanting to watch all of the lost episodes again, but not really getting around to it.

and i'm trying to figure out my next move in my life, with so many changes happening.

IslandPearl said...

1. OMG -- to be able to say "...on vacation until Aug 7..." I would so love to be able to take a whole month off at once. We want to go to Antarctica but the trip alone is 21 days, plus the getting there and back. Too hard to pull off -- will have to be a retirement trip. Someday.

2. I read 2 books on our China trip -- one on the flight over (a Dean Koontz that my sister had left behind at Mom's) and a Harlen Coben on the way back. I have 2 more for my trip to AK next week. That's the only time I can read anything more absorbing than the news paper - on a plane.

3. Believe it or not, there is a difference between summer and other seasons here. Far more subtle, to be sure, but still there. Summer is a different pitch to the sun, mangos ripening in the back yard, late sunsets. Different blossoms, so the scent to the air is different.

4. I was sad to hear about MJ. I loved his peak years and bought his albums. Loved it that Fred Astaire actually recognized his talent. Sad to see the death spiral over the last 20 years, and sad that he finally crashed so close to what might have proved redemption. (80s moment: realized all my MJ music was on - gasp- cassette tape!! So off to iTuneStore for a massive infusion of MJ. My favorite -- don't have one. Love anything with a solid dance vibe and so many many of them excelled in that category.

5. NOT looking forward to night after night of the gossip shows (and everyone else) picking over the carrion. Let him rest, for the childrens sake at least.

6. I enjoy the 4th of July. Grew up in Daytona where we trooped off to the races and have always loved the big civic/commercial fireworks displays...even watch the Boston and DC ones on TV.

Of course, I play patriotic music, wear red/white/blue and have the neighbors over for barbeque while we watch the Pearl Harbor fireworks from our deck.

I have a crush on the ideal that is the USA. I've traveled enough to know that we have an extraordinary deal here. And the 4th is a good excuse to celebrate it without fear of ridicule. Being patriotic is not "in" anymore.

7. Enough's been said about Sarah Palin for a lifetime (or 2)...but what part of her husband is "namby pamby"? The supporting a strong women in her quest for the brass ring part? The taking care of the children part? I don't understand the ridicule.

8. And on the topic of ridicule -- Palin is probably too thin skinned for a life in national politics, but she (and her family) proved to be far more of a media target than she ever deserved to be.

If Letterman had made a similar 'joke' about Sasha or Malia, he'd be among the vast hordes of unemployed within an hour -- and it would have been censored in the first place.

7. My guilty pleasure is Bridezillas, but I only watch it when I'm doing something else at the same time. It doesn't merit even 50% of my attention, but once in a while there's justice. This one screaming beeyotch smashed a sample groom's cake at the bakers and changed her mind on the flavor of the wedding cake the DAY before the wedding and smashed a centerpiece on the driveway of the florists among her many tantrums. Then drank herself into a permanent toilet fixture the day of her wedding -- missing 80% of the reception! JUSTICE!!

8. I realized that I had 3 different versions of Sway on my iPod (Cincotti, Pussycat Dolls - don't judge me! - and the king of them all: Dean Martin). Posted that nugget of info to my facebook page and I now have 1 more (Blue Hawaiians) Can't do that again.

Time to get back to my China scrapbook...I'm up to the Lesser 3 Gorges. Gosh that was so pretty!

~grits~ said...

My summer stuff:
1. swimming daily

2. cleaning pool daily

3. being kid's chauffeur to endless things

4. screeching when the water and electric bills come in

5. I was sad too about the recent deaths of

6. Never watched the jon,kate+ 8 show. I have watched the Duggers and they give me the creeps. I spose Ocotomom can replace jon & kate now. My wierd obsession show is 'Big Love' -lol!

7. Reading 'The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane' which is ok intriguing-wise but I'm ready to finish it already. I have 'Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben up next.

8. Best movie I've seen lately is 'Taking Chance'. Hubby watched it 3x by himself - in one day! Excited about the last Harry Potter movie coming to theatre soon. Really excited about 'Shutter Island' in the fall!

9. I like July4 but we couldnt do any fireworks due to the burn ban and the wretched draught. Took kiddo to a water park for the day. They played fun music on a loudspeaker all day and alot of it was patriotic tunes. It was fun!

10. One more week of swim lesson chauffering. I'm really proud of how well she is doing.

~grits~ said...

woops, I lost part of my #5 -
Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson.

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. Barbara, YES! that quote is so funny. You think there were they trying to say that it was closed due to a private party?

2. RE: Michael Jackson. I only owned Thriller on vinyl, though i lost it in the first divorce (in favor of Culture Club and Boy George, i believe). I did not love most of his music enough to buy it, but i always loved watching him perform it and his videos were the best.

3: Re: a lengthy vacation. I am usually always ready to get back to work. I start to get bored by the third or fourth week.

4. pearl, isn't Harlan Coben the best escape? The first summer is discovered Coben i think i read four of his books on vacation. The Myron Bolitaire series are the best!

5: RE: Todd Palin as namby pamby. It's just a feeling i have about him, the same as i have a feeling that Hillary Clinton would be difficult to work for, that David Gregory would be fun to have a beer with, that Jon from Jon & Kate is a passive aggressive milquetoast.

6. My guilty pleasures: Moving Up or whatever that TLC home show is called with Doug from Trading Spaces. And while i haven't watched Bridezilla, i have watched "Say Yes to the Dress', which offers up a lot of Bridezilla characters.

7. Brides and first time pregnant woman (when talking about their wedding and baby to be) drive me freaking batty, so it's weird i would even watch that show.

8. I felt the brouhaha over Letterman's joke was mock outrage. The joke was never about the youngest daughter. And if Obama's daughter gets pregnant at 18, the joke fits there too.

9. I actually like some Dean Martin songs! AND Tom Jones. Especially "It's not unusual".

10. TXGrits! You'll like Deal Breaker, i think. It was one of my favorite Harlan Coben books. Though i can't remember the plot, i just know i liked it alot.

11. Speaking of Billy Mays, did you see Furline's post about him on her blog?

12. I'm back to reading "When Madeline was Young" and i want it over with too. I hate when i am reading a book that i can't seem to give up reading, but i can't finish it either. Edgar Sawtelle was like that.

13. Once again, i can't recommend "The Help" or "Little Bee" enough. Truly amazing books.

14. Kylee and i spent the day together yesterday. We watched "He's Just Not that Into You" which stars so many people. I loved it! It was far better than i expected it to be and so right on about so many things about dating. I had bought the book for Kylee years ago. The movie is not like the book, just adopts all the gospel from it.


equeyaya said...

No, I think it was that they only open if they get a private party reservation.

equeyaya said...

And I say amen to this commentary on Palin:

~grits~ said...

I like Dean Martin - have several cds of his music.

And I love Kylee's movie blog - I was there today and added about 5 to my netflix list after reading her reviews. Thanks Kylee!

Barb - that quote about the private party reservation cracks me up!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

RE: Palin:
"She mixes religion and politics like I mix gin and tonic but then calls for less government involvement."

OMG, thank you Barbara for directing me to Margaret and Helen's site. that is such a great blog.

TXGrits, i crack up at Kylee's movie blog because she really picks movie that are not mainstream, which are my kind of movies, but not what i expect a 19 year old to watch. She introduces it with someone else's review and then plugs in her own opinion and i agree often with her except she gets stubborn when i suggest a movie to her, for example, i can't get her to watch Johnny Depp's Chocolat.....and i just know she would like it.

IslandPearl said...

The difference between Republicans and Democrats:

Republicans have politicians that turn into comedians

Democrats take comedians and turn them into politicians

jojo cucina cucina said...

that's a good one. i don't believe the Republicans mean to be comedians though. Hey, maybe that's what is in Sarah Palin's future!

Did y'all watch the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday. I started watching it live but then turned it off shortly after MLK's kids were on stage. Some of what i thought:

1. Steve Wonder's voice didn't sound all that great, but i love that song "I never dreamed you'd leave in summer" which made me tear up.

2. John Mayer's guitar performing Human Nature was one of my favorite parts.

3. I didn't see the daughter live, but have since seen it. I hope it was something SHE wanted to do and that the Jacksons didn't put her up to it.

4. I am trying very hard to see a resemblance in the kids and Michael Jackson, but wonder why they don't look more black. My sister's two kids are only one-fourth black and her kids look more black. they are gorgeous children and i hope that Mrs. Jackson keeps that grandpa away from them.

5. I don't see why we have to go so far as making Michael Jackson saintly at his memorial. i am glad that we can focus on his talent, but Al Sharpton saying that Michael Jackson is not strange, that what was strange was what he had to deal with, is taking it too far. There aren't many people stranger than Michael Jackson was.

What did y'all think?

equeyaya said...

I didn't watch it!

jojo cucina cucina said...

it's kind of amazing to me that two weeks later, the news is STILL about Michael Jackson. Did Diana's funeral and news go on this long? I can't remember. And i wasn't into Elvis back when he died so i don't know how his death went, though there were no 24 hours news cable channels back then, so it's doubtful.

Poor Paris. She spent much of her childhood veiled and shielded from the public so much that we didn't even know what she looked like and i bet People magazine and all the other tabloids will put her crying photo on the cover. As an 11 year old she must be mortified by that attention on top of losing her father.

~grits~ said...

and they STILL havent buried him!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i think they should bury him at Neverland. I hope they do soon so i can quit looking at the news now!